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Best Internet Network
Marketing Secrets
                                                                     earning commissions from their sales, how much more
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  features and hide this message.                                    Let’s imagine you work ten hours each week at your network
                                                                     marketing business, and you bring on board twenty folks
                                                                     who also work ten hours per week, this means that you have
Best Internet Network                                                leveraged an extra 200 hours each week.

Marketing Secrets Exposed                                            Internet Network                 Marketing          a    Miles
By skoda on April 7th, 2012                                          Better Deal!
                                                                     There are many folk who mix both Internet marketing
Internet   Network                             Marketing             and network marketing, and when they become seriously
Secrets Uncovered                                                    successful at network marketing, they end up not working as
                                                                     hard to make as much money. Why is this? Internet marketing
                                                                     means keeping up-to-date with all of the products around to
                                                                     promote and there’s thousands of them daily, they also have
                                                                     to consistently build back links to their websites and also keep
                                                                     writing fresh content for their site and for article marketing
                                                                     sites a tedious process. Many of them outsource, but then
                                                                     you have got to monitor the writers that you hire, and keep
                                                                     checking the standard of their work. Many Internet marketing
                                                                     pros have masses of sites that produce small quantities of
The terms “Internet Marketing” and “Network Marketing”               money which assemble into a good income, but websites
these days are getting confused, but fundamentally one can be        always need constant attention, it needs great organizational
used to market the other.                                            skills to earn a reasonable income it’s not simple.
Internet network marketing could mean promoting a product            I’m going to warn you though that there is a massive rate of
on forums, by employing a domain, learn or going on social           attrition in both internet and network marketing because it’s
networking sites and blogs, the only real difference here            easier to fail than succeed, particularly if you’re not willing to
between Internet marketing and network marketing is that             work hard. I’ve found that using a system like My Lead System
network promoters are also looking to find out how to recruit        Pro (MLSP) keeps you on the right track. In fact, helps you
groups or downline members who will also promote that                make money even if nobody signs up in your Business. That
product. If you are successful at marketing your product,            is way cool…
others will see that, and they will want to join your opportunity
                                                                     When you start out it’s your J.O.B, and never should be
success breeds success.
                                                                     regarded as a past-time if you actually want to achieve success.
If you promote Amazon products by building your own
                                                                     The Trick is to focus most of your effort and time learning web
internet sites and blogs, what would be the advantage of
                                                                     sales and promotion techniques and massive lead generation.
changing into a multilevel marketing expert?
                                                                     It is time to stop fighting and put your business on the fast
This actual secret is straightforward to understand, because         track, wouldn’t you agree?
by inducting others to sell products for you, you can make
                                                                     Click HERE now to learn more secrets of using the right
significantly extra money in the long term, you’ll be leveraging
your team’s time and they will be making a contribution to
your wealth.
Imagine having a successful downline team of maybe a
couple of thousand people, who were all happy and earnings
                                                                     PSS: If Your Upline Does Not Provide a Step-By-Step
important incomes themselves – now you can see by you
                                                                     Blueprint For Success, Check This Out NOW (Unless You
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April 7th, 2012                                                                                                          Published by: jskoda

Already Have Too Many Leads) – Click Here For Instant                    they’re over three-times as likely to act. Use this technique in
Access                                                                   your affiliate marketing and make sure you instill a sense of
                                                                         urgency in customers. My Lead System Properhaps offers the
PSS: Earn 100 Percent Commissions by clicking here                       absolute Best Affiliate Marketing System using their unique
>>>Empower Yourself                                                      sales Funnel. MLSP provides everything that you need to
                                                                         properly market affiliate products which allow you to make
PSS: Learn how to Create, Collect and Preserve Wealth by                 money even if no one signs up in Your Primary Company.
checking out..>>> Our Government Approved Money System                   Make sure that content on affiliate marketing websites are
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Internet marketing can be such a general term now. There are             visitors from the UK, have content written in the Queen’s
so many ways people are using it, and you have to understand             English. Also, make sure that word usage and sentence
their main goal to see the focus. Thanks for sharing your                structure are correct. Content that is in badly written English
insights. It helps more see the overall picture.                         turns potential customers away, especially UK customers.
You are so right Alecia. Since Internet Marketing is such a              A great affiliate marketing tip is to avoid laziness. Visitors
common term, we need to find more ways to stand out from                 know when you’re just lazily placing affiliate ads on your web
the crowd.                                                               site. This annoys visitors and will definitely drive them away.
                                                                         Visitors will be more keen on affiliate products if you write
Hey Joseph,
                                                                         honest and detailed reviews about them.
Great highlighted points there! With MLSP under ones belt,
success will be round the corner. Its resources and training are         If you run across an affiliate marketing “offer” that says you
really of value to all Network Marketers. Thanks for sharing!            must sign up in X amount of time or the offer will be gone,
                                                                         just let it pass on by. This is just hype to try to get you to buy
Hey Joseph, great post. I have found much of what you shared
                                                                         something without examining it or giving it enough thought.
here to be true in my own business life.
                                                                         If you rush to purchase whatever it is they are selling, you will
I started off as sort of a grassroots kind of networker but              be giving them your contact and credit card information in
since having come online I’ve found that I’m much more “well             exchange for something that will surely not help you in any
rounded” as a marketer. – The best part is that I’m also now             way – no matter what it is!
better equipped to help others. When we become consummate
                                                                         Affiliates need to make sure that they’re receiving full credit for
in our proession, we have the knowledge and skills to truly
                                                                         every sale. For this, you want to find out what type of tracking
help empower others who are seeking assistance!
                                                                         software a company uses and make sure that it’s a legitimate,
                                                                         reliable service. If you have been not properly tracked, you
Lots of Traffic – Don’t Waste It!                                        could end up losing your commissions. And the company is not
By skoda on April 7th, 2012                                              going to shed a tear over this.
                                                                         You can use past customers to draw in new ones by giving
Lots Of Viewers On Your Site?  Don’t Let                                 a bonus for referring new users to the service. Your old
This Opportunity Go To Waste                                             customers will love the chance to get deals and will do
                                                                         your advertising work for you. Their friends will trust a
                                                                         recommendation of a close friend more than an ad, and they’ll
             Unprintable Content (Video, Flash, etc.)                    be much more likely to shop at your store.

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make some extra                Whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning
money in your spare time and if you are very successful, you             your affiliate marketing adventure, by utilizing some of the
can even turn it into a full time income. This article is full of tips   advice and ideas contained in the tips featured in this article,
and ideas to help make all aspects of your affiliate marketing           you should be on your way to achieving your goals and
endeavors rewarding.                                                     becoming an expert affiliate marketer, capable of earning a
                                                                         substantial income.
When using affiliate marketing, be sure to be honest about
your intentions. Let the audience know that you are doing                Go here to Bottom line is don’t waste valuable traffic to your
affiliate marketing. When you are honest with your readers,              site, make more money using proper Affiliate Marketing.
you will gain their loyalty. When a reader uses your referral
link, they will feel good about it if they know that you are using
affiliate marketing and that they are able to help you.
Be willing to say no to some ventures in order to be successful.
Your site may be successful because it has a clean, uncluttered
look with pertinent content. It seems logical that the more you
offer is better. Not necessarily. If your site becomes cluttered
with too many ads, your visitor may just move on.                        PSS: If Your Upline Does Not Provide a Step-By-Step
                                                                         Blueprint For Success, Check This Out NOW (Unless You
Nothing seems to sell a product quite as well as scarcity. When
                                                                         Already Have Too Many Leads) – Click Here For Instant
a customer believes he or she only has a few minutes to get the
product at the list price before the deal is no longer available,
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April 7th, 2012                                                                                                    Published by: jskoda

                                                                     You plan and schedule a holiday because rest and relaxation is
PSS: Earn 100 Percent Commissions by clicking here                   important. So if you’re serious about building a big business,
>>>Empower Yourself                                                  schedule time to work on your business.
                                                                     MLM Tip 3
PSS: Learn how to Create, Collect and Preserve Wealth by
checking out..>>> Our Government Approved Money System               Financial planning is also essential; take some time to write
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                                                                     stepping stones – you move from one and then up to the
Great Tips on Affiliate marketing joseph, thank you for              following – they keep you centered, and keep you on the road
sharing this post. I got my first 2 affiliate commissions on         to long term success. They are like a roadmap, and without one
my first 3 weeks. many people waste and avoid tracking their         you’ll get lost.
commissions and don’t even know where the traffic is coming
from, Keep it up buddy!!                                             MLM Tip 4
Great post Joseph! Let’s make the most out of the traffic we         The 2 ways you earn money in MLM marketing is by selling
get. Love the video you’ve shared. Best we stay organized than       product and inducting new team members. Sponsoring new
a mess. Keep it up!                                                  members is vital for success and to meet your financial goals
                                                                     – you also get paid when you induct new members.

MLM Tips to Grow Your                                                You need to dedicate a lot of your time to inducting and
                                                                     sponsoring your own downline.
Business                                                             MLM Tip 5
By skoda on April 7th, 2012
                                                                     Network marketing success is totally dependent on your
MLM Tips for Lead Generation                                         capability to habitually present your products and opportunity
                                                                     to many people over an extended period of time.
                                                                     This means you have to find several ways generate a steady
                                                                     number of MLM leads and guide them into your marketing
                                                                     funnel. Leads. Leads. And even more leads. Consider this
                                                                     Master Marketing Series to get started. Learn these Marketing
                                                                     Secrets here….
                                                                     The person who tells the most, sells the most. End of story.
                                                                     MLM Tip 6
                                                                     Find the methods that work well for you and stick with them.
                                                                     Discover ways to take the initiative and continue to build your
It’s been said one of the best paths to produce the result you       business using the methodologies that you find suit you the
desire is to find someone who is at present making the result        absolute best.
you want and find out, especially, what it is they did and do to     As a leader and a top level marketeer, you will be happy
produce that result.                                                 to share those systems with other members of your team.
Then simply copy them and your success if nearly guaranteed.         Duplicating someone else who is successful may not work for
                                                                     you, find your own path. Others will follow. Take the initiative.
Here are 7 MLM tips we’ve found that’ve been used by top
network marketing producers again and again so , obviously,          MLM Tip 7
there has to be some incredible value in hidden in these                                      
nuggets of knowledge.
MLM Tip 1
It’s critical that you treat your MLM business as a business, if
                                                                         *** Attraction Selling ***
you deal with it like a part time past-time it’ll end up costing
you money and giving no results. A hobby gives you pleasure          Find a way to use attraction promoting to create money flow
and costs you money, it seldom pays for itself.                      in any case if a prospect joins your network business or not.
MLM Tip 2                                                            Then teach your team to do a similar thing.
Dedicate Time to your Business                                       This helps get everybody into a nice cash flow situation so that
Schedule time to build your home business.                           they can afford to stay in the game long enough to produce a
                                                                     fantastic result.
Everything in life that’s important we schedule. You set your
alarm clock because not showing up for work late is important
to keep you job.                                                     Here’s the deal:
                                                                     You have to work your BUTT OFF, make a lot of mistakes, try
                                                                     lots of stuff (some works and some doesn’t), go back to the

Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.                              3
April 7th, 2012                                                                                                     Published by: jskoda

drawing board, work some more, and THEN you’re probably
going to find success. Usually, it’s worth it like it has been for   Your All-In-One SEO Guide For
us.                                                                  More Effective Content
Oh – and the information contained here and pretty much              By skoda on April 7th, 2012
everywhere else is totally WORTHLESS until you make the
conscious decision to apply it and take responsibility for your      Have Your All-In-One SEO Guide
actions. And you need to make the conscious decision to keep         Available For    More  Effective
trying when you don’t immediately succeed.
Hard work and a good attitude are the most important
ingredients to your success… Hard work being the most

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                                                                     as many people visiting your website as possible. Perhaps
                                                                     the most effective method of improving website traffic is a
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really listening to this industry I know what can help save
                                                                     search engine, link up to a quality blog or website. They already
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Summit III in Las Vegas, rock on!
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                                                                     If you aren’t on one of the social media sites yet, join and
crack at the bonuses –
                                                                     starting working on your presence there. Many of the popular
                                                                     search engines are now incorporating social media into there
                                                                     search results. A site that someone’s friends like is going to
                                                                     start jumping higher in the rankings so make sure you are one
                                                                     of those sites.
PSS: If Your Upline Does Not Provide a Step-By-Step                  Make sure that you are posting content that is unique. Having
Blueprint For Success, Check This Out NOW (Unless You                duplicate content will definitely lower your page rank very
Already Have Too Many Leads) – Click Here For Instant                quickly. People are always looking for something new. Add
Access                                                               some images and video to your site as well. This will help bring
                                                                     your rankings higher in a short time.
PSS: Earn 100 Percent Commissions by clicking here
                                                                     To optimize your search engine results you should always try
>>>Empower Yourself
                                                                     to use the most “common terms” related to your search. For
                                                                     example, if you are looking for someone to fix your toilet, you
PSS: Learn how to Create, Collect and Preserve Wealth by
                                                                     should search for a “plumber” instead of “someone to fix your
checking out..>>> Our Government Approved Money System
                                                                     toilet.” Also, do not type in full sentences. Try to decrease your
No related posts.
                                                                     search to a few terms.
Showing up for our home businesses is critical not must be
                                                                     If you have a Twitter account, make sure that you occasionally
treated as a business. It will take time and effort. Nicely put
                                                                     tweet about other products or brands, to increase your loyalty
Loads of tip here on how to grow your mlm business – I like          to other companies. In turn, you should receive positive
the ‘the person who tells the most sells the most’.                  feedback and potentially free advertisement as repayment for
                                                                     the service that you provided. This can lead to extra profit,
                                                                     especially if you promote large organizations.
                                                                     When building your affiliate website, you have to be sure
                                                                     your visitors can easily and quickly find your site. One way to
                                                                     achieve this is to help the search engines to find and correctly
                                                                     categorize your site. It is a good and rewarding practice to
                                                                     insert descriptive meta elements into your pages’ html code,
                                                                     as this helps the search engines to categorize your pages.
Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.                               4
April 7th, 2012                                                                                                     Published by: jskoda

Never get rid of a 301 redirect! There’s absolutely no point         is effective for the short and competitive keywords as well.
to getting rid of it anyway; it’s not like it’s cluttering up your   Contents are the king, and the context is the queen and to get
server or taking up major hard drive space. Backup your              it more in the global presence the SEO process is a must, to
redirects as well because you never know when your server            get more visitors and to get more success in an online business
might melt down or your host might go under.                         through website having a good traffic is the first priority.. But,
                                                                     this is the most frequent problem the people face, so getting a
If you need to have the name of your website or company in
                                                                     good SEO tips, this has made by day
your title tag, which may not really be a case of NEED, then put
                                                                     Thanks a lot XD
it at the end. Let the keywords you’ve chosen for your site stand
at the front and be counted, as they are far more important to       I really liked your tips for getting this complex SEO to make it
SEO than your name.                                                  more simple to understand, I have been having a very tough
                                                                     time to increase my keywords visibility in search engines, and
If you choose to use a Robotz.txt file to hide specific pages from
                                                                     eventually I found out that the keywords which I choosen were
search engine web crawlers and spiders, you should take the
                                                                     not much searchable, I just wished I had read this post before
extra step to ensure that the file contains the proper access
                                                                     I started the optimisation process. Anyways thanks Joseph for
restrictions and permission requirements. Otherwise, you risk
                                                                     this post
tampering by users who are not qualified or allowed to alter
the contents.
The key to optimization is a focus on the text in your RSS feed      Solid Strategies For Running A
which should reflect your posts and webpages. Use descriptive
and keyword rich text in your title and descriptions on not only
                                                                     Home Business
                                                                     By skoda on April 7th, 2012
your main website but all your RSS feeds. Spiders frequently
crawl through these as usually they are more simple and easy
to do searches through.
                                                                     Here are some Solid Strategies For
When posting to Twitter it’s imperative to use a URL shortener
                                                                     Running A Home Business
which uses 301 redirects, like This will ensure that any     Having a business you can run from home has a lot of great
links to your site through the shortener will still provide your     advantages and conveniences, but it has a lot of potential
site with page rank boosts even though they’re going through         pitfalls, too, if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s easy to
a shortening service and not directly to you.                        avoid falling into common home business mistakes, though, if
                                                                     you do a little research. Here are some smart tips for making
A website that employs search engine optimization is nearly
                                                                     your home business thrive.
always much more successful than one that doesn’t. As you can
see, search engine optimization is not only free, but relatively     If your home business serves local needs, get yourself in the
painless to implement. Follow the tips and tricks you’ve seen        paper! For example, if a local home burned down and made
in this article to optimize your website and watch the visitors      it to the news I’d be there with some sort of donation for the
flow in.                                                             family and make sure to spell my company’s name out for
                                                                     the reporters on hand. You’re doing a good deed and getting
Use this All-In-One SEO Guide For More Effective Content.
 Also considering using an Authority Site to speed up the
Process of High SEO Ranking. Empower Network does                    Research comparable businesses in your market before
this the best and has paid out 100% Commissions since it’s           launching your home based business. Often, other businesses
inception. Whatever you do, learn these SEO Tips to increase         can provide you with examples of success stories or challenges
traffic.                                                             you may be able to duplicate or avoid. Even if a comparable
                                                                     business is not home based, there may still be lessons in the
MORE Traffic = MORE Money.
                                                                     business model.
                                                                     Even if you work with a professional financial planner for
                                                                     your home based business, make sure you understand the
                                                                     financials of your business including expenses and income
                                                                     statements. This helps you make appropriate decisions based
PSS: If Your Upline Does Not Provide a Step-By-Step                  on an understanding of revenue flow and expenses and how
Blueprint For Success, Check This Out NOW (Unless You                different situations may affect your business.
Already Have Too Many Leads) – Click Here For Instant
                                                                     Keep your personal and business bank accounts and credit
                                                                     cards separate! It is far too difficult to keep track of what’s
                                                                     going in and out if you have both types of spending and
PSS: Earn 100 Percent Commissions by clicking here
                                                                     deposits on your account if you merge them. Instead, talk to
>>>Empower Yourself
                                                                     a financial adviser and find out how you can start a business
                                                                     bank account!
PSS: Learn how to Create, Collect and Preserve Wealth by
checking out..>>> Our Government Approved Money System               With the advent of the internet we’re now all able to access a
Related posts:                                                       ton of up-to-date information on the field our home business
                                                                     is in as soon as it’s written. Make sure to follow expert
Thanks for your awesome tips presented above, really having
a long tail keywords are easy to optimize and at the same time
Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.                               5
April 7th, 2012                                                                                              Published by: jskoda

blogs, news outlets, and even social media accounts of your          Already Have Too Many Leads) – Click Here For Instant
competition to keep yourself on top of the game.                     Access
Sticky notes are, in my opinion, the one invention a home
                                                                     PSS: Earn 100 Percent Commissions by clicking here
business cannot live without! You can use them to post
                                                                     >>>Empower Yourself
reminders all over your office, point out on paperwork where
something needs to be changed or a client needs to sign, or
                                                                     PSS: Learn how to Create, Collect and Preserve Wealth by
make it easy to find a page in a stack of bills or a contract.
                                                                     checking out..>>> Our Government Approved Money System
Keep track of trends in your home business field to ensure           Related posts:
you’re selling the products and services your clients don’t
                                                                     Start a Home based business can be tedious, you have been
already have. Look up products which are hot for Christmas,
                                                                     able to address very important issues concerning starting
or new gadgets for Father’s Day, or seminars which can teach
                                                                     a home based business. Just to highlight a point; having
you new skills to improve the services you already offer.
                                                                     disturbance from Children is quite common and can actual
Consider NOT taking your children out of daycare when                diminish the chances of making it from home. This must be
you switch from a traditional job to a home business. Kids           taken care of when considering a home based business.
are a huge distraction and having a screaming baby in the
background on a client phone call will make you look totally
unprofessional. At least have a few hours during the business
day where the kids aren’t around to make phone calls.
Are you following the competition? A ton can be learned from
the techniques and strategies your competition uses for their
social media marketing, especially if they’re a big corporation.
Grab some ideas for yourself, like a contest or conversation
starter, and try it on your own social media feeds and see what
If your home business will require a large work area so you
can complete necessary tasks, consider where in your home
the best place is to work. If you’re planning on working in your
backyard you’ll have to take winter weather into account, for
example. Think out every possibility before you get stuck in a
Be prepared when meeting with a loan officer. When applying
for a home business loan, make sure you are well prepared.
Have a solid business plan, and a long term cash projection.
Talk about your home business with confidence, and be
prepared to honestly answer any questions. Most importantly,
don’t lie on your loan application.
These ideas will help keep you on the straight and narrow
when it comes to running your home business, so that you
can put all your energy into successes instead of failures, and
you can avoid making the standard mistakes that others have
made many times before you. That will leave you with more
resources to put into pushing your business into growth and
When you have all of these strategies put into place, consider
getting involved with an ongoing trend of Gold and Silver.
 The Numis Network is the only one of it’s kind that is
involved in collecting precious assets on a regular basis. In
fact everyone collects something, why not collect money? The
leadership that Numis provides and ongoing training provides
solid strategies for running a home based business.

PSS: If Your Upline Does Not Provide a Step-By-Step
Blueprint For Success, Check This Out NOW (Unless You

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