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                                    Select The Best Golf Balls To Improve Your Game
                                                             By Keith Kingston

    When it comes to trying to select the best golf balls, there are literally hundreds of different types,
brands and sizes that you can to choose from. Each golf ball manufacturer makes a number of
different types of balls all designed with different playing styles, different types of players and different
price brackets. So as a consumer how do you go about selecting the best golf balls for your needs?
This is easy when you consider that golf ball manufacturers generally break their products into two
distinct groups – the two piece balls and the multi layer balls. Let’s take a moment to examine each
one in more detail.

The two piece golf ball is the traditional distance ball. This means that it is designed to travel. The two
piece ball consists of the core and a cover and as a result of this design, the two piece balls travel the
maximum distance no matter what the swing speed is. As a player, you will generally hear an audible
click when you make contact with this ball when you hit it with your club. Because these balls get less
sidespin they tend to fly straighter even if they are hit of the heel or toe. Two piece balls are generally
cheaper than the multi layer balls.

The multi layer ball on the other hand is either a three piece or four piece ball and is made up of a core,
a mantle, and then a cover. These are generally more expensive balls. They usually feel softer to hit
and have a higher spin rate because of this softness. In the higher spinning balls, the mantle helps to
transfer the energy to the core whereas in a lower spinning ball the mantle will help to reduce the spin
off a player who chooses to use a driver or a longer club.

So how do you work out which ball will best suit and even improve your game? Firstly you need to
determine what type of player you are or want to become. Players that are mostly concerned with
getting more distance off the tee are better off opting for the two piece ball. Where as players who want
more control in the ball should opt for the multi layer ball. The best way to decide between the two is to
head to the gold range and hit a few buckets to get a feel for both types.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

                       Buy Golf Balls That Will Not Collect Cob Webs In Your Store Room
                                                          By Lavente Tan

Hilarious? Buy golf balls to collect cob webs is just not what you might like. Especially when your store
room is packed and full of others. You might be better off selling them cheap at eBay or even give it to
your golfing buddy who might need them.

Do not laugh too much because you might be one of them. I will not be surprised if thousands of
golfers have had the same experience buying golf balls and finding that they are not as good as they
thought they were. In the end, the golf balls were left out in the cold sitting in their store room.

How many times did we leave it to trial and error and testing it out on the fairways? Yes, it is fun testing
out a golf ball but definitely not fun when you spend $40 a dozen and only use one. What about the
rest? Yes, cob web collectors in your store room!

It is common nowadays to spend on cheaper used golf balls before trying out the new ones. You will
spend less money but still shelling the same amount of time testing one after another. Unless you are
wearing your lucky red underwear, you might need to try 5 to 6 golf balls before finding one that you
really do well in. That means 24 hours of golf ball testing spread out over a few weekends. Not
forgetting the extra few games to reconfirm your analysis, it might take a month.

Some read golf ball reviews before buying the golf balls. Nothing wrong about that and in fact, golf ball
reviews are rather good for helping you choose. But still, there are many unknown areas which is left
unexplored in these reviews. Statistics like the reviewer's handicap and knowledge of the game, profile
and swing characteristics, game play etc are not known at all. Even the ground conditions and weather
play a big part of the results. The only time a golf ball review can adequately choose a golf ball for you
is when the player has exactly the same player profile as you. Highly unlikely? Yes definitely.

So what is the best way around that? To go through the hassle, i recommend spending a few hours
reading and understanding all parts of the golf ball and all aspects of your golf game. That is when
player profile and golf ball match.

If you combine cheap golf balls into the above recommendation, you will get a best way to save big
money and storage space in your store room. Select the proper golf balls that fits your golf game and
you will improve your score like never before.

The author is a golfer, designer/engineer and reviewer in the world of golf. Get a feel of learning what
you need to know about golf balls at his website. Go to choose golf balls for more information and
newsletter sign up.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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