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					                             In this article I want to share with you
some simple SEO tips and tricks that so many people don't use or they
just forget about them. These tips will not only help you with your SEO
positioning when you post but also after you have posted a couple of
weeks later.Many people believe that as long as they have picked great
keywords they don't need to do anything to their post before they publish
or after they publish. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact
it's so important to keep adding backlinks to your posts after you have
published.In the list below I will show you what you can do during
writing and after you have published your post. * Add Keywords To Images
* Add Keyword Anchor Text * Limit External Links * Build Backlinks each
Day * Stop Using RobotsKeywords in Images - Google loves to see you
keyword in an image and it's very powerful, most people miss or forget to
do this when adding the image to their blog or post.Keywords Anchor Text
- What this means is that you are using a keyword from a previous post
and placing that in your new post with a link to that original post. This
gives the first post more value and also the second post as well right
from the outset. You must stick to the same niche when doing this as you
don't want to confuse Google and they also like things to be kept with
some form of structure.Limit External Links - It's Okay to link to one or
two websites and you should with your image, but don't overdo this and
Google will think you put more value on other website than your own. As I
mentioned above use you links as paths to your other blog posts, this is
a much more powerful strategy.Build Backlinks each Day - You want to
build up your backlinks on a daily basis by posting to social media
groups and also writing articles with links back to your blog posts. You
are looking for maybe 10 to 30 links each day to each post.Stop Using
Robots - Google knows if you are using automated software to get
backlinks to your posts. You might think its great to get 1000s of links
each day but it actually does more harm than good. You have to make you
linking look as natural as you can and the only way to do that in by
doing it yourself.If you follow these simple SEO tips and tricks then you
blog and its posts will achieve higher search engine placement as well as
gaining more authority once you start getting page rank on your site.

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