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                                  CDC Perchlorate Q and A

1. Q. Will any DoD perchlorate cleanup standards be revised or changed as a
   result of the CDC findings?

    A. DoD will continue to investigate, assess and cleanup perchlorate at all of our
       affected facilities in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local
       regulations. DoD has funded many independent studies used by EPA to assess the
       potential health and ecological effects of perchlorate exposure and looks to the
       CDC study as one of many sources of information regarding the health effects of
       perchlorate. The CDC itself warns that this study has limitations and should be
       confirmed with additional research.

2. Q. What about cleanup and sampling policies?

    A. DoD issued perchlorate sampling policy and cleanup guidelines in January 2006.
       Soon after the services followed with more specific information for their facilities.
       All of DoD’s perchlorate policies and guidelines can be found at:

3. Q. Has progress been made at DoD facilities where perchlorate has been found?

        A. DoD has spent $60 million on perchlorate health and ecological effects,
           analytical detection methods research, treatment technologies, pollution
           prevention and cleanup since the mid-1990s. DoD is a leader in the development
           of innovative treatment technologies, spending more than $25 million to
           investigate appropriate technologies for perchlorate and other materials, over the
           last six years. Detailed information on specific sites can be found on our web site

           DoD will continue to work with the federal, state and local agencies, to protect
           human health, our workforce, our troops and the environment.

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