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									              The Benefits of Rice Are Not Solely Dietary Ones
The benefits of rice in a healthy diet are well documented. Rice is low in fat and
calories but high in fiber and other nutrients. However, the benefits of rice are
not restricted to dietary gains alone.

Benefits for Asian Farmers
      Rice can be grown in even the poorest of soil conditions.

      By selling the rice that they grow, farmers in poor countries earn just
       enough income for survival.

      The water that accumulates around the rice plants can be used to irrigate
       other crops.

      Frogs and some insects prey upon insects that are harmful to crops. The
       raised "rice patties" offer protection to these frogs and insects from larger
       predators like snakes.

Benefits for Consumers
      Rice is a versatile food that can be a meal on its own or combined with
       other foods to add bulk, nutrition and flavor to meals.

      Rice is a low-cost way to feed an entire family.

      Rice does not require expensive, complicated cookware. It is quick and easy
       to prepare.

Benefits for the Economy
      The taxes levied on countries exporting goods to the United States, adds
       billions of dollars to our economy every year.

      vThe revenues gained from the annual purchases of rice by American
       customers also bolster our economy.

      Allowing the import of rice from poorer countries helps build strong ties
       between the United States and these developing nations.

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