; Improve Your Score With The Proper Golf Swing
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Improve Your Score With The Proper Golf Swing


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									                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                        Save The Body Sway For The Dance Floor, Not In Your Golf Swing
                                                              By Sean Cochran

   Body motion in the swing is necessary, but too much of a good thing can wreak all kinds of havoc
with your golf swing.

I received a question over the weekend from a BioForce Golf subscriber about “body motion” in the

The question from our subscriber asked how not to fall into the trap of too much movement backwards
during the golf swing.

What we are really talking about is weight transfer during the golf swing.

Too much weight transfer onto the back foot during the take-away and backswing causes difficulty in
getting back to your front foot on the downswing.

This creates some difficulties in your timing during the golf swing.

Oftentimes, this type of swing fault is termed “body sway.”

So how do we fix this golf swing fault?

Let’s take a brief look at golf swing mechanics.

Optimal golf swing mechanics are both a rotational (rotating around a fixed spine angle) and linear
(weight transfer backwards and forwards) movement.

It is the sequencing (proper order) and combination of these two biomechanical movements that
develop the great foundation of your golf swing.

Amateurs often have difficulty performing these two biomechanical movements simultaneously and in
the correct sequence.

Discussing “Body Sway” in Relation to Linear Weight Transfer of the Golf Swing

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

Amateurs often shift their weight too far onto their back foot. Once this occurs, they are never able to
get their weight forward, causing them to “spin out” and leave the clubface open at impact.

A conversation I had with top teaching pro Rick Smith on body sway enlightened me on one of his
teaching points: the weight transfer in the backswing cannot go past the inside arch of the back foot.

In order to limit your weight transfer in the swing to this position, you must “feel” it in your swing. You
must be able to feel your weight on the inside of the back foot and not allow it to move any farther

If your weight transfer exceeds this position, your timing will be off, your golf swing mechanics will be
flawed, and compensation of the downswing will occur.

Now knowing what we need to know about golf swing mechanics and the problems resulting from
“body sway,” how do we go about fixing it?

The golf swing is one of the most intricate athletic movements performed in sports today.

It requires precision in every biomechanical movement involved in the swing, the correction
sequencing of each movement, and the correct timing.

As a whole, the golf swing is a very difficult movement to perform.

Attempting to “fix” a swing fault when swinging the golf club at full tilt is almost impossible.

So what are you to do?

Simply, it is much easier to break down the golf swing into parts.

Working on pieces of the golf swing and then re-building the swing is the way to go. This is a much
easier task to achieve.

Once you have broken down the golf swing into pieces, then you can focus upon the area of the golf
swing that is giving you difficulty.

Fixing the area of the golf swing that is giving you problems can be addressed by implementing swing

Swing drills introduce and re-enforce the proper swing mechanics into your body and allow you to
eventually cure your swing fault.

This will eventually return you to a position where you can “feel” every position in the golf swing.

So, if you are struggling from “body sway” in the golf swing, break down the swing into parts and
address the area of the golf swing that needs help through swing drills.

Sean Cochran

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

Sean Cochran is one of the most recognized golf fitness instructors in the world today. He travels the
PGA Tour regularly with 2005 PGA & 2004 Masters Champion Phil Mickelson. He has made
many of his golf tips, golf instruction and golf swing improvement techniques available to amateur
golfers on the website http://www.bioforcegolf.com. To contact Sean, you can email him at

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                    Improve Your Score With The Proper Golf Swing
                                                     By Fred Armstrong

 Who can better understand the importance of the golf swing than the weekend or amateur golfer who
sprays his shots all over the course with slices and hooks? By giving attention to your golf swing and
improving it, you can not only improve your score but also your enjoyment of the game.

The techniques and the mechanics of your golf swing are what determine whether the club face will hit
the ball square on, in other words in the sweet spot, and send the golf ball rocketing towards the hole,
or whether the club will hit the ball off center and send it spinning into the rough.

Because the golf swing is the most vital element of the game of golf in determining how well you will hit
the ball and score, most people will spend a lot of time practicing and working on their golf swing.

Practicing is important because by having a solid foundation and mastering the basics of the golf
swing, you will add more enjoyment to your golf game for as long as you play.

Your style of golf will determine what is a proper golf swing for you, but there are a few underlying
things about the golf swing that will hold true for every golfer.

Don't sway back and forth during your swing and keep your legs steady to form a sturdy foundation.

Achieving a one plane swing should be your goal. This will give you scoring improvement on the
course and better enjoyment of the game.

Use a video camera to record your own golf swing with different clubs. Then you can sit back and
analyze your own action and technique. If you are really serious about improving your game, then
you might want to consider enrolling the help of a professional teacher.

You may be surprised with how little effort can propel your golf swing to the next level.

Find more golf information and advice at http://www.bestpowergolf.com/

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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