Dreamland Bali One Of The Best Beach In Bali (DOC) by yorrocinet6


									Dreamland Bali, located on the hill of Unggasan village, one path to GWK Cultural
Park. Dreamland beach is locations is very remote, and you should ask the local
people after you pass the GWK Cultural Park.

Dreamland Bali One Of The Best Beach In Bali
Because it is in a remote beach, this make Dreamland beach is much cleaner than
Kuta beach. On this beach, there are more foreign tourists than local tourists. Perhaps
because the waves are big, very suitable for sports enthusiasts of surfing, and clean
white sand beaches, which gives the impression of comfort, when you are sitting or
lying on the beach. This is why we choose Dreamland beach as one of the place to go
in Bali.
To enter the location of Dreamland beach Bali, there is no entrance fee only parking
fee for Rp 2.000 for car parking. If you are not a person who likes to swim at the
beach, I suggest you should not go to this beach, because the location of Dreamland
Bali very far away, and to return back from this beach to the other tourist sites, you
will be exposed to severe traffic jam on the road by-pass Ngurah Rai.
But for those of you who like the beach and want a beach with clean white sand, then
this is a tourist spot, is a place that you should visit during holiday in Bali. We
recommend for you who are for the first time go to dreamland beach, accompany by
people who have known and know about the location of Dreamland Bali. Because
for people who for the first time come to Dreamland beach Bali, will be a little
difficult to find the location of this beach.

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