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                  VOLUME XXXIII NUMBER 7 March, 2010
                     P. O. BOX 1820 PRESCOTT, AZ 86302

                                          President’s Letter

    Several of our members are doing battle with a nasty cold that has been making the
    rounds. (Count me in the afflicted column!) I’m sure I’ll be back to normal in time to go
    through my stash and find lots of fab fiber to donate to the Silent Auction for our March
    meeting on the 20th. As with everyone else, I need to make space for all the treasures I’ll
    be bidding on.

    Spring is in the air. Shrubs and trees around my house are budding. As pretty as this last
    snow was, my fingers are crossed that, indeed, it was the ‘last’ snow. I have a yen for
    light and bright colors, a sure sign of spring for me!

                                                                 Happy weaving & spinning,

                                                                 Anne Marston

                                March Membership Meeting
                                 Saturday, March 20, 2010
                                American Lutheran Church
                                  1085 Scott Dr., Prescott

      9:00 AM – Business meeting

      10:30 AM – Silent Auction

                                  Special Interest Groups
      Mondays – Spinning 10 am -2 pm at Sharlot Hall Museum.

      Tuesdays – UFO (UnFinished Objects) 1:00 pm Annemarie Bellem’s or Anne Marston’s,
      call first, 445-5564

      Wednesdays – Bead Weaving, Wilda Postel’s, call first, 776-4481

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Page 2 MSW Newsletter March 2010
                                             Future Programs
April: Leslie Loomis, LMT, "The Ergonomics of Weaving and Spinning"
May: Jill Holbrook, “Spinning Through the Ages”
June: Nancy Wilson, "The Criteria for Yarn Judging"
July: TBA
August: Annual Picnic

Felted Tapestry Workshop

by Sharon McFeely. March 27, 2010, from 9:30 a.m.- 2 p.m. at Mountain Oaks School, 124 N Virginia Ave.
Fee is $55.00 which includes materials. Bring 2 old towels, felting needles, and punch if you have them -- if not
they will be supplied.
During this workshop you will learn both needle felting and wet felting techniques and create a wall tapestry or
table top piece. Sharon will lead you through all aspects of the process. Everyone will finish their piece that day.
You can bring a picture or color themes to inspire your work or make use of her ample picture file. The tapestry
will be approx. 12" x 15".
Sharon has lived in Prescott for 15 years. She has been an avid felter for most of that time, making not only
tapestries, but also hats, slippers, purses, elemental beings, and toys.

South West Fiber Arts Guild
The South West Fiber Arts Guild will hold their March meeting in Prescott at the home of Barbara Albeck. We
will have the meeting and a light lunch at her house and then go to Prescott Valley to tour Peaceful Prairie
Alpaca Ranch. This is a very active group of women who hold the South West Fiber Arts Festival in the Tucson
area in the fall. This is a great opportunity to meet some of the group, learn more about their festival, and
perhaps become a member. The meeting is on March 27th. Further details to follow.

Fibers Through Time 2010
April 15-18, 2010 – Phoenix, AZ.


July 18-25, 2010 – Albuquerque, NM. “New Visions: Ancient Paths.”

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Page 3 MSW Newsletter March 2010


History, Lore, and Other Arcana

“Many critics declare that hand spinning is only a waste of time. But Miss MacCarthy combats this theory with
all the eloquence at her command. Her very wheel hums its disagreement with the statement. The Red Cross
spinners know that all-wool socks are an absolute necessary [sic] to our men when fighting, and this department
is aware of the fact that the depots at some of which, as for instance, the 19th Battalion Depot, 11 Bent-street,
spinning is taught to voluntary pupils, are really more concerned with all-wool wool than is the Red Cross itself.
Socks and shirts are not needed by the Red Cross just now, but they are in constant demand by the War Chest
         The best knitting wool has gone up to 8s and 9s per lb. The cheaper yarns are mixed cotton and wool,
which is no use whatever to fighting men. Their socks must be all-wool. This is where the practice of hand-
spinning vindicates itself. The hand-spun yarn can be produced at a cost of—in many instances—just the
labour, as the fleece is donated. Although the critics aforesaid aver that the knitting yarn produced is coarse and
harsh, and of unequal thicknesses, yet it is wool, and the defects are non-essentials. Spinning, therefore, is an
industry which should not be allowed to fall into disrepute. At first there was quite a boom in this fascinating
industry of hand-spinning, but now there is a distinct slackness; the novelty, perhaps, was the chief attraction.
Those in charge of the spinning wheels at No. 11 Bent-street would be delighted to see a revival of interest in
the work which, as has been shown, has such a great economic advantage.” -- “Spinning,” The Sydney
Morning Herald, Wednesday, 25 April, 1917, page 5.

“Necessity teaches the naked woman to spin.” – Icelandic proverb


Locker Hooking by Lois Longfield. Make a purse, tote, wall hanging, hot pot, rug, pillow, or strips to add to
weavings. April 10, 2010, beginning at 9:30 am at Lois’s house. She will provide good quality rug canvas,
written directions, locker hook, many kinds of roving, cloth strips, etc. Kit with supplies for one project
included in the $25.00 fee. Bring a sack lunch. Call Barbara Albeck to register - 520-831-3242.

Spinning Color by Jill Holbrook. Create beauty and avoid disasters by learning multiple ways to card, spin, and
ply with color. May 13 & 14, 2010, at Mountain Artists Guild. Cost approx $90.00 + $25.00 materials fee. Send
$45.00 deposit to Barbara Albeck to hold your spot. *Only a couple of spaces remain. Don't miss out--register

Page 4 MSW Newsletter March 2010

Please let Barbara Albeck know what workshops you would like to see given in the future. If you have a special
talent, perhaps you'd like to offer a workshop. Barbara wants to know what you, as members, would like to
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learn - or teach. Please e-mail her at or call 520-831-3242. Thank you.

If a workshop is $20.00 or less, you need to pay for it in full when you sign up. If the workshop is over $20.00,
you need to give a 50% deposit to hold your space in that workshop. Please make checks payable to MSWG.


Send articles to Diane Braun,
Send address corrections/updates to Anne Marston at or

DIRECTORY UPDATES are listed on their own
webpage and sent with the newsletter quarterly
to those on snail mail.

                                                             Support Staff
                                                             Historian----------------------Marilyn Smith
MSW 2009-10 Officers and Staff                               Hospitality--------------------Yvonne Johnson
                                                             Library-------------------------Patty Perkins
President---------------------Anne Marston                   Membership------------------Caralee Roberts
First VP----------------------Mary Morel                     Newsletter Editor------------Diane Braun
Second VP-------------------Kathy Kelly                      Web Mistress-----------------Anne Marston
Workshops-------------------Barbara Albeck                   Parliamentarian---------------Debbie Allen
Secretary---------------------Marion Patterson               Publicity-----------------------Margaret Espinoza
Treasurer---------------------Mary Jane Hopf                 Ways & Means---------------Carma Koester
                                                             Highlights---------------------Joan Schneider

March Birthdays
March 3 – Elaine Wager
March 11 – Sharon Richards
            Mary Bricker
March 12 – Janet Lambert
March 17 – Rebecca Bass
March 24 – Barbara Albeck
            Jean Brugger
March 30 – Nancy Millet

Page 5 MSW Newsletter March 2010

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For Sale/Wanted:

Wanted: I'm looking for a drum carder (non-electric). If anyone has one for sale, they can contact me via e-mail
or give me a call. If you need more information, let me know. Thanks. Marion Patterson, 928-636-5043,

                                  Mountain Spinners and Weavers Guild
                               Minutes of the General Meeting February 20, 2010

The meeting was called to order by President Anne Marston at 9:05 a.m.
Visitors attending today: Helen Ash and Kathleen Baldwin.
Minutes: January minutes were approved. M/S/V, Jeanne Zinda / Barbara Kiger / All.
1st VP: Mary Morel: Today’s program is by Daryl Lancaster. March will be the Silent Auction. April’s
presenter will be Leslie Loomis, a massage therapist. She will discuss dyeing, spinning and weaving
ergonomics. May’s program, by Jill Holbrook, will be “Spinning Through the Ages”. June will be Nancy
Wilson speaking on the criteria for yarn judging at competitive shows, and what judges look for. July is TBD.
August is the annual picnic, which Kathy Kelly wants to discuss. Trish Lange is a weaver from southern
California. Is there enough interest to invite her for a future program? The membership voted yes, so Mary will
get information on her programs and her availability.
2nd VP: Kathy Kelly: Our next event will be the Silent Auction in March. Tom Veatch volunteered to run the
auction. Mary Jane will help Tom with the financial side of the auction. The following event will be the
Mountain Artist Guild Spring Art Show, Mother’s Day weekend (May 8-9, 2010), at the Prescott Courthouse
Plaza. Diane Braun volunteered to take the lead for this event. The following event will be the Folk Art Fair,
June 5 & 6, 2010, at Sharlot Hall Museum. You must dress in period garments. Volunteers get in free. Sign-up
sheets will be available next month. Our picnic is normally held in July, but there is a conflict with the facility
we have used in the past. We can hold the picnic in August at that facility or move to another location for July.
The two choices were voted on by the membership,and it will be held in August, at the clubhouse, at Yavapai
Hills. (Mary reminded us that we need to vote on 2010-2011 board members in August. Anne said we should
vote via e-mail/mail). The Yavapai County Fair is September 30 – October 3, 2010. We will discuss that issue
more as the Fair gets closer.
Workshops: Barbara Albeck: Diane Braun’s knitting workshop was completed in January. We also just
completed Daryl Lancaster’s garment workshop, and everyone said it was great! March 27, 2010 Sharon
McFeely will do a felting tapestry workshop. It will be at Mountain Oaks School. April is TBD. Jill Holbrook
will do a 2-day workshop May 13-14, 2010 on “Color” (drum carding for color, spinning painted rovings, etc.,
…all about color). Jill’s workshop will be at the Mountain Artist Gallery. Don’t forget to check the Yahoo site
for workshop information and details.
Hospitality: Yvonne Johnson – Refreshments provided by: Luida Gottlieb, Gisela Gminder, and Mary Jane
Historian: Marilyn Smith – Nothing to add that has not already been covered today.
Librarian: Patti Perkins was absent today. Anne mentioned that she would try to get some used knitting books
for our Guild Library, if folks are interested. The membership said yes. Barbara Kiger, who works at the
Prescott Library, said they have lots of new fiber-related books available.
Membership: Caralee Roberts – We currently have 77 members.

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Page 6 MSW Newsletter March 2010

Newsletter: Diane Braun was absent today. As a regular reminder all inputs are due to Diane the Saturday
following the Guild meeting. Anne had Diane change the format of the recent newsletter. Diane has asked if the
members like the new format, and everyone said “yes”.
Parliamentarian: Debbie Allen – Everything continues to be okay.
Publicity: Margaret Espinoza was absent today. Anne says Margaret continues to do a good job on publicity.
Sunshine: Mary Bricker – Carolyn Haynes lost her husband this past week. Joanna Lines’ mother passed away,
and Carma Koester’s mother had a stroke.
Ways and Means: Carma Koester announced today’s raffle. Helen Ash donated a tapestry wall hanging. Carma
also added a “Navajo Weaver” and some assorted fibers. She has tote bags, sweatshirts and tee shirts for sale.
Old Business: Anne - The Fashion Show for 2010 still needs a volunteer to Chair the event. Yvonne Johnson
said she could Co-Chair but not Chair. We have a verbal on the rent-deposit for the facility but will need to firm
that up this week. MJ will put a $500 deposit which is fully refundable up to 60 days before the event. We must
decide soon if we want to have the event as some up-front scheduling needs to be started quickly. Anne will
send out a survey to the entire membership regarding the Fashion Show: Do you want a show? Will you have
items to sell? Can you volunteer to help? Sandy Evans suggested we make 3 baskets (kitchen items, wearable
items (scarves, hats, & mittens), and a yarn basket) for fundraising raffles, and the drawings can be held at the
Fashion Show. Anne - November 5 to December 1 is the Gallery Show at Yavapai College. Barbara Albeck –
Yavapai College has a Christmas Craft Show each year. The table space rent was $65 with a $25 tax fee. Those
entering can share the rental and fees. Barb will get information in case the Guild would like to pursue this as an
option. Anne – We still need a website person. The website is hosted through CommSpeed Internet Services.
We have our registered domain name, so we could change “hosts” if we need to. Anne can check monthly
charges for different “hosts”. We may have to start the website over, as no one can access the existing pages for
editing. Anne has a person who can help with the site set-up. Anne will report back at the next meeting.
New Business: None at present
Announcements: Anne – There is a Fiber Art Show at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix on March 5,
2010 for those who are interested. Nancy Wilson - The Verde Valley Weavers & Spinners Guild is sponsoring a
sales event February 27 on Peruvian Textiles. Everyone is welcome, but they do need an RSVP. The sale is at a
Guild member’s home. Mary Morel was in Yuma, AZ last week and met with some members of the Yuma
Spinners & Weavers Guild. They demonstrate on Tuesday and Thursday in the Quartermaster’s historical
building at the State Park. They told Mary to extend an open invitation to our Guild members. Lois Longfield
has samples of locker hooking. If anyone is interested in a workshop, please see her at the break. Barbara Gray
was able to send 29 blue knitted scarves to the Winter Special Olympics. All were knitted by Guild members.
Oleta Askerman for Diane Braun – There are some reminders regarding the Mother’s Day Plaza Show. The
Guild gets 5% of all sales. Tax will be collected at the point of sale. We have use of a credit card machine. All
who contribute items will share in the space rent. All items must be delivered by Thursday, May 6th. An
inventory sheet will be set up to account for all items. There are sign-up sheets for those interested in
participating. Anne will pass around the collection cup. If you forgot your name tag, you need to put in a
Show & Tell: The following members all shared vests they made at Daryl Lancaster’s workshop: Anne
Marston, Wilda Postel, Mary Morel, Marilyn Smith, Shelly Leichter, Barbara Kiger, Jo Manginelli, and Lauri
Hoover; Anne Marston – 3 knitted multi-directional diagonal scarves, several dyed skeins of handspun and
commercial yarn; Luida Gottlieb – Several skeins of Kool-Aid dyed handspun; Kathy Kelly – Multi-directional
diagonal scarf, several skeins of handspun and several waffle weave handwoven cotton towels; Debbie Allen –
Sample of “2-Color, 2-Handed” knitting from recent workshop; Mary Jane Hopf – A handwoven vest made
from hand-plied commercial yarn and a handwoven tencel scarf; Nancy Wilson – A knitted felted purse, sparkle
handspun yarn, handspun from an alpaca, combed top and brightly colored hand-dyed Shetland wool fibers
dyed in the crook pot; Pat Anna – Skein of handspun and a collapse-weave woolen merino scarf; Jeanne Zinda
– Mohair and wool fibers drum carded into batts; other batts of carded wool and a lace scarf, from Jeanne’s
handspun, that was crocheted by Cindy Faulkner; Marilyn Smith – Handspun and plied merino yarn.
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Page 7 MSW Newsletter March 2010

Special Interest Groups: Bobbin Lace, Beading, Spinning, and UFOs each reported that their groups are
continuing to meet regularly.
Motion to close meeting: M/S/V, Barbara Kiger / Mary Morel / All.
Meeting adjourned at 10:15 AM             Secretary: Marion Patterson

Today’s program presentation: “Great Garments from Handwoven Cloth” by Daryl Lancaster

             Diamond Valley Alpacas                            High Castle Traditional Crafts
   Alpaca fleece, rovings, and handspun luxury yarns      Handwoven, Handspun, and Handknitted Items
     Distributor of Ertoel Roberta Electronic Spinner     Cotswold Sheep, Yarn, Supplies, and Classes
            Barbara Albeck       520-831-3242              Diane Braun, Proprietor          Wilhoit, AZ       928-442-9291

              Peaceful Prairie Ranch                               Dreamweaver Alpacas
          Alpaca Sales - Breeding - Boarding              Specializing in alpaca products for fiber artists
        Alpaca fleece, fiber, yarn, and products                    Yarn, roving, and raw fiber
         Wendy Dittbrenner 928-848-0267                   Sharon and Gary Travis Prescott Valley, AZ 928-775-4669

                                           Camp Verde Llamas
                                   Llamas, alpacas, and Shetland sheep
                                Fleece, fiber, rovings, and hand-dyed yarn
                        Homegrown fiber, Eucalan wool wash, Greener Shade dyes
                                Chris and Nancy Wilson Camp Verde, AZ

                                                                        A Good Yarn
                                                                   220 W Goodwin St. Suite 6
                                                                       Prescott AZ 86303

                                                        Store Hours: M,T,Th,Fr,Sa 10-5; Wed. 10-7:30
                                                        Knit & Sip last Friday of every month (one is
                                                        coming up!) 5:30-7:30
                                                        Wide selection of natural fibers; soy silk, corn
                                                        silk, wools, cottons, banana silk, and bamboo.
                                                        Classes change from week to week from
                                                        beginner to advanced. Pick up a calendar or get
                                                        on the email list for weekly updates.
                                                        Debra Dorrell        email


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Spring Sale!!! We are once again trying to make more room here at the Studio. As a result, we are having
25% off the price of all in-stock standard weaving loom reeds. All in-stock baby yarns are also 25% off.

Our classes are ongoing: Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Crochet, and Knitters Loom.

“Tips and Tricks” is filled, but we have room in our other classes.

Thank you for your support!!!

                                                                          Conne and Patti

Mountain Spinners & Weaver Guild
PO Box 1820
Prescott, AZ 86303

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