AAC Evaluations: �Tools for the Road�

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					         AAC Evaluations Simplified: Using a “Toolkit Approach”

                             Debby McBride, MS, CCC-SLP
                               Information also included from:
                            Elizabeth (Libby) Rush, MS, CCC-SLP

The CD that you will receive at the end of this session contains a variety of
resources and materials which we will be covering

This session will offer both a “roadmap” and an evaluation “toolkit” to provide success
and ease of evaluating an individual with a severe expressive communication disorder.

Toolkit approach
    Evaluate the simplest needs of the emerging communicator to the most
       sophisticated needs of the independent communicator.

      Low-cost ways which assess the skills of the individual as well as the features of
       the devices which may benefit them

      Demonstration of tools used to assess individuals

      Premade materials and low-tech versions will be shared

“Tool” included in the toolkit will be demonstrated
    Low-tech options

      Battery operated tools for cause-effect

      Simple voice output options

      Progressive digitized device

      Computer with access (touchscreen, switch adaptors)

      Communication software (free and commercially available)
Additional resources to assist organizing and completing paperwork
   Templates for gathering information, case histories, etc.

      Templates to assist in your evaluation; - gather information for physical, sensory,
       cognitive, communication functions, symbol usage, language representation, etc.

      Report templates to assist in writing reports

CD provided will include the following options:
   Toolkit list with pictures, description, and vendor information
   Copies of templates for gathering information, assessment, and reports
   Flyers on 75 AAC devices from major manufacturers
   Blank device comparison charts
   Discount on Lite-Tech Low Cost AAC Chart – code will be provided
   Free trial of Device Assistant

Additional notes / resources.

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