Basic Turkey Hunting Information - Know Your Prey and Their Behavior

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                 Basic Turkey Hunting Information: Knowing Your Prey and Their Behavior
                                                               By Niall Barco

    Fall was the preferred time to hunt wild turkeys by most of the famous old time turkey hunters and is
still favored by many traditionalists. These turkey hunting experts liked it best because it was a lot more
difficult and therefore more rewarding to call in an old turkey in the fall rather than the spring.

Gobblers in the late summer, fall and winter become very solitary animals with very little interest in
females. They do, however, gobble in the fall and there have been a few mornings in October and
November that you would think that it was spring with the huge number of gobblers around. On rare
occasions, gobblers will even come in strutting and gobbling just like it was spring. More likely though,
you won't even notice a fall turkey reacting to your calls. He will just appear silently, looking for
companionship with another long beard but not really caring whether he finds it or not. This is a real fall

The fall season has regained its popularity recently with the ever-increasing numbers of turkeys. Over
40 states now host fall turkey seasons and more and more hunters are discovering the excitement of
hunting in the fall. Turkey hunting is a pleasurable and enjoyable sport people are starting to like.

This sport requires seperate permits for hunters during the fall, along with the applications for spring
hunting permits. Turkey hunters are allowed only to take only one wild turkey of either sex during that
fall season each day.

Turkeys are usually found in open, mixed hardwood and pine forests. Others are scattered in brush
land. Others prefer to roost in trees larger than the surrounding vegetation and will often choose place
to stay on sites facing slopes where they can shelter from the existing strong wind. They will use open
fields and meadows as feeding and boasting sites and wooded areas are roosting sites. If few or no
roosting sites are available, the turkey may leave the place and not use it.

Basic Turkey Characteristics

Turkeys’ ears are also placed on both sides of their heads. And because they have no outer ear to
develop the sound in one direction, they hear sounds all the way around them. Sounds received by
only one ear can help the turkey find out which direction the sound comes out but not any indication of
distance. Turkeys turn around to be more alert.

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With a highly developed sense of smell, they can determine the direction of danger by scent and wind
direction. The clever beasts generally flee away from the danger, not toward it. Besides their sense of
smell, they rely heavily on both their eyes and ears to determine the direction of danger before they run
away from it.

Niall Barco has been learning about turkey hunting for five years. offers news, tips
and views about turkey hunting information.

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                                             What to Hunt When ... Hunting Seasons
                                                                  By Albie Berk

Hunting is a favorite pastime of many and it is a sport that many people are becoming interested in
daily. However, many hunters like to hunt for specific wildlife which have particular hunting seasons. If
you are unsure about the hunting season for your particular hunt, then this article should help you to
identify specific hunting season dates and locations so that you can plan your next hunting trip around
these dates.

 These are a few of the general hunting dates for some of your favorite hunts. Deer is a huge hunting
season. The deer season lasts from November 1st until December 7th. However, hunting deer with a
muzzleloader is from November 1st until November 7th while hunting deer with firearms is open from
November 8th until December 7th. If you can get away for a weekend, there is a youth deer hunt from
October 25th to October 26th , the last weekend in October. This is a fun pre hunting season

 There is also a youth turkey hunting weekend which kicks off the turkey hunting season. From May
3rd until May 31st, the wild turkey hunting season commences. Later on in the fall, the fall turkey
season begins with archery from September 15th to December 15th. If you use a shotgun to hunt
turkey with, then the fall season for hunting with shotguns is from October 13th until October 17th. In
this case, hunting is only allowed from Monday to Friday and is only available in certain areas of the
country. Please check with your hunting range previous to making hunting arrangements.

 Black bear hunting starts on September 1st. The closing date to this hunting season is still
undetermined because of the method and particular location’s regulation. However, the season usually
ends sometime in November, making October the perfect month for black bear hunting.

 If you are interested in waterfowl hunting the seasons begins in September and ends sometime in
January of the following year. Once again the opening and closing dates for waterfowl hunting differ
depending on the zone and the particular waterfowl species. From September 27th until September
28th, there is a youth waterfowl hunting weekend.

 Moose hunting season runs from October 18th until October 26th. However, be aware that moose
hunting almost always requires a moose hunting permit. For any small game hunting, the season is
open from September until March of the following year. As you can see, hunting is available year
round. If you have a specific prey then you can find your prey’s particular season. If you are an overall
hunter, then you can hunt year round.

 Some wise tips for the different hunting seasons include calling ahead to your hunting lodge to make
sure that your prey is in season and for how long the season will last from. Then make sure that there
is space available at that particular lodge to make a reservation so that you don’t miss out on your
prey’s hunting season. You should also verify if a hunting permit is required for the particular hunt you
will be going on. This will make your vacation and hunting trip go problem free so that you can relax,
enjoy and concentrate on your hunt.

Albie Berk enjoys hunting and sharing what he has learned and any successful tips he can with others.
He enjoys South Carolina hunting and usually stays at Carolina Buck and Boar.

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