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                           Fishing From Your Kayak? Here Is Some Gear You Might Need
                                                                By Niall Barco

  As a kayaker, you might not always want to run the white water. Sometimes, you want to take it
easy and do some fishing.

If you plan to fish from your kayak, you will need some necessary gear and accessories. Kayak fishing
gear is easy to shop for and fun to use! You will find a variety of gear to make your kayak fishing trip
that much smoother and organized.

The access bar is the first accessory that you must buy. The bar attaches to either side of your kayak
and is where you can hold your fishing rod and GPS system, if you own one.

Serious fishers also often invest in seats. You will probably find yourself sitting in your kayak for long
stretches of time. Seats will come in handy during these times.

Bait tanks and anchors are two other fishing-gear requirements. When you find that hot fishing spot,
you know you want to stay there, which will make your anchor come in handy! Bait tanks are excellent
if you fish for minnows. Depending on the style of fishing you are practicing, you may or may not need
these items.

Fishing gear is essential, especially because you are fishing from a small boat. The key to this is to
make sure everything is as organized and compact as possible. This will help you feel that you have
plenty of room and, therefore, much more comfortable. Gear for kayaks is designed with organization
and practical use in mind.

You will find some awesome gadgets for your new kayak fishing adventure! Convert your kayak into a
professional fishing boat with only a few accessories that can add fun to your fishing trip.

You will soon be able to combine two of my favorite pastimes - fishing and kayaking - and be having a
great time.

You will be able to find such fishing gear at online kayak and fishing retailers.

You can find great deals, tips and news, information and reviews about kayak equipment at

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                                                           River Kayak Fishing Guide
                                                                 By Richard Staunton

If you love fishing you should definitely give river kayak fishing a try. It is one of the most enjoyable
water sports in the world. Furthermore anyone can do no matter what your age or gender, and as well
as being fun it is a great way to get in shape. As with any sports there are a few things you need to
know before you start your river kayak fishing quest.

Things to know

 First thing first, before going river kayak fishing you need to make sure you have all the necessary
gear. You need to have the basic fishing equipment for example fishing rod, bait and lures.

 As for which equipment to get, that really depends on how enthusiastic you are about the sport and
the budget you have to spend on the gear. Once you are sure then you can think about the model and
makes that you want to purchase.

 Other things to think about is whether you already know someone who takes part in river kayak
fishing. A professional or experienced personal can make all the difference if it is your first time out. If
you don't know anyone you have the option to hire someone to come with you or if you wish you can
learn by yourself.

 An experienced personal can make you feel more safe and comfortable as they spend their time
showing you things you should know which will make your time more enjoyable. Once you have the
experience you should be able to go out yourself next time round.

 Another important item to get is a kayak if you don't already own one, picking the right kayak can be a
bit tricky and this process should not be rushed. You need to be aware of the different types of kayaks
and which one will suit you best. If you know for sure you’re going to have someone coming with you
on your river kayak fishing day outing you may want to invest in a kayak with more than one seat.
Another important criteria for selecting a kayak is your storage area, if you have a big storage area you
should be fine with most kayaks. If you are short of space you may need to consider investing in an
inflatable kayak which won't get in your way while you’re not using your kayak.

 River kayak fishing has a lot of similarities to ocean fishing, as they both have the same gear and
ideas. There are also a number of safety precautions which one must take in both these sports, to
ensure safety of yourself and other involved personals while you are on the water.

 Preparation is important when it comes to any watersports, as the last thing you want is to discover
you have forgotten something while your on the water. For this reason alone double check all your
possessions before setting out on your kayak, this way you can be certain to enjoy your time and have
success with the fishing.

Richard Staunton is the owner of http://kayakingsports.com where he discusses topics related to
kayaking for both beginners and experienced users. You can view topics on kayak safety equipment or
using your kayak for fishing.

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