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									                 Survive-Anything Course
                         How to survive anything may seem like a stretch, but here’s what I
                         mean by survive anything: Be totally ready for ANY major disasters,
                         whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, flood, civil war or even terrorist

                         Sounds like a tall order (and it is), but together, George & I have put
                         together a course that leaves nothing to chance. Even if you’ve never
                         dealt with a major disaster before.

Here’s what’s included:

  The single most important thing your family needs (after a plan) in the event of a hurricane,
tornado, flood, or civil war.

  Shortcut method to navigate your way through total chaos in half the time a normal
commute takes – even if you’re in New York City!

   Easiest way to figure out exactly how much prep work you need to do. You’ll see that when
you get organized the exact way George talks about, it’s almost as easy to prepare for a year as
it is for a month!

  Don’t experience devastating “Survivor’s Guilt” that can hit minutes after a catastrophe, and
be totally debilitating. It left people from Katrina wishing they were dead. This is vital for your

  Understand exactly what the starving mob of people is thinking, and how to remove any
chance of them taking your food by force. The best part is it involves no violence (although
you’ll learn how to deal with people forcibly if need be.)

 The first thing you need to do when you hear a tornado siren (not what the government
wants!). For more details please have a look at


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