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					Her introduction to showbiz was accidental. Khawar Riaz, a Fashion photographer, seen her in a party
moreover created her a modeling offer which she initially refused. following taking permission since
home, she started modeling. Her biggest fracture was Faakhir's song Dilruba. Shafaat feels that it's the
best fragment of her petite career. The thought of the video was conceived, keeping her in intellect.

Amina Shafaat have worked with several photographers including Khawer Riaz, Rehan Qureshi moreover
Rizwan Beig. Amina is best identified, as the model who refused to wear sleeveless dresses. People into
the fashion industry predicted that her career will be petite-lived also she would get very little employment
into industry, yet she continued to be part of several TV commercials. She have worked into many TV
commercials - Pantene, Everyday, Fair & Lovely, Lipton, Sony, Paktel Tango also Nestle Pure existence
to name a little. She was at her prime when she gone modeling into early 2006.

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