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									Future of Cell Regenerations and Medications

Stem Cell Research

Many scientists are researching to make ways of using the stem cell for the damaged tissues
to be regenerate. If they come found any ways and it can be use as a therapy for many
diseases. Diseases like diabetes, Parkinson's, hearts illnesses, Alzheimer's and much other
condition. Although it's still impossible to tell if this will happen, scientists are still putting
much effort to study the reproductive property of cell and its biology. Stem cell research
articles includes that the knowledge is also can be used to drug development and testing.

Stem Cell

Stem cell is one of the building blocks in human body. They are important cell because they
have the ability to be any different type of cells. With this property that the said cell posses,
the professionals are eager to know the capability of the cell for medications. The said ability
of the cell to be another type is one good thing to help the damage body tissues to be
regenerated. Today, they can be artificial grown to be a specially sell type. The information
is given in many stem cell research articles nowadays.

Different Types of Stem Cell

In some stem cell research articles, it is said that the scientists have some debate when it
comes to this stem cell typing.

*Embryonic Stem Cell

This type of stem cell is unique for its ability to be a skin cell up to a brain cell. It is usually
from the couples undergoing treatment and be donated. In five to six days after fertilization,
the cell begins to differentiate into outer and inner mass cell.

Differentiation means cell changed to have a particular type or function.

*Adult Stem Cell

It can be found to children or adults body. This type is all over the human body but it’s hard
to isolate and be identified. Unlike the embryonic stem cell, scientists can tell if this type
have the ability to be any other type of tissues. Generally the cell has small numbers inside
the body, but can be found in many body tissues. But the used of this stem cell don’t sparks
controversy in any stem cell articles unlike with the embryonic stem cell because the
production of the adult stem cell don’t required destroying the embryo.

*Fetal Stem Cell

This cell can be found in the blood from the placenta or in the umbilical cord. They can also
be found in the aborted fetus. This cell can differentiate and some retain its ability to change
into something else. The advantages of this cell are it’s easy to collect and does have lower
rates for rejection than the bone marrow transplant.

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