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					                         Chapter 736 News
April 2012                                                          Butte County Schools
                                                                       CSEA Chapter 736

                                                 Message from our President
 1   Message from our President                Hello 736 Members,
                                               There is a lot of activity happening in our chapter,
 1   Classified School Employee Week           and we are asking for your help. The chapter is
 2                                             very busy with upcoming events, and we are
     Help us get the Protect Schools and       looking for volunteers to serve on the Audit
     Public Safety Initiative on the ballot!   Committee, the Classified School Employees Week
 3   Members Benefits                          (CSEW) Committee, and the BSSP Employee
                                               Advisory Committee.
 3   From our Site Representative              We currently have an opportunity for someone to
 4   Administrative Professionals Day          be a representative from our chapter at BSSP
                                               Employee Advisory Committee Meetings. This is our
                                               opportunity to voice our concerns to the Board and
                                               have our questions answered. The committee
                                               person would need to attend BSSP Employee
     Classified Employees                      Advisory Committee meetings. Anyone who is
                                               interested in being on this committee, who has an
                                               interest and understanding of insurance, should let
        A Legacy of Service                    me know.
                                               BSSP has also created a Wellness Committee.
                                               Susan Rizzo has been appointed to the Wellness
                                               The Executive Board is also looking for members
                                               who are interested in serving on the Fundraising
                                               Committee. We need 2-3 people who can come up
                                               with ideas for raising funds for our chapter and
  Classified School Employee                   who can coordinate these activities.
              Week                             We are also preparing for our annual CSEW BBQ.
                                               Anyone interested in being on this 4-5 person
        Chapter 736 BBQ                        committee should let me know. It is time to start
                                               working on the planned events. More information
                May 24, 2012                   will be sent to members in the coming weeks.
                                               Lastly, I regretfully inform you that Penny Martinez
         11:30 am – 1:00 pm                    has resigned from her position as Chapter
          Bicentennial Park                    Secretary. Penny does not have the time,
                                               presently, to devote to this position. The position
     • Raffle       • Guest Speakers           requires one to attend chapter meetings and
                                               Executive Board meetings to take Minutes. It is
     • 50/50        • Tri-Tip & Chicken        estimated that approximately 6 hours per month is
                                               devoted to this position. The Executive Board has
  Nominate Member of the Year!                 no nominations at this time. Anyone interested in
                                               being the secretary for our chapter should contact
                                               Chapter President, Tammy Long.
                                               In Solidarity,
 Best Department Basket Competition            Tammy Long, Chapter President
     Page 2 of 4                                                                               Chapter 736 News

                                        The clock is ticking…

                                                            Help us get the Protect Schools and
                                                            Public Safety Initiative on the ballot!

                                        Our schools and colleges desperately need more funding to get out of this endless
                                        cycle of budget cuts. Every year, more classified employees and teachers are laid off
                1940s                   and our students suffer the consequences.
In the years following World War II,
                                        Gov. Jerry Brown announced in January that his budget for next year is tied to his
    CSEA established itself as an
                                        ballot measure to raise more revenue for the state budget. Soon after, two other
  important part of the education
                                        ballot measures were announced by independent groups.
    community. In just 10 years,        Last week, CSEA worked with the governor and others to reach a compromise with
  membership shot up from 1,400         backers of one of the alternatives, and CSEA’s Board of Directors has endorsed this
 members to nearly 10,000. Having       compromise ballot measure.
  found strength in numbers, CSEA
                                        Now we have just a short window of time to collect enough petition signatures to
  demanded that basic rights and
                                        qualify the initiative for the November ballot. Volunteering just a bit of your time
benefits, which had been enjoyed by
                                        right now could prevent further layoffs down the road. Contact your Field Office to
teachers for years, should finally be   volunteer today!
 extended to classified employees.
                                        The Protect Schools and Public Safety Initiative would raise up to $9 billion to help
                                        fund schools and colleges by temporarily increasing the state sales tax by a quarter-
   CSEA Chapter 736                     percent and the income tax rate on high-income filers. The sales tax increase would
                                        last four years and the income tax increases would last seven years.
  Contact Information
                                        If voters approve the governor’s initiative, public education will get at least $2.5
                                        billion in new funding, and the rest of the new revenues would help to close the
General Questions / Referrals           expected budget gap in 2012-13.
Site Representative:                    The other revenue measure trying to qualify for the November ballot is sponsored by
Melissa Sanders                         wealthy L.A. lawyer Molly Munger and the state PTA. While it has laudable goals, it                       has some key shortcomings.
Job-Related Problems / Grievances       Budget experts generally agree that it could result in even more pressure to suspend
                                        the state’s Proposition 98 minimum school funding guarantee. It also does not bring
Chapter President:
                                        in any additional education funding for the budget year, and it could result in
Tammy Long                              triggering $4 billion in cuts if the governor’s initiative does not also pass.
                                        Further complicating the budget picture, the Munger initiative doesn’t substantively
Labor Relations Rep.:                   provide revenue to the non-education side of the budget, so programs for the needy,
                                        disabled, seniors and low-income families will be slashed. At the same time, it
Jack Metcalf
                                        increases taxes on almost all income earners, while the governor’s initiative focuses
                                        income tax increases on the super rich.
Dues / Membershp Questions
                                        CSEA and classified employees care about the “whole child” and the families of our
Chapter Treasurer                       students. That is why we are strongly supporting Gov. Brown’s compromise
Sandy Brugger                           initiative, which will fund education and other important programs and solve the                       California budget crisis.

News Items                              “We can’t afford to take the risk that voters could reject new revenues in
                                        November,” said Association President Allan Clark. “The governor’s ballot measure
Public Relations Officer                has the broadest support and the best chance at passing in November. It provides
JoAnn Rizzo                             more money for education and begins to reduce the state’s budget deficit.”
                                        Clark says without the new revenues generated by the governor’s education funding
Pre-Retirement Resource                 initiative, the state’s budget shortfalls are expected to continue over the next five
                                        years. The state’s Department of Finance has estimated a budget shortfall of $9.2
Chapter                                 billion in 2012-13, and annual budget deficits of about $5 billion thereafter.
Pre-Retirement Resource Person
Ellie Watson                            “If we continue to face state budget cuts every year, we are certainly going to see                        more classified layoffs,” Clark said. “That’s why we have to make sure we get
                                        enough signatures to get this initiative on the November ballot.”
            Chapter 736 News                                                                        Page 3 of 4

                    EREST       What are Members Benefits?                                             FR
What are Member Benefits?                                Retirement Assistance and Education
Member Benefits provides economic advantage to           Know your CalPERS rights. For expert assistance, call
CSEA members above and beyond the benefits               Nadine Franklin at 800-632-2128, ext. 1205.
fought for through collective bargaining process at      And so much more!
the local and state levels. You get your dues            Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Plans (for assistance,
money back in form of savings on things you and          cal Deb Jachens at 800-632-2128, ext. 1309), Legal
your family need!                                        Referral, Auto Insurance and many more discounts and
Obtain Discounts on: Amusements and attractions          services through Union Plus and Union Safe made
from Disneyland to Blue and Gold Fleet at Pier 39        possible through our affiliation with AFL-CIO.
to Legoland. Hotels nationwide, Amtrak,
Honeybaked Ham, Panera, See’s Candies, Movie             Easy to use
Tickets, Rental Cars, Bob’s flowers…Water Parks,         Go to or call us directly
Oregon Shakespeare Festival…Dell computers,              at 1-866-487-2732
AT&T Wireless, Spas & Salons, Health Clubs,
Discount Golf, Pet services including discounts on
veterinarian services and pet insurance…Wow!
Obtain Financial Assistance for you and your
family: Education Grants and Scholarships for your
child, spouse and yourself! Chase Bank mortgages,
Credit Cards with exclusive benefits, Credit
Unions, Credit counseling, and more.

                                                       Use your CSEA Membership Card
 Member Benefits
                                                      Every CSEA member is issued a CSEA Membership Card.
                                                      Present this card to participating vendors and receive a
 CSEA Scholarship Services
                                                      discount of up to 15 percent off the standard price.
 CSEA's Scholarship Program provides
 CSEA members and their families
 with a wide range of educational                     If you have lost your card and need a replacement, call
 assistance. Applications are due                     (800) 632-2128, ext. 1253.

 Union Plus Mortgage
 It pays to have a Union
 Plus mortgage from Chase. Active
 and retired union members, their
 parents and children can access                                      From your
 these exclusive benefits...More                                 Site Representative
 Free gas card
 Get a $100 gas card with purchase of         I would like to introduce you to our Site Representative, Melissa
 a new auto insurance policy from             Sanders. Melissa acts as the primary contact for employees and is the
 UIP...More                                   two-way communication link between the union and the member.
                                              She will refer any employee’s with problems to the correct person for
 Provident Credit Union                       further action.
 When you open a Provident Checking
 account, Provident will give you $50         If you have any questions or need information regarding member
 and donate another $50 to your
                                              benefits, union dues, membership or have a concern, please contact
 CSEA chapter...More
                                              Melissa at .
     Page 4 of 4                                                                          Chapter 736 News

The Chapter 736 News is
published monthly except for                                                    April 25, 2012
July and August is a
publication of CSEA Chapter                                        Administrative Professionals Day

Chapter 736 News is also
available at the Chapter 736
                                   Administrative Professionals Day will mark its 60th anniversary on April 25, 2012.
website where you’ll find
                                   Over those decades, the job of an administrative professional has changed
more information about CSEA
                                   dramatically thanks to new tools, techniques and seismic shifts in the economy
trainings, activities,
                                   and culture itself. But admins have remained the steady center of efficiency
negotiations, and other issues
                                   through it all, helping ensure that jobs get done right and on time. In a world
important to members of
                                   that demands the accurate and speedy movement of digital information, admins
CSEA Chapter 736.
                                   are masters of data. And they do this while maintaining their more traditional         role as the gatekeeper. Quite simply, admins are the pulse of the office.

Please send your ideas,
articles, opinions, questions
and comments to:
JoAnn Rizzo, CPRO

Butte County Office of Education
                                                            Mark your Calendar!
1859 Bird Street
                                                                    736 Chapter Meeting
Oroville, CA 95965                                                    April 11, 2012
(530) 530-5668                                                     12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
                                                                      Lincoln Center

  CSEA Chapter 736
  PO BOX 2601
  Oroville, CA 95965

                                               RECIPIENT NAME
                                               STREET ADDRESS
                                               CITY, ST ZIP CODE

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