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    Competitive Advantages:
                                                         Location:
                                                            Tsageri, Racha-
   Aboriginal grape varieties used for producing
                                                            Lechkhumi Region,
    premium wines;
   Historic Racha-Lechkhumi region;                        Western Georgia
   Proximity to Georgia’s 3rd biggest city Kutaisi;
   Opportunity to cultivate aboriginal vine and         Area:
    thus increase vineyard areas.                            20 371M2 in Orbeli
                                                             village, 26 076 M2 in
    Financial Information:                                   Tvishi village
   Capital (Consolidated): GEL 282 600 – USD
    171 720 (By 31/08/2011);                             Activity:
   Land: 20 371M2 in Orbeli village, 26 076 M2 in          Wine production and
    Tvishi village;                                         distribution
   Building/Premises: 5 215M2 in Orbeli, 2
    035M2 in Tvishi.
                                                         Available raw
                                                          Material in the
                                                          Region : 1 250 tons

                                                         Plant processing
                                                          Capacity: 500 tons

                                                         Ownership: State

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Orbeli wine plant is located in the centre of north-western historic part of Georgia Racha-
Lechkhumi in the city of Tsageri which falls in the range of Orbeli and Tvishi micro-zones. The
remarkable grape varieties such as Tsolikauri, Usakhelauri, Ojaleshi, Aleksandrouli, and
Mujuretuli are grown here. Exclusively high quality wines are made of red grape varieties
Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli (e.g. Kvanchkara). The most expensive grape variety in Georgia
Usakhelauri is cultivated here. High enough demand is also on Tsolikauri which is used in
making a well-known wine Tvishi. All time popular Kvanchkara micro-zone is in this region.

Orbeli plant has been recently merged with Tvishi wine plant in the same region and is in
the process of restructuring. The merge served the purpose of creating a modern plant
that will operate on the platform of Orbeli and Tvishi joint plants and initially produce
375 000 bottles of premium wines from endemic grapes of that region.
Both Orbeli and Tvishi wine plants are well supplied with electricity and water. The latter
is remarkable for its chemical substances and flavor. The plants have several decades of
experience in winemaking and generally produced and distributed wine in bulks.

The region is rich with many signature grape varieties which will be the most attractive
advantage of the modern wine plant. New Orbeli plant can be well designed to become
the premium wine producer and attract its market niche among the premium wine

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