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                                                      Jazz Goa
                                                    By Jazz Goa

  Jazz Goa
 by: Jazz Goa

Jazz Goa is formed by a group of musicians and music lovers to promote jazz in and out of Goa. The
club's principal aim is to improve the lot and provide an organised platform for local as well as visiting
international jazz musicians. Goa has always been a favoured chillout destination for some of the
world's greatest jazz musicians. Beautiful surroundings, peaceful laidback lifestyle and the people's
genuine warmth and hospitality has made Goa an inspirational paradise for creative artistes from all
over the world. Jazz Goa will play host to visiting jazz musicians offering them opportunities to perform
in informal jam sessions as well as full fledged concerts and professional gigs at various venues in Goa
that feature live jazz.

Jazz currently has a niche audience in Goa and one of Jazz Goa's goals is to broaden the listener
base by encouraging general music lovers to experience and enjoy the magic of spontaneously
improvised music through workshops and interactive sessions with performers. Spontaneous
improvisation are the keywords to jazz and very often jazz musicians create some of the most
memorable music in live performance as opposed to recordings produced in clinical studio sessions.
Future plans of Jazz Goa includes releasing live recordings of selected performances in Goa, sourcing
corporate sponsorship to launch deserving local jazz musicians at an international level and
scholorships to finance talented youngsters who would like to study jazz at some of the worlds best
institutes. Most importantly, with current trends of canned music being peddled as live music, Jazz Goa
hopes to keep live music alive in Goa! for more information about Jazz Goa please visit

Jazz Goa-the new jazz club in Goa!

Jazz Education And Performance
Jazz Education and Performance.
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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                              Goa Cuisine
                                          By Rashmi Sharma

Vacation generally means to roam freely from out of the world with family for oneself. Everyone wants
to be happy and stay away from those dirty illnesses during vacations and who dare to lose those
precious and enjoyable memories if the vacation place is Goa and whole family is there besides you.
Although there are no chances serious illnesses during the stay in Goa but health precautions must be
taken by everyone as it has been well said “Precaution is the best medicine”.

Goa is a healthy place to enjoy your free time with bright sunshine and sea breezes at the shore of
beaches. Goa has a various number of dishes in its bag having a unique taste of its own. Eating out in
Goa is not being a problem because it has lots of restaurants, eating places that offer the food which
you want at all specific locations. Major attractions of the cuisines take in prawns, oysters, crabs, feni
and many more. Coconut sauces are commonly used in goan food. Whether you are enjoying at
beaches, towns, cites or in small village you would not be left wondering as where to eat. Since Goa
has been ruled by different dynasties, a common culture is seen in the goan cuisine. Beside Indian
food like tandoori, rice and dal, Goan restaurants also offer chourisso and vindalho. Apart from that
one can easily found here fast food points like Domino’s, Barista and Cafe Coffee Day in various towns
and cities across Goa.

During the stay in Goa everybody wants to try the local food. The variety in local food is so wide that
nobody can decide immediately the menu for eating. If you are a non vegetarian then it seems that
being in Goa you are at right place. The sea food and other non vegetarian dishes with an exotic
concoction of spices taste heavenly after prepared in and served by the traditional Goan style.

When we come to juices and mock tails/cocktails again style of goans is quite different. “Feni” an
innovative alcoholic drink made from coconut or cashew nut and served in style by the charming ladies
of Goa, is quite strong and can make you loose your senses in no time. Goa is also famous for
desserts and is full of swinging trees of custard apple and pine apple. In Goa mangoes are quite
popular as usual in India as it is rightly said the king of fruits but the taste of goan mangoes is quite

If anybody would like to experience these exotic delicacies, then you have to be in Goa.

Goa" target="_blank">http://www.indiandiscovery.com/goatourism/'>Goa Tourism

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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