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									Panasonic lumix FS30 Review- Indeed, a Portable Pocket Camera

It is very common to a lot of Panasonic lumix FS30 review that the Lumix FS30 was released together
with the FS33. Well, except for that information, our review will underline the fact that this camera has a
humble and affordable price. As a matter of fact, these two cameras are the same, in spite the Lumix FS30
lack a touchscreen LCD, has a smaller monitor, and a little but different layout of its buttons on the rear.
The usual price of this camera in the UK market is £179.99. This camera is still the best, though its price
may increase when you bought it to the shopping malls and various store since it is always the perfect
choice to choose this camera as your buddy as you travel everywhere.

With regards to the features of the Panasonic lumix FS30, this is also detailed in our Panasonic lumix
FS30 review. The features you can expect in this affordable camera are the 14 megapixel resolution, a
powerful 8x optical zoom lens, and the capability to record HD movies. In other words, with these main
features, you will already realize that this camera is really worth the value of your money.

As we all know, a lot of people have been interested to the Panasonic’s FS series. As a result, it is not that
surprising to know that the Panasonic lumix FS30 has been the choice of travellers lately. And this is one
of the reasons why we have created this Panasonic lumix FS30 review. Our own review of Lumix FS30
wants to stress out as well that this camera is an excellent camera to use. This camera also features the
Intelligent Auto mode in which the scene recognition is definitely a quick and accurate one, thanks to its
button that you can quickly press in order to access the intelligent auto mode. The implication of that
feature is that it is relatively fast to focus, thus it gives you the opportunity to capture everything.

In addition to the previous Panasonic lumix FS30 review, the normal picture mode of the Panasonic
lumix FS30 also offers a manual ISO setting. In fact, it is a well resourced for shooting based on tripod
with a slowest shutter speed of about 8 seconds and a nigh scene modes which is perfect for longer
exposure. The system of this camera doesn’t let down its potential users compare to those compact
cameras with long telephotos that requires excellent optical image stabilization.

Above all, this camera offers unfailingly consistent images that are delivered with minimal case. The
reason why this camera offers a higher variety of creative framing choices compare to what you have
typically expect from various point and shoot cameras is its powerful 8x optical zoom reach. Aside from
that, its 14 megapixel is also one of the highest resolutions which are available in the market today. On
the whole, this camera feels good and indeed a portable pocket camera, making it perfect for every

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