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         R.D. “Bo” Welborn
       2005 SFFMA President

                                      OCTOBER 2004   TEXAS FIREMEN
     WE ARE MOVING!!!!

    AS OF NOVEMBER 1, 2004
           WILL BE
  AUSTIN, TX 78745
    Texas Firemen...
       The Magazine for Texas Firefighters                                                                              OCTOBER 2004

                                                      4    January Planning Conference
                                                      6    SFFMA President R. D. ‘Bo’ Welborn
                                                            Continuing the Legacy of the Maroon Coat
                                                                        By Helen L. Johnson
                                                      8    The History of the Firemen’s Monument
                                                      9    History of the Office of the Fire Fighters’ Pension
                                                                        By Lisa Ivie Miller
                                                    10     Fill the Boot...Fundraising for the Volunteer Departments
                                                                        By Lisa Peterson
                                                    13     SFFMA Membership Advantages & Application
                                                    15     SFFMA Executive Board
                                                    16     Salute to Past Presidents of SFFMA
                                                    17     SFFMA District Map & Officers
                                                    19     2004-2005 SFFMA Committees
                                                    28     2004-2005 SFFMA Board Committees
                                                    30     Industrial Emergency Services Board
                                                    31     SFFMA Certification Board & Zone Map
                                                    33     Volunteer Departments Benefitting from
                                                             Texas Forest Service Grant Program
                                                    34     Texas Fire Museum
                                                           Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation Pipeline Safety and
                                                             Awareness Training Update
                                                    35     2005 Convention Hotels
                                                           Is Your Heart a Ticking Time Bomb?
                                                                        By Wendy Norris
                                                    37     Homeland Security Grants Received

                       5     Executive Director’s Corner                                          36      Auxiliary
                     11      Across the State                                                     38      Calendar of Events

Texas Firemen, issued the months of June and October, is the official publication of the State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas. Any
person interested in the fire service may become an individual member of this Association by the payment of annual dues in the amount of $20 per year
which includes individual membership and allows for eligibility of benefits, including a subscription to this magazine, which may be available to individual
members. Editorial and advertising offices are at 807 Stark St., Austin, Texas 78756, telephone (512) 454-3473, FAX (512) 453-1876. Advertising rates
and requirements are available upon request. Texas Firemen assumes no responsibility for statements made by contributors. Advertising in Texas
Firemen does not imply approval or endorsement by the State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas. Writers, photographers and artists are
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                                                                                                 OCTOBER 2004                TEXAS FIREMEN                3
         Planning Conference
                                                  Executive Board
        January 28-29, 2005                            PRESIDENT
                                                    R. D. “Bo” Welborn

          Wichita Falls, TX                   PO Box 130
                                                             Silsbee, TX 77656
                                                   1   VICE PRESIDENT

           Schedule of Events
                                                      Thomas Harwell
                                             1704 N Hoover Cameron, TX 76520
                                             254/697-2615(H)    254/697-3040(F)
          Friday, January 28, 2005                  tharwells@yahoo.com

                 Holiday Inn
                                                   2  VICE PRESIDENT
                                                       Kyle Stephens
      9 am – 1 pm Industrial Fire Board        PO Box 331 Decatur, TX 76234
                                             940/627-2401(H) 940/627-4530(C)

      1 pm – 5 pm SFFMA Executive Board               940/627-7240(F)
                                                   3   VICE PRESIDENT
                                                       Donnie Pickard
        Saturday, January 29, 2005          307 E University St Ovilla, TX 75154
                                            972/617-2498 (H)    972/617-7375(W)
                    MPEC                     972/617-5793 (F) 972/679-5743(C)
     8:30 am – Noon                                4
                                                       VICE PRESIDENT
              Certification Board                       Shawn Snider
                                            2804 Chateau St Edinburg, TX 78539
              Finance Committee              956/380-1357(H)     956/383-7691(W)
                                              956/383-7111(F) 956/605-0760(C)
              Constitution & Bylaws               ssnider@ci.edinburg.tx.us

              Pumper Races Committee
                                                    Richard Van Winkle

              TFA Meeting                     PO Box 296 Alvarado, TX 76009
                                            817/790-3859(H)   817/790-8884 (W)
                                            817/783-6505 (F)  817/538-2313(C)
    10:30 am – Noon                                chief7900@yahoo.com
                                                 ASSISTANT SECRETARY
               Poster Committee                      R.R. “Bob” Doolittle

               Exhibits Committee
                                           1428 Foreman St La Marque, TX 77568
                                             409/938-7357(H)    409/935-9191(F)

               Memorial Committee

               Driving Contest Committee                CHAPLAIN
                                                       Ben Kennedy
                                           PO Box 11859 College Station, TX 77842
     11 am          T★Flag Meeting           979/862-7420(W) 979/458-0649(F)
      1 – 2 pm      District Officers         ben.kennedy@teexmail.tamu.edu

      2 – 5 pm      Planning Conference             PAST PRESIDENT
                                                      David Luedeke
      5 pm          Site Selection          8124 Banker St. Needville, TX 77461
                                            979/793-6821(H)    281/343-0071(W)

             ON SATURDAY                                F. Jim White
                                                        Overton FD

                                            304 E. Mundy St Overton, TX 75684

             FOR SUNDAY
                                                         Josh Bertling
                                              8940 Willis Rd Silsbee, TX 77656

                                                                         The Executive Director’s Corner
       807 Stark St                                       Helen L. Johnson, EFO
     Austin, TX 78756                                     Executive Director
      F: 512/452-1876                                                           It appears at this time that we will be
      www.sffma.org                                                             able to retain all of our current telephone
              Staff                                                             numbers.
        Helen L. Johnson                                                           The Executive Board will have it’s fall
        Executive Director                                                      meeting in Austin on October 30 at
      512/454-3473 ext 302                                                      9 am at the OMNI Southpark Hotel,
       hjohnson@sffma.org                                                       South I-35 @ Ben White Blvd.
H: 512/-288-5531 C: 512/680-6823                                                   We always look forward to the
          Joyce Fuller                As this column is being written, we       publication of the October Texas Firemen,
   Accountant/Office Manager       are in the planning process of the           as it is our annual publication that
      512/454-3473 ext 304                                                      contains information for your use
                                   move to our new office building. As
        jfuller@sffma.org                                                       throughout the year. We trust that you
                                   plans now stand, we will be moving
   Sylvia Marshall-Polozeck        the last week of October, as we must         keep it handy and use it often.
    Editor/Meeting Planner                                                         Since 2004 has progressed with
                                   be out of our current building by
      512/454-3473 ext 303                                                      break-neck speed, we look back with
                                   November 1, 2004. The new office
                                   address is: 4450 Frontier Trail, Austin TX   pleasure at the accomplishments of the
        Kevin Creamer              78745. Please watch the website for ad-      SFFMA over the past year, reminisce
    Certification Coordinator                                                   about a great convention, and look
                                   ditional information as we near the
     512/454-3473 ext 309
                                   move-out and move-in date.                   forward to opportunities and challenges
                                      A very special thank you to the           in the future.
          Katie Kunkel                                                             My thoughts turn today to what it
                                   previous Executive Board and the
      Certification Assistant                                                   takes to be a great association and what
      512/454-3473 ext 307         current Executive Board for their
                                   foresight in providing adequate              it takes for people in public service to
                                   office space for the Association.            be effective and to be respected. It
        Ruth Wicker                                                             really all boils down to whether or not
 Membership Coordinator/Sales
                                   During the November 2004 Board
                                   Long Range Planning Meeting, it was          we have integrity. As an association, we
    512/454-3473 ext 305
      rwicker@sffma.org            decided that one of the major goals of       have integrity throughout the State and
                                   the Association was to research and          the Nation. Individually, we must have
       L. R. ‘Skip’ Hahn
                                   make recommendations on the office           integrity within the fire department in
                                   property. It was common knowledge            order for the community to respect you.
      512/454-3473 ext 306
        shahn@sffma.org            that, due to the growth of the SFFMA,        At an association leadership level,
                                   the 807 Stark Street building was no         integrity must be at the forefront in
         Jessica Wisko
                                   longer adequate space for the                order to lead the association in a
       Adminsitrative Aid
      512/454-3473 ext 300         Association. Through the Board’s             manner that trust and loyalty occurs
        jwisko@sffma.org           leadership, we entered into a real estate    throughout the organization. At a staff
                                   contract with VFIS to purchase their         level, staff members must have personal
                                   office building at 4450 Frontier Trail.      integrity which includes truthfulness,
                                   This building provides an additional         loyalty, pride in where we work, and
                                   1,000 square feet of space for the office.   support and respect of each other.
                                      As part of the purchase of the new        Anything short of that shatters ones
                                   building, it of course, was necessary to     integrity.
                                   sell the current building. We placed it         I trust you’ve had and are having
                                   on the market and within three weeks         good District Meetings. Please send us
                                   had a contract. After several counter        updates on your officers with addresses,
                                   offers, we have signed a sales contract,     telephone numbers and email
                                   accepted earnest money and have the          addresses.
                                   contract filed with the Title Company.
                                      We realize that the move may
                                   possibly cause some interruption of
                                   service during the last week of October.
                                   We ask your patience and we plan to be
                                   back up and running within no more
                                   than two days. Should you have an
                                   emergency during that time, please call
                                   me on my cell phone at 512/680-6823.
                                                                        OCTOBER 2004             TEXAS FIREMEN           5
SFFMA President R. D. ‘Bo’ Welborn

                      Continuing the Legacy
                       of the Maroon Coat
                                            By Helen L. Johnson

                                                                in putting out the fire with burlap sacks. That
                                                                was the beginning of his fire service career as the
                                                                man suggested to him that he join the Silsbee
                                                                Volunteer Fire Department.
                                                                   Bo did just that. The next week he attended
                                                                his first fire meeting and after a month of
                                                                attending meetings, Silsbee voted him in the
                                                                department as one of four new young volunteer
                                                                firefighters. Thirty-five years later, Bo Welborn
                                                                is at the top of his fire service career.
                                                                   After only one year in the Silsbee VFD, his fire
                                                                chief introduced him to the SFFMA. After
                                                                meeting Blonde Rucker, Mason Lankford,
                                                                Elsworth Greer and Hal Hood, Bo made a wise
                                                                decision to watch these SFFMA leaders and grew
                                                                to respect them in their leadership role in the fire
                                                                service. The “maroon coats” became a symbol of
                                                                how he wanted to pattern his leadership style and
                                                                his involvement in the fire service. After 30
                                                                years of “watching the maroon coats”, it was time
                                                                for him “to run for my maroon coat”.
                                                                   In speaking with President Welborn, he is
                                                                quick to point to the people in his life who
                                                                mentored him and allowed him to become all that
                                                                he could be in the fire service. His first mentor
                                                                was the Silsbee Fire Chief, John Busby. Bo states
                                                                “Chief Busby taught me the foundation to
                                                                building a lifetime love of the fire service.” He
                                                                added “Chief Busby drove me to my first A&M
                                                                Fire School. He took the time to show me around
                                                                and introduced me to everyone he knew before
                                                                dropping me off at the dorms. I was honored to
                                                                return his kindness when I, as Silsbee Fire Chief,
     Passing the legacy on to grandsons Josh and Adam           drove Chief Busby back to A&M Fire School to
                                                                receive his 50th year award as an Instructor.”
                                                                   Chief Welborn’s second mentor, who had a

        S      eemingly insignificant things in our lives can
           cause a major difference in this journey we call
                                                                great influence on his life, is retired Beaumont
                                                                Fire Chief C.A. ‘Pete’ Shelton, who was Bo’s chief
                                                                as a career firefighter. Chief Shelton showed Bo
           life. Such is the case for Bo Welborn, when at age   the importance of leadership, especially how to
           19, he came upon a grass fire as he was returning    lead through example. With Chief Shelton’s
           home from squirrel hunting. An elderly man was       example, Bo learned that there was more work in
           tangled in a barbed wire fence, so Bo stopped to     the fire service than just fighting fires and seeing
           help him, stayed and assisted the old gentleman      the work that Chief Shelton had done with all fire
organizations led Bo to realize that he
could do the same thing if he set his mind
to it. Bo considers it a great honor to serve
on the Fire Museum Board and to be a part
of the naming and dedication of the C.A.
‘Pete’ Shelton Plaza located at the Fire
Museum. Bo states “Chief Shelton gave
me the confidence I needed to become a
fire chief and ultimately the leadership to
serve as the President of the SFFMA.”
    As Bo took the gavel at the 2004
Convention in Corpus Christi, he came
with a goal of continuing to secure the
financial future of the association.
High on his list of priorities is the
completion of the real estate project
and paying off the new building.                Chief Welborn’s training philosophy at work at the Beaumont Fire Field
Establishing E-Commerce for the SFFMA
is also a high priority in his administration. His       A strong belief held by President Welborn is
legislative flagship issue in the 2005 Session is to that a volunteer is only as good as his family will
work with the Pension Commission to provide allow him or her to be. He considers himself to
adequate funding for that Agency. Other be extremely fortunate to have a dedicated
priorities include providing volunteers with family to stand along side him in the fire service.
incentives and better utilization of grant funds “They have given me the strength to continue in
given to fire departments and to open up the my life’s dream of that maroon coat,” he states.
lines of communication with every aspect of Bo and Sarah have been married for 35 years and
the SFFMA.                                            are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Keisha and
                                                      a son-in-law, Greg Bertling, who is the son they
                                                      never had. Added blessings are two grandsons,
                                                      Josh and Adam. Josh serves along with his ‘Papa
                                                      Bear’ as State Mascot of the SFFMA. Grandson
                                                      Adam is Mascot of the East Texas District. Bo’s
                                                      close-knit family offers support to him and in turn,
                                                      he hopes to show his grandsons the same
                                                      leadership lessons his mentors showed to him.
                                                         As Bo reflects on his goals and his passion for
                                                      the fire service, he states that training is the
                                                      cornerstone of the fire service and that “without
                                                      training, a department cannot move forward.
                                                      Training allows a department to protect their
                                                      community and protect the firefighters from
                                                      injury and death.” He believes strongly that
                                                      firefighters are a brother and sisterhood and we
                                                      need to protect our “family members with
                                                      quality training.”
                                                         When asked what he does for fun, he enjoys
                                                      hunting and being around animals. When he
                                                      retires again, he wants to raise South African Bore
                                                      Goats on a farm and let his grandsons drive him
                                                      around in an old jeep. Sarah adds that “my fun is
                                                      the fire service”…and it appears that she just
                                                      might be right.
Leading by example as he works with firefighters in      Helen L. Johnson is a freelance writer and Executive
             a dump truck extrication                 Director of the SFFMA
                                                                           OCTOBER 2004            TEXAS FIREMEN         7

The Firemen’s Monument

                           Dedication of Monument on July 7, 1896

A     ustin: During the construction of
the present Capitol, on March 28, 1883,
Governor John Ireland approved an act
                                         County, and polished the huge granite
                                         blocks in his workshop in San Antonio.
                                         By May 1896, work had begun to erect
passed by the legislature “to permit the the monument of the Capitol grounds.
State Firemen’s Association to erect a   By late June, the monument was
monument within the Capitol grounds.”    nearly completed, and the Firemen’s
The law required the monument to cost    Association was planning a dedication
at least $5,000 and “that the names of   ceremony. After completion of the
only those firemen who have lost their   monument on June 30, it was “veiled”
lives in discharge of their duty as      in sheeting and unveiled on the
firemen shall have their names           afternoon of July 7, 1896 during a
engraved on said monument.”              statewide meeting of the Firemen’s
   The Firemen’s Association did not     Association in Austin.
erect the monument at the time,             In place of the bronze statue of
probably because of the construction of  a fireman holding a baby on the
the Capitol, and in February 1895 the    monument today, the Firemen’s
legislature amended the 1883 act to      Monument originally had a tall
provide for the selection of a site for the
                                         obelisk (an upright four-sided usually
monument. Jaeggli & Martin of            monolithic pillar that gradually
Brenham contracted to build the          tapers as it raises and terminates in
monument and Frank Teich of San          a pyramid) topped by a granite statue
Antonio became the subcontractor for     of a firemen holding a large fire hose.   The Monument today
the project. Teich cut the gray granite  The obelisk and original granite statue
from quarry near Llano in Llano                           continued on page 37
8     TEXAS FIREMEN              OCTOBER 2004

  The Office of the Firefighter’s Pension Commissioner
                        1937 - 2004
                                              concerning interpretation of the statute    active and 2,171 beneficiaries.
                                              and local plans; confirms retirement,          In 1991, as a result of Sunset
                                              disability and refund amounts; and          Legislation, two major changes occurred
                                              serves as an administrator and judge in     in the statutes. Under the TLFFRA law,
                                              hearings before the State Office of         the legislature added the Texas State
                                              Administrative Hearings in disputed         Association of FireFighter’s as a
                                              decisions made at the local board           nominating association to the Governor
                                              level. There are 37 paid departments,       for the Commissioner’s appointment,
                                              three part-paid and 84 volunteer            and under the TSVFFRA statute, three
                                              departments participating under             additional members were added to the
                                              this statute. Fund assets of these          State Board of Trustees.
                                              departments total near $1 billion as of        In 1997, the 75th Legislature
                                              year-end 2002. These funds are held         amended the Statewide Volunteer
                                              locally with a local pension board          FireFighters’ Retirement Act to
                                              establishing local plans as provided in     allow volunteer emergency medical
Commissioner Lisa Ivie Miller
                                              the statute with the assistance of an       service departments, and “auxiliary
   The Office of the Fire Fighters’           approved contract actuary.                  firefighters” who receive some
Pension Commissioner was created in              In 1977, the 65th Legislature passed     compensation to participate in the
1937 by House Bill No. 258, which             Senate Bill 411 creating the Texas          retirement system. The name of the Act
established the Firemen’s Relief and          Statewide Volunteer FireFighters’           was changed to the Texas Statewide
Retirement Fund Act, in Article 6243.e,       Retirement Act (TSVFFRA), a retirement      Emergency Services Retirement Act
V.T.C.S.                                      system for volunteer firefighters. The      (TSESRA).
   The Act mandates that a firefighters’      legislation added to the authority of the      In 2001, the 77th Legislature passed
retirement system and trust fund be           Commissioner and provided for a             Sunset Legislation that reauthorized the
established in each municipality that has     six-member State Board of Trustees to       agency for ten more years, designated
a paid or part-paid fire department           administer the Fund.                        that one trustee of the State Board of
which, (1) is not covered by the Texas           The State Board of Trustees              Trustees be an EMS designee, and
Municipal Retirement System; (2) is not       administers the Fund by hiring a            extended the term of the Commissioner
covered by another state law providing        contract actuary, accountant, attorney,     from two-years to four years.
retirement benefits for fire department       investment consultant and investment           The FFPC staff include: Kevin
personnel; (3) does not have in effect a      managers. The Board also contracts          Deiters, TSESRA Program Director;
program providing retirement benefits         with a custodial bank and computer          Elaine Rummel, TSESRA Program
for the fire department personnel that        consultant. Working with a consultant       Administrator; Eloise Raphel and
was established by charter or ordinance,      and actuary, the Board establishes the      Linda Hajovsky, TSESRA Benefit
or a municipality that has a department       asset allocation and the investment         Specialists; Nora Arredondo, Executive
that exists exclusively of volunteers.        policies for the Fund and hires and         Assistant; Wendy Stevens, Staff Services
   Under the original Act, the Governor       oversees investment managers to invest      Officer. All members of the staff may
appointed the FireFighters’ Pension           the assets of the Fund in accordance        be reached at (512) 936-3372 or at
Commissioner, subject to a two-year           with the Board’s Investment Policy.         www.ffpc.state.tx.us.
term beginning on July 1 of each                 The TSVFFRA statute allows local
odd numbered year. The appointee              departments to participate at various               Pension Commissioners
was selected by the Governor from a           financial contribution levels beginning        Mr. H. Bayne Satterfield, 1941-1948
list of nominees submitted by the             at the minimum allowable of $12 per fire          Mr. J.F. Williams, 1948-1954
State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’            fighter per month to any level above that          Ms. Marie Hudson Winters,
Association of Texas.                         amount approved by the local                                1954-1973
   The original Firemen’s Relief and          governing entity. The retirement is six-          Mr. Hal H. Hood, 1973-1986
Retirement Fund Act was rewritten in          times the average monthly contribution           Ms. Helen Johnson, 1987-1997
1989 by acts of the 71st Legislature and      rate. The most substantial benefit is the       Mr. Morris Sandefer, 1997-2004
was recodified as the Texas Local             line-of-duty death benefit of $60,000.          Ms. Lisa Ivie Miller, 2004-present
FireFighters’ Retirement Act (TLFFRA).        The plan also has an on-duty disability
Under the Act, the Commissioner’s             and off-duty death and disability
office maintains all of the records for the   benefit. This plan currently has 17,016
TLFFRA departments; provides advice           vested and non-vested members, 4,760
                                                                                  OCTOBER 2004            TEXAS FIREMEN            9
                          Fill the Boot....
            Fundraising for Volunteer Fire Departments
By Lisa Peterson
   The most common answer to the                                                        and the flame reaches the STFS, the fire
question of “Does your department                                                       suppressing powder is automatically
do fundraising?” at the SFFMA 2004                                                      released onto the fire. STFS has a five
Conference in Corpus Christ was,                                                        year shelf life, deploys in seconds and
“Yes! And we are always looking for                                                     reacts automatically when flames reach
something new!”                                                                         its sensor. Many fire chiefs throughout
   Communities served by volunteer                                                      the United States rate StoveTop
departments depend on them for                                                          FireStop® in the same category as
emergencies ranging from fires and                                                      smoke detectors and carbon monoxide
emergency medical incidents to natural                                                  alarms.
disasters and pet rescues. Volunteering                                                    How does the FSA fundraising
in the Fire and EMS service is one of                                                   program work? For each pair of
the most demanding and time                                                             StoveTop FireStop® extinguishers
consuming volunteer activities today.            Della Williams                         ordered through a fire department, an
At least two-thirds of America’s fire                                                   $8 donation will go directly to the fire
departments remain under-staffed           teach home fire safety and demonstrate       station and $2 will go to the Williams-
and are in need of new equipment and       firefighting equipment. Whether giving       Pyro, Inc. Firefighter’s Fund (WPIFF),
training, according to the International   classroom lectures at schools and            a national charitable firefighter’s
Association of FireFighters (March,        community centers or selling BBQ             foundation. For further information,
2004).                                     dinners during a street dance,               please call 817 872 1500, ext 101.
   Fundraising has become a necessity      firefighters seldom miss the opportunity        Who is behind FSA? Della Williams,
for many volunteer and paid fire           to educate people about fire safety.         President of Williams-Pyro, Inc.
departments. What constitutes a               This year, fire departments can           Williams is well-known to SFFMA
successful fundraiser? Seasoned            choose another fundraiser that is            members, as the founder of the WPIFF,
veterans would say the one that makes      designed to help firefighters raise funds    as well as the manufacturer of the STFS
the most money with the least amount       for their fire departments, while            automatic fire extinguisher for over 25
of work! Once they find an event that      providing their constituents with an         years at her facility in Fort Worth, Texas.
works well within their community,         effective, easily deployed, inexpensive      Williams has always been a strong
many departments make it an annual         way to protect their homes from              supporter of fire service personnel and
affair. Although the most common           stovetop grease fires.                       an advocate for fire safety/prevention.
fundraisers among fire departments are        The fundraising program is called         Recently, she was asked to serve on
BBQ dinners, bake sales, bingo and         FireStop America (FSA), and provides         the Steering Committee of Residential
raffles, many departments also flip        fire service personnel one of the easiest,   Fire Safety Institute, formerly known as
pancakes, write annual support letters,    quickest ways to not only raise funds        “Operation Life Safety,” an organization
sponsor a street dance, man a booth at a   but also to help prevent the untold          with a mission “to significantly
community fair or pose as Santa for        dollars worth of damage resulting from       reduce residential fire deaths, injuries
children’s photos during the holidays.     residential stovetop fires. The product      and property losses through the
   Fire Prevention Week (Oct 3-9, 2004)    is an automatic fire extinguisher called     use of public awareness and education
is a very popular time for fundraisers     StoveTop FireStop® (STFS).                   programs and the promotion of
and a good way to increase public             STFS is a 12-ounce automatic fire         early-warning detection, alarm, fast-
awareness of fire safety. Many             extinguisher that mounts using an            response sprinkler and fire suppression
departments throughout Texas combine       industrial magnet under the vent hood        technology.”
their fundraisers with the chance to       of a stove. When a stovetop fire occurs

                                    Mark Your Calendars
                                        March 23, 2005
                                 Legislative Day at the Capitol
                                   Memorial Service 11 am
                                  Catfish Luncheon to follow
10    TEXAS FIREMEN           OCTOBER 2004
                                                                 across the state
                                                                 TFA Scholarhips
             ATTENTION                                              Requests for applications are due between November 1
  CERTIFICATION COORDINATORS!!                                   and December 31. Applicants must be the son or daughter of
                                                                 a firefighter.
     2004 Progress Reports are due                                  Send requests to: Sara Weiss, 1100 Old Navasota Rd,
          by January 31, 2005                                    Brenham, TX 77833.
   Please note that the SFFMA Online system allows
departments to track hours and submit reports electronically.
                                                                 New SFFMA Benefits Programs
If using this system just a signed cover sheet needs to be         The SFFMA has contracted with the Association Member
mailed to our office. All previous and current training is to    Benefits Advisors to offer additional benefits to our
be entered by the department. For instructions on the use of     membership. Complete information on each of these
the Online system download the Users Guide from the Login        programs can be found on the SFFMA website at
page.                                                            www.sffma.org
   Should your department not wish to use the Online               Benefits included in this package include Long Term
system, any software application or spreadsheet providing        Health Care; First Diagnosis Cancer and Heart Attack
the required information progress reports will be accepted.      Policies; Final Expense Life Policy; Accident Expense
Be sure to include the signed cover sheet with it.               Insurance Policy; Medical Air Services Association;
   If someone achieves certification level after the report is   Careington International Dental Network Discount Dental;
submitted you may then mark an individual report                 Hearing Planet; Cendant-Government Employee Travel
“UPDATED” and submit it with the application. The                Opportunities; Vehicle Service Protection Plan-RMC; Grand
UPDATE only needs to have hours earned since the last            Circle Travel-Group Travel; La Quinta Inn & Suites Discount;
annual report was submitted in the “Current Year” section.       Automobile Rental Discounts- Budget & Advantage.
Be sure to also include those hours under “Current Year”           We trust that these benefits will assist you and save you
when you submit the report for the end of that year.             money in any of the areas that are of interest to you. We will
                                                                 develop a document with all of the contact information for
Instructions for filing 2004 Progress Reports not                your use, as well as having the information on the website.
submitted online:
  Complete an individual report page for each person in the
department that is participating in the SFFMA Certification
Program, who were paid members in 2004. All sections must
                                                                                Fall District Meetings
be completed or show zero hours in the total. If an individual                     North Central (S)
was not a dues paying member in 2004, do not submit their                                Oct 15
hours or dues will be charged.                                                     Mineral Wells, TX
Current Year Hours – all hours earned between January 1                        Fort Walters (off Hwy 80)
and December 31, 2004                                                              Permian Basin (S)
All Previous Years Hours – all hours earned prior to 2004                                Oct 16
All Years Hours – total of Current Year Hours and All                         Mtg 9:00 am Races 1:30 pm
Previous Years Hours                                                                 BBQ 6:00 pm
Hours Needed for Level – All Years Hours subtracted from                           Fort Stockton, TX
Required Hours.
   Be sure to enter all hours at each level in each section

                                                                                Check out our
regardless of previous certifications held. Incomplete forms
will be returned to be completed in full.
   Alphabetize the individual reports.
   Social Security numbers and birthdates are required for                        website
all individuals submitted on the report. This information is
used for information purposes only.
   Complete and sign one cover sheet and attach to the front
                                                                        Browse through and see the latest
of the individual reports.                                        Firefighter and EMS printed t-shirts and other
   Reports are due by January 31st each year. Submit $25.00                    assorted mercandise
late fee for reports submitted after that date.
                                                                  FISHER SPORTSWEAR (888) 755-8565 fax (215) 755-8135

     www.sffma.org                                                           6672 Lincoln Drive, Philadelphia PA 19119

                                                                               OCTOBER 2004              TEXAS FIREMEN      11
across the state
Fire Department Honor Guards                                        In Memoriam
   The SFFMA would like to obtain information on Fire               Hugh F. Keepers, 78, of Austin,
Department Honor Guards within our membership.                      passed away September 7. He is
   If you have a Honor Guard in your department, please fill        survived by his wife Elizabeth.
out the following information and forward to the SFFMA                 Hugh served as an instructor and
office.                                                             supporter of the TEEX Emergency
                                                                    Services Training Institute for 48 years.
DEPARTMENT                                                          A recognized authority on Liquefied
                                                                    Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed
ADDRESS                                                             Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural
                                                                    Gas (LNG), Mr. Keepers recently received the Red Adair
CITY, ZIP                                                           Award for his outstanding career contributions to making
                                                                    Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) training, transport and
CONTACT PERSON                                                      storage as safe as possible.
                                                                       He served on many national committees, including the
TELEPHONE                                                           National Propane Gas Technical Standards Committee and
                                                                    the National Propane Gas Safety Committee. He chaired the
NUMBER IN HONOR GUARD                                               National Fire Protection Association’s 59 Technical
                                                                    Committee on L.P. Gas Utility Gas Plants.
                                                                       Mr. Keepers began his career at the Texas Railroad
Would you be available for SFFMA functions? YES                NO   Commission in 1959, and became Director of Safety for the
                                                                    Commission in 1984.
Do you have a bagpiper?           YES     NO                           After retiring from the Texas Railroad Commission in 1993,
                                                                    Mr. Keepers joined TEEX’s Emergency Services Training
        PROVIDE PHOTO OF YOUR HONOR GUARD                           Institute as an adjunct instructor. He had served as a guest
                                                                    instructor for all the Annual Texas Fire Training Schools since
                                                                    1955 and as a master instructor at the Industrial school
                                                                    since 1987.

                                                                    Mark Anthony Zapata, 27, Edinburg FD, was killed in
                                                                    combat August 15 in Najaf, Iraq. Mark was a seven year
                                                                    veteran with the US Army, on his second tour of duty in Iraq.
                                                                      He joined the Edinburg Fire Department at age 16 as an
       Please Vote for                                              Explorer and became a volunteer firefighter at 18.
      Kent Watts, Jr                                                Michael Keith Cooper, Freeport VFD, passed away August
     4th Vice President                                             13, as a result of a fatal automobile accident.

       of the SFFMA                                                 Mike Muse, 50, Harrison County ESD#4, passed away
     ✓ I have over 25 years in the fire service                     July 6 after a brief battle with cancer. Mike served as
     ✓ Last 20 years with Luling VFD                                assistant fire chief and SFFMA Certification Coordinator
     ✓ Certification Coordinator for Luling VFD for                 for his department.
             13 years
     ✓ President, Guadalupe FireFighter’s and Fire                  Clyde Joseph Albair, Freeport FD, passed away June 24
               Marshals’ Association                                after battling cancer.
     ✓ Instructor - South Texas Coastal Bend Fire
              Training Academy in Refugio
     ✓ Instructor - Beeville Area School
                                                                    With Deepest Sympathy To
     ✓ Instructor - Cuero Annual Area School                          Dina Weiss and Glenn Neutzler and families, Brenham,
     ✓ Chairman - Kids Outdoor Games at the Annual                  on the passing of their mother Emma Neutzler.
              State Convention
     ✓ Appointed to Finance Committee for 2004-2005                   Chief Mark Hundemer, Latium/Wesley/Greenvine VFD
      It would be an honor and privilege to serve the Firemen of    up on the death of his mother, Maggie Hundemer.
          this great State of Texas as 4th Vice President of the
            State Firemen’s and Fire Marshal’s Association.          Terry Cox and family, Mansfield, upon the passing of his
                                                                    mother, Mary Cox.
12      TEXAS FIREMEN             OCTOBER 2004
            State Firemen’s & Fire Marshals’
                  Association of Texas

  The State’s Ninth Largest Trade Association

                         MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS!!!
                          Reasons to be a SFFMA Member:
                   Membership with 20,000 other Texas Firefighters
          Sponsorship of Texas Fire Training School at Texas A&M University
                   Membership on Texas A&M Fire Advisory Board
                         Certification Program for Volunteers
                              The Texas Firemen Magazine
                                   InfoFire Publication
                   Discounts on IFSTA / Delmar Training Materials
                       Annual Training Conference/Convention
                    Legislative Voice at the State and Federal Level
               Approval Entity for Volunteer Automobile License Plates
      Nominating Authority for Governor’s Appointments to Pension Commission
     Nominating Authority for Nominations to Fire Service Boards & Commissions
                      State Firemen’s Monument at State Capitol
                       Web Site Access - http://www.sffma.org
            SFFMA OnLine Certification Reporting - http://www.sffma.org
                              Information Clearing Center
                            Industrial Fire Services Support
                     Liaison with other Fire Service Organizations
Credit Card Discount Program - MBNA Credit Card with 8.9% rate (Call 1-800/437-0180)
                 Hotel Discounts (Call 1-800/2582847, ID # 00800469)
                                 Prepaid Legal Services
                $2,000 Accidental Death Benefit - American Income Life
                    GMAC Mortgage Benefits (Call 1-512/343-4464)
                     Long Distance Benefits (Call 1-800/212-3473)

          SFFMA • 807 Stark Street • Austin, Texas 78756 • 512/454-3473 • Fax 512/453-1876
                            Website address: http://www.sffma.org
                                                           OCTOBER 2004       TEXAS FIREMEN   13
                                      SFFMA Membership Application
                                                     January to December
                        INDIVIDUAL                                                      FIRE DEPARTMENT
     Name                                                                  Department

     Home Address                                                          Address

     City, State, Zip                                                      City, State, Zip

     County                                                                County

     DOB                                                                   Telephone No
                                     Male [     ]   Female [     ]
     Home Phone                                                            Fax No

     E-mail                                                                E-mail Address

     Social Security No                                                    Population Served

     Fire Department                                                       Fire Chief

     Occupation/Work Phone No                                              Fire Marshal

     Individual Membership                                                 Certification Coord
                                                    $ 20.00
                                                                           Department Membership
     ASSOCIATION / ORGANIZATION                                            Check No

     Address                                                                             SFFMA
     City, State, Zip                                                         Department Dues By Population
     County                                                                         $ 75.00                       0 - 1,750

     Telephone No.                                                                  $115.00                 1,751 - 5,000

     Fax No.
                                                                                    $135.00                 5,001 - 10,000

                                                                                    $155.00                10,001 - 20,000
                                                                                    $175.00                20,001 - 30,000
                                                                                    $200.00                30,001 - 40,000
     Organization Membership
                                                    $100.00                         $225.00                      40,001 - +
     Check No.

                                      Mail membership application and comments to:
                     State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association, 807 Stark Street, Austin, TX 78756
                  Phone: 512/454-3473          Fax: 512/453-1876            Email Address: rwicker(@sffma.org
     “Contributions or gifts to State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas are not tax deductible as charitable contributions
        for Federal income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.”

14     TEXAS FIREMEN              OCTOBER 2004
                       SFFMA Executive Board
           The Board of the State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas
                     dedicates itself to the membership of the Association.
                   They represent firefighters from across the State of Texas.
   We salute them for their dedication, their professionalism, their passion for the fire service
                         and their desire to lead this great Association.
                                 We thank you and support you!

            Front row (l-r): Shawn Snider, 4th Vice President; Donnie Pickard, 3rd Vice President;
    R.D. ‘Bo’ Welborn, President; Thomas Harwell, 1st Vice President; Kyle Stephens, 2nd Vice President.
                   Back Row (l-r): Ben Kennedy, Chaplain; Richard Van Winkle, Secretary;
R.R. ‘Bob’ Doolittle, Assistant Secretary; David Luedeke, Past President; Helen L. Johnson, Executive Director;
                                             Josh Bertling, Mascot.

    “Promote, Unify, Represent and Educate the Fire Service of Texas.”
                                                                                    ~ SFFMA Mission Statement

                                                                     OCTOBER 2004         TEXAS FIREMEN      15
A Salute to the Past Presidents of the State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association
          C. H. Boring, Jr.            Past President 1961      J. E. “Dinks” Eckert, III           Past President 1992
          2600 Pualani Way #2301           H: 808/924-5370      PO Box 352                              H: 806/983-5040
          Honolulu, HI 96815        chboring@earthlink.com      Floydada, TX 79235                   jee_eee@swbell.net

          Bob Murphey                    Past President 1969    Don Hoffman                          Past President 1993
          PO Box 630854                     W: 409/564-7251     PO Box 1747                             W: 979/836-6795
          Nacogdoches, TX 75963             H: 936/569-9208     Brenham, TX 77834                       H: 979/836-9473
          Billy R. Haynes                Past President 1973
          PO Box 840                        H: 936/327-8463     Donald A. Eernisse                  Past President 1994
          Livingston, TX 77351                                  719 S Hill                              H: 281/331-3813
                                                                Alvin, TX 77511                      shugntz@swbell.net
          Mike Perez                     Past President 1975
          1818 Rosario St.                  H: 956/722-1820     Deloss Edwards                      Past President 1995
          Laredo, TX 78040                                      4733 Catclaw                            H: 325/695-5133
                                                                Abilene, TX 79606                 deloss36@hotmail.com
          Bob O’Burke                    Past President 1977
          206 McMurry Ave                    H: 972/298-3291    Jim Davis                           Past President 1996
          Duncanville, TX 75116                                 1801 Okelley Rd                         H: 512/446-3040
                                                                Rockdale, TX 76567               jimdavis82@yahoo.com
          Jack King                      Past President 1981
          661 B FM 2550                      H: 936/295-3967    Patrick Hlavaty                     Past President 1997
          Huntsville, TX 77320            ajackking@aol.com     2012 Wilson Rd                          W: 979/543-6441
                                                                El Campo, TX 77437                      H: 979/543-9483
          Marvin R. Setzer            Past President 1983                                           F: 979/541-578-0517
          PO Box 382                       H: 979/798-2727
          Brazoria, TX 77422         mrsetzer@hotmail.com       Terry K. Mayfield                   Past President 1999
                                                                18162 S State Hi-Way 123               H: 830/303-3473
          Ray Williamson                 Past President 1984    Seguin, TX 78155                  tntmayfield@axs4u.net
          320 E Milam St                    H: 979/532-0186
          Wharton, TX 77488                                     Dallas Renfrew                    Past President 2000
                                                                1595 Nuclear Science Rd               C: 979/220-0788
          Bob J. Looney                  Past President 1986    College Station, TX 77843
          220 Juniper St                     H: 817/473-1182                          Dallas.Renfrew@teexmail.edu.org
          Mansfield, TX 76063            plooney@yahoo.com
                                                                Michael Wayne Looney                Past President 2001
          Thomas B. Bledsoe              Past President 1987    1110 Danbury Dr                         W: 817/238-5905
          2596 Bob O Link Rd                H: 903/790-5044     Mansfield, TX 76063                     H: 817/473-4294
          Gilmer, TX 75645                                                                      hiwaytoons@hotmail.com

          Ernest O. Reesing, Jr.         Past President 1988    Richard Harmon                      Past President 2002
          10 Sunny Glen # 11                 H: 915/837-2974    4500 Shady Ln                          W: 940/696-3270
          Alpine, TX 79830                  reesing@llnet.net   Wichita Falls, TX 76309                 H: 940/689-0015
                                                                                                        F: 940/689-0006
          Gerald Allen Matheaus          Past President 1989                                             rhchief@wf.net
          2226 Ripple Creek Dr              W: 281/344-1811
          Rosenberg, TX 77471               H: 281/342-1711     C.T. “Tommy” Anderson              Past President 2003
                                               Fire2@ev1.net    12150 14th St                         W: 409/925-7331
                                                                Santa Fe, TX 77510                    H: 409/925-5434
          Billy Ray Mize                 Past President 1991                                           F: 409/925-7330
          808 Easy St                       W: 940/723-8225                                 FDCHIEF700@houston.rr.com
          Burkburnett, TX 76354              H: 940/569-1841

16   TEXAS FIREMEN        OCTOBER 2004
                                                                   SFFMA DISTRICT MAP
                                                                           & OFFICERS
                                                                                 1. Central Texas
                                                                                 2. Guadalupe
                                                                                3. Tri-Rivers
                                                                                 4. South Central
                                                                                 5. Rio Grande Valley
                                                                                 6. Gulf Coast
                                                                                 7. East Texas
                                                                                 8. Northeast Texas
                                                                                 9. North Texas
                                                                                10. West Texas
                                                                                11. Mid-West Texas
                                                                                12. Panhandle
                                                                                13. Permian Basin
                                                                                14. Hill country
                                                                                15. Wintergarden
                                                                                16. North Central Texas
Central Texas District 1
PRESIDENT                  SECRETARY
James D. Creppon           Mike K. Carter
Elgin FD                   Elgin FD
322 S Avenue C             104 Pleasant Grove Loop
Elgin, TX 78621            Elgin, TX 78621             Hill Country District 14
H: 512/281-2192            H: 512/281-4776             PRESIDENT                 SECRETARY
                           mcarter@totalaccess.net     Kelly Dean Miller         Kenneth J. Kvapil
                                                       Menard FD                 Ballinger FD
                                                       PO Box 793                11 Bella Vista
East Texas District 7
                                                       Menard, TX 76859          Ballinger, TX 76821
PRESIDENT                  SECRETARY
                                                       W: 325/446-2543           W: 325/365-2231
Wayne Wheeler              Dennis M. Gifford
                                                       H: 325/396-4494           H: 325/365-5943
Kirbyville FD              Lumberton FD
                                                       kdm109@airmail.net        kjk@wcc.net
PO Box 482                 115 Candlewick Dr
Kirbyville, TX 75956       Lumberton, TX 77657
W: 409/423-8587            W: 409/755-6031             Mid-West Texas District 11
H: 409/423-4130            H: 409/755-3379             PRESIDENT                 SECRETARY
                           dennismgifford@aol.com      Cyrus A. Posey            Steve E. Cochran
                                                       Snyder FD                 Merkel FD
Guadalupe District 2                                   3401 44th St              100 Kent St
PRESIDENT                  SECRETARY                   Snyder, TX 79549          Merkel, TX 79536
Kent O. Watts, Jr.         Rodney L. Michalke          H: 325/573-0559           W: 915/575-2002
Luling FD                  Schulenburg FD              snyfml10@yahoo.com        H: 915/928-5304
PO Box 1192                891 North St                                          F: 915/928-3171
Luling, TX 78648           Schulenburg, TX 78956                                 SFFMA11@aol.com
H: 830/875-9239            H: 979/743-4428
               rodneymichalke@schulenburg.txed. corn   North Central Texas District 16
                                                       PRESIDENT                 SECRETARY
Gulf Coast District 6                                  Michael Moninger          Rosemary Moninger
PRESIDENT                  SECRETARY                   Pecan Plantation FD       Granbury FD
Anthony Scopel             Michael Allen Richter       9023 Woodlawn             9023 Woodlawn Dr
Westlake FD - Katy         Needville FD                Granbury, TX 76049        Granbury, TX 76049
3814 Marilyn St.           PO Box 607                                            W: 817/573-2645
Rosenberg, TX 77471        Needville, TX 77461                                   H: 817/573-3966
W: (281) 684-4941          H: 713/793-6928                                       mhm@kha.com
H: (281) 342-5893
                                                                             OCTOBER 2004        TEXAS FIREMEN   17
DISTRICTS (continued)
          North Texas District 9                                Tri-Rivers District 3
          PRESIDENT                 SECRETARY                   PRESIDENT                SECRETARY
          Donald E. Green           President                   Troy A. Svatek           Michelle Cornell
          Johnson County Fire Trg   Karen Pickard               Needville FD             Pecan Grove FD
          206 Post Oak St           307 E University            2921 Fairchild Ave       1940 Melody Lane
          Cleburne, TX 76031        Red Oak, TX 75154           Needville, TX 77461      Richmond, TX 77469
          W: 817/556-2212           W: 972/205-2723             H: 409/793-7461
          H: 817/645-7781           H: 972/617-2498             TROYSVATEK@USA.NET
          jcfta@diaitex.net         kpickard@C:garland.tx.us
                                                                West Texas District 10
          Northeast Texas District 8                            PRESIDENT                SECRETARY
          PRESIDENT                 SECRETARY                   Jack L. Monroe, Sr       John C. Roberts
          Thomas R. Bledsoe         F. Jim White                Bowman Community VFD     Archer City FD
          Gilmer FD                 Overton FD                  PO Box 703               PO Box 367
          2596 Bob O Link Rd        304 E Mundy St              Holliday, TX 76366       Archer City, TX 76351
          Gilmer, TX 75645          Overton, TX 75684           H: 940/586-1651          W: 940/574-4545
          H: 903/790-5044           H: 903/834-3457                                      H: 940/676-2573
                                    F: 903/834-3625
                                    whitejf@westrusk.esc7.net   Wintergarden District 15
                                                                PRESIDENT                SECRETARY
          Panhandle District 12                                 Jamie Johnson            Jerry L. Rust
          PRESIDENT                 SECRETARY                   Castroville FD           Val Verde County Rural VFD
          David Jusiak              Melissa A. Williamson       1903 Avenue J            PO Box 420836
          Amarillo FD               Randall County Fire/Res     Hondo, TX 78861          Del Rio, TX 78842
          PO Box 1971               15303 Grimes                W: 830/426-4737          H: 830/774-3318
          Amarillo, TX 79101        Canyon, TX 79015            H: 830/741-7177          wgdist@valverdecounty.org
                                    H: 806/655-4578             F: 830/426-3165
          Permian Basin District 13
          PRESIDENT                 SECRETARY
          Gary W. Collier           Keith Mensch
          Crane FD                  Denver City FD
          2301 Brook Dr             PO Box 115
          Crane, TX 79731           Denver City, TX 79323
          H: 915/558-7271           H: 806-592-2791

          Rio Grande Valley District 5
          PRESIDENT                 SECRETARY
          Eziquiel D. Cavazos       Norma Sanchez
          Raymondville FD           Rio Grande Valley FFMA
          PO Box 161                PO Box 1401
          Raymondville, TX 78580    San Juan, TX 78589
                                    H: 956/585-6562
          South Central Texas District 4
          PRESIDENT                 SECRETARY
                                                                     Annual SFFMA
          Robert J. Thomas
          Ingleside VFD
                                    James Hoffstadt
                                    Annaville FD
                                                                   Training Conference
          3190 Rebecca St
          Ingleside, TX 78362
                                    4720 Bobwhite St
                                    Robstown, TX 78380
                                                                      & Convention
          W: 361/776-7422
          H: 361/523-9447
                                    W: 361/584-6862
                                    H: 361/387-6272                  June 11-15, 2004
          fireplug@homemail.com     jhoffsta@aol.com
                                                                    Wichita Falls, TX
18   TEXAS FIREMEN        OCTOBER 2004
                        Constitution & Bylaws Constitution & Bylaws Constitution & Bylaws
David J. Copeland            Co-Chairman Tri-Rivers      Bryan A. Rickert                          Northeast
Wharton FD                          H: 979/532-5412      Carthage FD                        W: 903/693-0119
324 Croom Dr                                             142 County Rd 2791                 H: 903/693-4855
Wharton, TX 77488                                        Carthage, TX 75633
David J. Harwell          Co-Chairman Central Texas      Marvin R. Setzer              Past President Liaison
Cameron FD                          H: 254/697-8161      PO Box 382                          H: 979/798-2727
1005 W 22nd                                              Brazoria, TX 77422            mrsetzer@hotmail.com
Cameron, TX 76520          DHARWELLS@yahoo.com
                                                         Donald W. Shoemaker                      Gulf Coast
Dennis M. Gifford                Secretary East Texas    Lake Jackson FD                     H: 979/233-3350
Lumberton FD                         W: 409/755-6031     54 Juniper Ct
115 Candlewick Dr                    H: 409/755-3379     Lake Jackson, TX 77566
Lumberton, TX 77657                   F: 409/751-6237
                                                         Robert Lewis Skinner                     West Texas
                                                         Iowa Park FD                        H: 940/592-9563
David P. Allen                           North Texas     1005 S Jackson Ave
Cedar Hill FD                        H: 972/937-6381     Iowa Park, TX 76367            lskinnerpk2@aol.com
1264 Broadhead Rd
                                                         Juan A. Torres                 South Central District
Waxahachie, TX 75165       david.allen@cedarhilltx.com
                                                         Kingsville FD                       H: 361/592-7841
R. R. ‘Bob’ Doolittle          Executive Board Liaison   221 E Ragland Ave
1428 Foreman St                       H: 409/938-7357    Kingsville, TX 78363
La Marque, TX 77568                   F: 409/935-9191
                                                         Ronald Dean Turner                       Panhandle
                                      C: 409/770-7578
                                                         Hereford FD                         H: 806/364-0842
                                                         515 Willow Ln
Richard Harmon                  Past President Liaison   Hereford, TX 79045             turney@nts-online.net
4500 Shady Ln                        W: 940/696-3270
                                                         Richard Van Winkle           Executive Board Liaison
Wichita Falls, TX 76309              H: 940/689-0015
                                                         PO Box 296                         W: 817/790-8884
                                      F: 940/689-0006
                                                         Alvarado, TX 76009                  H: 817/790-3859
                                                                                             F: 817/783-6505
John Joe Jandt                            Guadalupe                                          C: 817/538-2313
Seguin FD                            W: 512/918-7195                                   chief7900@yahoo.com
1726 W Court St                      H: 830/379-5485
Seguin, TX 78155
John Mark Kuhn                         Permian Basin
Grandfalls FD                        W: 940/569-3553
PO Box 413
Grandfalls, TX 79742

                Credentials Credentials Credentials Credentials Credentials Credentials
Dennis M. Gifford               Chairman East Texas      Thomas Jones                              East Texas
Lumberton FD                         W: 409/755-6031     Madisonville VFD
115 Candlewick Dr                    H: 409/755-3379     921 E Main
Lumberton, TX 77657                  F: 409/751-6237     Madisonville, TX 77864
                                                         Bob J. Looney                 Past President Liaison
Donald E. Green                           North Texas    220 Juniper St                     H: 817/473-1182
Johnson County Fire Trg              W: 817/556-2212     Mansfield, TX 76063            plooney@yahoo.com
PO Box 633                           H: 817/645-7781
                                                         Bob Murphey                   Past President Liaison
Cleburne, TX 76033      district@johnsoncountyfire.org
                                                         PO Box 630854                      W: 409/564-7251
William H. Harris                       Central Texas    Nacogdoches, TX 75963              H: 409/569-9208
Cameron FD                           H: 254/697-4604
                                                         Joseph O. Parker                         Panhandle
1603 Sunset Cir
                                                         Muleshoe FD                        H: 806/272-3135
Cameron, TX 76520
                                                         RR1, Box 148
                                                         Muleshoe, TX 79347
                                                                                OCTOBER 2004       TEXAS FIREMEN   19
Credentials (continued)
          Roy G. Treadway                           Northeast     William F. Wilcox                   Tri-Rivers
          Pleasant Grove FD                   W:903/3341357       East Bernard FD               H: 979/335-6503
          PO Box 1101                        H: 903/832-6751      PO Box 907
          Nash, TX 75569               roytreadway@msn.com        East Bernard, TX 77435
          Richard Van Winkle          Executive Board Liaison     Richard K. Williams              Wintergarden
          Alvarado FD                       W: 817/790-8884       Uvalde FD                     H: 830/278-2531
          PO Box 296                         H: 817/790-3859      PO Box 1891
          Alvarado, TX 76009                 F: 817/783-6505      Uvalde, TX 78802
                                             C: 817/538-2313
                                                                  Herbert C. Willich          Rio Grande Valley
                                                                  La Villa VFD             W: 956/781-6000x222
          Sean D. Wenglar                           Guadalupe     PO Box 907                   H: 956/262-1443
          Louise FD                            H: 979/648-2656    Elsa, TX 78543
          PO Box 426
          Louise, TX 77455                 sean@texanarice.com

Driving Driving Driving Driving Driving Driving
          Michael Allen Richter         Chairman Gulf Coast       Jose F. Hernandez, II              Gulf Coast
          Needville FD                       H: 713/793-6928      Rosenberg FD                  H: 281/344-0472
          PO Box 607                                              1021 4th St
          Needville, TX 77461                                     Rosenberg, TX 77471
          William P. Schiffman      Vice Chairman Gulf Coast      Henry L. Horelica                Central Texas
          Needville FD                        H: 979/793-3464     Cameron FD                    H: 254/697-4013
          PO Box 1019                                             1505 N Travis Ave
          Needville, TX 77461                                     Cameron, TX 76520
          Darwin L. Dobesh, Jr.                     Gulf Coast    Bob O’Burke              Past President Liaison
          Rosenberg FD                         H: 281/239-0345    206 McMurray Ave              H: 972/298-3291
          1021 4th St                                             Duncanville, TX 75116
          Rosenberg, TX 77471
                                                                  Alvin John Rath                      Tri-Rivers
          R. R. ‘Bob’ Doolittle       Executive Board Liaison     Wharton FD
          La Marque FD                       H: 409/938-7357      120 Harmanson St
          1428 Foreman St                    F: 409/935-9191      Wharton, TX 77488
          La Marque, TX 77568                C: 409/770-7578
                                                                  Ronnie Sexton                    Central Texas
                                                                  Thorndale FD                  H: 254/578-1604
          William H. Harris                       Central Texas   PO Box 736
          Cameron FD                           H: 254/697-4604    Thorndale, TX 76577
          1603 Sunset Cir
                                                                  Lewis L. Willard                   Gulf Coast
          Cameron, TX 76520
                                                                  La Marque FD                  H: 409/938-4796
          Billy R. Haynes               Past President Liaison    909 Lilac
          PO Box 840                         H: 936/327-8463      La Marque, TX 77568
          Livingston, TX 77351

Exhibits Exhibits Exhibits Exhibits Exhibits Exhibits
          Steve Barnett              Co-Chairman Gulf Coast       Thomas B. Bledsoe        Past President Liaison
          Tiki Island FD                     C: 713/384-3028      2596 Bob O Link Rd            H: 903/790-5044
          322 Bora Bora Dr                                        Gilmer, TX 75645
          Tiki Island, TX 77554
                                                                  Robert Collins                     Gulf Coast
          Ed W. Maples               Co-Chairman Gulf Coast       Alvin FD                      H: 281/331-4048
          Alvin FD                           H: 281/331-6366      902 Douglas
          804 McGinty St                                          Alvin, TX 77511
          Alvin, TX 77511

20   TEXAS FIREMEN          OCTOBER 2004
                                                                                                  (continued) Exhibits
Donald A. Eernisse               Past President Liaison   Kyle Stephens                Executive Board Liaison
719 S Hill                            H: 281/331-3813     Decatur FD                          H: 940/627-2401
Alvin, TX 77511                    shugntz@swbell.net     PO Box 331                          C: 940/627-4530
                                                          Decatur, TX 76234                   F: 940/627-7240
Mark Allen Lancaster                       Gulf Coast
Santa Fe Fire & Rescue                H: 409/925-1906
12510 E Bar Dr                                            Joel D. Sumrall                           Gulf Coast
Santa Fe, TX 77510                                        Santa Fe Fire & Rescue         W: 409/925-3526x257
                                                          16207 Bluebird St                  H: 409/925-4278
Sylvia Marshall-Polozeck                  Staff Liaison
                                                          Santa Fe, TX 77517                  jfiremn@ev1.net
SFFMA                            W: 512-454-3473x303
807 Stark St                          F: 512/453-1876     Jerry H. Taylor                            Northeast
Austin, TX 78756                 spolozeck@sffma.org      Gilmer FD
                                                          1994 Azalea Rd
Wayland J. Price, Jr.                     North Texas
                                                          Gilmer, TX 75645
Blum VFD                              H: 254/687-2578
403 N King St
Itasca, TX 76055             wjprice1800@hotmail.com

                                                  Finance Finance Finance Finance Finance Finance
Allen J. Scopel                   Chairman Tri-Rivers     Michael Wayne Looney           Past President Liaison
Rosenberg FD                         W: 281/238-9603      Mansfield FD                        W: 817/238-5905
3814 Marilyn St                       H: 281/342-5893     1110 Danbury Dr                     H: 817/473-4294
Rosenberg, TX 77471                  ajscopel@fbtc.net    Mansfield, TX 76063         hiwaytoons@hotmail.com
Patrick Hlavaty Vice Chairman Past President Liaison      Jerry Don Mutschler                   Permian Basin
2012 Wilson Rd                     W: 979/543-6441        Seminole FD                         C: 806/893-1535
El Campo, TX 77437                 H: 979/543-9483        HC 1, Box 12A                       H: 915/758-9100
                                    F: 979/578-0517       Seminole, TX 79360                jdm1@midtech.net
Rayford W Gibson                   Secretary Northeast    Eugene Steven Perdue                   North Central
Tatum FD                              W: 979/229-8134     Mineral Wells FD                   W: 940/682-8456
PO Box 774                             H: 903/947-2831    2215 NW 1st Ave                     H: 940/325-2908
Tatum, TX 75691                   Rgibson951@aol.com      Mineral Wells, TX 76067           sperdue@mesh.net
C.T. ‘Tommy’ Anderson           Past President Liaison    James K. Philp                            East Texas
Santa Fe Fire & Rescue               W: 409/925-7331      Lumberton FD                   W: 409/724-2565x108
12150 14th St                        H: 409/925-5434      7866 Walnut Dr                     H: 409/809-9913
Santa Fe, TX 77510                    F: 409/925-7330     Lumberton, TX 77657                 jphilp@gt.rr.com
                                                          Wayne E. Popp                              Guadalupe
Mike K. Carter                           Central Texas    Louise FD                           W: 979/543-4441
Elgin FD                              H: 512/281-4776     PO Box 191                           H: 979/648-2638
104 Pleasant Grove Loop                                   Louise, TX 77455                   trophies@ykc.com
Elgin, TX 78621                 mcarter@totalaccess.net
                                                          Delbert R. Russell                   Mid West Texas
                                                          Merkel FD                           W: 325/928-4869
Richard Frerich                            West Texas
                                                          PO Box 625
Cameron Gardens FD                    H: 940/767-7901
                                                          Merkel, TX 79536
1498 Cameron Ln
Wichita Falls, TX 76305            tallgramps@aol.com     Keith Russell                Industrial Board Liaison
                                                          Eastman Chemical Co                 W: 903/237-6689
Kenneth J. Kvapil                         Hill Country    PO Box 7444                          F: 903/237-6678
Ballinger FD                          W: 325/365-2231     Longview, TX 75607             krussell@eastman.com
11 Bella Vista                        H: 325/365-5943
                                                          Jerry L. Rust                          Wintergarden
Ballinger, TX 76821                       kjk@wcc.net
                                                          Val Verde County Rural VFD          H: 830/774-3318
David N. Looney                           North Texas     PO Box 420836
Mansfield FD                          W: 817/473-9381     Del Rio, TX 78842          wgdist@valverdecounty.org
1311 Westridge Dr                     H: 817/473-2312
Mansfield, TX 76063               dnlooney@charter.net
                                                                                OCTOBER 2004         TEXAS FIREMEN   21
Finance (continued)
          Charles Buck Stevens                      Gulf Coast     R. D. ‘Bo’ Welborn           Executive Board Liaison
          Pearland FD                          W: 281/482-5588     Silsbee FD                          H: 409/386-2919
          PO Box 462                           H: 281/485-2026     PO Box 130                          C: 409/790-3291
          Pearland, TX 77588                  cbbuck@msn.com       Silsbee, TX 77656             BnSWelborn@aol.com
          R. J. Thomas                             South Central   Herbert C. Willich                Rio Grande Valley
          Ingleside FD                          W: 361/776-7422    La Villa VFD                   W: 956/781-6000x222
          3190 Rebecca St                       H: 361/523-9447    PO Box 907                         H: 956/262-1443
          Ingleside, TX 78362           fireplug@homemail.com      Elsa, TX 78543
          Kent O. Watts, Jr.                        Guadalupe
          Luling FD                            H: 830/875-9239
          PO Box 1192
          Luling, TX 78648

Firefighter of the Year Firefighter of the Year Firefighter of the Year
          R. R. ‘Bob’ Doolittle   Co-Chairman Executive Board      Barbara Marzean                              Member
          La Marque FD                        H: 409/938-7357      VFIS/Regnier & Associates           W: 512/448-9928
          1428 Foreman St                     F: 409/935-9191      4450 Frontier Trl         TF: 800/252-9435 (TX only)
          La Marque, TX 77568                 C: 409/770-7578      Austin, TX 78745
                                                                   Donald L. Pullin                          Guadalupe
          Ben Kennedy             Co-Chairman Executive Board      Refugio FD                          W: 361/526-2114
          TEEX/ESTI                           W: 979/862-7420      PO Box 398                          H: 361/526-2119
          PO Box 11859                         F: 979/458-0649     Refugio, TX 78377                    F: 361/526-2222
          College Station, TX 77842            C: 979/229-1263                                donpullin@worldnet.att.net
                                                                   Kip Workman                              Guadalupe
          Matthew F. Cornell                        Gulf Coast     La Vernia FD                        W: 830/391-3100
          Pecan Grove FD                     W: 281/232-6871       PO Box 4                            H: 830/779-4321
          1940 Melody Ln                      H: 281/342-5583      La Vernia, TX
          Richmond, TX 77469        cornemat@co.fort-bend.tx.us
          Kenneth J. Kvapil                        Hill Country
          Ballinger FD                         W: 325/365-2231
          11 Bella Vista                       H: 325/365-5943
          Ballinger, TX 76821                      kjk@wcc.net

Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf
          Danny C. Cox, Jr.                       South Central    Roy C. Mercer                            Tri-Rivers
          Rockport FD                          H: 361/729-2411     2118 Enchanted Oaks Ln             H: 281/341-5023
          117 Barcelona Dr                                         Rosenberg, TX 77471            roycmercer@msn.com
          Rockport, TX 78382
                                                                   Gregory C. Nienstedt                   Central Texas
          Lloyd R. Klatt                            Guadalupe
                                                                   Brenham FD                          W: 979/836-5600
          El Campo FD                          H: 409/543-6717
                                                                   601 Farmers Rd                      H: 979/830-1986
          220 Merchant St
                                                                   Brenham, TX 77833
          El Campo, TX 77437
                                                                   Kendra Popp                               Guadalupe
          David Louis Luedeke           Executive Board Liaison
                                                                   Louise FD
          Needville FD                        W: 281/343-0071
                                                                   PO Box 191
          8124 Banker St.                      H: 979/793-6821
                                                                   Louise, TX 77455                   trophies@ykc.com
          Needville, TX 77461                  F: 979/793-7255
                                             chief700@ev1.net      Wayne E. Popp                              Guadalupe
                                                                   Louise FD                            W: 979/543-4441
          Gerald Allen Matheaus           Past President Liaison
                                                                   PO Box 191                           H: 979/648-2638
          Needville FD                         W: 281/344-1811
                                                                   Louise, TX 77455                   trophies@ykc.com
          2226 Ripple Creek Dr                 H: 281/342-1711
          Rosenberg, TX 77471                   Fire2@EV1.net

22   TEXAS FIREMEN        OCTOBER 2004
                                                                                                        (continued) Golf
John D. Schulze                        Central Texas    Becky Wilcox                                 Tri-Rivers
Brenham FD                          H: 979/836-1785     East Bernard FD                        H: 979/335-6503
101 Salem Rd                                            PO Box 907
Brenham, TX 77833                                       East Bernard, TX 77435
Sean D. Wenglar                          Guadalupe      William F. Wilcox                            Tri-Rivers
Louise FD                           H: 979/648-2656     East Bernard FD                        H: 979/335-6503
PO Box 426                                              PO Box 907
Louise, TX 77455                sean@texanarice.com     East Bernard, TX 77435

                Membership Advantage Membership Advantage Membership Advantage
Richard Van Winkle            Chairman North Texas      Dallas Renfrew                           Permian Basin
Alvarado FD                        W: 817/790-8884      TEEX/ESTI                              C: 979/220-0788
PO Box 296                          H: 817/790-3859     1595 Nuclear Science Rd
Alvarado, TX 76009                  F: 817/783-6505     Dallas.Renfrew@teexmail.edu.org
                                    C: 817/538-2313     College Station, TX 77843
                                                        Allen J. Scopel                               Tri-Rivers
Don Hoffman                    Past President Liaison   Rosenberg FD                          W: 281/238-9603
PO Box 1747                         W; 979/836-6795     3814 Marilyn St                        H: 281/342-5893
Brenham, TX 77834                   H: 979/836-9473     Rosenberg, TX 77471                   ajscopel@fbtc.net
                                                        Shawn M. Snider              Executive Board Liaison
Michael Wayne Looney            Past President 2001     Edinburg FD                         W: 956/383-7691
Mansfield FD                       W: 817/238-5905      2804 Chateau St                     H: 956/380-1357
1110 Danbury Dr                     H: 817/473-4294     Edinburg, TX 78539                   F: 956/383-7111
Mansfield, TX 76063         hiwaytoons@hotmail.com                                          C: 956/605-0760
David Louis Luedeke                       Gulf Coast
Needville FD                        W: 281/343-0071     R. D. ‘Bo’ Welborn                          East Texas
8124 Banker St.                     H: 979/793-6821     Silsbee FD                            H: 409/386-2919
Needville, TX 77461                 F: 979/793-7255     PO Box 130                            C: 409/790-3291
                                   chief700@ev1.net     Silsbee, TX 77656                 BnSWelborn@aol.com

                                   Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial
Ben Kennedy                   Co-Chairman Chaplain      Edna Snider                                    Member
TEEX/ESTI                           W: 979/862-7420     2804 Chateau St                        H: 956/380-1357
PO Box 11859                         F: 979/458-0649    Edinburg, TX 78539
College Station, TX 77842            C: 979/229-1263
                                                        Jo Svatek                                 TFA President
                                                        Needville FD                          W: 281/345-9486
Shawn M. Snider                        Co-Chairman      2922 Fairchild Ave                     H: 979/793-6968
Edinburg FD                         W: 956/383-7691     Needville, TX 77461               jo@firehousemail.com
2804 Chateau St                     H: 956/380-1357
                                                        Sarah Welborn                                  Member
Edinburg, TX 78539                  F: 956/383-7111
                                                        PO Box 130                             H: 409/386-2919
                                    C: 956/605-0760
                                                        Silsbee, TX 77656
                                                        Dixie Whitmore                        TFA Chaplain
Patrick Hlavaty                Past President Liaison
                                                        Rockdale FD                        H: 512/446-2983
El Campo FD                         W: 979/543-6441
                                                        1211 Zana Ln                       F: 512/446-4163
2012 Wilson Rd                      H: 979/543-9483
                                                        Rockdale, TX 76567          msmusic71@hotmail.com
El Campo, TX 77437                   F: 979/578-0517
Ernest O. Reesing, Jr.         Past President Liaison
10 Sunny Glen # 11                  H: 915/837-2974
Alpine, TX 79830                    reesing@llnet.net

                                                                              OCTOBER 2004           TEXAS FIREMEN   23
National Volunteer Fire Council National Volunteer Fire Council
          Patrick Hlavaty                 Alternate State Director   Dallas Renfrew                  Alternate State Director
          El Campo FD                           W: 979/543-6441      TEEX/ESTI                              C: 979/220-0788
          2012 Wilson Rd                        H: 979/543-9483      1595 Nuclear Science Rd
          El Campo, TX 77437                     F: 979/578-0517     College Station, TX 77843

Poster Poster Poster Poster Poster Poster
          Gary A. Tilton                     Chairman Gulf Coast     Nancy S. Hall                                 Northeast
          Katy FD                                W: 281/391-2787     Gilmer FD
          810 Dollins                             H: 281/391-2787    1003 Antelope Rd
          Katy, TX 77493                  tiltonga@fort-bend.tx.us   Gilmer, TX 75644
          Carl H. Teaff               Vice Chairman Hill Country     Fred Hart, Jr.                              North Texas
          Sonora FD                              W: 325/387-2770     DeSoto FD                              W: 972/230-9604
          211 E Mulberry                         H: 325/387-2773     2992 Lariat Trl                        H: 972/217-4806
          Sonora, TX 76950                                           Red Oak, TX 75154                  fhart@ci.desoto.tx.us
          Derek L. Brown                             Gulf Coast      Cody L. Horelica                          Central Texas
          Richmond FD                           W: 281/341-6677      Cameron FD                              H: 254697-4013
          406 Land Grant Dr                     H: 281/341-8002      1505 N Travis Ave
          Richmond, TX 77469                                         Cameron, TX 76520
          Albert R. Cantu                             Gulf Coast     Lloyd R. Klatt                              Guadalupe
          Richmond FD                            H: 281/343-0928     El Campo FD                            H: 409/543-6717
          112 Jackson St                                             220 Merchant St
          Richmond, TX 77469                                         El Campo, TX 77437
          Les Collins                                  Tri-Rivers    Susan Lanning                               East Texas
          911 Avenue F                           H: 979/543-4267     Beaumont Fire/Rescue Services         W: 409/880-3927
          El Campo, TX 77437                                         400 Walnut St
                                                                     Beaumont, TX 77701
          Marcie Doolittle                           TFA Liaison
          1428 Foreman St                        H: 409/938-7357     Terry K. Mayfield                 Past President Liaison
          La Marque, TX 77568                                        Seguin FD                              H: 830/303-3473
                                                                     18162 S State Hi-Way 123
          J. E. ‘Dinks’ Eckert, III        Past President Liaison
                                                                     Seguin, TX 78155                 tntmayfield@axs4u.net
          Floydada FD                           H: 806/983-5040
          PO Box 352                                                 Billy Ray Mize                   Past President Liaison
          Floydada, TX 79235                  jee_eee@swbell.net     Burkburnett FD                        W: 940/723-8225
                                                                     808 Easy St                            H: 940/569-1841
          Dorothy M. Funkhouser                        Gulf Coast
                                                                     Burkburnett, TX 76354                  ezmize@aol.com
          Katy FD                                W: 281/754-8082
          2633 Village Ct                         H: 281/391-6289    Christopher Moninger                      North Central
          Katy, TX 77493                 dotti.funkhouser@usi.biz    Pecan Plantation FD
                                                                     9518 Monticello
          Frank Garcia                         Rio Grande Valley
                                                                     Granbury, TX 76048
          Harlingen FD                          W: 956/427-8814
          2914 E Austin                         H: 956/428-1253      Stanley C. Morgan                         Central Texas
          Harlingen, Tx 78550                                        Cameron FD                             H: 254/697-4796
                                                                     305 E 9th
          Joe Garcia, Jr.                             Gulf Coast
                                                                     Cameron, TX 76520
          Richmond FD                            H: 281/341-1161
          112 S 2nd St                                               Gerald T. Roberson                          Gulf Coast
          Richmond, TX 77469                                         Channelview FD                        W: 281/455-0062
                                                                     911 Ashland Blvd, Apt 73              H: 281/457-5110
          Omar Macario Garcia                  Rio Grande Valley
                                                                     Channelview, TX 77530               gerrbrs27@aol.com
          San Isidro FD
          HC 1, Box 36                                               Frankie Smith                               East Texas
          Linn, TX 78563                                             Madisonville VFD                      W: 936/348-3810
                                                                     107 W Turner St
                                                                     Madisonville, TX 77864
24   TEXAS FIREMEN         OCTOBER 2004
                                                                                                   (continued) Poster
Kyle Stephens                 Executive Board Liaison    George E. Tullgren                        Gulf Coast
Decatur FD                           H: 940/627-2401     Deer Park VFD                       W: 281/474-6132
PO Box 331                           C: 940/627-4530     602 Kingston Ct                      H: 281/479-8253
Decatur, TX 76234                    F: 940/627-7240     Deer Park, TX 77536             getullgren@world.net
                                                         Robert A. Underwood                   Permian Basin
Bob R. Stulce                            North Texas     Rankin FD                           W: 915/693-2882
Mansfield FD                         H: 817/473-9156     PO Box 300                          H: 432/693-2476
810 Hummingbird Ln                                       Rankin, TX 79778                    runder@nwol.net
Mansfield, TX 76063

                                                 Pumper Pumper Pumper Pumper Pumper Pumper
John Stephen Donnelly               Overall Chairman     Thomas E. Harwell             Executive Board Liaison
Pearland FD                          W: 281/941-0484     Cameron FD                           H: 254/697-2615
3913 Cedarwood Dr                    H: 281/489-3918     1704 N Hoover Ave                    F: 254/697-3040
Pearland, TX 77584               jsd3913@yahoo.com       Cameron, TX 76520                    C: 254/482-1156
C. Duane Henry                       6 Man Chairman
Conroe FD                            H: 936/396-9151     David Louis Luedeke           Executive Board Liaison
PO Box 433                                               Needville FD                        W: 281/343-0071
Normangee, TX 77871                duane777@usa.net      8124 Banker St                       H: 979/793-6821
                                                         Needville, TX 77461                  F: 979/793-7255
Henry L. Horelica                    3 Man Chairman
Cameron FD                           H: 254/697-4013
1505 N Travis Ave                                        Gerald Allen Matheaus          Past President Liaison
Cameron, TX 76520                                        Needville FD                        W: 281/344-1811
                                                         2226 Ripple Creek                   H: 281/342-1711
Gary D. Williams                 3-6 Ladies Chairman
                                                         Rosenberg, TX 77471                   Fire2@ev1.net
Pasadena FD                          H: 281/487-8483
4302 Blind River Dr                  C: 713/248-3688     Doug Prinz                      Central Texas District
Pasadena, TX 77504               Gary3473@msn.com        Elgin FD                            W: 512/281-5721
                                                         1119 N Avenue C                     H: 512/281-2455
C. H. Boring, Jr.               Past President Liaison
                                                         Elgin, TX 78621
2600 Pualani Way, Apt 2301           H: 808/924-5370
Honolulu, HI 96815            chboring@earthlink.com     Louise Watts                  Ladies Auxiliary Liaison
                                                         303 E Bowie St                       H: 830/875-9239
                                                         Luling, TX 78648                lwattsk@hotmail.com

                                             Sergeant at Arms Sergeant at Arms Sergeant at Arms
Robert Eugene Kleen          Chairman Central Texas      Michael Craig Champion                  North Texas
Georgetown FD                 W: 512/943-5130x7333       Mansfield FD                        W: 817/481-1212
311 East 5th St                      H: 512/863-5620     507 S Willow St                     H: 817/473-8224
Georgetown, TX 78626             rekles@earthlink.net    Mansfield, TX 76063
James A Lammons              Co-Chairman West Texas      Matthew F. Cornell                        Gulf Coast
Seminole FD                          H: 432/758-3349     Pecan Grove FD                     W: 281/232-6871
PO Box 14                                                1940 Melody Ln                     H: 281/342-5583
Seminole, TX 79360                                       Richmond, TX 77469        cornemat@co.fort-bend.tx.us
Wiley G. Baker                         Permian Basin     Roy L. Crouch                           Central Texas
Brownfield FD                        W: 806/637-8913     Hearne FD                            H: 409/279-3316
702 E Lake St                        H: 806/637-8702     507 Barton St
Brownfield, TX 79316                                     Hearne, TX 77859
William A Cargile                         Gulf Coast     Richard M. Harmon              Past President Liaison
Santa Fe Fire & Rescue               H: 409/925-2083     Cameron Gardens FD                  W: 940/696-3270
4712 Scott St                                            4500 Shady Ln                       H: 940/689-0015
Santa Fe, TX 77517                                       Wichita Falls, TX 76309              F: 940/689-0006

                                                                               OCTOBER 2004          TEXAS FIREMEN   25
Sergeant at Arms (continued)
          Roger L Mann                    Rio Grande Valley      Derek Thayer                                West Texas
          San Juan FD                       H: 956/787-5079      Cameron Gardens FD                     H: 940/767-1723
          P.O.Box 267                                            3351 River Rd
          San Juan, TX 78589                                     Wichita Falls, TX 76305             Thayerddt@aol.com
          Thomas Sanchez                      South Central      Elton E. Thornell                          Gulf Coast
          Odem FD                            H: 361/364-4553     Pearland FD                           W: 713/362-8609
          PO Box 273                                             5706 Broadway St TrIr 7               H: 281/485-6837
          Sinton, TX 78387                                       Pearland, TX 77581
          Paul D. Shannon                         Tri-Rivers     Roy G. Treadway                               Northeast
          Wharton FD                         H: 979/532-8303     Pleasant Grove FD                      W: 903/334-1357
          1206 Crestmont St                                      PO Box 1101                            H: 903/832-6751
          Wharton, TX 77488                                      Nash, TX 75569                   roytreadway@msn.com
          Lonnie Ray Shelton                     Gulf Coast      Donald Wiley                                Panhandle
          Needville FD                      W: 281/343-2135      Floydada FD                            H: 806/983-2704
          PO Box 437                        H: 979/793-3848      114 W. Virginia
          Needville, TX 77461                                    Floydada, TX 79235

Site Selection Site Selection Site Selection
          Helen L. Johnson                      Co-Chairman      Sylvia Marshall-Polozeck                   Staff Liaison
          SFFMA                         W: 512/454-3473x302      SFFMA                            W: 512/454-3473x303
          807 Stark St                       H: 512/288-5531     807 Stark St                           F: 512/453-1876
          Austin, TX 78749                   F: 512/453-1876     Austin, TX 78756                  spolozeck@sffma.org
                                             C: 512/680-6823
                                         hjohnson@sffma.org      Donnie G. Pickard                  Exec. Board Liaison
                                                                 Ovilla FD                             W: 972/617-7375
          Richard Van Winkle                    Co-Chairman      307 E University St                   H: 972/617-2498
          Alvarado FD                        W: 817/790-8884     Ovilla, TX 75154                       F: 972/617-5793
          PO Box 296                         H: 817/790-3859                                            C: 972/679-5743
          Alvarado, TX 76009                 F: 817/783-6505                                     dpickard@ovillafire.org
                                             C: 817/538-2313
                                       chief7900@yahoo.com       John D. Schulze                           Central Texas
                                                                 Brenham FD                             H: 979/836-1785
          Patrick Hlavaty                       Past President   101 Salem Rd
          El Campo FD                        W: 979/543-6441     Brenham, TX 77833
          2012 Wilson Rd                     H: 979/543-9483
          El Campo, TX 77437                 F: 979/541-5062
          Don Hoffman                          Past President
          PO Box 1747                       W: 979/836-6795
          Brenham, TX 77834                  H: 979/836-9473

          Willie Wisko                            Chairman       Carl T. Anderson                Past President Liaison
          Santa Fe Fire & Rescue            H: 512/250-0601      Santa Fe Fire & Rescue               W: 409/925-7331
          9009 Ranch Rd 620 N, Apt 2112                          12150 14th St                        H: 409/925-5434
          Austin, TX 78726              wwisko@austin.rr.com     Santa Fe, TX 77510                    F: 409/925-7330
          Eugene Steven Perdue Vice Chairman North Central
          Mineral Wells FD                 W: 940/682-8456       Arlon Boatman                Industrial Board Liaison
          2215 NW 1st Ave                   H: 940/325-2908      Sherwin Alumina Co.                 W: 361/777-2256
          Mineral Wells, TX 76067         sperdue@mesh.net       PO Box 9911                          F: 361/777-2607
                                                                 Corpus Christi, TX 78469

                                                                                              (continued) T★FLAG
Mike K. Carter                         Central Texas    Dan Key                                  Gulf Coast
Elgin FD                            H: 512/281-4776     Friendswood FD                      W: 281/482-0317
104 Pleasant Grove Loop                                 2204 Pine Dr
Elgin, TX 78621               mcarter@totalaccess.net   Friendswood, TX 77546
Steve E. Cochran                     Mid-West Texas     John Mark Kuhn                        Permian Basin
Merkel FD                           W: 915/575-2002     Grandfalls FD                       W: 940/569-3553
100 Kent St                         H: 915/928-5304     PO Box 413
Merkel, TX 79536                    F: 915/928-3171     Grandfalls, TX 79742
                                                        David Louis Luedeke                  Executive Board
Kyle A Donaldson                        Hill Country    Needville FD                        W: 281/343-0071
Sonora FD                          Wk: 325/387-3521     8124 Banker St                      H: 979/793-6821
125 E Castle Hill Rd                H: 325/387-3313     Needville, TX 77461                  F: 979/793-7255
Sonora, TX 76950                                                                            chief700@evl.net
Robert R. Doolittle, Sr.             Executive Board    H. Don McFarland                         Guadalupe
La Marque FD                        H: 409/938-7357     McQueeney FD                       W: 830/557-5547
1428 Foreman St                     F: 409/935-9191     PO Box 1246                         H: 830/557-5690
La Marque, TX 77568                  C:409/770-7578     Seguin, TX 78156              fire@co.guaddupe.tx.us
                                                        Micheal L. Melton                          Northeast
Robert Floyd                   Legislative Consultant   Gilmer FD                           H: 903/797-2430
Hance, Scarborough, Wright          W: 512/479-8888     214 Long St
111 Congress Ave Ste 500             F: 512/482-6891    Gilmer, TX 75645            firemanl3melton@aol.com
Austin, TX 78701
                                                        Billy Ray Mize                           West Texas
Barry L. Fuhrken                       South Central    Burkburnett FD                      W: 940/723-8225
Bishop FD                          W: 361/584-6828      800 Easy St                         H: 940/569-1841
400 E 2nd St                        F: 361/584-8032     Burkburnett, TX 76354               ezmize@aol.com
Bishop, TX 78343                BFuhrken@stx.rr.com
                                                        Donnie G. Pickard                    Executive Board
Charles E Garris                       Wintergarden     Ovilla FD                           W: 972/617-7375
Pleasanton FD                       W: 830/769-2029     307 E University St                 H: 972/617-2498
312 Tagert                                              Ovilla, TX 75154-3401                F: 972/617-5793
Pleasanton, TX 78064            emc-fm@karnesec.net                                         C: 972/679-5743
Dennis M. Gifford                          East Texas
Lumberton FD                        W: 409/755-6031     Karen Pickard                           North Texas
115 Candlewick Dr                   H: 409/755-3379     Ovilla FD                           W: 972/205-2723
Lumberton, TX 77657                 F: 409/751-6237     307 E University                    H: 972/617-2498
                             dennismgifford@aol.com     Red Oak, TX 75154           kpickard@C:garland.tx.us
Thomas E. Harwell                   Executive Board     Ricardo Saldana                    Rio Grande Valley
Cameron FD                          H: 254/697-2615     Mission FD
1704 N Hoover Ave                   F: 254/697-3040     1004 Holly Field
Cameron, TX 76520                   C: 254/482-1156     Mission, TX 78572           missionfiredept@juno.com
                                                        Anthony Scopel                            Gulf Coast
Helen L. Johnson                  Executive Director    Westlake FD - Katy                 W: 281/684-4941
SFFMA                          W: 512/454-3473x302      3814 Marilyn St.                    H: 281/342-5893
807 Stark St                        H: 512/288-5531     Rosenberg, TX 77471                ajscopel@fbtc.net
Austin, TX 78756                    F: 512/453-1876
                                                        Shawn M. Snider                     Executive Board
                                    C: 512/680-6823
                                                        Edinburg FD                         W:956/383-7691
                                                        2804 Chateau St                     H: 956/380-1357
Ben Kennedy                          Executive Board    Edinburg, TX 78539                  F: 956/383-7111
TEEX/ESTI                           W: 979/862-7420                                         C: 956/605-0760
PO Box 11859                         F: 979/458-0649                                ssnider@ci.edinburg.tx.us
College Station, TX 77842            C: 979/229-1263

                                                                               OCTOBER 2004        TEXAS FIREMEN   27
T★FLAG (continued)
          Jay Spain                                   Panhandle      Richard Van Winkle                  Executive Board
          Hereford FD                            H: 806/364-4650     Alvarado FD                        W: 817/790-8884
          239 Aspen                                                  PO Box 296                          H: 817/790-3859
          Hereford, TX 79045                                         Alvarado, TX 76009                  F: 817/783-6505
                                                                                                         C: 817/538-2313
          Kyle E. Stephens                       Executive Board
          Decatur FD                             H: 940/627-2401
          PO Box 331                             C: 940/627-4530     R.D. Bo Welborn                   Executive Board
          Decatur, TX 76234                      F: 940/627-7240     Silsbee FD                        H: 409/386-2919
                                            kestephens@wccs.net      PO Box 130                       C: 409/790-329*1
                                                                     Silsbee, TX 77656             BnSWelborn@aol.com
          Jeffery D Thomson                          Gulf Coast
          Alvin FD                              H: 281/585-8314
          PO Box 715
          Alvin, TX 77512

Fire Museum Board
          R. R. ‘Bob’ Doolittle          Executive Board Liaison     Cecily Varner                              Member
          La Marque FD                          H: 409/938-7357      Mauriceville FD                    H: 409/745-5517
          1428 Foreman St                       F: 409/935-9191      PO Box 929
          La Marque, TX 77568                   C: 409/770-7578      Mauriceville, TX 77626           etffma@ih2000.net
                                                                     R. D. ‘Bo’ Welborn          Executive Board Liaison
          Charles Eugene Gee                             Member      Silsbee FD                         H: 409/386-2919
          Jasper FD                              H: 409/384-5282     PO Box 130                         C: 409/790-3291
          905 Richardson                                             Silsbee, TX 77656            BnSWelborn@aol.com
          Jasper, TX 75951
          Dennis M Gifford                              Member
          Lumberton FD                          W: 409/755-6031
          115 Candlewick Dr                     H: 409/755-3379
          Lumberton, TX 77657                   F: 409/751-6237

Texas A&M Advisory Board
          Robert Smith                                  Chairman     Donald L. Pullin                            Member
          TEEX/TAMU                              W: 979/458-6800     Refugio FD                         W: 361/526-2114
          3001 Tarrow, Rm 204                                        PO Box 398                         H: 361/526-2119
          College Station, TX 77840 lanny.smith@teex.mail.tamu.edu   Refugio, TX 78377                   F: 361/526-2222
          Rusty Kattner                                  Member
          Galveston County FFA                   H: 409/986-5261     Brian Sossaman                             Member
          PO Box 549                                                 Lyondell/Equistar                  W: 281/452-8795
          La Marque, TX 77568                                        8280 Sheldon Rd                    F: 281/457-8098
                                                                     Channelview, TX 77530 Brian.Sossaman@Lyondell.com
          Bob J. Looney                                  Member
          220 Juniper St                         H: 817/473-1182
          Mansfield, TX 76063                plooney@yahoo.com

28   TEXAS FIREMEN        OCTOBER 2004
                                                                        BOARD COMMITTEES
                                                Texas Statewide Emergency Services Retirement Act
Lisa Ivie Miller                          Commissioner      Kyle A. Donaldson                       Hill Country
Fire Fighters Pension Commission       W: 512/936-3372      Sonora FD                           W: 325/387-3521
PO Box 12577                            F: 512/936-3480     125 E Castle Hill Rd                H: 325/387-3313
Austin, TX 78711         Lisa.iviemiller@ffpc.state.tx.us   Sonora, TX 76950
Frank Torres           Chairman Rio Grande Valley
                                                            Gracie Flores
Raymondville FD                   H: 956/689-6411
                                                            425 Ashland Dr                      W: 361/882-1486
PO Box 161                 willems@granderiver.net
                                                            Corpus Christi, TX 78412             F: 361-882-1488
Raymondville, TX 78580
Allen J. Scopel               Vice Chairman Tri-Rivers
                                                            Rex Klesel                               Gulf Coast
Rosenberg FD                          W: 281/238-9603
                                                            Alvin FD                            W: 281/331-7688
3814 Marilyn St                        H: 281/342-5893
                                                            3537 CR 326                         H: 281/331-9465
Rosenberg, TX 77471                   ajscopel@fbtc.net
                                                            Alvin, TX 77511
Paul V. Loeffler               Secretary Permian Basin
                                                            Max Patterson                            Gulf Coast
Alpine FD                              W: 915/837-3457
                                                            4225 Interwood N Pkwy               W: 281/372-5186
PO Box 1407                             H: 915/837-2635
                                                            Houston, TX 77032                   H: 281/370-0370
Alpine, TX 79831                        F: 915/837-3395
                                                            Robert F. Weiss                        Central Texas
P. B. Oscar Choate, Jr.                    North Texas
                                                            Brenham FD                         W: 979/836-1688
Mineral Wells FD                      W: 940/325-3244
                                                            1508 W. Main                        F: 979/836-2641
4411 Sartain Rd                       H: 940/325-7717
                                                            Brenham, TX 77833              rfw100@sbcglobal.net
Mineral Wells, TX 76067    bigochoate@cox-internet.com

                                                            SFFMA REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                       Texas Commission on Fire Protection
Kelley Martin Stalder                        Chairman       Marvin G. Dawson                            Member
Parker FD                              W: 972/424-6021      Brownfield FD                       W: 806/637-4848
7273 Moss Ridge Rd                                          1405 E Tate St                      H: 806/637-6975
Allen, TX 75002                 kstalder@tcfp.state.tx.us   Brownfield, TX 79316
Walter David Abernathy                         Member
Pittsburg FD                           W: 903/856-7181
PO Box 992                             H: 903/856-0589
Pittsburg, TX 75686

                                                                                   TCFP Funds Allocation Advisory
Deloss Edwards                               Chairman       Orlando Garcia                            Member
4733 Catclaw Dr                        H: 325/695-5133      Lower Rio Grande Valley FFMA      H: 956/583-8470
Abilene, TX 79606                deloss36@hotmail.com       1816 E 24th St
                                                            Mission, TX 78574            hcmarshal@yahoo.com
Alfred E. Gerik                                 Member
West FD                                 H: 254/826-5106
600 N Marable St
West, TX 76691

                   TCFP Firefighter Advisory                                                               TCFP Testing
Carl T. Anderson                      Member                       Bruce Ure                                    Member
Santa Fe Fire & Rescue        W: 409/925-7331                      Heath FD                             W: 281/316-3730
12150 14th St                 H: 409/925-5434                      200 Laurence Dr
Santa Fe, TX 77510            F: 409/925-7330                      Heath, TX 75032

                                                                                    OCTOBER 2004       TEXAS FIREMEN      29
          Rick Deel                              Chairman Slot 3      Rodney Kovalcik                              Slot 11
          Lubrizol Corp – Deer Park              W: 832-260-7852      Exxon Mobil Co                      W: 281/834-4006
          PO Box 158                              F: 832/260-7354     500 Bayway Dr                       F: 281/834-0021
          Deer Park, TX 77536                  rwde@lubrizol.com      Baytown, TX 77520 rodney.r.kovalick@exxonmobil.com

          Terry E. Boyett                    Vice Chairman Slot 2     VACANT                                           Slot 12
          Chevron Phillips Chemical Co            W: 281/421-6232
          9500 East Frwy                           F: 281/421-6444    David Cave                                      Slot 13
          Baytown, TX 77521                  boyette@cpchem.com       CITGO Refining and Chemical Co        W: 361/844-5241
                                                                      1801 Nueces Bay Blvd                   F: 361/844-5113
          Dave Snell                    Assistant Secretary Slot 17   Corpus Christi, TX 78407              dcave@citgo.com
          TXU, Energy Plaza                       W: 214/812-4734
          1601 Bryan St, Fl 45060                  F: 214/812-3159    Brian Sossaman                              Slot 14
          Dallas, TX 75201                        wsnell1@txu.com     Lyondell/Equistar                  W: 281/452-8795
                                                                      8280 Sheldon Rd                    F: 281/457-8098
          J.W. Gantenbein                                    Slot 1   Channelview, TX 77530 Brian.Sossaman@Lyondell.com
          Shell Deer Park Refining Co             W: 713/246-7944
          PO Box 100                               F: 713/246-7576    VACANT                                           Slot 16
          Deer Park, TX 77536            jay.gantenbein@shell.com
                                                                      \VACANT                                          Slot 17
          Keith Russell                                      Slot 4
          Eastman Chemical Co                     W: 903/237-6689     VACANT                                           Slot 18
          PO Box 7444                              F: 903/237-6678
          Longview, TX 75607                 krussell@eastman.com     VACANT                                           Slot 19

          Don Davis                                         Slot 5    Sam Pipkin                                     Slot 20
          Dow Chemical Co – Houston Ops          W: 713/246-0245      ATOFINA Petrochemical Inc             W: 281/476-3726
          PO Box 685                              F: 713/246-0594     PO Box 888                            F: 281/476-3866
          La Porte, TX 77572                    dhdavis@dow.com       Deer Park, TX 77536            sam.pipkin@atofina.com

          Bill Gibson                                       Slot 6    Thomas E. Harwell               Executive Board Liaison
          Enterprise Products Operating LP        W: 281/385-4282     Cameron FD                             H: 254/697-2615
          PO Box 573                                                  1704 N Hoover Ave                      F: 254/697-3040
          Mont Belvieu, TX 77580               bgibson@eprod.com      Cameron, TX 76520                 tharwells@yahoo.com

          Pat Peavler                                  Slot 7         Carl T. Anderson               Past President Liaison
          Conoco Phillips Sweeney Refinery  W: 979/491-2294           Santa Fe Fire & Rescue              W: 409/925-7331
          PO Box 866                        F: 979/491-2241           12150 14th St                       H: 409/925-5434
          Sweeney, TX 77480 pat.w.peavler@conocophillips.com          Santa Fe, TX 77510                   F: 409/925-7330
          George Medler                                  Slot 8
          FM Corporation – Bayport Plant      W: 281/474-8710         Dallas Renfrew                    Past President Liaison
          120000 Bay Area Blvd                 F: 281/474-8736        1595 Nuclear Science Rd                C: 979/220-0788
          Pasadena, TX 77507           george_melder@fmc.com          College Station, TX 77843
          Mike Hass                                       Slot 9
          Texas Petrochemicals LP              W: 713/475-7720        Helen L. Johnson                     Executive Director
          8600 Park Place Blvd                  F: 713/740-3040       SFFMA                                 W: 512/454-3473
          Houston, TX 77017              mhaas@txpetrochem.com        807 Stark St                           H: 512/228-5531
                                                                      Austin, TX 78756                       F: 512/453-1876
          Geoffrey N. Atwood                               Slot 10                                          TF: 800/580-7336
          Refinery Terminal Fire Co              W: 361/885-7107                                         hjohnson@sffma.org
          PO Box 4162                             F: 361/884-6476
          Corpus Christi, TX 78469               gatwood@rtfc.org     Skip Hahn                                  Staff Liaison
                                                                      SFFMA                             W: 512/454-3473x306
                                                                      807 Stark St                           F: 512/453-1876
                                                                      Austin, TX 78756                      shahn@sffma.org

30   TEXAS FIREMEN        OCTOBER 2004
                                                              CERTIFICATION BOARD
                                                       Donnie G. Pickard                              Zone 9
                                                       Ovilla FD                            W: 972/617-7375
                                                       307 E University St                  H: 972/617-2498
                                                       Ovilla, TX 75154                      F: 972/617-5793
                                                       Richard Harmon                               Zone 10
                                                       Cameron Gardens FD                   W: 940/696-3270
                                                       4500 Shady Ln                        H: 940/689-0015
                                                       Wichita Falls, TX 76309              F: 940/689-0006
                                                       Steve E. Cochran                             Zone 11
                                                       Merkel FD                           W: 325/575-2002
                                                       100 Kent St                          H: 325/928-5304
                                                       Merkel, TX 79536                     F: 325/928-3171
                                                       Kenneth J. Daughtry                           Zone 12
                                                       Wheeler FD                           W: 806/826-3777
                                                       PO Box 393                            H: 806/826-3274
                                                       Wheeler, TX 79096                  kjd44@hotmailcom
                                                       Jerry Don Mutschler                           Zone 13
                                                       Seminole FD                           C: 806/893-1535
Robert F. Weiss                  Chairman Zone 1       HC 1 Box 12A                          H: 915/758-9100
Brenham FD                        W: 979/836-1688      Seminole, TX 79360                  jdm1@midtech.net
9220 Shirttail Rd                  F: 979/836-2641
Brenham, TX 77833             rfw100@sbcglobal.net     Kelly Dean Miller                            Zone 14
                                                       Menard FD                           W: 325/446-2543
F. Jim White                Vice Chairman Zone 8       PO Box 793                           H: 325/396-4494
Overton FD                        H: 903/834-3457      Menard, TX 76859                  kdm109@airmail.net
304 E Mundy                       F: 903/834-3625
Overton, TX 75684         whitejf@westrusk.esc7.net    Jamie Johnson                                Zone 15
                                                       Castroville FD                      W: 830/426-4737
Barry Fuhrken                      Secretary Zone 4    1903 Avenue J                       H: 830/741-7177
Bishop FD                          W: 361/584-6828     Castorville, TX 78861                F: 830/426-3165
400 E 2nd St                        F: 361/584-8032                                    Jamie@medinaec.com
Bishop, TX 78343                bfuhrken@stx.rr.com
                                                       Phillip H. Arther                             Zone 16
Richard Douglas Baker    Assistant Secretary Zone 18   Eastland FD                          W: 254/629-2827
West I-10 FD                         H: 281/345-1912   517 Crestwood Dr                      H: 254/629-1441
4414 Bunting Meadow Dr                                 Eastland, TX 76448                    C: 254/631-1071
Katy, TX 77449            Bakerzone18@hotmail.com                                            F: 254/629-2000
Donald Lee Pullin                            Zone 2
Refugio FD                         W: 361/526-2114     Paul V. Loeffler                              Zone 17
PO Box 398                         H: 361/526-2119     Alpine FD                            W: 915/837-3457
Refugio, TX 78377                   F: 361/526-2222    PO Box 1407                           H: 915/837-2635
                          donpullin@worldnet.att.net   Alpine, TX 79831                      F: 915/837-3395
David R. Bialas                              Zone 3
Rosenberg FD                      H: 281/239-3754      Roger M. Fields                              Zone 19
1927 Ripple Creek Dr               F: 832/595-3601     Friona FD                            W: 806/250-2761
Rosenberg, TX 77471        davidb@ci.rosenberg.tx.us   PO Box 121                           H: 806/250-3686
                                                       Friona, TX 79035                     F: 806/250-2893
Shawn M. Snider                              Zone 5
Edinburg FD                   W: 956/383-5661 x357     Kevin Creamer               Certification Administrator
2804 Chateau St                    F: 956/383-7111     SFFMA                                TF: 800/580-7336
Edinburg, TX 78539         ssnider@ci.edinburg.tx.us   807 Stark St                    W: 512/454-3473x309
                                                       Austin, TX 78756                       F: 512/453-1876
Gary D. Williams                            Zone 6
Pasadena FD                        C: 713/248-3688
4302 Blind River Dr                H: 281/487-8483     Katie Kunkel                    Certification Assistant
Pasadena, TX 77504              gary3473@msn.com       SFFMA                               TF: 800/580-7336
                                                       807 Stark St                    W: 512/454-3473x307
John Paul Feeley                            Zone 7
                                                       Austin, TX 78756                      F: 512/453-1876
Ivanhoe FD                        W: 409/283-5411
125 Queen Circle                   F: 409/283-5411
Woodville, TX 75979          johnpaul@samlink.com

                                                                               OCTOBER 2004         TEXAS FIREMEN   31

                       Volunteer Fire Departments Benefitting from
                           Texas Forest Service Grant Program
   The last time the West Texas town of  program addresses an unmet need of slip-on unit our department received
Water Valley purchased a new fire truck  the state’s volunteer fire departments.” last year, we were able to increase the
was in 1948. Since then, it has relied on   The items funded by the program as fire fighting capabilities of the truck
donations and used vehicles. But all thatwell as specifications for trucks and beyond just a brush truck. With
changed in the summer of 2003 when       other equipment are a result of a increased tank volume we went to a
the Water Valley VFD received funding    survey conducted by the Texas Forest poly tank and larger pump capacity; we
from the Texas Forest Service. Through   Service of every eligible fire department were also able to build extra
the Rural Volunteer Fire Department      in the state.                                       compartments for more tools and
Assistance Program, Water Valley            The program was enacted
received a grant for $54,000 to go towardby House Bill 2604 during
the purchase of a new brush truck.       the 77th legislature in 2001,
   “Getting this grant and purchasing    and provides $15 million
the truck has cut our response time in   annually. Volunteer fire
half,” said J.C. Schovajsa, Water Valley departments apply for
VFD Chief. “Somebody called in a fire    cost-share grants for water-
on the highway, and we were actually     tankers, small and large
passing people with our red lights       brush trucks, truck chassis,
flashing. We’ve never been able to do    slip-on units, structural and
that before.”                            wildland personal protec-
   In two years of existence, the Rural  tive clothing, fire and rescue Giddings VFD - The tanker is built on a 2004 Peterbilt 330 chassis. It
Volunteer Fire Department Assistance     equipment and computers. was built by S&S Fire Apparatus in Fairmount, IN. The truck is powered
Program has exceeded expectations and       The program also offers by a 330 HP Cummins diesel and an Eaton Fuller 10 speed
                                                                          transmission. It is equipped with a 3,000 gallon tank and a 750 GPM
fire departments from across the state   VFD’s the opportunity to midship pump. A 3,000 gallon portable tank and all the fittings and tools
are finding out what it can do for them. receive 100-percent training to make it NFPA 1901 compliant. The lighting system is L.E.D. by
As the program continues, the Texas      tuition reimbursement. To Whelen. The Giddings Volunteer Fire Department took delivery on
Forest Service is hoping to see more     date, more than 3,700 May 6 and is looking forward to having this tanker available for the
departments build their fire fighting    students have taken advan- citizens of Lee County and surrounding counties.
capacities.                              tage of the training grants.
   Since its inception in September 2002,   “We encourage fire departments to equipment,” said McMakin. “One of the
more than 2,600 requests have been       apply for the training tuition grants,” best features, is being able to carry our
funded, and $30 million worth of         said Texas Forest Service Training large floating pump, rather than leaving
trucks, equipment, personal protective   Coordinator Bruce Woods. “Not only it sitting back at the station when we
clothing and training have been          do we want every VFD in Texas to have need it on the fire ground.” But there
awarded to volunteer fire departments    the opportunity to have new trucks and are many departments who are still
across the state.                        equipment, but we want them to have waiting for approval. With $80 million
   “Requests for over $113 million in    the best training available. This grant in outstanding requests, and more
assistance have been submitted,” said    program makes it possible for a lot of coming in daily, the Texas Forest Service
Joe Fox, program manager with the        departments who couldn’t otherwise says they are stretching the $15 million
Texas Forest Service in College Station. afford the cost of training to attend some annual program budget as far as it can
“These requests clearly indicate that theof the best schools in the country—right go.
                                                here in Texas.”                                “The program obviously will have a
                                                  Undoubtedly, the most sought- backlog of requests for several years,”
                                                after grants are for new trucks, and said Joe Fox. “The needs of the
                                               hundreds of trucks are being volunteer fire community are
                                               funded through the program. To tremendous, and we wish we could
                                               date, 473 new tankers, brush fund every assistance request that we
                                               trucks and truck chassis and receive.”
                                               slip-on units have been purchased.              For more information on the
                                               LaRue-New York VFD Chief Rural Volunteer Fire Department
                                               John T. McMakin says they were Assistance                        Program          including
                                               able to increase their fire fighting applications and specifications, visit
HWY 219 VFD-8 Fire and Rescue sets purchased capacities because of the program. http://texasforestservice.tamu.edu/ or
with a grant from the Rural Volunteer Fire        “Because of the grant for the              http://www.tamu.edu/ticc/.
Department Assistance Program.
                                                                                        OCTOBER 2004              TEXAS FIREMEN            33
Update                                                                 Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation

     Fire Museum of Texas                                                     Pipeline Safety
      During the summer months the museum had 3,724
visitors. In addition to having visitors from throughout Texas
and the United States we also had visitors from Mexico,
                                                                            & Public Awareness
Japan, Israel, China, Germany, India, England and
                                                                             Training Update
    In July, the Fire Museum held its 4th Annual Fire Safety
Summer Camp program. Children between the ages of                     The Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation is engaged in high-
4 - 10 participate in this event filled two week program. There    pressure petroleum pipeline safety training. We train first
were firefighter demonstrations every day, including a visit       responders how to protect themselves and the public in the
from Casey the dalmatian and Jerry Lee, the department’s           event of a pipeline emergency until a pipeline
arson dog. Everything had a fire safety and fire related           representative arrives on the scene to control the situation.
theme, including the arts and crafts they created and all of       We also deliver public awareness programs to educate
the snacks they made. The children also sang fire safety songs     bystanders as to the basic safety precautions to be observed
and the older kids created their own fire safety skits that were   during a pipeline emergency.
performed on the last day of camp.                                    During this past year the Foundation has completed a
    The Fire Museum is gearing up for several activities           26 week training period for Texas DPS Troopers in Austin as
this fall. For the fifth year, the museum is teaming up            a part of their biannual in-service continuing education. We
with Dupont to host a fire safety event for area schools           have also put into full swing our Texas School Bus Driver
October 5 & 6. Approximately 2,000 K-1st grade school              training program. By the completion of this program we will
children will participate from schools throughout southeast        have presented this program to 40,000 school bus drivers.
Texas. The 8th Annual Flamin’ Hot Car Show, sponsored by           Our “Dig Safely” excavator program is designed to
Beaumont Professional Firefighter’s Local #399, will take          prevent damage to our Nation’s pipeline system and
place on November 13 on the grounds of the Fire Museum.            environmental damage through improper digging or
There is also a brand new addition to the car show this year!      excavating.
Pumper Races! For this first year there will only be 3-man            We were honored to be a part of the SFFMA convention
and 3-Ladies team races and registration will be $10 per team      program in Corpus Christi this summer. Ninety-six
before the day of the event or $15 per team the day of the         firefighters from around the state were in attendance and it
event. Any fire departments interested in participating please     was standing room only. Thanks to all who attended.
contact the Fire Museum of Texas at 409/880-3927.                     A new initiative for the Foundation is the “Model Pipeline
    The museum will also continue to sell engraved bricks for      Safety County” program. This program makes use of the li-
the Texas Firefighter Memorial in the C.A. ‘Pete’ Shelton          brary of safety literature, videos, and safety brochures that
Plaza until we run out of space. The section dedicated to          have been developed by the Foundation. For counties
Fire Departments and Fire Organizations in Texas will now          wishing to participate, the Foundation will make available a
be more than half full as we begin to install the new bricks       wide range of certified training and public awareness
that have been ordered. To get the best price we do only           programs to benefit the entire county. These programs
order the engraved bricks once a year, usually during the          include; public awareness meetings for civic groups,
summer. Since beginning the engraved brick campaign we             presentations at high schools, awareness programs for
have had a wonderful response and we encourage everyone            school superintendents and faculty, student transportation
to come down and see the plaza.                                    bus driver training, presentations to county commissioners
                                                                   and training for county road work crews, certified training
                                                                   for firefighters, police, sheriffs’ officers, dispatchers, and
                                                                   DPS officers. We also offer our “Dig Safely” program to all
      Air Packs For Sale                                           excavators and will make our “Dig Safely” quick reference
                                                                   cards available to heavy equipment and farm implement
  Manchaca Fire/Rescue has 31 airpacks for                         dealers in the county.
  sale. The units are MSA 1/4 turn style                              Kaufman County, being our home County, will be the kick
  regulator, Mask-Mount Regulator, 2216 PSI,                       off county for this new program. We intend to work with
  UltraElite Facepiece w/ EZ Don Head Harness                      everyone in the county, starting with the county judge,
                                                                   commissioners and emergency management coordinator, and
  and Voice Amplifers on all facepieces,
                                                                   including civic groups and schools.
  Integrated PASS Device, $1000 per pack.                             If your county is interested in this program please contact
       For more information please contact                         the Foundation for details.
    Captain Calvin Poole at 512-935-3504 or

34    TEXAS FIREMEN            OCTOBER 2004
129th Annual SFFMA                             Is Your Heart A Ticking
Training Conference &                                Time Bomb?
      Convention                            By Wendy Norris

 June 11 - 15, 2005                             It is a shock to think that we ourselves might be the biggest risk
                                            and most dangerous hazard we face on the job. But after reviewing

  Wichita Falls, TX
                                            the statistics provided by the U.S. Fire Administration, it becomes
                                            apparent that on the front lines of firefighting, we are our own worst
 Be sure to identify yourself as a member
                                                It is a grim picture. More and more firefighters are dying
              of the SFFMA
                                            because of cardiac problems. According to the USFA, heart attacks
    Holiday Inn (Host)                      are the leading cause of death while on duty, surpassing deaths due
                                            to burns, asphyxiation and trauma. In 2003, out of 110 line-of-duty
         401 Broad St                       deaths reported to the USFA, 42 were due to heart attacks.
                                                Firefighting has always been known to be a dangerous job.
        940/766-6000                        Running into burning buildings, hazmat scenes, and wrecks on

                                            freeways is risky with the potential of being seriously injured or
                                            even killed. It takes a special kind of person to be able to perform
                                            the duties required of a firefighter. Not many people are willing to
      Hampton Inn                           take the kind of risks that firefighters take. Looking at these risks,
                                            we as firefighters know that the risk of being killed is very real, but
     1317 Kenley Ave                        do we know that we might be killing ourselves?
                                                The good news is that most cardiac problems can be dealt with
    Wichita Falls 76306                     and even prevented, therefore lowering your risk for dying in the
                                            line of duty from a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest.
      940/766-3300                              The first thing that needs to be assessed when putting together a

                                            prevention plan is you. Is your health a risk factor for your ability
                                            to perform your job without injury or illness?
                                                Take a look at yourself. Are you overweight or on the borderline
         Radisson                           of being obese? Do you have a hard time catching your breath if
                                            you run a few yards? Does your meals include junk food, fast food,
     100 Central Frwy                       or food that is high in saturated fat? Do you smoke? Do you drink
                                            alcohol excessively? Do you have diabetes? Do you know what
    Wichita Falls 76306                     your blood pressure or cholesterol level is? These are all risk factors

                                            that can cause heart attacks.
                                                The frightening thing is many firefighters can answer yes to most

                                            of these questions.
                                                By evaluating your personal level of risk for heart disease you
                                            are able to make the necessary changes to prevent the disease and
        Quality Inn                         increase your chances of coming out of a burning building alive.
                                            You have got to be the one to make the decision to change your
     1750 Maurine St                        lifestyle. Fire departments can upgrade equipment or change policies
                                            to protect your life from the hazards of fire but only you can change
    Wichita Falls 76306                     your chances of dying of heart attack while fighting that fire.

                                                You can avoid many of the causes of heart attack if you choose
                                            to. By following the two steps below, you will decrease your risk of

                                            heart disease or a heart attack.
                                            STEP 1: REGULAR MEDICAL CHECKUPS
                                                Two of the main controllable risk factors — high blood
       Comfort Inn                          cholesterol and high blood pressure — have no symptoms in the
                                            early stages. Nor does diabetes. When you get regular medical
     1740 Maurine St                        checkups you can find out if you’re free of these risk factors. And

    Wichita Falls 76306
                                            if one does turn up, you can work with your doctor to control it.
                                                It’s a good idea for people to have their total cholesterol and

                                            HDL (or “good”) cholesterol checked at age 20. If the total is less
                                            than 200mg and the HDL cholesterol is 35mg or above, testing

            $59                             should be repeated in five years. People with higher levels need to
                                            have their cholesterol checked more often.
                                                                                             continued on page 38
                                                            OCTOBER 2004               TEXAS FIREMEN           35
                                                                     Greetings to
            President                     4th Vice President         Everyone,
       Jo (William) Svatek               Marcie (Bob) Doolittle         Can you believe
        2922 Fairchild Ave                  1428 Forman St           summer is over
       Needville, TX 77461               La Marque, TX 77568         and fall is here.
H: 979/793-6968 W: 281/342-9486            H: 409/938-7357           Everyone is busy,
      JO@firehousemai1.com               rrd608@sbcglobal.net        busy planning the
                                                                     convention for
        1st Vice President              Immediate Past President     Wichita Falls. It
       Louise (Kent) Watts               Shirley (Wayne) Popp        will be here before
                                                                                            Jo Svatek
 303 E Bowie St Luling, TX 78648              PO Box 191             we know it. I am
         H: 830/875-9239                    Louise, TX 77455         really getting excited. Wichita Falls is all
      lwattsk@hotmail.com                   H: 979/648-2638          geared up and getting ready for us.
                                           trophies@ykc.com             There has not been a lot going on. I
       2nd Vice President                                            went to East Texas District Retreat.
    Michelle (Henry) Hubnik                   Secretary              These ladies are great. Shirley Richter
          1582 CR 214                     Ann (Bob) Stulce           went with me and we had a great time.
       Cameron, TX 76520               810 Hummingbird Lane          I have been trying to attend as many fire
H: 254/697-6134 W: 254/778-4727          Mansfield, TX 76063         departments functions as I can.
      mhubnikbaltinc.corn                  H: 817/473-9156              We have had one request for
                                    annscreations2003@yahoo.com      information on starting an Auxiliary.
       3rd Vice President                                            They are from Beverly Hill, Texas.
      Nita (Rusty) Kattner                     Treasurer                That’s it for now. Wishing everyone
     680 Fountainview Lane               Charlene (Rex) Klesel       peace and happiness. God be with
     League City, TX 77573                    3537 CR 326            everyone.
         H: 281-554-8468                    Alvin, TX 77511                                           Jo Svatek
     W: 409/763-4661x6926          H: 281/331-9465 W: 281/480-7955                              TFA President
      lunarpearl@aol.com                  caklesel@bgusa.com

Monument/continued from pg 8                  Homeland Security Grants Received
were replaced by the bronze statue. The       Alvarado FD                 Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $225,000
monument was rededicated in May               Lovelady VFD                Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 56,754
1905 at another statewide meeting of the      Wilson VFD                  Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 28,076
Firemen’s Association in Austin. On           Nolanville VFD              Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 23,531
the base of the sculpture is stamped          Nocona Hills VFD & EMS Operations & Firefighter Safety                    $ 58,468
“MFD by W.H. Mullins, Salem, Ohio,            Volente VFD                 Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 39,600
                                              Winchester Area VFD         Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $165,852
J. Segesman, Sculptor.” According to          Sunset VFD                  Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 49,663
newspaper articles from the Austin            Tioga FD                    Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 78,537
Daily Statesman, dated July 7, 1896, “the     Whiteface VFD               Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 18,362
firemen will with much pomp and glory         Lingleville VFD             Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 27,000
unveil the monument in the Capitol            Potter County Fire-Rescue Operations & Firefighter Safety                 $ 96,300
                                              Forestburg VFD              Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 40,185
ground which has been constructed
                                              Arlington FD                Operations &Firefighter Safety                $ 24,315
under the personal supervision of the         Lake Mexia VFD              Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $144,000
firemen’s committee. These ceremonies         Princeton VFD               Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 41,400
will be most imposing in every                Aubrey FD                   Operations & Firefighter Safety               $135,099
particular, and a chorus of 600 voices        Jasper VFD                  Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 47,700
accompanied by a brass band and               Moss Lake VFD, Inc          Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 29,070
                                              Valley View VFD             Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $135,000
under the leadership of Professor             Dixie VF C                  Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $161,100
Besserer will render some appropriate         Richmond FD                 Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $171,000
music. 106 fire companies were                Sunrise Beach VFD           Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 21,600
present.” In another article dated July       Emhouse VFD                 Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 17,888
8, 1896: “The firemen’s monument,             Natalia FD                  Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 59,826
which was unveiled and presented to           Sealy VFD                   Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 22,932
                                              Port Mansfield VFD, Inc     Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 60,750
the firemen yesterday, in conception,         Shady Oaks VFD              Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $148,500
material and design is certainly an           City of Ranger              Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $180,000
admirable work of art. It is of gray          Navarro Mills VFD           Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $ 60,360
granite, 50 feet 2 inches in height, and      Combine VFD                 Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 24,788
stands on a pedestal composed of four         Lake Coleman VFD            Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 20,173
                                              Murphy Fire-Rescue          Fire Prevention                               $ 52,560
bases, the first base being 12 feet square,
                                              City of Mission FD          Fire Prevention                               $ 63,640
the second 9 feet square, the third 7x6,      Baxter VFD                  Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 90,743
and fourth base 6x6, the four bases           City of Paris FD            Operations & Firefighter Safety               $109,708
together forming a pedestal about 6 feet      Cooper VFD                  Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 41,580
6 inches in height. On the third section      Cottondale VFD              Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $202,500
of the base on the east side is engraved,     Groves FD                   Fire Prevention                               $ 39,600
                                              Jersey Village ES           Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 52,245
‘Erected by the State Firemen’s               Rising Star VF Assoc. Inc. Operations & Firefighter Safety                $ 57,822
Association of Texas, and on the west         Seadrift VFD                Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $115,650
side is the figure ‘1896’. On a cap above     West Odessa VFD             Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $135,000
the inscriptions, there are on the four       Lamesa FD                   Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 19,804
sides engraved, a hose carriage, engine,      Schulenburg VFD             Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 50,220
hook and ladder and crossed trumpets.”        Waterwood MUD # 1           Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 35,495
                                              Fuller Springs VFD          Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $187,200
   To add names of firefighters who           West Harrison VFD           Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 40,680
have fallen in the line of duty, contact      Atlanta FD/EMS              Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 36,000
the State Preservation Board (SPB) in         Jacksonville FD             Operations & Firefighter Safety               $112,860
writing of the request. The SPB then          Holly Lake VFD              Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 36,329
notifies the SFFMA requesting an              Halfway VFD                 Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 47,088
                                              Miles VFD                   Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $132,300
examination of the case. Based upon
                                              Cat Spring VFD              Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 72,405
findings of the Association, the request      Port Neches FD              Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 28,800
is either approved or denied. The cost        Howard County VFD           Operations & Firefighter Safety               $123,750
of adding names is paid by requesting         Mexia FD                    Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 75,024
fire department.                              Bullard VFD                 Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 64,800
                                              De Leon VFD                 Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 33,750
                                              Luling VFD                  Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 63,180
                                              Chireno VFD                 Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 32,598
                                              Chandler VFD                Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 82,441
                                              De Kalb FD                  Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 60,120
                                              Kenefick VFD                Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 39,285
                                              Lytton Springs VFD          Operations & Firefighter Safety               $111,524
                                              Quail Creek VFD             Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 12,600
                                              Weir VFD                    Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 23,922
                                              Poolville VFD               Operations & Firefighter Safety               $ 59,102
                                              Tennessee Colony VFD        Fire Fighting Vehicle                         $173,700
                                                                                                            continued on next page
                                                                                 OCTOBER 2004           TEXAS FIREMEN         37
Grant/continued from pg 37
Haslet FD                  Operations & Firefighter Safety                              $ 47,326
                                                                                                           Calendar of Events
                                                                                                       Oct 16-17. 19th Annual North Central
Novice VFD                 Operations & Firefighter Safety                              $ 30,467       Texas Area Fire Protection School. Mineral
Gunter VF&Rescue           Fire Fighting Vehicle                                        $144,900       Wells, TX. TEEX. For more information
Ogburn VFD                 Operations & Firefighter Safety                              $ 70,758       contact Steve Perdue at 940/325-2908.
Avery Community VFD        Operations & Firefighter Safety                              $ 20,250       Oct 16-17. Clute Seminar. Clute, TX.
Gruver VF Rescue           Operations & Firefighter Safety                              $ 22,500       TEEX. For more information contact Vickie
City of Henderson FD       Operations & Firefighter Safety                              $127,922       Shoemaker at 713/823-4057.
Boyd Fire/Rescue           Operations & Firefighter Safety                              $ 25,200       Oct 18-22. Basic Fire Investigator Certifi-
Hull-Daisetta VFD          Operations & Firefighter Safety                              $ 36,665       cation, Phase III. Eagle Pass, TX. TEEX.
Frost VFD                  Operations & Firefighter Safety                              $ 36,000       For more information contact Rodolfo
Maxwell Community VFD      Operations & Firefighter Safety                              $ 60,582       Cordova at 830/757-2698.
Rotan VFD                  Fire Fighting Vehicle                                        $115,200       Oct 19-22. Annual Fire Marshal’s Confer-
Hutchins FD                Fire Fighting Vehicle                                        $157,500       ence. Austin, TX. SFMO. For more in-
                                                                                                       formation contact Chris Barron at
Bomb/continued from pg 35
                                                                                                       512/305-7943 or http://www.tdi.state.tx.us/
   Blood pressure should be checked every          works your heart and lungs for 30-60                fire/fmconference.html.
two years, because it can rise unexpectedly.       minutes, three or four times a week.                Oct 22-24. Annual Mile High Rescue
Regular checkups are even more important              While we can’t prevent all heart related         School. Fort Davis, TX. TEEX. For more
for anyone with a family history of heart          deaths in the fire service, many can possibly       information contact Kelly Bryan at 432/426-
disease, high blood pressure, high                 be prevented. If you look at this country, we       3900.
                                                                                                       Oct 23. Henderson County FireFighters
cholesterol levels or diabetes.                    have one of the highest rates of heart disease,     Area School. Athens, TX. TEEX. For more
STEP 2: CUT YOUR RISK BY                           than any other country in the world. Our            information contact Trey Winn at 903/677-
CHANGING YOUR LIFE                                 diets and lifestyles affect the way our hearts      6638.
   Decades of research have shown us that          function.                                           Oct 23-24. Wintergarden Area Training
when people alter their lifestyles to reduce          Eating poorly, smoking, and drinking are         School. Uvalde, TX. TEEX. For more in-
the risk factors for heart disease, they stay      major contributors to heart attacks.                formation contact Jerry Rust at 830/774-
healthier longer. And they can help prevent        Firefighters are no strangers to this. There        Oct 25-29. Basic Fire Investigator Certifi-
heart attack. Making these lifestyle changes       are always excuses of not being able to eat         cation, Phase IV. Eagle Pass, TX. TEEX.
doesn’t mean you can forego regular medical        right at the station. Smoking is a big habit        For more information contact Rodolfo
checkups. Still, it’s the best thing you can       with many and so is drinking, which some            Cordova at 830/757-2698.
do to help keep your heart healthy. After          say derive from the stress that they are            dying from heart attacks and heart failure.
working with your doctor to make sure your         facing. All of this may have some truth to it          Almost of all of the heart-related deaths
medical risk factors are treated, here’s how       but if you have the will to not have a heart        reported to the USFA were fire personnel
to help yourself.                                  attack while performing your duties then you        over the age of 40. This is the beginning of
   1. Don’t smoke. If you’re a nonsmoker           will find a way to make lifestyle changes.          the prime time for men to have heart attacks.
already, don’t start. Avoiding the smoking            It’s hard to believe that heart attacks are      All of the bad habits from their younger days
habit is the single best thing you can do to       the No. 1 killer in firefighters. Yet at the same   catch up with them, so does stress and
maintain your health and prevent a heart           time, it makes sense. The physical demands          genetics. Put all of these together and you
attack.                                            that firefighters must endure are                   are looking at heart problems.
   2. Reach your best weight. Being                phenomenal. The exertion that an individual            This becomes especially true with
overweight raises your chances of having           must put their body through to perform as a         firefighters and it is even more important as
high cholesterol, high triglycerides, low          firefighter is quite taxing. Intense heat,          a firefighter to make sure that eating habits,
HDL, high blood pressure and diabetes.             carrying large pieces of equipment, wearing         healthy lifestyles, and ongoing physical
   3. Eat foods low in saturated fat and           heavy gear, and the cardiovascular work of          fitness be a priority to prevent heart attacks
cholesterol. For decades the American Heart        firefighting itself strains the entire body. The    from occurring. Young firefighters need to
Association (AHA) has encouraged                   ability to be able to perform this type of work     be aware that what they do to their bodies
Americans to eat a low-fat, low-cholesterol        requires a person to be in top physical             while they are young could affect their health
diet. Why? Because saturated fat and               condition.                                          later on.
cholesterol raise the blood cholesterol level,        People are weeded out of entrance exams             Dying from heart problems on scene, or
which in turn promotes atherosclerosis, a          because they cannot pass the physical agility.      after doesn’t need to happen as frequently
disease process in which cholesterol and           The Rookies’ are put through grueling               as it does. While you can’t change your sex
other fatty substances build up in the arteries.   workouts during the academy to ensure top           or your genetics, you can change other things
This build-up is called plaque, and it narrows     physical strength and stamina. All this is to       that factor into a heart attack equation. Eat
the artery walls, reducing blood supply to         make sure that the people the departments           lower fat foods, don’t smoke, and exercise
the heart. If the artery becomes completely        hire can physically perform the difficult           frequently and your chance of dying from
blocked, blood will not reach the heart and        tasks that firefighting demands. But as I look      one drops dramatically. It is also very
that part of the heart begins to die. This is a    around one of the largest fire departments          important as a firefighter, no matter what
heart attack.                                      in the United States, half of the people that I     age, that EKGs and blood work are done on
   4. Engage in regular physical activity.         see are out of shape and overweight. Some           a yearly basis to monitor the heart’s
Regular aerobic exercise helps protect             firefighters are even obese.                        condition. This is one area of LODD that
against heart attack, according to the                Sadly, this seems to be the case at many         we can change.
American Heart Association. Any physical           departments around the country. It’s no                ** Information provided by the American
activity will do. Try to do something that         wonder that firefighters are collapsing and         Heart Association
38     TEXAS FIREMEN                 OCTOBER 2004
                           !!! 05
                        W X3
                      O 73
                     N -34
        LE 2/454
       A 51
      S at
 N uth
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