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armina rani by shahmajid1


armina rani

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									Pakistani Fashion model Armeena Rana Khan, the hazel eyed stunning Fashion Model from Canada has
wowed the million hearts with her beauty and grace. She has modeled for various Fashion Houses and
commercials. She has worked with renowned Fashion makeup artists and photographers in a short
period of time and has touched the peak of success and fame.
Fashion Model, Armeena graduated from Manchester with a Business Degree, grew up in Canada and
now resides in United Kingdom.
To be a Fashion Model has always been her dream which moved towards fulfillment with her first
modeling opportunity in a Local Manchester channel.

The gorgeous Fashion Model, Armeena Rana follows a very simple and elegant style of dressing usually
non fussy and clean lines combined with simplicity plus loves to wear fashionable accessories and
Among her believes and philosophies, she got a really cheesy philosophy about ‘Fun’ being the key
element in any successful project. Fashion Model Armeena is very enthusiastic and fun loving sweetheart
of Pakistani Fashion Industry. She has the ambition to reach the stars that is very much reflected in her
hard work.

Fashion Model, Armeena Rana is the glowing face of Asiana Wedding Magazine, SHE (Pakistan),
PERFECT ASIAN magazine, THE MAG WEEKLY (Pakistan) in addition to many online and newspaper
publications in the U.K and abroad. She is the brand Ambessordor for Jewelry Box Billboard compaign
and Elegance Beauty Saloon and works in other unnumberable commercials and brands.

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