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                                          Have You Read Your Digital Camera Manual?
                                                                By Liz Beresford

  Have You Read Your Digital Camera Manual?
 by: Liz Beresford

Have you read the manual that came with your digital camera? If not you are in good company, the
majority of digital camera owners never get past the *Basic Operations* section.

If you didn*t read the manual why not? Was it the obscure photographic terms? The numerous cross
references ? The complicated diagrams? The myriad uses for each dial and button? The convoluted
English? Maybe all of the above. The fact is that most digital camera manuals are neither user friendly
nor written with beginners in mind. If you aren*t already familiar with photographic terms then White
Balance, AE Lock, AF Illuminator, and so on, aren*t much help and it can seem like very hard work to
figure it all out.

But if you haven*t read the manual you aren*t getting the most from your digital camera. Digital
cameras are loaded with options that let you do really cool things. If all you do is point and shoot you
are missing out on a whole lot of fun and some great photos.

We are visual learners, and we like our information in manageable chunks. When we are learning a
new skill we learn more by seeing and doing than by reading. Don*t you find that you remember a
name more easily if the owner is wearing a name badge when you are introduced? Isn*t a map easier
to follow than listed directions? Did you learn to drive by reading about it? Figuring out a digital camera
is no different- we need to practice. Let*s go back to the manual and pick up from where you got stuck.
In the first few pages of the manual there will be diagrams identifying each function. Don*t start there.
It*s too much to learn all at once, and if you don*t know what it all means you won*t remember it. It*s
much easier to learn each function as you need it. Try this: get your camera and the manual out.
Choose a topic that you are unfamiliar with and learn about that one feature. It might be the basic
operation or it may be something more advanced, such as white balance or aperture priority mode.
The manual may not be very clear about what each feature does but you can check all the terms out

As you read the instructions in the manual explore the settings on your camera and try them out. Then
stop and practice using this setting. Go and take some pictures around your home or neighbourhood.
You don*t have to worry about wasting film any more, so you can snap happily away and then delete

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

the duds. Only go on to the next topic when you feel that you have thoroughly absorbed the first.

This way you will get through all the features in a month at most. In good time to take some fabulous
photos at Thanksgiving and Christmas!

That*s it! You are on your way to becoming an expert.

Liz Beresford is a writer who owns and operates the web site Digital Cameras & Accessories. Its an
information resource for those who are new to digital cameras and photography. If your camera
manual is particularly obscure and you need more information you can find it there:

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                                          Doing a Digital Camera Photo Comparison
                                                            By Vance Kardasian

Before you decide on any digital camera and figure out which you should buy, you are going to want to
figure out which gives the best digital camera photo. To do this, the only way to go about it is to do a
digital camera photo comparison. In a digital camera photo comparison, you are going to be comparing
the different digital cameras that are out there, by all the features that they have to offer but more than
anything by the photos that they are able to turn out.

This doesn’t mean that you have to buy each of these digital cameras and take pictures to see which is
the best of the digital camera photo comparison, because there are much easier ways to go about this
in today’s world.

To do a digital camera photo comparison, you just need to select the cameras that you are interested
in choosing from for one. Read some reviews and see which digital cameras are rating high at that
point, and then use the top four or five that you find in your comparison here. Keep in mind that there is
no single best camera, as everyone is different and photographers have different needs, so just
because one camera may work best for one person, another may be best for you, and this is the point
of doing the comparison, is so that you can find this out for yourself and make sure that you are making
the best purchase here.

What to Look for

There are a few things that you are going to want to look for when you are doing a digital camera photo
comparison. For one you are going to want to look at the detail of the photo. You never want to get a
camera that is going to turn out blurry or dull pictures, and instead you want to make sure that you find
a camera that is going to produce bright and beautiful pictures.

There are a lot of different types of camera that you can choose from, so it is important to consider
them all so that you can find the best one. There are also always new cameras that are being released
onto the market all the time, so make sure that you are keeping your eyes and ears open so that you
hear about these and get one if you find that it is the best for you.

For more information, please visit by my Best Underwater Digital Camera website for the latest
reviews and digital camera resources.

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