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									                                                                                                                                                                 June/July 2003

                                                                                                                                                         Single payer health care:
                                                                                                                                                         N.E. agenda advances ................2

                                                                                                                                                         President’s column: Making
                                                                                                                                                         the case for safe staffing .............3
  THE NEWSLETTER         OF THE    MASSACHUSETTS NURSES ASSOCIATION                     ■             ■   VOL. 74 NO. 5
500 RN’s flood June 18 Statehouse hearing                                                                                                                 MNA on Beacon Hill:
                                                                                                                                                         Legislative update .......................4
1 in 3 RNs attribute patient deaths to understaffing                                                                                                      Political Pulse:
   A study of RNs in Massachusetts released
                                                                                                                                                         Rep. Vincent Pedone ...................5
last month establishes that poor RN-to-patient
ratios are resulting in significant harm and
                                                                                                                                                         MNA Convention:
even death for patients. According to the
survey, 87 percent of nurses report having
                                                                                                                                                         Schedule & registration ............6-7
too many patients to care for, and the results
are devastating to patients:                                                                                                                             Health & safety ........................8-9
    • Alarmingly, nearly one in three
      nurses (29 percent) report patient                                                                                                                 Two MNA bargaining units
      deaths directly attributable to having                                                                                                             named best nursing team .........10
      too many patients to care for
    • 67 percent report an increase in medi-                                                                                                             UMass/Memorial RNs
      cation errors due to understaffing                                                                                                                  ratifiy agreement........................10
    • 64 percent report an increase in com-
      plications due to understaffing                                                                                                                     Newton nurses demonstrate
    • 54 percent report readmission of                                                                                                                   the power of organizing .............11
      patients due to understaffing
    • 52 percent report injury and harm to                                                                                                               MNF nursing scholarships.........12
      patients do to understaffing
    • 1 in 2 nurses report that poor staffing                                                                                                             Benefits Corner .........................12
      leads to longer stays for patients
   “These shocking conditions exist right                                                                                                                MNA elections:
here in Massachusetts, a state that is known
                                                  Julie Pinkham, MNA’s executive director, presents the findings from a survey of Mas-                    Candidate information ..........14-16
around the world as a medical mecca,” said
Karen Higgins, RN, president of the MNA           sachusetts RNs to a packed room during the June 18 press conference.
                                                                                                                                                         MNA condemns Tenet-SEIU
and one of the spokespeople who released
the survey results at MNA’s State House press     area hospitals, follows three national studies      and continue to exacerbate the current nurs-
                                                                                                                                                         neutrality pact ...........................17
conference on June 18.                            that paint an equally dismal picture of the         ing shortage.
   The survey, the first in nine years to          quality and safety of patient care, spelling          It was commissioned by the MNA and               Continuing Education ...........18-19
examine Massachusetts nurses’ views on the        out in detail the conditions in Massachusetts
quality of patient care and nurse staffing in      that endanger patients and that have caused                                                            MNA Member Benefits ..............20
                                                                                                                                  See Rally, Page 5

MNA Board recommends revamp of district structure
   At its meeting in May, the MNA Board                                                               and the collective bargaining units that are           MNA Convention 2003
of Directors passed a motion that will put                                                            included in the district.
                                                                                                                                                         Save the date for the annual MNA
forward a series of bylaw changes drafted                                                                In creating a new structure, the districts
at a special District Leaders Summit that                                                             will be renamed “regional councils,” with          convention: October 15, 16 & 17
call for a major restructuring of the MNA’s                                                           membership in the councils based on where          in Worcester. Featured speakers
districts—the regional entities that provide                                                              each MNA member lives versus where             include Anita Hill, former Boston
members with opportunities for participation                                                               he/she works. This change was made            Globe reporter Larry Tye and labor
and action on the local and regional level.       contact Shirley Duggan at 781-                           in order to foster local community and        union specialist Paul McCarthy. For
   The summit was mandated by a vote of           830-5763.                                                political involvement by nurses in differ-    more convention information and
the MNA membership at last year’s conven-            The MNA is currently divided                          ent regions of the state. Each council will   registration details, see Pages 6&7
tion. The motion called for the leaders of the    into five districts, each of which                         have the same mission and purpose, will      or call the MNA Department of Nurs-
MNA districts to come together to explore         covers a different region of the state.                   be required to comply with the MNA           ing at 800-882-2056, x727.
ways for the MNA regional structure to be         District 1 of MNA, for example, encompasses         bylaws and also will work in concert with
more responsive to the local membership. The      nurses who live in western Massachusetts -          the goals and mission of the statewide orga-
group, with representation and participation      from Hampden County to the New York                 nization. To make the councils more inclusive
by four of the five districts, held a series of    boarder. A portion of MNA membership dues           of union members, each local bargaining unit
meetings throughout the winter and spring         go to the district to which a nurse belongs. The    within the boundaries of the council will have
and presented its recommended bylaw               districts serve as a localized structure within     a seat on the board of directors, with elections           For the latest
changes to local boards and to the MNA            MNA to help nurses in those regions pursue          held for seven other seats.                                developments
board in May.                                     initiatives specific to them.                           In addition, regional council dues will be
   With its vote, the Board of Directors gives       The district structure has existed since 1930,   made uniform across all five councils at $30
                                                                                                                                                               impacting nurses,
the MNA Bylaws Committee the approval to          and little or no change has been made to it         per member. This was done to provide equity                   visit the
prepare the changes for presentation to the       during that 70-year period. Under the exist-        across the regions. To ensure that each region             MNA Web site,
entire membership body at the MNA Annual          ing structure, members in different districts       has a similar level of service to meet member
Business Meeting, which will be held on Oct.      pay a different level of dues. Each district has    needs, a certain percentage of regional dues
16 at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. The full       its own set of bylaws and holds its own elec-       will be pooled into a common fund, with
text of the bylaws will appear in the August      tion of officers. In addition, the mission and       those funds allocated to establish offices in
issue of the Massachusetts Nurse, and will also   purpose of each district differs from district      each region and to allow for the hiring of a
be available on line at       to district. Under the existing structure there     community organizer to assist in mobilizing
To obtain a hard copy of the bylaws by mail,      was a lack of a strong link between the district    support for local activities.
Page 2                                                                           Massachusetts Nurse                                                                             June/July 2003

                                                  Nurses’ Guide to Single-Payer Reform
Single payer agenda advances in New England
              By Cissy White
   New England residents worried about                                                                                                                  that a lack of it is dangerous and costly to
health costs and coverage have state leg-                                                                                                               residents and the Legislature, which will face
islatures reviewing single-payer system                                                                                                                 a health care crisis that will only get worse if
options. Outlined below is a state-by-state                                                                                                             the system is unchanged. The report said, “All
breakdown.                                                                                                                                              people concerned abut health care in Rhode
                                                                                                                                                        Island will increasingly have to choose among
Maine                                                                                                                                                   three things—greater human suffering, soar-
   The consultants who performed the “Fea-                                                                                                              ing spending, and reform.”
sibility Study of a Single-Payer Health Plan                                                                                                               “As for Massachusetts and Maine,” Socolar
Model for the State of Maine” concluded that                                                                                                            says, “one of the positive things coming out
the model could provide all Maine residents                                                                                                             of the studies is the recognition of how huge
with coverage and reduce health care spend-                                                                                                             the waste is in the current administration of
ing by 2008.                                                                                                                                            health care.”
   “It’s a very positive finding,” said Maine                                                                                                               Copies of the full reports may be viewed at:
State Nurses Association’s (MSNA) Executive                                                                                                             Maine:
Director Pat Philbrook, RN. “My initial reac-                                                                                                           Mass:
tion was, ‘That’s doable.’ My second reaction                                                                                                           Rhode Island:
was, ‘Why didn’t they find us savings until                                                                                                              Under C: Health Care for all section
   Philbrook believes savings will be larger
than what the consultants projected because
they did not factor in savings incurred over
several years when residents have access to
preventative medicine. Hypothetically, she
explains, someone can have bronchitis and
not seek treatment because they don’t have           “It’s a total capitulation to insurance agen-   ability just finished work on an economic
insurance. “They end up in the ER with pneu-      cies,” said RN Judith Shindul-Rothschild,          feasibility study of universal health care in
monia, which is more costly,” she said. “When     Ph.D., who represented MNA on the legisla-         Rhode Island commissioned by the Gen-
you start to put money into prevention—that’s     tive advisory committee. “The final report          eral Assembly. The report determined that
where long-lasting savings are.”                  pushed for incremental reform, which would         health care coverage could be provided to
   According to the consultants, Mathematica      maintain administrative structures. They set it    all residents and the state could save 3.6
Policy Research, Inc., a single-payer system      up to keep insurance companies, which led to       percent on health spending. Two universal              Mark your calendar
will increase jobs, appeal to small businesses    ridiculously low administrative savings.”          health care plans were presented. In each,
that can’t afford to provide health care cover-      O’Malley says LECG researchers failed to        private insurance and out-of-pocket pay-             Public hearing on single payer bill,
age, and protect residents who are uninsured      capture those savings because of insurance         ments were eliminated. And each was able            S.686: Mass. Health Care Trust Fund
or underinsured and are going broke trying        companies’ overhead. The report states that,       to provide coverage to the underinsured and                    Wednesday, Oct. 8
to pay for health care.                           in Massachusetts, almost 40 cents of every         the uninsured.
   Philbrook serves on the Health Security        dollar spent on health care goes to adminis-          The findings suggested that reform is not                     Mass. Statehouse
Board, established by the legislature to          trative costs. “In every other industrialized      only necessary, feasible and cost-effective, but
study the feasibility of a single-payer plan.     nation of the world, 90 to 95 percent of every
The board will make a report to the legislature   health care dollar goes to health care,” said
this month and introduce a bill to keep the
committee together until 2004 so it can work
                                                  O’Malley. “In Massachusetts, it’s 40 percent
                                                  overhead and 60 percent going to health
                                                                                                     Top 10 reasons why Massachusetts should
on a transition plan. “My guess is that we’ll     care.”                                             pass single payer legislation
have all details worked out by 2004, imple-          While the report notes that health care
                                                                                                      1. All piecemeal attempts to improve the health care system, while keeping it market-
mented by 2005 and, by 2006, a plan that will     costs are becoming “prohibitive,” it fails to
                                                                                                          based, ultimately fail.
cover everyone,” Philbrook said.                  detail the human and financial costs exacted
                                                                                                      2. Repeated studies have shown that only a single payer system can ever assure truly
   “We’re the only industrialized nation in       on residents if the health care system is not
                                                                                                          universal coverage.
the world that doesn’t cover everyone,” she       reformed.
                                                                                                      3. Single payer reform at the state level is the most likely path to universal coverage.
said. “Ethically, nurses are patients’ advo-         “The single-payer coalition calls on the
                                                                                                      4. Single payer is politically feasible. 80 percent of doctors, nurses, employers, hospital
cates. We’re not doing our job if people are      legislature to look at the shocking administra-
                                                                                                          managers, health plan managers, and the general public believe either that fundamental
not getting care.”                                tive cost and growing numbers of uninsured,
                                                                                                          change is necessary or we need to completely rebuild the system.
                                                  then authorize the [health advisory] board to
                                                                                                      5. Single payer provides a level playing field for all businesses and employers, and
Massachusetts                                     reconvene and do work [LECG] should have
                                                                                                          between businesses of the U.S. and other nations. It also allows workers to leave a job
  The Massachusetts Legislature appro-            done” says O’Malley. “MASS-CARE will
                                                                                                          without losing their health insurance.
priated $250,000 to study “Feasibility of         share several other reports with the state
                                                                                                      6. We’d pay for health care only once, in the simplest fashion possible. Currently, we pay
Consolidated Health Care Financing and            legislature showing how a true single-payer
                                                                                                          for health care many times over: from our paychecks, premiums, price of goods and
Streamlined Health Care Delivery in Mas-          plan works and pushing for legislation.
                                                                                                          services, taxes, auto insurance, workers’ compensation, and out-of-pocket expenses.
sachusetts.” The report, recently released           “No system will ever be perfect,” she says.
                                                                                                      7. It’s good for society. Universal health care has a positive impact on individuals’ ability
by LECG consultants, has some advocates           “But I know that is so far superior to any other
                                                                                                          to learn and work.
of universal health care questioning the          system. The baby boomers are about to hit
                                                                                                      8. The quality of health care will be improved through provision of primary care to every-
report’s value.                                   with a huge demand for care. From moral,
                                                                                                          one, attention to public health, comprehensive planning, return of decision-making to
  “It was very clear that they were to provide    fiscal and professional perspective, this is
                                                                                                          health professionals and patients, and public participation in health policy-making,
the legislature with a roadmap for universal      something we absolutely have to do.”
                                                                                                          including the protection of essential community hospitals.
health care and consolidated financing,”                                                               9. We can afford it. When 95-99 percent of current health care spending goes to care, we
said Peggy O’Malley, RN, chairperson for          Rhode Island
                                                                                                          can cover everyone, provide a wider range of benefits than most people now receive,
MASS-CARE, the Massachusetts Campaign                “Overall, I think what comes out is affected
                                                                                                          reduce drug prices, greatly expand access to home care and long-term care, and elimi-
for Single-Payer Health Care, a coalition of 80   by what goes in. You don’t see a lot of savings
                                                                                                          nate deductibles, co-payments and most out-of-pocket expenditures.
organizations, including the Massachusetts        if you don’t look for them,” says Debra Soco-
                                                                                                      10. It’s the right thing to do. It is intolerable that thousands go without care while we waste
Nurses Association (MNA). “They spent too         lar, M.P.H., who directs the Health Reform
                                                                                                          billions on unproductive private insurance and paper pushing. Single payer provides
much of their time and our money creating         Program with Alan Sager, Ph.D., at the Boston
                                                                                                          a world class health care system that affirms the worth and dignity of every human
three models. Two don’t meet the mandate          University School of Public Health.
and one isn’t really single-payer. Naturally,        Socolar and Sager, known nationally for
                                                                                                       Created by MASS-CARE, the Massachusetts Campaign for Single Payer Health Care
we’re very disappointed.”                         their work on health care access and afford-
June/July 2003                                                                    Massachusetts Nurse                                                                                            Page 3

President’s column
Making the case for safe staffing to the Health Care Committee
                By Karen Higgins                                                                      every system in his body. The patient is placed       pick up on vital changes in a patient’s condi-
   Taken from testimony before the Joint Commit-                                                      on a respirator and may have at least four            tion could lead to “failure to rescue,” and a
tee on Health Care on June 18.                                                                        to eight intravenous medication and fluid              number of prominent studies have made a
   I am here today as the president of the                                                            drips designed to maintain his blood pres-            clear link between poor RN staffing and this
Massachusetts Nurses Association, an orga-                                                            sure to prevent organ failure. These require          unfortunate outcome.
nization that represents more than 22,000                                                             my constant monitoring and assessment and                You also need to know that nurses are the
registered nurses and health professionals                                                            I’ll need to assess respiratory status continu-       teachers of patients and families in the health
working in nearly every health care setting                                                           ously. At the same time, I will be monitoring         care system. We are trained to communicate
in the commonwealth.                                                                                  the electrolytes in his blood every few hours,        with patients so that they understand what
   I am also here as a practicing staff nurse                                                         as a slight change can signal a life threatening      is happening and what they will need to do
who has spent the last 25 of my 28 years work-                                                        complication. In this case, because of kidney         to support their own recovery. We are trained
ing in the ICU at Boston Medical Center.                                                              failure caused by the infection, I will be per-       to be a compassionate sounding board for the
   I am here, joined by all these nurses,                                                             forming continuous dialysis on the patient.           inevitable fears patients and their families will
consumers, doctors and advocates to testify                                                           All the time I will be monitoring his heart rate      experience. This is not fluff and this is not a
in favor of House Bill 1282—a bill that we                                                            for any changes that may signal a heart attack        luxury. If a nurse doesn’t have the time to
believe is crucial to protecting patients from                                                        due to his other organs being affected. I’m           properly teach the patient how to clean and
cost-cutting measures and ensuring the safety                                                         prepared to intervene with emergency equip-           protect their wound, or to manage their new
of patients in our hospitals, as well as for                                                          ment if necessary. While all this is going on, I’ll
addressing and ending the shortage of hos-                                                            have multiple conversations with physicians
pital bedside nurses in the commonwealth.                                                             about the changes in the patient’s condition
We are here because every day a patient in                                                            and will adjust treatments and medications
Massachusetts places his or her life in jeop-      MNA president Karen Higgins testifies              as required.
ardy as he or she is forced to share their nurse   at the Joint Committee on Health Care’s               I, and all nurses, am both legally and
with too many other patients.                      public hearing on H.1282.                          ethically responsible for the medications
   It is my hope to provide the context for this                                                      and treatments I administer. If a medication
discussion by describing the role and function                                                        is ordered, I must know its proper dosage
of the registered nurse in the care of hospital-   effects of treatments, acts instantly to inter-    and side effects and I am legally obligated
ized patients.                                     vene if there are life-threatening changes in      to raise a question if I believe it is the wrong       Stand Up For Safe Staffing
   It is important to remember that the main       a patient’s condition, or alerts physicians so     drug or the wrong dose or if the medication is
reason patients are recovering in a hospital       that they can act to protect their patients.       contraindicated, because, owing to side effects
                                                                                                                                                                            June 18
today is to receive around-the-clock care             Registered nurses are highly specialized,       or other concerns, the drug is not appropri-
from a registered nurse and that it is the         just like physicians. There are nurses who         ate. In this sense, nurses are the patient’s last     medications, that patient is going to suffer
registered nurse who spends the most time          specialize, as I do, in intensive care, or those   line of defense in a system that is supposed          an infection or a reaction that will land them
and has the greatest impact on the quality of      who specialize in emergency care, maternity        to protect them from potentially harmful or           right back in the hospital.
patient care.                                      care, oncology, pediatrics and psychiatric         lethal human errors.                                     Given this understanding of the role of
   Because of managed care, patients in our        nursing. Each area of practice deals with dif-        A patient’s condition can change in an             registered nurses, I’m sure you can begin to
hospitals are sicker than ever, and they stay      ferent conditions, different types of patients,    instant. A subtle change observed and acted           understand that the most important compo-
for a much shorter time. This means that the       different medications, treatments and medical      upon can prevent a more serious downturn              nent of nursing is time—time that a nurse
needs of patients are much greater, which          specialties.                                       in the patient’s condition. Every nurse in this       has to use his or her educated mind, trained
means patients are in need of more nursing            Registered nurses are constantly using          room could tell you a story of how, while             eyes and disciplined ears to monitor their
care than ever before.                             their knowledge of physical and social sci-        caring for a patient, they noticed something          patients. When you’re a patient, anything
   Registered nurses are skilled professionals     ences to monitor, assess and protect their         wasn’t right; it could be in the patient’s skin       that diminishes the time your nurse has to
whose educated minds, eyes and ears are a          patients. For example, I was recently taking       color, the tone or timber of their voice, the         spend in your care, the more likely something
vital link for the physician. Registered nurses    care of a patient who was brought into my          size of their pupils, a slight variance in a          bad will happen to you. It’s that simple. And
monitor and evaluate a patient’s condition         intensive care unit with a serious infection       lab value that made the nurse look deeper,            the most important determinant of how much
before, during and after high tech medical         who was suffering from a condition referred        something that made them take action, an              time your nurse will have to devote to your
procedures. It is the registered nurse who         to as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.         action that ended up preventing a catastro-           care is the number of patients he or she is
adjusts medications, manages pain and side         In this situation, I’m assessing the function of   phe. Conversely, because we may have too              assigned.
                                                                                                      many other patients occupying our time,                  It has been said that if you don’t listen to
                                                                                                      we may not be there to observe that change;           nurses, you will never hear the patient. I am
                                                                                                      we could miss that cue, which could trig-             here, we are here, screaming at the top of
                                                                                                      ger more serious complications. A four-day            our lungs on behalf of those who suffer in
                                                                                                      stay could turn into a two-week stay, or in           silence—help us. Pass House Bill 1282. Safe
                                                                                                      the worst case, the patient may never leave           staffing saves lives. Thank you for your time
                                                                                                      the hospital alive. This process of failing to        and attentiveness.

                                                            Whidden Hospital nurse and MNA
                                                            member Joanne Bartoszewicz
                                                            explains the importance of the
                                                            safe staffing bill to a Channel 7

Sen. Richard Moore, Rep. Peter Koutoujian, Health Care Committee Staff Director
Charlene Deloache, Rep. Christine Canavan, and Sen. Bruce Tarr listen to testimony
from MNA members.                                                                                     Nurses pack the room where the June 18 press conference was held.
Page 4                                                                            Massachusetts Nurse                                                                         June/July 2003

 MNA on Beacon Hill
Legislative update                                                                                                                                       ISSN 0163-0784             USPS 326-050

MNA fights to protect health care safety net                                                                                                              President: Karen Higgins
            By Charles Stefanini                    the State Senate                                       million total for the pool.                   Vice President: Patrick Conroy
           MNA Legislative Director                 earmarked        $12                                 • The House then offered hospitals an           Secretary: Sandy Eaton
   Faced with a growing budget crisis expected      million for school                                     additional form of relief by endorsing        Treasurer: Janet Gale
to reach $3 billion for the 2004 fiscal year that    nursing services.                                      a one-time infusion of $118 million to        District Directors, Labor: District 1:
begins July 1, the Legislature has undertaken       In addition, the                                       improve Medicaid reimbursements.              Patricia Healey, Irene Patch; District 2:
an unprecedented effort to draft and write          Senate included                                        By offering these new funds through           Edith Harrigan, Mary Marengo; District
the next fiscal year’s state budget. This effort     an outside section                                     Medicaid, the House expected to               3: Stephanie Stevens, Tina Russell;
included a lengthy series of statewide public       to the budget pro-                                     attract federal matching funds, which         District 4: Jeanine Hickey, vacant; Dis-
hearings held by the House of Representa-           viding a Medicaid                                      House leaders would use to preserve           trict 5: Barbara Norton, vacant.
tives and Joint House and Senate Ways and           reimbursement                                          a prescription benefit for seniors.
Means Committee. The hearings provided              program for school                                  The Senate:                                      Directors (At-Large/Labor): Sandy
a forum for review of Governor Romney’s             nursing.                                             • Increases available funding for pro-          Ellis, Denise Garlick, Kate Maker,
budget proposal and a dialogue of ideas and           The        House Charles Stefanini                   viders to $560 million by maximizing          Sharon McCollum, Beth Piknick,
alternatives to meet the fiscal crisis.              and the Senate                                         previously unused federal dollars             Elizabeth Sparks, Jan Spicer.
   During this process the MNA worked hard          included versions of maintaining the Pre-            • Creates a limited insurance program           Directors (At-Large/General): Rick
to protect the health care safety net. Much         scription Advantage program for 80,000                 for the long-term unemployed who              Lambos, Jim Moura, Margaret O’Malley,
of the public dialogue over the past several        Massachusetts seniors. The MNA urged the               now lack coverage due to recent               Deb Rigiero, Jeannine Williams, Nora
months regarding the budget has centered on         Legislature to maintain this successful pro-           Medicaid cuts, reducing the current           Watts, vacant.
maintaining “core and essential services.” The      gram. Nurses on the front-line see first hand           burden on the pool
MNA has strongly stated that health care is         the ill effects of seniors who cannot afford         • Fully funds free care payments for            Labor Program Member: Beth Gray-
not only a core service; it is a safety net—a       prescriptions. Implementing and maintaining            community health centers at $28               Nix
matter of life and death for vulnerable chil-       Prescription Advantage is the right choice for         million                                       Executive Director: Julie Pinkham
dren and seniors, as well as for mentally ill       our seniors and our health care system.              • Implements a “prospective payment”            Managing Editor: David Schildmeier
and mentally retarded citizens. We must                                                                    allocation method, which will pro-            Editor: Jen Johnson
work towards maintaining programs that              MassHealth/Medicaid                                    vide hospitals with the advantage of          Production Manager: Erin M. Servaes
foster prevention of illness and basic care to         MassHealth/Medicaid faces greater                   knowing their liability to or from the        Photographer: Rosemary Smith
our citizenry. If not, this will only result in     cuts and this is after 50,000 residents were           Pool at the beginning of each fiscal
people suffering more serious complications         eliminated from the program on April 1.                year                                          Mission Statement: The Massachu-
that require more costly care.                      MassHealth provides health coverage to               • Protects the “safety net hospitals” by        setts Nurse will inform, educate and
   As advocates for patients and quality health     approximately one in six adults, and one               ensuring that they receive payment            meet member needs by providing timely
care, the MNA has been working on the fol-          in four children in the commonwealth. This             through alternative funding mecha-            information on nursing and health care
lowing budget issues:                               includes health coverage for low-income                nisms, where available                        issues facing the nurse in the Common-
                                                    children and adults, prenatal care, prescrip-        • Maximizes federal revenue by bring-           wealth of Massachusetts. Through the
Public health programs                              tion drugs, some dental care, and nursing              ing in an additional $180 million in          editorial voice of the newsletter, MNA
   The MNA has long advocated for public            home care.                                             funds                                         seeks to recognize the diversity of its
policy initiatives that promote education, pre-          • MassHealth is the key to maintaining          • Implements responsible manage-                membership and celebrate the con-
vention and access in health care. An ounce                a stable health care system                     ment reform initiatives, creating a           tributions that members make to the
of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.            • MassHealth brings the state billions            more efficient method of determin-             nursing profession on the state, local
To that end, we have worked in coalitions                  of federal dollars that we can’t afford         ing pool eligibility                          and national levels.
towards supporting adequate funding of                     to lose
                                                                                                      Clara Barton Nursing Excellence                    Published nine times annually, in
important public health programs, includ-                • MassHealth ensures that almost all                                                            January/February, March, April, May,
ing:                                                       children in Massachusetts have qual-         The Senate budget includes the creation
                                                                                                                                                         June/July, August, September, October
    • AIDS                                                 ity health care                            of the Clara Barton Nursing Excellence and
                                                                                                                                                         and November/December by the Mas-
    • Breast cancer                                      • MassHealth improves the health of          Scholarship Program.
                                                                                                                                                         sachusetts Nurses Association, 340
    • Colorectal cancer                                    families and communities across the
                                                                                                      Worcester State Hospital                           Turnpike Street, Canton, MA 02021.
    • Hepatitis C                                          commonwealth
    • Rape crisis centers                              If we lose these services, we are guaranteed     Earlier this year, Romney proposed the           Subscription price: $20 per year
    • Tobacco control                               to see an increase in emergency room visits       closure of Worcester State Hospital. Worces-       Foreign: $28 per year
   In addition, the MNA has supported the           and we are guaranteed to see an increase in       ter State Hospital is a critical facility in our   Single copy: $3.00
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)                health care costs as people end up needing        mental health service structure. After the
                                                                                                                                                         Periodical postage paid at Canton, MA
Program—a program that creates the coor-            more expensive care because they lacked           governor’s announcement, a “Coalition to
                                                                                                                                                         and additional mailing offices.
dinated, expert forensic care necessary to          appropriate primary and preventive care.          Save Worcester State Hospital” was formed
increase prosecution of sexual offenders and        And yes—we will see people die. The Senate        and the MNA worked to gain public support          Deadline: Copy submitted for publica-
to deliver the highest level of care to sexual      included language in its budget to provide        to protect the hospital from closure. The          tion consideration must be received at
assault victims who access hospital emergency       coverage to this population.                      House budget includes language protecting          MNA headquarters by the first day of
departments. The SANE Program is provid-                                                              Worcester State Hospital from closure. The         the month prior to the month of publi-
ing services in each region of Massachusetts,       Uncompensated care pool                           Senate includes a variation of the language.       cation. All submissions are subject to
and the MNA worked in a coalition to level             The MNA served on a recent special com-                                                           editing and none will be returned.
fund the program and include language in            mission created by the Legislature to examine     The Fernald Center
the Senate’s version of the budget to codify                                                            Governor Romney has proposed the clo-            Postmaster: Send address corrections
                                                    the uncompensated care pool. The governor,
the program into law.                                                                                 sure of The Fernald Center in Waltham. The         to Massachusetts Nurse, Massachu-
                                                    House and Senate all have proposed various
                                                                                                      MNA opposes the proposal and has joined            setts Nurses Association, 340 Turnpike
                                                    efforts to stabilize the pool.
School nursing, Prescription                                                                          with parent groups to fight the closure.            Street, Canton, MA 02021.
                                                       The House of Representatives:
Advantage program                                       • Reduces by $57.5 million the assess-        Both the House and Senate budget include         
   Romney eliminated the funding for school               ments Romney’s budget would have            language towards protecting Fernald from
nurses in his budget proposal. School nurses              required hospitals to pay to fund the       closure.
are a critical component of our front-line health         free care pool.                               As the budget moves towards final passage,
care delivery system—in many cases serving              • Under the House budget, hospitals           the MNA will be working to ensure that the
as a child’s primary health care provider                 and health insurers would each pay          public health safety net is maintained and that
and handling sensitive and complex health                 $157.5 million with the state contrib-      health care is treated as a ‘core and essential’
issues. The House of Representatives and                  uting $30 million to achieve a $345         service.
June/July 2003                                                                     Massachusetts Nurse                                                                                       Page 5

An interview with state Rep. Vincent Pedone
   The Massachusetss Nurse recently sat down       tected and our resources are maximized. In          in your work as a                                 make our community a better place to live. I
with state Rep. Vincent Pedone from the 15th       times like these, we also need to be diligent       legislator?                                       have had the pleasure of learning from great
Worcester district. Pedone is currently serving    about providing the highest level of public            Pedone:        My                              civic leaders, which has helped me be able
his sixth term in the House of Representatives.    safety and economic opportunity for our             position on the                                   to serve my community better. I stay in this
He is a lifelong resident of Worcester, an alum-   citizens.                                           Ways and Means                                    profession because I love the people that elect
nus of St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury           MassNURSE: How does your background              Committee allows                                  me and that I work for in Boston. I represent
and graduate, with honors, from Salem State        help prepare you to be an effective state leg-      me greater access                                 a hardworking blue-collar district that I have
College. In addition to serving in the 101st       islator?                                            to the information,                               lived in my whole life. I am honored that they
Airborne Division of the U.S. Army, Pedone            Pedone: I have been a legislator since I         people and issues                                 have sent me back to represent them for six
worked as a social worker for the Massachu-        was 25, so I have been immersed in the job          that are so central to                            terms.
setts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to     for most of my adult life. My background is         my job as a legisla-                                 MassNURSE: What is your proudest suc-
Children before taking office.                      in social work, which I think equips me with        tor. This committee                               cess as a state legislator?
   Pedone’s priorities include health care,        the skills and sensitivities to be an effective     is considered the                                    Pedone: I don’t have one particular suc-
job creation, education reform and funding         public official. The issues and problems I deal      most       powerful Vincent Pedone                cess of which I am most proud. It has been
for affordable housing. Pedone serves in           with as a legislator are the same ones I would      committee in the                                  an honor to serve my district and the com-
the Ways and Means Committee, and was              confront as a social worker, only on a different    legislature, giving me greater leverage when      monwealth for over 10 years. Some of the
recently appointed the vice chairman of the                                                            I am fighting for issues that are important to     highlights over my tenure have been securing
Committee on Science and Technology.                                                                   me and to those I represent.                      funding for the restoration of Union Station,
   Pedone has been instrumental in an effort                                                              MassNURSE: What would you tell the             the building of the Worcester Convention
to stop Governor Romney’s proposal to close                                                            nurses out there reading this column about        Center, and legislation clearing the way to
Worcester State Hospital. His leadership on                                                            the importance of building a relationship with    build our new vocational high school. Over
and commitment to this issue led to important                                                          their local legislators?                          the last decade, I have worked to ensure
language being included in the House budget                                                               Pedone: Building a strong relationship with    funding for the Math and Science Acad-
to keep the hospital from closing.                                                                     your state legislator is not only good for you,   emy and School of Excellence at WPI and
   MassNURSE: Congratulations on your                                                                  but good for him/her as well. The importance      the University of Massachusetts Medical
recent work to stop Romney’s plans to close        scale. My mother and father both worked in          of maintaining this relationship is critical to   School; funding for our biotech companies;
Worcester State Hospital.                          the public sector, so I grew up realizing the       address any issues that may arises in your        and the legislation authorizing and funding
   Pedone: Thank you very much. The closing        immense value of being a public servant.            neighborhood, your workplace, or with leg-        the building of Worcester’s new courthouse. I
of Worcester State Hospital is a shortsighted         MassNURSE: What are the main priorities          islation that may affect you. Your legislator’s   have been involved in the restoration of Lake
proposal by the administration that would          of your legislative agenda for the upcoming         assistance is only a phone call away. I can say   Park, East Park and Green Hill Park. I enjoyed
jeopardize the well being of its patients and      year?                                               personally that it is very rewarding to know      my battles with Governor Paul Cellucci over
undermine the hard work of its dedicated              Pedone: As I said earlier, I am most con-        the people behind an organization and to have     bringing increased commuter rail service to
staff. I was fortunate to be working on the        cerned with protecting my constituents and          a strong relationship with them.                  Worcester. I was successful in securing rail
issue with a great group of people, includ-        the citizens of the commonwealth during                MassNURSE: What do you enjoy most              service to our city and I am continuing to
ing MNA representatives and nurses from            these trying fiscal times. I want to promote         about your work as a state legislator?            fight for increased service. Of course, I am
Worcester State Hospital.                          economic development, stimulate employ-                Pedone: I would have to say the people I       very proud of the work that I did in 1995
   MassNURSE: What issues do you believe           ment opportunities and ensure that workers’         work for and with in the Legislature is what      and 1996 when then-Governor William Weld
will dominate this legislative session?            rights are protected. I want to safeguard core      makes my work as a state representative           tried to close the Worcester State Hospital. We
   Pedone: Given the difficult fiscal climate        services, so that our most vulnerable popula-       rewarding. For the most part, I work with an      were able to beat back Weld’s attempts then,
right now, I think most key legislation will       tions are not put at risk.                          incredibly talented group of colleagues who       and I am confident that we will be able to do
center on budget issues. The Legislature              MassNURSE: How does your position on             are dedicated advocates and civic-minded          the same with Romney’s attempt to close the
needs to ensure that core services are pro-        the Ways and Means Committee assist you             people. Our goals are all similar; we want to     hospital this year.

                                 From Page 1       lications − the Journal of the American Medical     tive director of the MNA. “When nurses            of the poor staffing conditions. According
conducted between May 30 and June 8 by             Association and The New England Journal of          —all of whom are educators in our health          to nurses who have already left the hospital
Opinion Dynamics Corporation, Inc., an             Medicine − and by the Joint Commission on           care system—don’t have enough time to             bedside, the number one reason given was
independent research firm headquartered             Hospital Accreditation supports our posi-           teach diabetic patients how to manage their       that they had too many patients to care for.
in Cambridge. Survey respondents were              tion,” Higgins said. “The survey results we         conditions, there is a greater likelihood that    However, 65 percent of those who have left
randomly selected from the complete file of         released are in line with these national studies.   those patients will end up being readmitted       the hospital bedside say they would be likely
the 92,000 nurses registered with the Mas-         They underscore that RNs in Massachusetts           for complications resulting from the fact         or extremely likely to return if safe staffing
sachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing.       are forced to care for too many patients at the     that they were not taught how to administer       legislation was enacted.
Fully 68 percent of the respondents have no        same time and that the safety of all patients is    their insulin. Because we are all concerned         Of the 600 nurses polled:
affiliation with MNA—the state’s largest            seriously compromised as a result.                  with costs, let me point out that poor patient        • An astounding 93 percent report
association of RNs, with 22,000 members.              “These findings should be a wake-up call to       outcomes like this cost the health care system          being burned out by excessive
According to the research firm, the survey          hospital administrators, a warning to patients      billions of dollars.”                                   patient loads
results can be assumed to be representative        who seek care in our hospitals, and a call to          The survey found that 66 percent of RNs            • 65 percent agree that working con-
of the 92,000 nurses to within ± 4 percent at      action for legislators, who have in their hands     believe that hospital finances are not properly          ditions in hospitals are “brutal” for
a 95 percent confidence interval.                   today the means to protect the public from          spent on patient care; 55 percent believe that          nurses
   The release of the survey coincided with        the serious risks posed by current hospital         the overall quality of health care in Massachu-       • 75 percent report that their manag-
the Joint Committee on Health Care’s public        conditions,” Higgins concluded.                     setts has gotten worse over the last five years;         ers schedule too few nurses for their
hearing on H.1282, the bill that would estab-         In addition to the dangers of inadequate         and 61 percent believe that in the next five             shifts
lish RN-to-patient ratios in Massachusetts         RN staffing, the study found that other vital        years the overall quality of health care in the       • 70 percent of nurses report being
hospitals. More than 500 nurses joined leaders     aspects of patient care are also suffering. Nine    state will become even more desperate.                  “floated” to assignments in other
from 60 health care and consumer advocacy          out of 10 nurses report not having enough              The survey not only underscores the danger           areas of the hospital for which they
groups that have endorsed the legislation to       time to comfort and assist patients and their       posed by chronic understaffing in hospitals,             lack the proper orientation or train-
show their support for the measure. The study      families, 86 percent report not having enough       but also provides solid and compelling evi-             ing
complements Opinion Dynamics’ findings              time to educate patients, and 81 percent of         dence that poor staffing conditions created            • 60 percent report that hospital admin-
earlier this year that 82 percent of registered    nurses report that, because they have too           and continue to exacerbate the shortage of              istrators assign mandatory overtime
voters support legislation to regulate RN-to-      many patients to care for, their patients have      nurses in the state.                                    instead of staffing properly
patient ratios and that 75 percent are willing     to wait for medications or treatments.                 While national surveys of nurses show              • 58 percent report that hospital
to pay more for their health care in order to         “A medication delay can result not only          that one in five nurses plan to leave the                managers assign nursing duties to
guarantee their safety as patients.                in unnecessary pain and suffering, it can           profession in the next five years, fully 55              non-nurses instead of hiring RNs
    “The MNA has long advocated for safe           lead to a downturn in a patient’s condition         percent of nurses providing hospital care             • An overwhelming 86 percent support
RN-to-patient ratios. Research conducted by        that causes complications or lengthens that         in Massachusetts have considered leaving                legislation to regulate RN-to-patient
the country’s most prestigious medical pub-        patient’s stay,” noted Julie Pinkham, execu-        direct patient care at the bedside because              ratios in hospitals
Page 6                                                                           Massachusetts Nurse                                                                June/July 2003

                                 MNA Convention 2003
                    100 Years of Caring for the Commonwealth

                                                                        October 15, 16 & 17, 2003
                                                                                       Mechanics Hall
                                                                               321 Main Street, Worcester, Mass.

Convention schedule                                                                             Featured speakers
All events are being held at Mechanics Hall in Worcester except where noted.                    Anita Hill, Attorney
                                                                                                “Speaking Truth to Power: Social change and Workplace Realities”
Wednesday, October 15                                                                           Thursday • 9:30–10:30 a.m.
6:00–7:00 p.m.         Cash Bar for Awards Banquet, Crowne Plaza Worcester                      Anita Hill is an attorney, legal professor and human rights
7:00 p.m.              MNA Awards Banquet                                                       activist. Anita reflects on the events before, during and after
                                                                                                the Clarence Thomas hearings and states, “I did not choose
Thursday, October 16                                                                            the issue of sexual harassment, it chose me.” Hill, who has
7:30 a.m.              Registration and Continental Breakfast; Exhibits/Silent                  conducted research examining recent social and legal gains in
                       Auction open                                                             today’s workplace, will share processes that can not only reduce
8:30–9:30 a.m.         A Primer for Nurses: “Worcester County’s Role in the                     conflict but that can enhance the workplace.                      Anita Hill
                       Advancement of Women and Nursing”                                        Paul McCarthy, President, Collective Bargaining Associates
9:30–10:30 a.m.        Keynote Address: “Speaking Truth to Power: Social Change                 “Capturing Power in the Health Care Arena”
                       and Workplace Realities,” featuring Anita Hill                           Thursday • 10:45 a.m.–Noon
10:30–10:45 a.m. Coffee Break                                                                   Paul McCarthy is a labor union specialist who works closely
                                                                                                with union officials to solve organizational problems and build
10:45–12:00 p.m. Plenary Session: “Capturing Power in the Health Care
                                                                                                union power and effectiveness. His motivational presentation
                 Arena,” featuring Paul McCarthy
                                                                                                will address both the capability and responsibility of organized
12:00–2:00 p.m.        MNA District 5 Annual Meeting Luncheon held at Crowne                    nurses to create, apply and capture power in the health care
                       Plaza Worcester                                                          arena. The focus will be on the long overdue “coming of age” of
12:00–2:00 p.m.        Luncheon for MNA convention attendees; Exhibits/Silent                   nurses’ unions and their becoming influential and active players Paul McCarthy
                       Auction open                                                             in the development of health care policy in the U.S.
12:30–2:00 p.m.        Unit 7 Business Meeting                                                  Larry Tye, Author and former Boston Globe reporter
2:00 p.m.              Exhibits/Silent Auction close                                            “The Ten Commandments of Dealing with the Ungodly Press”
                                                                                                Friday • 10:45 a.m.–Noon
2:00–6:00 p.m.         MNA Business Meeting
                                                                                                Larry Tye is a former Boston Globe medical reporter and cur-
7:30 p.m.              Improv Boston Dinner Theater held at Crowne Plaza
                                                                                                rently directs the Health Coverage Fellowship, which provides
                       Worcester. A very limited number of tickets will be sold at
                                                                                                education and intensive training to 10 medical journalists from
                       the door on a first-come, first-serve basis. We encourage
                                                                                                a variety of media. He has won a series of national reporting
                       purchasing advanced tickets. See registration form for
                                                                                                awards, is the author of “The Father of Spin” and is currently
                       details. Tickets $55 in advance; $65 at the door. Proceeds
                                                                                                completing a new book. His topic will focus on how to get your
                       will benefit NursePLAN
                                                                                                message to the public and dealing with a persistent press.      Larry Tye
Friday, October 17
7:30 a.m.              Registration; Silent Auction                                               Hotel Information
8:00-9:30 a.m.         MNA NursePLAN full breakfast and meeting for all MNA                       The MNA Convention 2003 is being hosted at The Crowne Plaza Worcester. The
                                                                                                  Crowne Plaza is offering a special convention room rate of $99/night for single, dou-
                                                                                                  ble or triple occupancy. (12.45% MA occupancy tax additional.) For reservations call
9:30–10:30 a.m.        MNA 100th Birthday Celebration, MNA District 2                             The Crowne Plaza at 1-800-628-4240. Rooms at this rate available until 9/24/03.
10:30–10:45 a.m. Coffee Break                                                                     Refund Policy
10:45–2:00 p.m.        Plenary Session: “The Ten Commandments of Dealing with                     Requests for refunds will be accepted in writing until October 3, 2003. A $25 ad-
                       the Ungodly Press,” featuring Larry Tye                                    ministration fee will be deducted from each registration refund. No refunds will be
                                                                                                  granted after October 3, 2003. On-site registration is contingent upon space.
12:00–2:00 p.m.        Luncheon with live auction
2:00–3:30 p.m.         Plenary Session: speaker to be announced                                   Chemical Sensitivity
                                                                                                  Attendees are requested to avoid wearing scented personal products when at-
                                                                                                  tending this program/meeting. Scents may trigger responses in those with chemi-
                                                                                                  cal sensitivity.

                                                                                                  Contact Hours
                                                                                                  Continuing nursing education contact hours will be awarded by the Massachusetts
                                                                                                  Nurses Association which is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education
  MNA Business Meeting                                                                            by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.
  October 16, 2 p.m.                                                                              Questions
       The MNA business meeting is open and free to all MNA mem-                                  Call MNA’s department of nursing at 1-800-882-2056, x 727.
       bers, regardless of whether you register for Convention.
June/July 2003                                                                                            Massachusetts Nurse                                                                                Page 7

       MNA Convention 2003                                                                                                           Safe Staffing Saves Lives
                              Registration Form                                                                                                             Pass H.1282
                                                                                                                                        Understaffing of registered nurses is dangerous to patients.
                                                                                                                                        Mistakes, errors and complications become more likely when
Name ________________________________________________________________                                                                   nurses are asked to take care of too many patients at once.

Address ______________________________________________________________                                                                  A study of six million patients reported in the New England
                                                                                                                                        Journal of Medicine show that patients without adequate
City/State/Zip _________________________________________________________                                                                nursing attention are more likely to die or suffer serious
                                                                                                                                        complications: the more nurses per patient the better the
Telephone: Day ________________________________________________________                                                                 medical outcomes.

                  Evening_____________________________________________________                                                          The Journal of the American Medical Association reported
                                                                                                                                        that in a study of 232,000 surgical patients the higher the
I am a(n): ❏ MNA Member
                                                                                                                                        patient-to-nurse ratio, the more likely there will be a death or
                 ❏ *Full-time Student/Unemployed/Retired                                                                                serious complication. Each additional patient above four that
                 ❏ Non-Member                                                                                                           a nurse cared for produced a 7 percent increase in mortality.
                     * (Includes full time students [minimum 12 credits], unemployed,                                                   If a nurse is caring for eight patients instead of four, there is a
                       retired and student nurse association members.)                                                                  31 percent increase in mortality.
     ❏      Check here if you require vegetarian meals
                                                                                                                                        The fact that nurses are burned out from high patient
     ❏      Check here if you require special assistance during convention                                                              loads is causing them to leave the profession. One in three
            and please call the MNA at 800-882-2056, x727                                                                               registered nurses under the age of 30 say they are planning
                                                                                                                                        to leave nursing within the next year.
 3 Convention Packages: Thursday & Friday, October 16 & 17
                                                                                                                                       To Preserve Quality Care and Protect Patient Safety
 Full Two-Day Convention Package — Thursday and Friday:
 Includes ALL events on Thursday (excluding Improv Boston) and Friday.
                                                                                                                                    join a growing list of organizations that support H.1282
 MNA Members $75                     All Others $100               Reduced Members* $70                           $              Ad Hoc Committee to Defend Health Care        Mass. Association of Older Americans
                                                                                                                                 AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts      Mass. Association of Public Health Nurses
 Please register below if you plan to attend these Thursday events:                                                                          AIDS Care Project                    Mass. Brain Injury Association
 ❑ Unit 7 Business Meeting                                         • 8:30 am                                      n/c             Alzheimer’s Association, Mass. Chapter          Mass. Breast Cancer Coalition
 ❑ District 5 Annual Meeting/Luncheon                              • 12:30 pm                                     n/c                    American Cancer Society               Mass. Coalition of Nurse Practitioners
                                                                                                                                 American Diabetes Association of Greater          Mass. Federation of Teachers
 Thursday-Only Package:
                                                                                                                                                    Boston                       Mass. Human Services Coalition
 Includes ALL events on Thursday: keynote, plenary session, all meals, exhibits,
 auction (excluding Improv Boston Dinner Theater).                                                                                      American Heart Association           Mass. Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy
                                                                                                                                   American Lung Association of Greater                      Coalition
 MNA Members $35                     All Others $45                Reduced Members* $30                           $
                                                                                                                                               Norfolk County                   Massachusetts Nurses Association
 Friday-Only Package:                                                                                                               American Lung Association of Mass.          Mass. School Nurse Organization
 Includes ALL events on Friday: keynote, two plenary sessions,                                                                          American Psychiatric Nurses                Mass. Senior Action Council
 NursePLAN Breakfast, all meals, exhibits, auction.                                                                                 Association—New England Chapter            Mass. Society of Eye Physicians and
 MNA Members $40                     All Others $50                Reduced Members* $35                           $              Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association                   Surgeons
                                                                                                                                           Arise for Social Justice             Sister Rosellen Gallogly of Market
                                                                                                                                         Boston AIDS Consortium                           Ministries, Inc.
 Optional Ticketed Events                                                                                                          Boston Health Care for the Homeless         Mass NOW (National Organization for
                                                                                                                                                   Program                                   Women)
 Awards Banquet                           • Wednesday, October 15, 7:00pm •                         $40            $
                                                                                                                                       Boston Women’s Commission              Massachusetts Spina Bifida Association
 Improv Boston Dinner                     • Thursday, October 16, 7:30pm                                                             Cambridge Women’s Commission                           MASSPIRG
   Theater                                  Advance tickets                                    •    $55            $                Cape Organization for Rights of the           Mental Health Association, Inc.
                                               (All proceeds from this event benefit NursePLAN)                                                     Disabled                         MetroWest AIDS Program
                                                                                                                                         Family Economic Initiative             MetroWest Latin American Center
 Total Convention Fees                                                                                             $                 Gay and Lesbian Advocates and            National Association of Social Workers
                                                                                                                                                  Defenders                          - Massachusetts Chapter
Please mail this completed form with check made payable to MNA to: Massachusetts                                                     Greater Boston Diabetes Society         National Kidney Foundation of Mass., RI,
Nurses Association, 340 Turnpike Street, Canton, MA 02021. Tel. 800-882-2056, x727.                                                          Health Care for All                         NH, Vermont, Inc.
Registration forms postmarked prior to October 3, 2003 will be entered in a drawing                                              Independent Living Center of North Shore              Neighbor-to-Neighbor
to win a free convention registration.                                                                                                       and Cape Ann, Inc.                 New England Coalition for Cancer
Payment may also be made by VISA or MasterCard.                                                                                               Jobs with Justice                             Survivorship
Account # _______________________________________________________________                                                             Jonathan M. Cole Mental Health         New England Patients Rights Group, Inc.
                                                                                                                                        Consumer Resource Center                        Search For A Cure
Exp. Date: ______________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                       Latin American Health Institute             The Abortion Access Project
Fax credit card registrations to: 781-821-4445.                                                                                         League of Women Voters of               The Consortium for Psychotherapy
                                                                                                                                               Massachusetts                 The Episcopal Diocese of Western Mass.
 For Office Use Only:                                                                                                                       Lynn Health Task Force                   Victory Programs, Boston
 Charge Code: ________ Amt: ________ Date: ________ Ck#: ________ Ck. Date: ________ Init: ________ V/MC: ____________________
                                                                                                                                   Mass. Asian AIDS Prevention Project        Vineyard Health Care Access Program
                                                                                                                                  Mass. Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Page 8                                                                         Massachusetts Nurse                                                                          June/July 2003

     So you think it’s safe at work? Notes from the Congress on Health and Safety

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS): a guide for nurses
            By Betty Sparks, RN                   yourself and others.                              standard precautions (e.g., hand                    sible, adult patients should take their
  Task Force on Emergency Preparedness and         1. Suspected SARS patients presenting            washing), contact precautions (e.g.,                own oral electronic temperature and
       David A. Denneno, RN, MSN                      to healthcare facilities and doctors’         use of gown and gloves) and airborne                report it to the nurse.
 Health & Safety Congress, Workplace Violence         offices who require assessment for             precautions (e.g., N-95 respirator and          9. Disinfectants such as fresh bleach solu-
                   Taskforce                          SARS should be diverted by triage             eye protection). Removal of protective              tion (1/100) or hospital recommended
    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome                 or staff to a separate area to minimize       equipment should be done by taking                  cleaning agents should be widely
(SARS) is a disease caused by a corona virus          transmission to others. These patients        off gloves first, then mask, goggles and             available. Stethoscopes, scissors and
that presents with symptoms similar to the            should immediately be given a surgi-          gown. Immediately wash hands with                   other equipment have the potential to
common cold. The incubation period is two to          cal mask and should be instructed to          soap and water or use an alcohol based              spread infection and must be properly
ten days from the time of exposure. Suspected         wear a surgical mask at all times.            hand washing solution.                              disinfected. Linen should be rolled up
cases could present with:                          2. The medical personnel should apply         6. Limit the number of staff members                   and not shaken. Place used linen in a
      Measured body temperature greater               the surgical mask to the patient, pref-       who are in contact with the patient. All            biohazard bag before sending to the
      than100.4° F                                    erably one that filters expired air. All       non-essential staff, including students,            laundry.
      Headache, body aches                            healthcare personnel should wear N-           should not be allowed in the unit.              10. Visitors, if allowed by the healthcare
      Clinical findings of respiratory ill-            95 respirators that have been properly     7. Staff should stay a minimum of 6½-feet              facility, should be kept to a mini-
      ness (e.g. cough, shortness of breath,          fit tested in advance. If N-95 respira-        away from the patient whenever pos-                 mum. They should be provided with
      difficulty breathing, hypoxia or                 tors are not available, surgical masks        sible, and avoid exposure to droplets if            personal protective equipment and
      radiological findings of pneumonia               should be worn by personnel.                  close to the patient. Note: the virus has           supervised.
      or acute respiratory distress syn-           3. Patients presenting with probable             been found in stool, urine and sputum            Excerpted in part from U.S. Department of
      drome)                                          SARS should be moved and accom-               for as long as 21 days after onset of          Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease
      Rales and rhonchi can be heard,                 modated in:                                   symptoms.                                      Control and Prevention—SARS Guidelines,
      oxygen saturation less than 95 per-                   A negative pressure room with        8. Tympanic temperature probes should             World Health Organization SARS Guidelines
      cent on room air                                      the door closed                         be used where possible and, if not pos-        and the Ontario SARS Guidelines.
  and                                                       A single room with their own
      Travel within 10 days of onset of                     bathroom
      symptoms to an area with docu-                        A private exam room (turn off air   Occupational Safety and Health
      mented or suspected community                         conditioning and open window if
      transmission of SARS including
      Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Viet-
                                                            independent air supply is unfea-
                                                                                                Department welcomes new member
                                                                                                   As the MNA continues to be a leader in the      expertise,” said Dorothy McCabe, director
      nam, Thailand, Slovenia, Indonesia,          4. Contact your facility’s infection-
                                                                                                areas of safe-staffing legislation and univer-      of the department of nursing and career
      Philippines and Toronto, Canada                 control personnel and initiate SARS
                                                                                                sal health care, the organization’s health and     services. “She’ll be an invaluable resource to
  or                                                  policies and procedures as written by
                                                                                                safety program in the department of nurs-          our members, our staff and state’s healthcare
      Close contact within 10 days of onset           your healthcare facility. Unprotected
                                                                                                ing had its own leadership announcement to         community.”
      of symptoms with either a person                exposures should be reported imme-
                                                                                                make recently: thanks to the hard work and            Prior to joining the MNA, Pontus served
      with a respiratory illness who trav-            diately and proper documentation
                                                                                                foresight of MNA members, Massachusetts            as a loss-prevention consultant for Beacon
      eled to a SARS area or a person                 completed.
                                                                                                                          is now the only state    Mutual Insurance Company in Warwick, R.I.
      known to be a suspect SARS case              5. A member of the staff must be iden-
                                                                                                                          in the country to        While there, she developed and implemented
                                                      tified as the primary care provider,
Suspect a SARS patient?                                                                                                   have two certified        health and safety initiatives for municipalities,
                                                      preferably the staff member that
                                                                                                                          occupational health      financial institutions, manufacturing facilities
  What should nurses do if a suspected SARS           initiated contact with the patient
                                                                                                                          nurse     specialists    and hospitals, as well as identified hazards
patient presents to triage or the office? Follow       upon their arrival to the facility. The
                                                                                                                          (COHN-S) working         and recommended control measures. She also
these 10 steps to help you limit exposure to          designated staff member will use
                                                                                                                          on behalf of its nurse   worked as the occupational health nurse man-
                                                                                                                          members.                 ager for the Rhode Island-based B.A. Ballou
                                                                                                                             The milestone was     Company, Inc. where she was responsible
                                                                                                                          marked by the arrival    for assessing and treating occupational and
                                                                                                                          of Christine Pontus,     non-occupational illnesses/injuries, as well
                                                                                                                          RN and COHN-S, to        as creating health promotion, risk reduction
                                                                                                Christine Pontus          the MNA’s nursing        and wellness programs. Other areas of her
                                                                                                                          department. Pontus,      expertise include OSHA regulations, workers’
                                                                                                who brings with her more than 25 years of          compensation, claims and case management
                                                                                                nursing experience, joins the organization as      involving employee negotiations, insurance
                                                                                                an associate director and will be working with     policy reviews and financial feasibility stud-
                                                                                                members to help them find solutions to their        ies.
                                                                                                health and safety questions/concerns. Pontus          In addition to her efforts in the occupa-
                                                                                                will also assist in organizing and leading the     tional health field, Pontus has worked as
                                                                                                MNA’s numerous education and prevention            supervisor and staff nurse through Medical
                                                                                                programs. She will work with Evie Bain,            Personnel Pool in Providence and as a charge
                                                                                                associate director/coordinator of health and       nurse at Waterman Heights Nursing Home
                                                                                                safety; the Congress on Health and Safety;         in Smithfield, RI. She holds both a B.S.N.
                                                                                                the Workplace Violence Task Force and the          and an M.S. in health service administration
                                                                                                Emergency Preparedness Task Force.                 from Salve Regina University and is certified
                                                                                                   “Christine comes to the MNA with a              at the master’s level as a health care safety
                                                                                                tremendous background and incredible               professional.

Members of the Congress on Health and Safety and the Workplace Violence Task Force
                                                                                                Participants needed for study on multiple chemical sensitivities
held a joint meeting on April 9 at MNA headquarters. Of interest to both groups was the            Dr. Pam Gibson of James Madison University is looking for people who have multiple
MNA position statement on workplace violence being drafted by the task force and the            chemical sensitivities and who have worked outside of the home to participate in a study on
issues of SARS and smallpox being addressed by the congress. Members who attended               work accommodation and community integration. The results will be delivered at the 2003
the meeting are pictured above with a visiting nurse scholar from Japan, Saeko Uno,             Chemical Injury Conference, and it is hoped that the research will contribute to an under-
who attended the meeting and provided input on workplace violence issues for nurses             standing of access problems for people with multiple chemical sensitivities.
in her country. From left: Janice Homer, Rosemary O’Brien, Marcia Robertson, Uno                   If you are willing to participate, please contact Dr. Pam Gibson at 540-568-6195 or via e-mail
Saeko, Kate Opanasets, Susan Vickory, Janet Butler, Noreen Hogan, MNA staff member              at Both hard copies and electronic copies of the survey are available, so
Evie Bain, Mary Bellistri, Kathy McDonald, Liz O’Connor and Harumi Mihara.                      please specify how you would prefer to receive your version.
June/July 2003                                                                    Massachusetts Nurse                                                                                    Page 9

Chemical sensitivity program held at The Fernald Center
   In celebration of National Nurses Week,         or neurological symptoms develop in those          prevent people from
The Fernald Center in Waltham hosted an            individuals who are susceptible, and these         developing multiple
educational program for nurses dedicated           events may lead to a prolonged illness.            chemical sensitivi-
to the topic of multiple chemical sensitivities.      Triggering—another step in the progression      ties, as well as how
The program was also used as a platform to         of multiple chemical sensitivities—occurs          to best accommo-
announce that Gov. Mitt Romney had signed          when those who are sensitized are exposed          date those who have
a document proclaiming May 11 through 17 as        to smaller and smaller doses of the same or        already developed
MCS Awareness Week in Massachusetts.               chemically-related substances. Once sensiti-       this      life-altering
   The educational program, which was held         zation occurs symptoms appear quickly, or          disorder. The steps
on May 8, was led by Jean Lemieux, presi-          often instantly, and can have consequences         include: elimination
dent of the Massachusetts Association of the       ranging from skin rashes to wheezing and/or        of toxic environ-
Chemically Injured, and Evie Bain, MNA             anaphylaxis (shock that can lead to death).        mental cleaning and
health and safety specialist.                         In the second portion of the program, Bain      disinfecting chemi-
   During the program, Lemieux described           helped to identify the products and sub-           cals; replacing those Participants from the MCS educational program at The Fernald
and explained the steps in the progression         stances in a health care worker’s environment      products with safer Center hold the proclamation that declares May 11 through 17 to
of the disorder, including those of induction      that can cause multiple chemical sensitivi-        versions; and adher- be MCS Awareness Week From left, Marie Breneos, Sosamma
and triggering.                                    ties. Many chemicals such as formaldehyde          ence to the required Thampi, Lizzy Abraham, Judith Manning, Noreen Eagan, Evie Bain
   Induction is the continual exposure             (used in the OR), glutaraldehyde (found            containment of con- and Jean Lemieux, president of the Massachusetts Association
to a known sensitizer such as phenol,              where instruments are left to soak, in phenol      struction projects in of the Chemically Injured.
gluutaraldenyde or natural rubber latex,           compounds and in many disinfectants), guar-        occupied buildings.
or other unknown chemicals. Sensitization          ternary ammonium (found in environmental           Eliminating natural rubber latex gloves and tiple chemical sensitivities program or to
can also occur after a single large exposure       cleaning chemicals), and natural rubber latex      substituting non-latex synthetic gloves was arrange for a presentation of this program at
from a spill/release of a chemical or from         have all been linked to the development of         also discussed as a way to provide a safer your facility, contact Evie Bain at 781-830-5776
exposure to the aerosolizing of construction       multiple chemical sensitivities.                   work environment.                           or via e-mail at
materials. Respiratory, gastrointestinal and/         Bain also outlined steps that can be taken to      For more information on the MNA’s mul-

Unit 7 and District 2 participate in Applying OSHA to Health Care Settings
   Several MNA members from Unit 7 and Dis-        Healthcare and Social Service Settings.            Judith Kosnoski, Carol
trict 2 recently attended sessions on Applying       Unit 7 members who participated include          Krumsiek, Rosemarie
OSHA to Health Care Settings. Participants         Steve Robins, Neville Francis, Pat O’Neill,        Erlichman, Elizabeth
learned about OSHA resources, requirements         Sandra Brown, Jean Cook, Marilyn Crawford,         George, Donna Kelly-
for a safe and healthy workplace, and how          Mike D’Intinosanto, William Fyfe, and Cecil        Williams, Douglas
to address concerns about unsafe working           Pryce. Maxine Garbo with the Massachusetts         Koziol, Elsie Maran-
conditions with employers.                         Department of Occupational Safety and mem-         goly, Amminikutty
                                                   bers of the MNA staff also attended.               Mathew, Ann Moli-
Unit 7                                                                                                nari, and Diane
  In addition to attending its state council       District 2                                         Pollier.
meeting on April 9 at Indian Meadows in               The Best Western Hotel and Conference             This free program
Westboro, Unit 7 members also participated         Center in Marlboro was the setting for Dis-        is supported by a
in the OSHA-focused program. Rosemary              trict 2’s May 14 session of Applying OSHA to       grant from the Massa-
O’Brien, chairperson of the MNA Workplace          Health Care Settings. Participants included:       chusetts Department
Violence Task Force, presented the module on       Cheryl Brosnihan, Lynda Colaianni, Mary            of Industrial Acci- District 2 participants in Applying OSHA in Health Care Settings.
OSHA Guidelines for Preventing Violence in         Ellen Stott, Maureen Clark, Barbara Dziejma,       dents.

                                                                      Health & Safety Notes
New program seeks to reduce hospital injuries                          Similarly, gone are the days when the needle-stick injury        that the condition must arise during the course of employ-
   OSHA has initiated a pilot ergonomics initiative which           would be attributed to “carelessness, inattention or poor         ment and require treatment beyond first aid. Each of these
combines the benefits of using establishment-specific illness/        technique” or the when back injury would be blamed on             factors is met in the diagnosis and treatment of MRSA among
injury data for the OSHA Data Initiative with the flexibility        “poor body mechanics or not waiting for help.” The prac-          healthcare workers.
and knowledge of local industry hazards and illness/injury          tice of “behavioral safety,” which often leads to blaming the
                                                                    victim for the injuries, is being replaced. Now, equipment        New online resource for occupational safety
experience. Specifically, the New England regional office of
OSHA implemented a local emphasis program for hospitals,            specifically designed to reduce physical stress on the worker         Health Care Without Harm—an organization that educates
including general medical, surgical and psychiatric hospi-          is being introduced into hospitals and nursing homes across       health care workers about occupational and environmental
tals.                                                               the country.                                                      health and safety risks—is working to provide medical profes-
   The initial local program began March 13 and included an                                                                           sionals with constructive ways to minimize these dangers.
audience of more than 100 people. Participants learned that
                                                                    MRSA is a recordable occupational illness                            HCWH recently added a new section to its Web site that
OSHA will use a four-pronged approach in its efforts, includ-          The Occupational Safety and Health Administration              provides visitors with important health and safety resources.
ing the use of                                                      recently stated that Methycillin Resistant Staphlococcus          To access HCWH’s resources, visit
industry and task-                                                  Aureus is a recordable occupational illness. Nurses and other     workersafety#chem
specific guidelines                                                  health care workers who test positive for MRSA in infection-         In addition, HCWH holds monthly conference calls to dis-
(for injury preven-                                                 control investigations should be sure that the facility records   cuss health and safety issues affecting nurses. To participate
tion), enforcement,                                                 the illness on the OSHA 300 log of injuries and illnesses.        in these calls, contact Tiffany Skogstrom at 617-524-8778 or
outreach and assis-                                                    In a recent discussion with an OSHA compliance officer,         via e-mail at
tance (employers                                                    it was confirmed that a positive culture of MRSA in a health
                                                                    care worker requiring medical treatment is, in fact, a work-      Members should participate in internal activities
may ask for assistance to implement change), and advancing
research. The main focus of OSHA’s local program will be on         related illness and should be recorded in the facility’s OSHA       OSHA compliance inspectors who visit your hospital will
reducing injuries to patients/professionals during equipment        log. Affirmative MRSA tests should also be reported to the         be asking to speak to employees or employee representatives.
handling, as well as injuries related to sharps and hollow-         employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier.               As an MNA member you should not be afraid to speak with
bore needles.                                                          Most nurses and health care workers who test positive for      an OSHA inspector. In fact, you should be encouraged to do
   Initiatives and designs that are already being utilized in       MRSA do not experience symptoms, yet they are treated with        so. A direct conversation with employees assists OSHA com-
other industries to prevent injuries to workers will soon be        antibiotics because they may be a vehicle for transmission of     pliance inspectors in identifying working conditions which
adapted for use in health care settings under the local pro-        the bacteria to susceptible patients. If left untreated though,   contribute to employee illness and injury.
gram. For example: You can’t lift 180 pounds at UPS anymore         MRSA could also pose problems for healthcare workers at              MNA members are entitled to participate in the opening
and, soon, you won’t be expected to lift 180 pounds in the          some time in the future.                                          conference, the inspection tour and the closing conference.
healthcare industry either.                                            The requirement for identifying an occupational illness is     Employees in non-union facilities also have this right.
Page 10                                                                          Massachusetts Nurse                                                                            June/July 2003

Two MNA bargaining units named best nursing team of ‘03 by Advance for Nurses magazine
   MNA nurses at Merrimack Valley Hospital                                                          state’s current financial crisis and Governor       of students that earned it this wonderful
and school nurses working for the Pittsfield                                                         Romney’s proposed cuts to school nursing           award.”
Public Health Department had special reason                                                         programs.                                             School nurses provide a valuable social
to celebrate during National Nurses’ Week in                                                           “This 14-nurse team cares for more than         and health care safety net, particularly
May. Advance for Nurses magazine, the lead-                                                         8,000 Pittsfield students on a daily basis,” said   during tough economic times, and they are
ing professional publication for the industry,                                                      Katie Wiater, RN, CSN, who submitted the           often the primary health care resource for
named both the hospital emergency-room                                                              application that earned the team its recogni-      poor or uninsured children. School nurses
nurses and the Pittsfield school nurses as                                                           tion. “We do everything: from administering        are also required to conduct annual postural,
two of this year’s best nursing teams.                                                              psychotropic drugs and teaching proper             hearing and vision-screening tests on all stu-
   In order to be considered for the award,                                                         inhaler use, to responding to emergencies          dents and monitor compliance with school
teams had to have a proven track record of                                                          in the gymnasium and administering first            immunization regulations. In addition, they
excelling in areas such as clinical outcomes,                                                       aid. The school nurse is the bottom line in        often provide health education to students
adaptability, teamwork, community outreach         why Advance magazine honored our emer-           healthcare.”                                       by teaching them about healthy lifestyles and
and knowledge.                                     gency department.”                                  “This group of nurses goes above and            illness management.
                                                      The nurse responsible for nominating the      beyond the call of duty because they genu-            Advance for Nurses magazine is distributed
Merrimack Valley Hospital                          ER team, Carlos D. Flores, APRN, BC, CEN         inely love what they do,” Wiater said. “It         to 107,000 nurses throughout New England
   Meeting all the aforementioned criteria,        and an MNA member, shared the same sen-          was the team’s unselfish desire to serve and        and it received more than 300 applicants for
and earning the first-place title as result,        timents as Hickey when he submitted the          protect the physical and emotional health          this year’s awards.
was the nursing team in MVH’s emergency            award application. According to Advance
department. The achievement was recognized         magazine, Flores said that the nursing team
and hailed as a great honor for the entire nurs-   became a rock throughout its transition,           Private sector bargaining unit at UMass/Memorial
                                                   and during its purchase by Essent Health-
ing staff—particularly given the fact that the
                                                   care—which allowed the hospital to remain
                                                                                                      – University Campus ratifies agreement
acute care facility, formerly Hale Hospital,
                                                   open under the new Merrimack Valley Hos-             RNs in the private sector bargaining unit at UMass/Memorial – University Campus
was slated for closure just 2½ years ago.
                                                   pital name—the nursing team maintained an          ratified a two-year agreement on April 30. The agreement is for the period April 2, 2002
   “The nurses really pulled together when
                                                   impressively low rate of turnover. “Collabora-     to March 30, 2004, and it makes the RNs the highest paid in the Worcester area. The
it was announced that Hale would close its
                                                   tion is key in nursing,” Flores told Advance,      agreement grants the RNs three across-the-board increases and two new steps for a total
doors,” said Jeanine Hickey, chairperson of
                                                   “and the spirit of sharing among the ED team       increase of 19.6 percent over two years. The wage scale that takes effect in the last year
the hospital’s bargaining unit. “Nurses from
                                                   is a constant source of strength.”                 of the contract will range from $21.95 to $43.47.
all departments, as well as physicians, clini-
                                                                                                        The agreement also allows for the creation of a staffing board, which will comprise
cians and other employees, worked together
to keep the hospital open—and we protected         Pittsfield school nurses                            three members of management and three bargaining-unit members. The staffing board
                                                      Nurses with the Pittsfield Public Health         will be responsible for reviewing current staffing, as well as making staffing recommen-
nurses’ rights while doing so. Our MNA
                                                   Department earned fourth place in the              dations for each unit. These recommendations will be posted in units so that all RNs can
nurses were nothing short of courageous
                                                   magazine’s search for the best nursing teams       confirm that staffing is in line with recommendations. The agreement also ensures that
and dedicated when they faced that chal-
                                                   of 2003, and the award was seen as a par-          RNs will have the right to grieve any failure to provide appropriate resources, including
lenge, and they were able to win the fight as
                                                   ticular success by MNA members given the           supplies and equipment.
a result. That is just one of the many reasons

Notice to members and non-members regarding MNA agency fee status
   This notice contains important information           an agreement with a labor organiza-         she must do so within thirty days of receipt              fication number
relating to your membership or agency fee               tion … to require as a condition of         of this notice. Receipt shall be presumed to           • Objections must also be signed by the
status. Please read it carefully.                       employment membership therein on            have occurred no later than three days after              objector
   Section 7 of the National Labor Relations            or after the thirtieth day following        the notice is mailed to the employee’s address        Objections will be processed as they are
Act gives employees these rights:                       the beginning of such employment or         as shown in MNA’s records.                         received. All non-members who file a valid
     • To organize                                      the effective date of such agreement,          Employees who newly become subject to           objection shall receive a detailed report con-
     • To form, join or assist any union                whichever is the later. If such labor       a contractual union security clause after Sep-     taining an accounting and explanation of the
     • To bargain collectively through rep-             organization is the representative of       tember 1, or who otherwise do not receive this     agency fee. Depending on available informa-
       resentatives of their choice                     the employees as provided in Sec-           notice, must file any objection within thirty       tion, the accounting and explanation may use
     • To act together for other mutual aid             tion 9(a), in the appropriate collective    days after receipt of notice of their rights.      the previous year’s information.
       or protection                                    bargaining unit covered by such agree-         MNA members are responsible for full            3. How to challenge MNA’s accounting
     • To choose not to engage in any of                ment when made…                             membership dues and may not object under              If a non-member is not satisfied that the
       these protected activities                     Under Section 8(a)(3), payment of member-     this procedure. MNA members who resign             agency fee is solely for chargeable activities,
   You have the right under Section 7 to decide    ship dues or an agency fee can lawfully be       their membership after September 1 must            he or she may file a challenge to MNA’s
for yourself whether to be a member of MNA.        made a condition of your employment under        object, if at all, within 30 days of the post-     accounting. Such a challenge must be filed
If you choose not to be a member, you may          a “union security” clause. If you fail to make   mark or receipt by MNA of their individual         within thirty days of receipt of MNA’s
still be required to pay an agency fee to cover    such payment, MNA may lawfully require           resignation, whichever is earlier.                 accounting. Receipt shall be presumed to
the cost of MNA’s efforts on your behalf. If       your employer to terminate you.                     Objections must be renewed each year by         have occurred no later than three days after
you choose to pay an agency fee rather than           This year, the agency fee payable by non-     filing an objection during the appropriate          the notice is mailed to the employee’s address
membership dues, you are not entitled to           members is 97 percent of the regular MNA         period. The same procedure applies to initial      as shown in MNA’s records.
attend union meetings; you cannot vote on          membership dues for chargeable expendi-          objections and to renewed objections.                 Challenges must be specific, and must
ratification of contracts or other agreements       tures. Non-members are not charged for           2. How to object                                   be made in writing. Challenges must be
between the employer and the union; you will       expenses, if any, which are paid from dues          Objections must be received at the follow-      received by MNA at the same address listed
not have a voice in union elections or other       which support or contribute to political orga-   ing address within the thirty-day period set       above in section 2 within the 30-day period
internal affairs of the union and you will not     nizations or candidates; voter registration or   forth above:                                       to be valid. Challenges not sent or delivered
enjoy “members only” benefits.                      get-out-the-vote campaigns; support for ideo-       Massachusetts Nurses Association                to that address are void.
   Section 8(a)(3) of the National Labor Rela-     logical causes not germane to the collective        Fee Objections                                     Valid challenges, if any, will be submitted
tions Act provides, in pertinent part:             bargaining work of the union; and certain           340 Turnpike Street                             jointly to an impartial arbitrator appointed by
   It shall be an unfair labor practice for an     lobbying efforts. MNA has established the           Canton, MA 02021                                the American Arbitration Association. MNA
employer –                                         following procedure for non-members who             Objections not sent or delivered to the         will bear the cost of such a consolidated arbi-
  (3) by discrimination in regard to hire or       wish to exercise their right to object to the    above address are void.                            tration; challengers are responsible for their
      tenure of employment or any term or          accounting of chargeable expenditures:              To be valid, objections must contain the        other costs, such as their travel expenses, lost
      condition of employment to encour-           1. When to object                                following information:                             time, and legal expenses, if any. Specifically
      age or discourage membership in any             Employees covered by an MNA union                 • The objector’s name                          challenged portions of the agency fee may be
      labor organization: Provided, that           security clause will receive this notice of          • The objector’s address                       placed in escrow during the resolution of a
      nothing in this Act, or in any other         their rights annually in the Mass Nurse.             • The name of the objector’s                   challenge. MNA may, at its option, waive an
      statute of the United States, shall          If an employee wishes to object to MNA’s               employer                                     objector’s agency fee rather than provide an
      preclude an employer from making             designation of chargeable expenses, he or            • The non-member’s employee identi-            accounting or process a challenge.
June/July 2003                                                                      Massachusetts Nurse                                                                                    Page 11

Newton public health nurses demonstrate the power of effective organizing
   The city of Newton has long been regarded         with public health dollars instead of school
as one of the state’s most prestigious com-          department dollars—even though 85 percent
munities, and in many circles it is considered       of those working for public health actually
the ideal place to live, work and raise a            work in schools.”
family. Its stellar reputation is founded on            But the challenges didn’t end there: “When
truth, and that message is driven home by            the city divides its budget annually,” said
Newton’s mayor, David B. Cohen, on the               Creedon, the nurse for the Angier Elemen-
suburb’s Web page: “We are a leader among            tary School’s 275 students, “70 percent of the
communities, with an excellent school system         dollars go to schools while only 30 percent
and nationally acclaimed library; and we are         of the dollars go to public health and other
recognized as one of the top-five safest cities       city departments. That means school health
in the nation.”                                      programs always have considerably less
   But just a few months ago, Newton found           funding.”
itself at the edge of a dangerous precipice—            With 21 schools and more than 11,200
one that could have ruined the safety and            students, those dollar amounts make the
security of the city’s school children. The city’s   nurses’ jobs exceptionally challenging. “We
school nurses, all of who are employed as part       don’t merely identify the sick kids and then
of Newton’s public health department and             send them home,” said Jacobs. “Our job is to
all of who are MNA members, were facing              keep them healthy, no matter what the ail-
dramatic cuts in funding.                            ment may be, so that they can stay in school
   The results could have been disastrous if         and learn.”
it had not been for the dedication, work and            And those ailments can be varied and seri-
hard-core organizing efforts of the nurses in        ous: cancer, cerebral palsy, cardiac conditions,
Newton’s public health department.                   asthma, hepatitis, catherizations and devel-
                                                     opmental disorders to name a few. Add to
Nursing in Newton’s schools                          this the fact that all of Newton’s public health
   In the spring of 2002, school nurses Michelle     nurses are required to be first responders in
Jacobs and Karen Creedon had officially               the case of a community-wide health crisis.        School nurse Michelle Jacobs poses with just a few of the students she cares for at
settled into their new positions as co-chairs           “There was no doubt,” said Creedon. “We         the Lincoln-Eliot School in Newton.
of their MNA bargaining unit—the Newton              were not meeting the standard set by the Spe-
public health department. Their unit, from the       cial Commission on School Nursing Services         tional funding for us, but the talk in town      bargaining unit began to network with the
beginning, was facing some challenges.               that stated the nurse-to-student ratio should      implied otherwise,” remembered Jacobs.           community’s parent-teacher organizations
   “Newton is kind of unique,” said Jacobs,          be no more than one to 500. We didn’t even         “Karen and I started to understand that any      (PTOs), there was clearly a growing sense
the nurse responsible for administering care         have a nurse in every school.”                     override was probably only going to benefit       of urgency about keeping a nurse in every
to the 275 students in the city’s Lincoln-Eliot         Things started to improve though when           the school budget, and our bargaining unit       school. “It took some time,” Jacobs continued,
School. “It’s one of the state’s few remaining       the public health department briefly became         was, unfortunately, part of the public health    “but our messages were clear and true: school
municipalities that funds its school nurses          the benefactor of a sort of financial windfall.     budget.”                                         nurses are the key to keeping kids safe and in
                                                                     “The state received money from        Added to this was the fact that the future    class, and healthy children are always better
                                                                     a tobacco settlement,” explained   of the grant money looked uncertain. “With-      students. Keeping a nurse in every school was
                                                                     Jacobs, “and we were awarded       out the grant and without the benefits of a       the only way to make this happen.”
                                                                     an Enhanced School Health          Proposition 2½ override the future of our           As the bargaining unit continued its
                                                                     Grant as a result.” With its new   bargaining unit and the services we provide      outreach efforts, a supportive, but subtle,
                                                                     financing the public health         students were in serious jeopardy.” Jacobs and   coalition began to grow that included par-
                                                                     department hired a total of six    Creedon immediately started working with         ents, teachers and community leaders—and
                                                                     new nurses, five of who were        other members of the bargaining unit, as well    soon the issue was on the agenda of the city’s
                                                                     placed directly in Newton          as MNA staffers Joe-anne Fergus and Jason        leaders. “We were able to hold a labor man-
                                                                     schools. “For the first time,       Silva, to develop a defensive strategy.          agement meeting with Newton officials and
                                                                     Newton had a nurse in every           As their strategizing began to unfold, the    part of what we talked about was whether or
                                                                     school,” she said, “although       Newton nurses were hit with a one-two            not to let the general community know about
                                                                     we were still far from meeting     punch: the override was approved—with            what was happening,” said Creedon. “But no
                                                                     the ratio of one nurse to every    most associated revenue slated to go to the      one wanted to have to go there.”
                                                                     500 students.”                     school budget—and the grant would be                As it turned out, they didn’t have to: the
                                                                        The benefits of the grant were   eliminated. “Our bargaining unit’s expecta-      barraging unit had gained the support of
                                                                     seen immediately however.          tions and fears came true,” said Creedon,        two important people, Linda Walsh, the city’s
                                                                     Creedon explained: “During         “and we decided as a team that we weren’t        director of clinical service, and Mayor Cohen,
                                                                     the first academic year when        going down without a fight.”                      as well as almost everyone associated with
                                                                     we had a nurse in every school,                                                     the city’s PTOs. “That’s when we started to
                                                                     there were over 112,000 visits     Strategic organizing at its best                 think that maybe the tides could turn in our
                                                                     to the nurse’s office, with            So together, as a bargaining unit that was    favor,” remembered Creedon.
                                                                     over 46,000 doses of medica-       only 25 members strong, Newton’s public             The tides did in fact turn in favor of the
                                                                     tion administered, and almost      health nurses began to fight the good fight.       bargaining unit. In late winter of 2003, it was
                                                                     3,000 blood-testing procedures     At meeting after meeting, they crafted key       announced by Cohen that he would include
                                                                     completed. Given all of these      messages, devised community outreach plans       the nursing positions that had been funded
                                                                     visits, only 3,000 students were   and put timelines in place for meeting with      by the grant in the city’s own budget. “The
                                                                     sent home early. That’s ground-    the school system’s key opinion leaders. They    future looks bright for students in Newton’s
                                                                     breaking.”                         also learned how to tell their story in a way    public school,” said Jacobs. “They’ll have a
                                                                                                        that influenced change: they drove home the       nurse in every school again, although we’re
                                                                   Changing tides                       fact that without a nurse in each of Newton’s    still excited by the prospect of taking on the
                                                              By the end of the summer of               schools, children would be at risk.              one to 500 ratio!”
                                                           ‘02, however, both the windfall                 Jacobs and Creedon knew that these poten-        According to Joe-ann Fergus, the labor rela-
                                                           and the nurse-in-every-school                tial risks would not sit well with a community   tions director who worked directly with the
                                                           benchmark seemed to be dis-                  that strove for excellence. “When you’re a       team in Newton, their work represents how
                                                           solving due to the state’s failing           role-model community, as Mayor Cohen had         successful unions can be. “This 25-member
                                                           economy. In addition, there was              often said we were, you couldn’t expect that     unit organized a seamless campaign to keep
                                                           talk about an override of Propo-             a shrinking school-health program would go       Newton’s school children safe and healthy,
Karen Creedon sits with three students from the Angier sition 2 ½.                                      over well with parents, teachers and opinion     and it did so in the midst of two enormous,
Elementary School: (left to right) Dara White, Isabel Melt- “We briefly hoped that an                    leaders,” said Jacobs.                           looming budget cuts. That is the power of
zer and Emily Meltzer.                                     override would mean addi-                       She was right. As members from the            organizing.”
Page 12                                                                           Massachusetts Nurse                                                                           June/July 2003

MNF announces August 1 deadline for 2003 nursing scholarships
  The Massachusetts Nurses Foundation is a non-profit orga-             One $1,500 scholarship for an active member in District          Labor Relations Scholarship
nization whose mission is to support scholarship and research          5 pursing a doctoral degree                                        Two $1,000 scholarships are funded annually by a grant
in nursing. The primary goal of the MNF is to advance the                                                                               established by the MNA Cabinet for Labor Relations. This
profession of nursing by supporting the education of nurses,        District 5 Scholarship                                              scholarship is for an RN or health care professional who is
and it provides scholarships and grants to nurses and nursing         Funded by District 5, this new scholarship will be given to       also an MNA member. Applicants must also be enrolled in
students in an effort to meet this goal.                            an MNA member active in District 5. Awards include:                 a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in nursing, labor
  This year’s MNF scholarships include:                                Two $1,000 scholarships for students who are pursuing            relations or related field.
                                                                       nursing degrees and who are also sons or daughters of
Carol Flyzik Scholarship                                               District 5 members                                               Worcester City Hospital Aid Society Scholarship
   This new $1,000 scholarship was established by the Hale             One $1,000 scholarship for a District 5 members’ signifi-            Funded by a sustaining scholarship endowed by the
Hospital Professional Nurses Unit in memory of Carol                   cant other/spouse who is pursuing a nursing degree               Worcester City Hospital Aid Society, this $1,000 scholarship
Flyzik, RN, former Hale Hospital Emergency Room Nurse                  Two $1,000 scholarships for students who are pursuing            is awarded annually to a Worcester-area high school senior
and MNA member, who was a victim of the tragic events of               a higher education degree and who are also sons or               who will attend a B.S.N. program.
September 11.                                                          daughters of a District 5 member
   The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student—entry                                                                            Faulkner Hospital School of Nursing Alumni
level or practicing RN—who is pursuing an associate’s degree        District 4 Scholarship
                                                                                                                                        Association Scholarship
or bachelor’s degree in nursing. Preference will be given first        Funded by District 4, this $500 scholarship is given to an
                                                                                                                                          Funded by a sustaining scholarship endowed by the
to students living or working in the Merrimack Valley* area,        active, District 4 MNA member to assist with his/her studies
                                                                                                                                        Faulkner Hospital School of Nurses Alumni Association, the
and then to other areas of MNA’s District 4. If the applicant is    for a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in nursing.
                                                                                                                                        following awards are given annually:
a practicing RN who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree, she/he
                                                                    District 3 Scholarship                                                  A generic award is given to a student attending an entry
must be an MNA member. In the event that no applicants meet
                                                                                                                                            level RN program. Priority will be given to descendants
the geographic criteria listed above, the scholarship will be          Funded by District 3, $10,000 in scholarships is being offered
                                                                                                                                            of Faulkner alumni.
awarded to a deserving candidate who meets all other criteria       to an MNA member active in District 3. Awards include:
                                                                                                                                            The Connie Moore Award is given to an RN who is
as determined by the MNF scholarship committee.                         Two $2,500 scholarships to District 3 members pursuing
                                                                                                                                            pursuing a B.S.N. or M.S.N. degree. Priority will be
   *The Merrimack Valley consists of Lawrence, Haverhill,               B.S.N.s
                                                                                                                                            given to Faulkner alumni.
Bradford, Georgetown, Groveland, Methuen, Merrimac,                     One $1,500 scholarship to a District 3 member pursing
Andover and North Andover.                                              an M.S.N. or doctoral degree                                    Scholarship details and deadlines
                                                                        One $2,500 scholarship to a student pursuing a B.S.N.
Janet Dunphy Scholarship                                                                                                                   For more information or to request a scholarship applica-
                                                                        and who is the son or daughter of a District 3 member
                                                                                                                                        tion, call the MNF at 781-830-5745. Please be sure to mention
  Funded by a scholarship established by District 5, this               One $1,000 scholarship to a student pursuing an associ-
                                                                                                                                        which scholarship for which you are applying.
scholarship is given annually to an MNA member who is                   ate’s degree in nursing and who is the son or daughter
                                                                                                                                           Scholarship applications must be postmarked by August 1
active in District 5 and who is pursuing a B.S., M.S. or doctoral       of a District 3 member
                                                                                                                                        and should be sent to: Massachusetts Nurses Foundation, 340
degree. Awards include:
                                                                    District 2 Scholarship                                              Turnpike Street, Canton, MA 02021. All scholarships, unless
    One $2,000 scholarship for an active member in District
                                                                                                                                        otherwise noted, will be awarded at the MNA’s annual awards
    5 pursuing a B.S. in nursing                                      Funded by District 2, one $1,000 scholarship is being offered
                                                                                                                                        banquet in October.
    One $1,500 scholarship for an active member in District         to a family member of an active MNA member in District 2
    5 pursuing a M.S. in nursing                                    who is attending nursing school.

              Donations needed for
              MNF Annual Auction!
                               We Need Your Help
   The Massachusetts Nurses Foundation is preparing for its 20th
  Annual Silent & Live Auction to be held at the MNA Convention
  in October. Donations are needed to make this fundraising event a
  big success! Your tax-deductible donation helps the foundation raise
           funds to support nursing scholarships & research.
                       Your support is appreciated:                                                    Benefits Corner                              brought to you by…
                    Jeanine Williams, MNF President
                     Patricia Healey, MNF Secretary                                                     MNA offers new money-saving benefits
                                                                                                          MNA is proud to offer its members two         MNA membership department to receive
                       Liz Joubert, MNF Treasurer                                                       new benefits that provide savings on eye         your Sight Care ID card including a com-
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  form or simply mail or deliver your donation to the Massachusetts                                     single vision lenses only $40 (compared to      card to pick up your MNA/Work ‘n Gear
    Nurses Foundation, 340 Turnpike Street, Canton, MA 02021.                                           $90); bifocals $60 (compared to $140) with      discount card. Call 1-800-WORKNGEAR
                                                                                                        free scratch resistant coating. Contact the     for a store near you.
June/July 2003                                                                                         Massachusetts Nurse                                                                                   Page 13

                                                                                                                            DEP provides daily air quality updates

            ongratulations to all MNA members who attended the June 18 press
                                                                                                                               With the arrival of smog season, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has
            conference & legislative hearing on H.1282, An Act Ensuring Quality
                                                                                                                            resumed daily air-quality forecasting. In addition to warm-weather regional forecasts for
            Patient Care and Safe RN Staffing Legislation!                                                                   ground-level ozone, the DEP has started to issue year-round forecasts for fine particle pollu-
                                                                                                                            tion in the state’s largest cities.
 With your support, this event allowed us to give legislators and reporters                                                    These particles, which are made up of dust, dirt, soot, smoke and liquid droplets, can
 detailed information and history on RN understaffing, the state of nursing in                                               penetrate deep into the respiratory system when inhaled and can increase the likelihood
                                                                                                                            of respiratory infections, as well as aggravate asthma and chronic bronchitis. Children, the
 Massachusetts— and the bill that can end both problems: MNA’s H.1282!
                                                                                                                            elderly and people with existing heart or lung disease are most at risk for suffering from
                                                                                                                            particle-related health problems.
        Help us keep the issue of safe staffing on the legislature’s agenda!
                                                                                                                               For current information on your community’s air quality, including ozone and particle
                                                                                                                            updates, call 800-882-1497 or visit
 Contact your state senators and representatives today
   • Provide your legislator with some insight into your job as a front-line
   • Tell them why you support safe staffing legislation
                                                                                                                               MNA baseball cap returns in time for summer
   • Share a personal story with them
   • Ask them to contact their colleagues on the Health Care Committee and
     urge them to support MNA’s safe staffing legislation!

                    Call you senator & representative now.
                   Personal contact helps bills become laws!
     Senate switchboard: 617-722-1455 • House switchboard: 617-722-2000

                               Thank you MNA members!

     Get Political—Give to NursePLAN!
    Limited Edition, 100th Anniversary
                       MNA Jackets!                                                                                           Available for $10, these 100 percent cotton hats have a navy blue rim and a beige cap.
                                                                High-quality, Amer i can-made wind-                           The MNA logo is silk screened in navy blue on the front. To order, contact Rosemary
                                                                  breakers with MNA emblazoned on the                         Smith in the MNA’s membership department, 781-830-5741 or send checks directly
                                                                   back and the MNA 100th Anniversary                         to: MNA Membership Dept., 340 Turnpike Street, Canton, MA 02021.
                                                                      logo on the front.
                                                                             Front zipper close, full hood,
                                                                             royal blue/black accents with                  Join the MNA in welcoming the Mercy Ships to Boston
                                                                              white printing. Perfect for the                  Mercy Ships is a global charity that pro-
                                                                              picket line, union gatherings,                vides medical care, relief aid, and long-term
                                                                             and MNA events.                                sustainable change to developing nations.
                                                                                                                            Health professionals and skilled workers
                                                                         Brought to you                                     from dozens of nations (all of whom share a
                                                                                                                            common vision of helping the world’s poor)
                                                                        by NursePLAN,                                       donate their services onboard the ships or at
                                                                          the political                                     land-based offices.
                                                                                                                               On July 2 and 9, the ship Caribbean Mercy will host receptions for healthcare providers
                                                                       action committee                                     while in port in Boston. For more information, contact the Mercy Ships advance office at
                                                                          of the MNA.
                                                    Your pur chase helps support the
 political activities of nurses across the state. Only $85 if you sign up for a Union                                                    Reserve early—Space is limited to 48 people!
 Direct monthly contribution of $5 or more, or if you are a current Union Direct donor to
 NursePLAN ($100 for all others).
 For more info or to order, call 781.821.4625 x725 or e-mail

                     NursePLAN Contribution Form
                                                                                                                                   Tour Italy with MNA
Name: ________________________________________________________________                                                                             October 21 - 29 – Montecatini Spa located in
Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________                                                                          Tuscany Province, Italy $1469*
Phone: __________________________ E-mail: ______________________________
                                                                                                                                                   This all-inclusive trip to the Tuscany region of Italy
Employer*: _______________________ Occupation*: ___________________________
*state law requires that contributors of $200 or more per year provide this information
                                                                                                                                                   includes tours to Florence, Venice, Pisa, Sienna, San
Please circle jacket size (men’s sizes) S M L XL XXL XXXL XXXXL                                                                                    Gimignano while staying in the world famous spa city
Please check one:                                                                                                                                  of Montecatini. Air, transfers, hotel, all meals as well as
❑ Donation of $100 or more. Please make check payable to NursePLAN. Amount enclosed ___                                                            full sightseeing tours are included. Offered as an all-
❑ Donation of $85 and:
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   ❑ Sign me up to become a monthly NursePLAN donor via Union Direct.                                                            *Price listed is per person, double occupancy based on check or cash purchase.
     I would like to contribute the additional amount of (PLEASE CIRCLE ONE)                                                                         Applicable departure taxes are not included.
     $5/month $10/month              $20/month         OTHER $_____/month
     to be deducted from my account that I have designated for my monthly MNA dues.
                                                                                                                               To receive more information and a flyer on these European vacations,
Signature _______________________________________________ Date _________________
Some sizes are special order and will take up to 8 weeks to be delivered.
                                                                                                                                     please contact Carol Mallia, RN, MSN, 781-830-5755 or
  NursePLAN is the voluntary, non-profit, political action committee for the MNA whose mission is to further the political                          e-mail at
    education of all nurses, and to raise funds/make contributions to political candidates who support related issues.
Page 14                                                                         Massachusetts Nurse                                                                            June/July 2003

                                   MNA Elections: Ballot & Candidate Information
2003 voting instructions and details
   A draft of the final ballot for the 2003 MNA Elections is        A. The ballot must be received by 5 p.m., Sept. 20, 2003.         order to assure that a ballot can in no way be identified with
printed below. Final ballots will be mailed Sept. 1 to all mem-    B. Complete area (as per instructions on form) next to the        an individual voter.
bers in good standing at the address on record.                       name of your choice. You may vote for any candidate               If the mailing envelope has been misplaced, another enve-
   Ballots must be returned no later than September 20, 2003          from any district.                                             lope can be substituted. This envelope must be addressed
in the envelope that will be provided.                             C. Do not mark the ballot outside of the identified area.          to MNA Secretary, c/o Contracted Election Administrator at
   Please be sure to save the biographies that are printed         D. Write-in votes shall not be considered valid and will          their address. In the upper left-hand corner of this envelope
in this edition of the Massachusetts Nurse as this is the only        not be counted.                                                you must:
copy members will receive. Bios also are posted on the MNA         E. Enclose the correct and completed voting ballot in an           A. Block print your name
Web site. Biographies will not be mailed with the ballots in          envelope (marked Ballot Return Envelope), which does            B. Sign your name (signature required)
September.                                                            not identify the voter in any way, in order to assure           C. Write your address and zip code
   Following are ballot and voting instructions:                      secret ballot voting.                                             If this information is not on the mailing envelope, the secret
                                                                    All mailing envelopes will be separated from the inner enve-     ballot inside is invalid.For more information, please contact
                                                                  lope containing the ballot before the ballots are removed in       the MNA membership department at (781) 830-5741.
 MNA 2003 elections final ballot
 President, General (1 for 2 years)
 Karen Higgins, RN (District 5)
                                                                                                     Candidate Information
 Secretary, General (1 for 2 years)                               President, General                                                         voice
 Sandy Eaton, RN (District 5)                                     Karen Higgins, RN                                                          Protection and promotion of RN practice by requir-
 District Director, Labor, (5 for 2 years)                        Weymouth, Mass.                                                            ing safe staffing, opposing intrusions on RN scope
 District 1 (1 for 2 years)                                       Employment: Staff nurse, Boston Medical Center.                            of practice and deskilling, and defending occupa-
 Irene Patch, RN (District 1)                                     Education: Quincy City Hospital School of Nursing,                         tional health and workplace safety
 District 2 (1 for 2 years)                                          Diploma, 1975; Quincy Junior College, Associates                        Preservation of autonomy and independence of
 Mary Marengo, RN (District 2)                                       Degree, 1975.                                                           individual member organizations
 Patricia Mayo, RN (District 2)                                   Present Office: MNA President.                                              Establishment of single-payer universal national
 District 3 (1 for 2 years)                                       Past offices: Secretary, Cabinet for Labor Relations; Vice                  health care
 Tina Russell, RN (District 3)                                       Chair, Cabinet for Labor Relations; Chair, Cabinet for                  Unionization of any U.S. RN’s desiring representa-
 District 4 (1 for 2 years)                                          Labor Relations.                                                        tion
 No candidate                                                        In seeking re-election to the office of MNA President, my                Solidarity with international nurses’ organizations
 District 5 (1 for 2 years)                                       motivation is to work with the MNA membership and Board                    that share similar goals and values
 Marlene Demers, RNC (District 5)                                 of Directors to protect and enhance the practice of front-line        • Defeat the Bush/Romney agenda (tax cuts and loop-
 Connie Hunter RNC (District 5)                                   staff nurses.                                                           holes for the rich and their corporations; cutbacks
 At-large Director, General (3 for 2 years)                          I bring more than 28 years experience as a front-line ICU            for everyone else; privatization, union-busting,
 Richard Lambos, RN (District 3)                                  nurse at Boston Medical Center, 18 years experience as a                repression here; endless military adventures abroad)
 Jeannine Williams, RN (District 2)                               leader within the organization, including 4 years as chair of           through uniting with all who fight for just health care
 James Moura, RN, BSN (District 5)                                the MNA’s Cabinet for Labor Relations and the last 2 years              in a just society, while exposing the corporations’
 At-large Director, Labor (4 for 2 years)                         as President.                                                           bipartisan enablers.
 Barbara “Cookie” Cooke, RN (District 3)                             I have been a co-chair of the MNA’s Statewide Campaign
 Donna Kelly-Williams, RN, CPN (District 5)                       for Safe Care, the chair of the MNA’s Nursing Shortage Task
                                                                                                                                     District Director, Labor
 Barbara Norton RN (District 5)                                   Force, and a founding member of the Task Force on Work-            District 1
 Beth Piknick (District 3)                                        place Violence.                                                    Irene Patch, RN
 Sharon McCollum, RN, BSN (District 5)                               I believe that as a working staff nurse I can be a voice for    Belchertown, Mass.
 Betty Sparks, RN (District 5)                                    all those working today and am able to express the needs and       Employment: Staff nurse, Holyoke Soldier’s Home
 Joanne Bartoszewicz, RN, BSN, CGRN (District 5)                  concerns we have on professional issues as well as workplace       Education: Springfield Tech Community College, AD Nurs-
 Labor Program Member (1 for 2 years)                             issues for all members of MNA. I am very clear of the vital roll       ing, 1978; UMass Amherst, BS Public Health, 1976.
 Beth Gray-Nix, OTR/L (District 5)                                all nurses and Health Care Professionals play in health care       Present offices: NursePlan Board of Directors; union repre-
 Nominations & Elections Committee                                at all levels. I see us as advocates assuring that patients are        sentative at Holyoke Soldier’s Home; Board of Directors
 District 1 (1 for 2 years)                                       cared for safely but I am also clear that we as nurses need the        District 1.
 No Candidate                                                     ability to practice safely as well. One cannot happen without      District 2
 District 2 (1 for 2 years)                                       the other. I will continue to fight for nursing’s place in the      Mary Marengo, RN
 No Candidate                                                     health care arena and make sure that MNA continues to be a         Douglas, Mass.
 District 3 (1 for 2 years)                                       strong and vocal voice for nurses, Health Care Professionals       Employment: Staff nurse, St. Vincent Hospital/Worcester
 No Candidate                                                     and patients. I will continue to aggressively address any issue        Medical Center.
 District 4 (1 for 2 years)                                       that affects nurses or our patients with the goal of SAFETY for    Education: Quinsigamond Community College, ADN,
 No Candidate                                                     both you and your patients. I am asking for your vote to re-           1978; Fitchburg State College, BSN, 1992.
 District 5 (1 for 2 years)                                       elect me as President of MNA for a second term and promise         Present offices: Board of Directors; Finance Committee;
 No Candidate                                                     I will continue with the same commitment I have given in               District 2 Board of Directors, secretary.
 Bylaws Committee (5 for 2 years) (1 per district)                the past. Thank you.                                               Past offices: President, Unit 7; Co-Chair Westboro State
 Sandra E. LeBlanc, RN, CNOR (District 5)                                                                                                Hospital.
 Congress on Nursing Practice (6 for 2 years)                     Secretary, General                                                     As a recently “privatized” state employee, working now as
 No Candidate                                                     Sandy Eaton, RN                                                    a staff nurse in a for-profit organization, I bring a multifaceted
 Congress on Health Policy & Legislation (6 for 2 years)          Quincy, Mass.                                                      perspective along with a renewed respect and commitment
 Jennifer E. Hilt, RN, BSN (District 2)                           Employment: Staff nurse, Quincy Medical Center                     to the necessity of achieving our safe staffing legislation for
 Congress on Health & Safety (6 for 2 years)                      Education: Massasoit Community College, ADN, 1981; Boston          which I have already been an ardent supporter as a member of
 Janet K. Reeves, RN, C (District 3)                              College, AB, 1992.                                                 the MNA Board of Directors. Also, as a member and secretary
 Kathryn A. McGinn-Cutler, RN (District 5)                        Present offices: Secretary, Board of Directors; Diversity Com-      of District 2, I am excited that the centennial convention will
 Janice Homer (District 5)                                        mittee; AARN Representative; Steering Committee, Statewide         be held where “the heart of the nursing revolution” began
 Mary Bellistri (District 5)                                      Campaign for Safe Care; District 5 First Vice President.           with our historic “independence” vote at Mechanics Hall in
 David A. Denneno, RN, MSN, MEd, CEN (District 5)                 Past offices: Board of Directors—At-Large; District 5 Acting        Worcester. It is fitting that one of the topics this year as we
 Rosemary Anne O’Brien, RN (District 5)                           President; District 5 Board of Directors At-Large.                 march toward meeting those stated goals, is the reorganiz-
 Gail Lenehan, RN, EdD, FAAN (District 3)                           If re-elected, I will continue to advocate that MNA:             ing of the districts in order to promote at a grass roots level
 Mary Anne Dillon RN, BSN (District 5)                                • Win enactment of safe staffing and fundamental health-        increasing bargaining unit and staff nurse development in cru-
 Michael D’Intinosanto, RN (District 2)                                 care reform by any means necessary.                          cial public relations, legislative, labor and organizing venues.
 Elizabeth A. O’Connor, RN, BSN (District 5)                          • Perfect our nursing revolution by transforming obsolete      It is my belief that due to my past and present involvement in
 Victoria Brownstone (District 5)                                       districts into meaningful regional bodies.                   many aspects of my bargaining units, MNA and the district, I
 Center for Nursing Ethics (2 for 2 years)                            • Promote AARN’s principles:                                   provide insight and a beneficial representative voice, hope you
 No Candidate                                                               Establishment of a progressive national nurses’                                   More candidate profiles, next page
June/July 2003                                                                    Massachusetts Nurse                                                                                      Page 15

           Candidate Info
                                                                    Employment: Staff nurse, Newton Wellesley Hospital.                 Taunton, Mass.
                                                                    Education: Newton Junior College, ADN, 1976                         Employment: RN medical/surgical, Brockton Hospital.
                                                                    Present offices: Congress on Health Policy & Legislation,            Education: Brockton Hospital School of Nursing, diploma,
agree and look forward to contributing to the work ahead.             2003; Co-Chair Newton Wellesley Bargaining Unit, 2002,               1984; Bridgewater State College, BS Education, 1979.
Patricia Mayo, RN                                                     2003; District 5 Board of Directors, 2003.                        Present office: Co-chair, Brockton Hospital Bargaining Unit
Fiskdale, Mass.                                                     Past offices: Congress on Health Policy & Legislation, 2001;            I have been a front line nurse for 20 years working on a
Employment: RN, St. Vincent’s Hospital                                Nurses’ Committee, Newton Wellesley Hospital Bargain-             medical surgical unit for my entire nursing career. I have seen
Education: Worcester City Hospital, Diploma, 1965.                    ing Unit, 1993-Present; District 5 Board of Directors 2002.       the changes and have been active in MNA but have no experi-
Present offices: St. Vincent’s Hospital Co-Chair, 2001-Pres-                                                                             ence in an elected position. I have been a nursing leader at
   ent; MNA Awards Committee, 2002-Present; District 2              Director At-Large General                                           Brockton Hospital and presently serve as the co-chair of the
   Board of Director, 2001-Present.                                 Richard Lambos, RN                                                  bargaining unit. I choose to run now because I see the “Evolu-
Past offices: St. Vincent’s Hospital Secretary.                      Edgartown, Mass.                                                    tion of the Revolution” as my time to offer my experience. I
   Having served as co-chair of the St.Vincent nurses bargain-      Employment: Staff nurse ER, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital              will commit to serve with an energy that I believe will produce
ing unit and a member of the District 2 Board of Directors, I am    Education: Newton Junior College, AD, 1972.                         positive changes for all RN’s. I promise to work in my elected
eager to expand my leadership to serve on the MNA Board of          Present offices: Director At-Large General; Unit chairman,           position to make it better for our patients and our profession.
Directors. As a nurse at the bedside, I experience firsthand the        Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.                                      It is time to do so. Thank you for your consideration.
hardships facing the nursing profession. I feel that I possess      Past offices: MNA Finance Committee.                                 Donna Kelly-Williams, RN, CPN
the leadership and outreach skills necessary to continue to            Presently I am a member of the MNA Board of Directors and        Arlington, Mass.
enhance the hard work done by the “new MNA” to help pass            hope to continue serving the nurses of Massachusetts in that        Employment: Pediatric Clinical Nurse III, Cambridge
Safe Staffing Legislation and to do all that we need to, in order    capacity. Each and every nurse in Massachusetts, and every             Hospital.
to bring new nurses into the profession and retain those who        patient, will be impacted by what “we,” as an organization,         Education: Laselle College, AD, 1978; Labor Guild.
consider leaving. Thank you for your consideration.                 are trying to accomplish through MNA’s Safe Staffing Cam-            Present offices: Cambridge Hospital MNA President;
District 3                                                          paign. I stress the word “we” because only through collective,         Congress on Health Policy; Nurse Plan; District 5 Board
Tina Russell, RN                                                    united, and organized action can we win this battle. I feel safe       of Directors.
East Bridgewater, Mass.                                             staffing is the most important issue for nurses in this state and    Past offices: MNA 100th Anniversary Celebration; Cam-
Employment: Staff nurse, Brockton Hospital                          nationally. Let me continue to help you attain that goal.              bridge Hospital Negotiation Team.
Education: Brockton Hospital School of Nursing, Diploma,            Jeannine Williams, RN                                                  I have been an MNA Nurse specializing in Maternal-Child
   1962.                                                            Manchaug, Mass.                                                     Health, currently in General Inpatient Pediatrics for over 25
Present offices: MNA Board of Directors; MNA Finance                 Employment: Retired                                                 years. Although many aspects of healthcare have changed
   Committee; Negotiating Committee Brockton Hospital.              Education: Charlotte County Memorial, RN, 1958.                     during my practice years, the one thing that remains the same
Past offices: Cabinet for Labor Relations; Board of Direc-           Present offices: President, Mass. Nurses Foundation; MNA             is the need for the Registered Nurse to take care and coordinate
   tors; President District III; Co-Chair Bargaining Unit              Board of Directors; Convention Planning Committee;               the care of all patients. In order for us to take our profession
   Brockton Hospital.                                                  Safe Care; President, District 2.                                away from its endangered species status, we need to engage
   This is a time of great change at MNA, in nursing, and in           I have a strong belief in union rights and the importance        current and future nurses to become more involved politi-
health care.                                                        of organizing in order for RN’s and health professionals to         cally. As an elected member of the MNA Board of Directors,
   I have had the privilege of working with wonderful nurses        have a voice and protection in the workplace. It is this belief     I would add diversity, as a member of both a hospital and
and staff at MNA, both on the Cabinet for Labor Relations           that has guided me in my leadership roles as a member of the        clinical specialty not currently represented, and would strive
and the Board of Directors.                                         MNA Board of Directors and as District II President. Though         to bring more nurses to become pro-active in representing our
   Since the Cabinet and the Board merged, there has been           currently retired, I also served as secretary of Unit 7 and Chair   profession in the healthcare political arena.
an increased effort to pass our Safe Staffing Bill. We have          at Westboro State Hospital for many years. My history with          Barbara Norton, RN
become very politically active. I would like to continue to be      the MNA provides the necessary experience and a valuable            Portsmouth, Rhode Island
involved in this activity.                                          perspective as our organization moves forward. I am eager           Employment: Staff nurse, Brigham & Women’s Hospital.
   There is still so much to be done to improve the working         to participate in our exciting future which must include pas-       Education: Laboure College, AD
conditions for all nurses in our state and to insure that all our   sage of our safe staffing legislation and organizing efforts.        Present offices: MNA Board of Directors; Chairperson,
patients have the safest and best quality care possible.            I seek your support of another two-year term on the MNA                Brigham & Women’s Bargaining Unit.
   We need our Safe Staffing Bill. We need Single Payer Health       Board of Directors.                                                 Beth Piknick
Care. We need safe working environment for ALL nurses and           James Moura, RN, BSN                                                Hyannis, Mass.
health care providers.                                              Dorchester, Mass.                                                   Employment: Staff nurse, Cape Cod Hospital
   There is SO much to be done and I would like very much           Employment: Staff nurse, PACU, West Roxbury VA Medi-                Education: Faulkner Hospital School of Nursing, Diploma,
to remain a part of this by remaining a member of the MNA              cal Center.                                                         1971; Lesley College, BS, 1999.
Board of Directors. Thank you.                                      Education: University of Rhode Island, BSN, 1974.                   Present offices: Liaison Cape Cod Hospital Bargaining
District 4                                                          Present offices: MNA Director at Large, General; MNA                    Unit; District 3 president; MNA Board of Directors,
No candidate                                                           Board Policy Committee; District 5 Board of Directors.              Director At-Large; Districts Summit Committee; AARN
District 5                                                          Past offices: Cabinet for Labor Relations; ANA delegate;                representative from Massachusetts.
Marlene Demers, RNC                                                    Congress on Health & Safety.                                     Past offices: District 3, vice president; MNA Board of
Pelham, N.H.                                                           My vision for our association is one of labor activism,             Directors, Director At-Large; Cape Cod Hospital Local
Employment: Health Care Facility Inspector I; DPH—                  social justice and member empowerment. I oppose the Bush               Bargaining Unit.
   Health Care Quality.                                             and Romney agenda. Their proposals weaken and destroy                  This fall, I would ask you to consider voting for me in the
Education: NH Technical Institute, ADN, 1978; New                   our collective bargaining rights and dismantle core public          position of MNA, Director At-Large, Labor position. The
   Hampshire College, BS, Health Care Administration,               health services and support for Medicare, Social Security           change within the association continues. It has been an honor
   1983; Springfield College, MS Psychology, 1990.                   and Medicaid programs which protect the most vulnerable             to be part of this ongoing change and growth.
   I have been a health care facility inspector for the Depart-     of our nation’s and state’s population. I will work for the            I have been involved in the MNA since 1975. It has been an
ment of Public Health for the past 11 years. It has been a role     following:                                                          immense joy to observe the Association become powerful and
that has evolved as the health care industry changes. However,           • The passage of safe staffing legislation, which will          credible in so many areas. I hope to continue my involvement
the issues of quality of care and patient and staff safety remain          establish professional conditions for nursing practice       with MNA. So, please allow me to do this by voting for me.
a constant focus of the oversight of health care providers.                and safe patient care in the commonwealth.                      More important than voting for me is that you vote. Please
   My worldview of nursing has also evolved over the 25 years            • The passage of Universal Health Care access in the           take a few minutes to review the candidates and participate
I have practiced nursing. We are in desperate need to recruit              Commonwealth to promote better patient health                in YOUR Association by voting.
nursing students to begin to address the nursing shortage as               outcomes.                                                    Sharon McCollum, RN, BSN
well as to care for nurses who are providing care in settings            • Expanding funding and resources to support effective         Dorchester, Mass.
where staffing continues to be problematic. We must be vocal,               internal and external union organizing support for           Employment: Nursing Supervisor, Department of Mental
as we become aware of negative patient outcomes. Nurses                    our union members and the education of their union              Health.
can be the voice of reason as we advocate for quality nursing              leadership through the MNA Labor Institute.                  Education: University of Vermont, BSN, 1974.
services for those who are entrusted to our care.                        • The building of coalitions with like-minded                  Present offices: Board of Directors, Director at Large; Board
   I believe that my years of experience in nursing administra-            health care professional, nursing and community                 Executive Committee; Co-Chairperson Diversity Com-
tion, program development (quality assurance) and ongoing                  organizations to promote nursing’s agenda in the                mittee.
regulatory oversight of health care facilities will prove to be            Commonwealth.                                                Past offices: Nominations Committee; 2000 Leader Fellow;
assets for the position that I seek on the Board of Directors.                                                                             Diversity Task Force; District 5 Nominations Committee.
Connie Hunter, RNC                                                  Director At-Large Labor                                             Betty Sparks, RN
East Walpole, Mass.                                                 Barbara “Cookie” Cooke, RN
                                                                                                                                                                More candidate profiles, next page
Page 16                                                                            Massachusetts Nurse                                                                            June/July 2003

                                                  MNA Elections: Candidate Information
                                                                                                                                        Rosemary Anne O’Brien, RN
Norwood, Mass.                                                         Diploma.                                                         South Harwich, Mass.
Employment: Staff nurse ED, Newton Wellesley Hospital.               Present offices: Bylaws Committee; Congress on Health &             Employment: RN II Nurse Consultant, Commonwealth of
Education: Massasoit Community College, AD, 1991.                      Safety; Unit Treasurer 1983-present.                                Massachusetts, Department of Mental Retardation.
Present offices: Director At Large, Labor; NursePlan; Board                                                                              Education: Catherine Laboure School of Nursing, RN, 1960;
   Policy Committee.                                                 Congress on Nursing Practice                                          Boston College, 1961-1965; U-Mass Boston, 1990-1993.
   This is a challenging time for our profession, regardless if      No candidates.                                                     Present offices: Union Rep, 1995 – present; Workplace
we are general or labor relations members. On a daily basis                                                                                Violence Task Force, 1999-present; Congress on Health &
we deal with increased patient activity, increasing patient          Congress on Health Policy & Legislation                               Safety, 2001 – present; Convention Committee 2001, 2002,
assignments, hospital reorganization, and large hospital             Jennifer E. Hilt, RN, BSN                                             2003; BORN Task Force 2002 – 2003.
conglomerates along with our governor attempting to control,         Worcester, Mass.                                                   Gail Lenehan RN, EdD, FAAN
gut or eliminate collective bargaining agreements.                   Employment: Maternal Child Health Nurse Per Diem, U-               Hingham, Mass.
   Though the work is difficult and exhausting, we need to               Mass Memorial Home Health.                                      Employment: Editor, Journal of Emergency Nurses, Emer-
join together, presenting a united front, to protect our patients,   Education: University of Rochester, BSN, 1993; UMass                  gency Nurses Association.
our families and ourselves by working to pass our safe staff-           Medical Center Nurse Practitioner Program, MSN (in              Education: St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing, RN
ing legislation.                                                        progress).                                                         Diploma, 1968; Boston College School of Nursing, BSN,
   As we move into MNA’s second century of being the voice              As a practicing community health nurse, I believe public           1972; Boston University, MS, 1973; Harvard, EdD, 1996.
of our profession in Massachusetts, we need to reflect on the         health impacts everyone.                                           Past offices: Congress on Health and Safety.
300 women who saw a need and formed MNA 100 years ago.                  From closing mental health facilities to concerns over recent      As the editor of the well respected Journal of Emergency
They knew that by speaking with one voice, there were many           infectious diseases, healthcare has moved beyond the tradi-        Nursing for over 20 years, I have strongly advocated not
things they could accomplish.                                        tional boundaries. Since nursing is the profession dedicated       only for the well being of patients, but emergency nurses
   We, as the nurses of the second century, need to work to          to improving patient quality of life, we must be as dynamic        as well. I have written numerous editorials and articles, in
advance the practice and profession of nursing, by setting           as the environment we practice in. As both consumers and           many journals, educating nurses on SARS, smallpox vac-
new standards for the nurses who will follow us.                     employees in health care, we know a safe nursing work              cinations, needlesticks, violence in hospitals, back injuries,
   Thank you for allowing me to work for us. I ask that you          environment is vital to providing patient care in a hospital,      latex allergy, hepatitis and chemical injuries, have helped to
continue to give me this privilege by voting for me.                 clinic or home.                                                    organize national conferences on the issues, and have lectured
Joanne Bartoszewicz, RN, BSN, CCRN                                      As a member of the Congress on Health Policy and Legisla-       extensively.
Melrose, Mass.                                                       tion, I would inform and rally our MNA membership about               I have worked closely now for seven years with Evie Bain,
Employment: Staff nurse, Whidden Memorial Hospital/                  the nursing oriented issues in the legislature.                    MNA’s nurse expert on occupational safety, and the Congress
   Cambridge Health Alliance.                                                                                                           on Health and Safety, an admirable group of nurses with a
Education: Whidden Memorial Hospital School of Nursing,              Congress on Health and Safety                                      great esprit de corps. MNA’s is the only Congress on Health
   Diploma 1979; Salem State College, BSN 2001.                      Janet K. Reeves, RN, C                                             and Safety in the entire country and an outstanding prototype.
Present offices: Chairperson, Whidden Memorial Hospital               Norwell, Mass.                                                     I respectfully ask for another term on the Congress. There
   bargaining unit; vice-chairperson, Congress on Health             Employment: Staff RN, Newton Wellesley Hospital.                   is much more to do, to raise the consciousness of hospital
   Policy & Legislation; executive committee, NursePlan; Safe        Education: Cape Cod Community College, AD, 1974.                   administrations, to educate each other, and to stop blaming
   Staffing Committee and District 5 Financial Committee.             Kathryn A. McGinn-Cutler, RN                                       the victim. A T-shirt I saw recently said, “If someone saves
   With the current trends in health care, staff Registered          Westwood, Mass.                                                    one life, they are a hero; if they save a hundred lives, they are
Nurses will need to advocate not only for patients, but              Employment: Staff nurse, disabled.                                 a nurse.” Nurses need to save, not just the lives of patients,
advocate even more confidently for ourselves. It is with this         Education: Northeastern University, BSN, 1986.                     but our own lives as well.
confidence and authority that we will make the changes in             Present offices: Congress on Health & Safety.                       Mary Anne Dillon, RN, BSN
health care that are necessary. As a staff nurse at a community      Janice Homer                                                       Brookline, Mass.
hospital, I will bring over 24 years of experience to the Board      Brockton, Mass.                                                    Employment: Staff nurse, MICU, Brigham & Women’s
of Directors. I will also bring confidence I have developed           Employment: Staff nurse NICU; Tufts New England Medi-                 Hospital.
from my experience as a chairperson from a strong, supportive          cal Center.                                                      Education: U-Mass Boston, BSN, 2003; Fulton Montgomery
bargaining unit with a history of embracing change. I look for-      Education: Brockton Hospital School of Nursing, Diploma               Community College, ADN, 1977; Boston City Hospital,
ward to contributing to the challenges the Board of Directors          RN; University of Green Bay Wisconsin, presently pursu-             LPN, 1976.
will face in dealing with the current trends in health care.           ing BSN.                                                            The complexities of our health care system have the poten-
                                                                     Present offices: Congress on Health & Safety.                       tial for long term affects on a nurse’s health and safety. The
Labor Program Member                                                   Janice is a RN with 22 years experience in hospital nurs-        continuous demand to manage these inadequacies while
Beth Gray-Nix, OTR/L                                                 ing. Presently a NICU nurse at Tufts New England Medical           simultaneously providing care requires our profession to
Sudbury, Mass.                                                       Center, Boston, Mass. Since 2000, she has lead a task force        remain vigilant. Supporting safe staffing legislation keeping
Employment: Director of Occupational Therapy; The Fer-               in Massachusetts Nurses Association Congress on Health             abreast with the national and regional debate on the small-
   nald Center.                                                      & Safety investigating chemical injuries and the high rate         pox vaccination program and its implications to the nurse
Education: Utica College Syracuse University, BS, 1978.              of occupational asthma in nurses. Janice has been involved         would be a few examples. By continually addressing these
Present offices: Board of Directors, Labor Program                    in reviewing and analyzing data from various medical and           ongoing issues and utilizing current research in this quest
   Member; Unit 7 Executive Committee OT Rep.; Member-               technical literatures on the effects of indoor chemical expo-      should create a safer environment for present and future
   ship, Finance & Legislative Committee for Unit 7.                 sure. She has lectured on toxic chemical use in the healthcare     nurses alike. I would like to be involved with this process as
Past offices: Unit 7 State Employee Occupational Therapy              industry and assisted with air quality investigations within       your representative.
   Representative.                                                   healthcare institutions. She is presently an active member in         I have spent 27 years as a front line provider which includes
   I have been a strong supporter of MNA since 1981 when I           Health Care Without Harm, Health Care Without Harm Work            nearly three years as a head nurse at Boston City Hospital,
first joined as the occupational therapy representative on the        Groups for Nurses; Mass Department of Public Health Asthma         with that in mind my concerns for the safety and health of
Unit 7 State Employee Executive Board. I want to continue to         Coordination Project; MNA Congress on Health & Safety and          our profession is foremost.
represent the health care professionals on the board of direc-       Tufts New England Medical Center’s Safety Committee.               Michael D’Intinosanto, RN
tors because we are an important part of the overall push for        Mary Bellistri                                                     Winchendon, Mass.
quality care. As a member of the board of directors, I have          Norwell, Mass.                                                     Employment: RN Supervisor, Templeton Developmental
been able to influence and change bylaws and policy at MNA            Employment: RN-Staff, Boston Medical Center.                          Center.
to be inclusive of our professions. Please help me continue to       Education: Boston City Hospital School of Nursing,                 Education: Laboure Junior College, ADN 1984; Fitchburg
work for you by giving me your vote.                                   Diploma, 1973; Suffolk University, BS, 1981.                        State College, BSN, 1999.
                                                                     Present offices: Member, Work Place Violence Task Force;            Present offices: District 2 Nominating Committee; Vice
Nominations & Elections Committee                                      Boston Medical Center Negotiating Committee.                        President, Unit 7; Safe Care Steering Committee.
  No candidates.                                                     Past offices: Congress on Health & Safety.                          Past offices: Chair, Congress on Health Policy and Legisla-
                                                                     David A. Denneno, RN, MSN, MEd, CEN                                   tion (1999-2003); Vice President of District 2.
Bylaws Committee                                                     Stoughton, Mass.                                                      Having served on the Congress on Health Policy and
Sandra E. LeBlanc, RN, CNOR                                          Employment: Staff RN, Caritas Norwood Hospital                     Legislation for these past eight years, I know full well the
Waban, Mass.                                                         Education: Regis College, BSN, 2002; MSN, 2003; Eastern            importance of MNA’s structural units. The elected leaders of
Employment: Pod Coordinator, Newton Wellesley Hospi-                   Nazarene College, BA-Biology, 1981; MEd, 1984.                   the MNA structural units help to establish policy and position
  tal.                                                               Present offices: Workplace Violence Task Force; Health &
Education: Newton Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing,                Safety Congress.
                                                                                                                                                                 More candidate profiles, next page
June/July 2003                                                                  Massachusetts Nurse                                                                                                                                       Page 17

MNA condemns Tenet-SEIU neutrality pact and supports California nurses
    The MNA joined the California Nurses          the Massachusetts Nurses Association—an          SEIU pact and will proceed.                                                      hospital closures or any business decisions
Association (CNA) in condemning a deal            independent nurses union representing more          “Free elections should be a model for Tenet                                   that compromise patient care. SEIU also co-
announced recently by Tenet Healthcare and        than 22,000 RNs and health professionals in      RNs and all Tenet employees. In the United                                       wrote harmful programs such as bonuses for
the Service Employee International Union          Massachusetts. “The point of collective bar-     States, employees still get to choose their                                      telephone advice clerks who limit patient
(SEIU) as an attempt to bribe Tenet employ-       gaining is to organize a union to negotiate      union and should not have the company                                            referrals to physicians.
ees, deny them a democratic choice on who         a contract that meets your needs. This deal      choose it for them,” said CNA executive                                             CNA said that it will file charges with the
should represent them and, in the end, create     forces nurses to except a contract in order to   director Rose Ann DeMoro.                                                        National Labor Relations Board and is con-
a “company union” that will deny nurses at        have a union, and a union without the power         “It’s outrageous that non-union Tenet RNs                                     sidering other legal actions against the pact.
California-based Tenet hospitals from having      to act like a union at all.”                     and other employees, who are far behind the                                      Several provisions of the deal are illegal
a real and powerful union voice on patient           World renowned consumer advocate Ralph        economic standards of other hospital work-                                       including:
care issues.                                      Nader has also joined CNA and the MNA in         ers, especially RNs represented by CNA in                                              Forcing employees to join SEIU as
   The Tenet-SEIU agreement would allow           questioning the agreement and its impact on      150 facilities across California, would be                                             a condition for receiving pay and
SEIU to conduct organizing campaigns and          patients.                                        compelled to join a union anointed by Tenet                                            benefit increases
hold union elections at 28 Tenet hospitals in         “Tenet is notorious for its commitment       to qualify for pay increases,” DeMoro said.                                            Bribing employees with the promise
California and two in Florida – with the bless-   to profits regardless of the consequences for        “Tenet should immediately provide the pay                                           of increased pay solely based on join-
ing of Tenet’s hospital management. In return,    the public’s well being,” said Nader. “As has    increases and any other improvements prom-                                             ing SEIU
and in advance of any employees voting for        already occurred with other arrangements,        ised in this back-room deal to its deserving                                           Selecting for employees what union
the union, SEIU union locals at the Tenet         SEIU’s back-room deal degrades indepen-          employees – without conditions, and without                                            they have to join and granting exclu-
hospitals are required to accept pre-negoti-      dent professional responsibility of nurses       denying their democratic rights to freely select                                       sive favors to that union
ated wages in a four-year contract agreement      for patient care protection.”                    a union of their choice,” DeMoro added.                                             For Tenet, said DeMoro, “This appears
and give up their federally legislated right         The Massachusetts Nurses Association             Instead, Tenet employees would be locked                                      to be a short-term public relations strategy
to strike.                                        represents two Tenet-owned hospitals in          into a long-term agreement with the main                                         designed to drive up their stock prices with
   The announcement of the deal comes after       Massachusetts and is currently negotiating       terms decided in advance in closed door                                          the supposed promise of ‘labor peace.’ Per-
months of bad press and scrutiny of Tenet         a new contract at Tenet-owned St. Vincent/       meetings with top management from both                                           haps they are guided by illusions of hefty
Healthcare, including government probes           Worcester Medical Center in Worcester. In        Tenet and SEIU.                                                                  profit taking for top executives who have
into allegations of widespread Medicare           2000, the nurses at the facility led a highly       Further, there are no indications that                                        seen their stock portfolios plummet in recent
fraud by the company, and is seen by many         publicized 49-day strike over the issues of      Tenet RNs, in particular, will be permitted to                                   months due to numerous federal and state
as a way to squelch true organizing efforts at    unsafe staffing and mandatory overtime, ulti-     continue to exercise their patient advocacy                                      investigations into Tenet’s billing practices
Tenet facilities, as well as to buy the silence   mately winning landmark contract language        obligations and be able to freely protect                                        and patient care conditions.”
of long-time critics of the corporation. The      to prohibit the practice at the facility.        their patients. In the Kaiser Permanente                                            “But it will be a failed strategy,” DeMoro
MNA also believes Tenet has cut the deal to          “We believe employees should be free to       deal with SEIU and AFSCME, which SEIU                                            continued. “If Tenet is doing this for investor
work with SEIU as opposed to the powerful         form unions with a representative of their       cites as a model in its press release, it was                                    security, investors should feel anything but
California Nurses Association, which has          choosing, in an environment free from com-       agreed that silence would be maintained on                                       secure.”
negotiated much stronger agreements for           pany coercion,” Pinkham said.
nurses in the state.                                 Registered nurses at seven Tenet hos-                                       When we fight for our rights . . . they call us ‘troublemakers.’
   “This kind of back-room dealing by a union     pitals in Los Angeles and Orange County                            Labor Notes 2003 Conference                                       •       September 12-14, Detroit
with the country’s most notorious anti-union      recently petitioned the federal labor board                   Troublemaking in Troubled Times: Organizing To Win
and anti-patient corporation is nothing less      for a representation election. That process,
                                                                                                    Topics to include:
than shameful and represents a major setback      which provides RNs at those hospitals with
                                                                                                    • Rebuilding the labor movement when
for the labor movement in California,” said       a genuine democratic choice and allows other         the deck is stacked: Lessons from
Julie Pinkham, RN and executive director of       unions to participate, supersedes the Tenet-         labor history on how we’ve fought
                                                                                                       through tough times.
                                                                                                    • War: labor’s response and the impact
                                                                                                       on all workers
                                                                                                    • Fighting concessions: keeping our

                            Candidate Info                                                             healthcare and pensions
                                                                                                    • Organizing strategies for the work-
                                                                                                       place, community, and the unorga-
                                                                                                    • Alternative organizing: workers cen-
statements, educational resources, and provide valuable information to the MNA board of                ters, non-majority unions and
directors as they decide the goals and missions of the MNA.                                         • Building social movement unionism
                                                                                                       here and abroad
   The Congress on Health and Safety has done great work to make our work environment               Sessions will be translated into Spanish.
safer for us and our patients. I want to share in that important work.                                                                                     Speakers to include:
   I want to continue to serve you as a member of the Congress on Health and Safety. I would                                                                  Charley Richardson, workplace technology expert, Military Families Against the
                                                                                                                                                           War; Bill Fletcher,TransAfrica Forum; Monica Santana, Latino Workers Center; Kate
very much appreciate your vote.                                                                                                                            Bronfenbrenner, Labor Education Research,
                                                                                                                                                           Cornell University; Ajamu Dillahunt, APWU,
Elizabeth A. O’Connor, RN, BSN                                                                                                                             Black Workers for Justice; Rick Kitchen, CAW
Milton, Mass.                                                                                                                                              Local 127, Navistar; Maria Martinez, IBT Local
                                                                                                                                                           556; Rand Wilson, SEIU Local 285; Stephanie
Employment: Staff nurse, Brigham & Women’s Hospital.                                                                                                       Luce, co-author, The Living Wage; Ken Riley,
                                                                                                                                                           International Longshoremen’s Association,
Education: Fitchburg State College, BSN, 1976.                                                      I’ll Be There!
                                                                                                         “Some unions organize immigrant workers and       Local 1422; Lucas Benitez, Coalition of
Past offices: Congress on Health & Safety; District 5 Board of Directors.                            say, ‘Now you have a voice.’ But it is important for
                                                                                                    the workers to keep organizing.We need educa-
                                                                                                                                                           Immokalee Workers,Taco Bell Truth Tour; Mike
                                                                                                                                                           Parker, co-author, Democracy Is Power; Julie
    • Staff nurse 26 years; all Brigham & Women’s Hospital                                          tion on how to enforce our rights and contract.
                                                                                                    Yes, we do have a voice. I’m going to the confer-      McCall, Labor Heritage Foundation; Teofilo
    • Health & safety has always been a main interest of mine                                       ence to learn how to make them hear us.”
                                                                                                                                    Marisela Garcia
                                                                                                                                                           Reyes,Transnationals Information Exchange;
                                                                                                                                                           Dan La Botz, author of A Troublemaker’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                            I’ll Be There!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “At the 2001 Labor Notes Conference
    • Ηave been a committee member of various hospital committees including: Air Quality                               SEMCOSH, Detroit, Mich.             Handbook; Sara Mersha, DARE; Peter Olney,        I was able to tell everyone about the
                                                                                                                                                           Institute for Labor and Employment; Baldemar Charleston 5. It was the place to meet
      Committee & Needle Safety Advisory Committee                                                  Conference Information                                 Velasquez, FLOC; Sam Smucker, AFL-CIO
                                                                                                                                                                                                            activists from across the country who
                                                                                                                                                                                                            would take the news about our struggle
    • Currently Patient Care Safety Services Committee. Also a member of the DPH Needle-            Early Registration Discount—by May 31!
                                                                                                                                                           Organizing Institute; Jeff Crosby, IUE-CWA       back home to their workplaces and com-
                                                                                                                                                           Local 201, GE; Evert Hoogers, Canadian Union munities. I look forward to coming back
                                                                                                    Place: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dearborn,                                                                   this September, because Labor Notes is
      stick Advisory Committee                                                                         Michigan (union hotel, near Detroit
                                                                                                                                                           of Postal Workers; and others from Europe,       about fighting back and building solidarity.”
                                                                                                                                                           Asia, Mexico, and Latin America. . . Join these
    • Regularly attend conferences related to health & safety sponsored by the follow-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ken Riley
                                                                                                       Metro Airport)                                      activists and hundreds more in Detroit!                 ILA Local 1422, Charleston, SC
                                                                                                    Phone: 313/593-1234, fax: 313/593-3366,
      ing organizations: Health Care Without Harm; Toxics Action; Brigham & Women’s                    Email:
                                                                                                                                                                                    REGISTER NOW!
      Annual Conference on Occupational & Environmental Health; Alliance for Healthy                Room Rates:* Single/Double $99,Triple
                                                                                                       $124, Quad $149                                         Yes, I’ll be there!            Enclosed is my registration fee of $100 ($150
      Tomorrow; MASSCOSH; OSHA; MNA                                                                    *You must mention “Labor Notes                       Canadian). $10 off for registration by May 31.
                                                                                                       Conference” to receive these rates.
  I hope to continue my work with the Congress on Health & Safety                                   Registration: $100 ($150 Canadian). $10                    Name ______________________________________________________________
                                                                                                       OFF if registered by May 31. Includes
Victoria Brownstone                                                                                    Saturday Banquet. Some scholarships                     Address _______________________________________________________________________
Cambridge, Mass.                                                                                       available.
                                                                                                                                                               City___________________________State______Zip _________________
                                                                                                    Airline Discount: Available on
Employment: Staff nurse, Newton Wellesley Hospital.                                                    Northwest/KLM/Continental code share                    Union _________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                       flights. Phone 800-328-1111 and mention
Education: University of Florida, BSN, 1967.                                                           Labor Notes Worldfile #RBAKX.                           Phone__________________________Email __________________________
Present offices: Newton Wellesley Hospital Bargaining Unit Negotiating Committee, 1995               Conference Schedule: Friday, Sept. 12,
                                                                                                       1:00 p.m. – Sunday, Sept. 14, 3:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                  Please send me ___ brochures to recruit others in my area.
  to present.                                                                                       Childcare (ages over 1 year) will be avail-                   Check enclosed          Charge my:    Visa     MasterCard   AmEx
                                                                                                       able for a fee, if requested by Aug. 1.                    Acct. No._____________________________Exp. Date _____________
                                                                                                    For more information: Labor Notes,
Center for Nursing Ethics & Human Rights                                                               7435 Michigan Ave., Detroit, Michigan                      Signature _________________________________________________________
                                                                                                       48210. Phone 313/842-6262. Fax 313/                       Return to: Labor Notes, 7435 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48210. Fax: 313/842-0227
No candidates.                                                                                         842-0227.Web:

                                                                                                                                                                 REGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.LABORNOTES.ORG
Page 18                                                                       Massachusetts Nurse                                                                        June/July 2003

   MNA Continuing Education Courses
                                              Your source for career training and advancement
                            Mechanical Ventilation                                                                Emergency Medical Response
    Description     This course will provide an overview of mechanical ventilation types,                   to Hazardous Materials and Acts of Terrorism
                    modes and therapies. Course will also discuss the nursing management
                    of a patient on mechanical ventilation.                                          Description The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is sponsor-
     Speakers       Carol Mallia, RN, MSN                                                                        ing this program on emergency medical services in response to hazardous
          Date      August 19                                                                                    materials and acts of terrorism. The program is specifically designed for
          Time      5:00-9:00pm                                                                                  physicians, nurses, EMTs, and hospital support staff to provide educa-
         Place      MNA Headquarters, Canton                                                                     tion in the treatment of individuals exposed to chemical and biological
           Fee      MNA members, $45; all others, $65                                                            agents. The program will include identification of hazardous materials,
 Contact hours      4.5                                                                                          toxicological and biological effects of chemicals and biological acts of
   MNA contact      Susan Clish, 781-830-5723 or 800-882-2056, x723.                                             terrorism. The chemical profile of common agents, the decontamination
                                                                                                                 procedures and personal protective equipment will be discussed. CDC
                                                                                                                 guidelines for surveillance of exposed nurses and other health care work-
                       Verbal Self Defense for Nurses                                                            ers and nursing interventions for patient care will be identified.
                                                                                                       Speakers Anthony Fucaloro, EMT
    Description This program is designed to provide the nurse with the basic skills for                          Capt. Lawrence P. Ferazani
                managing conflict in the workplace environment. Conflict resolution                                Evie Bain, RN, MEd, COHN-S
                strategies are discussed. The program will conclude with an interactive                    Dates Wednesday, Sept. 10
                discussion of case scenarios related to conflict management.                                 Time 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
       Speaker Joe-Ann Fergus, RN, BSN                                                                     Place MNA Headquarters, Canton
           Date Thursday, Sept. 4                                                                            Fee MNA members, $45; all others, $65
          Time 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.                                                                   Contact hours* 6.9
          Place MNA Headquarters, Canton                                                           Special notes Lunch provided. Class limited to 25.
            Fee MNA members, $45; all others, $65                                                   MNA contact Theresa Yannetty, 781-830-5727 or 800-882-2056, x727
 Contact hours* 3.3
   MNA contact Theresa Yannetty, 781-830-5727 or 800-882-2056, x727                                                  Advanced Cardiac Life Support
                      Interpreting Laboratory Values                                                 Description    This American Heart Association course will provide information on the
                                                                                                                    clinical management of cardiac and respiratory emergencies through
    Description This program will enhance the nurse’s ability to evaluate and determine                             case study approach. Course content includes assessment, arrhythmia
                the clinical significance of laboratory values. Clinical case studies will be                        recognition, intubation, defibrillation and pharmacological interventions.
                used to illustrate the relationship of laboratory values to patient conditions.                     This is a two-day certification and one-day recertification course. Recer-
                Clinical management of abnormal laboratory values will be discussed                                 tification candidates must present a copy of their current ACLS card at
       Speaker Carol Mallia, RN, MSN                                                                                the time of registration.
           Date Tuesday, Sept. 9                                                                        Speakers    Carol Mallia, RN, MSN, and other instructors for the clinical sessions
          Time 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.                                                                            Dates    Wednesdays, Oct.1 & 8
          Place MNA Headquarters, Canton                                                                    Time    9:00 – 5:00 p.m.
            Fee MNA members, $45; all others, $65                                                          Place    MNA Headquarters, Canton
 Contact hours* 4.1                                                                                          Fee    Certification: MNA members, $155; all others, $195
   MNA contact Theresa Yannetty, 781-830-5727 or 800-882-2056, x727                                                 Recertification: MNA members, $125; all others, $165
                                                                                                  Contact hours*    16 for certification program
                                                                                                    MNA contact     Susan Clish, 781-830-5723 or 800-882-2056, x723
                     Basic Dysrhythmia Interpretation
    Description This course is designed for registered nurses in acute, sub acute and
                                                                                                                 Anatomy of a Legal Nurse Consultant
                long-term care settings to learn cardiac monitoring and dysrhythmia inter-
                                                                                                     Description This program will introduce the nurse to the scope of practice of the legal
                pretation. Implications and clinical management of cardiac dysrhythmias
                                                                                                                    nurse consultant. The history and evolution of this important role, its
                will also be discussed. Course will include a text book, calipers and require        LEGAL NURSE
                                                                                                           NURS     multifaceted components—including practice environments, litigation pro-
                study between sessions one and two.                                                 CONSULTANT
                                                                                                                    cess, case evaluation for compliance with standards of nursing/healthcare
       Speaker Carol Mallia, RN, MSN
                                                                                                                    practice, nurse expert witness role, risk management and other important
          Dates Tuesdays, Sept. 16 & 23
                                                                                                                    considerations—will be described. Professional certification will also be
           Time 5:00- 9:00 p.m.
          Place MNA Headquarters, Canton
                                                                                                        Speakers Barbara J. Levin, BSN, RN, ONC, LNCC; Tammy J. Murphy, RN, LNC;
            Fee MNA members, $90; all others, $125
                                                                                                                    Kelly W. Shanley, RN, LNC; Jane Mihalich, BSN, RN, LNCC; Erin Weber,
 Contact hours* 9.0
                                                                                                                    BSN, RN, CCRN; Elaine Noren, BS, RN, LNCC
   MNA contact Theresa Yannetty, 781-830-5727 or 800-882-2056, x727
                                                                                                             Dates Thursday, Oct. 9
                                                                                                              Time 5:30- 8:30 p.m.
                     Peripheral I.V. Therapy Program                                                         Place MNA Headquarters, Canton
                                                                                                                Fee MNA members, $65; all others, $95
    Description     This program introduces the RN to the theory of peripheral venipuncture.      Contact hours* 3.2
                    It includes anatomy and physiology of the peripheral circulatory system,        MNA contact Susan Clish, 781-830-5723 or 800-882-2056, x723v
                    fluid and electrolyte imbalance, infection control and legal issues of the
                    practice of venipuncture. Classroom instruction will include procedural                              Oncology Series for Nurses
                    demonstration and return demonstration on I.V. arms. Clinical experi-
                    ence will not be provided.                                                       Description    A three-part series designed for nurses to increase their knowledge in
       Speakers     Mary Walsh, RN, BS, CRNI, Infusion Therapy Specialist                                           oncology nursing. The content of session one of the series will include an
                    Marilyn Bernard, RN, CRNI, Infusion Therapy Specialist                                          overview of cancer management, tumor physiology and staging, relevant
           Date     September 25                                                                                    laboratory testing and treatment strategies and safe handling of neoplastic
           Time     5:00 – 8:30 p.m.                                                                                agents. Session two will discuss chemotherapy administration, classifica-
          Place     MNA Headquarters, Canton                                                                        tion of chemotherapeutic agents, management of toxicities and adverse
            Fee     MNA members, $65; all others, $95                                                               effects of treatments and oncological emergencies. Session three will
  Special notes     Certificate of attendance will be awarded                                                        include pain and symptom management, palliative care and an overview
   MNA contact      Susan Clish, 781-830-5723 or 800-882-2056, x723                                                 of hospice care.
June/July 2003                                                           Massachusetts Nurse                                                                               Page 19

        Speaker Marylou Gregory-Lee, MSN, RNCS, OCN, Adult Nurse Practitioner                              Emergency Medical Response
          Dates Tuesdays Oct. 21, 28 & Nov. 4
           Time 5:30- 9:00 p.m.                                                                      to Hazardous Materials and Acts of Terrorism
          Place MNA Headquarters, Canton
            Fee Series: MNA members, $175; all others, $225                                    Description     The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is sponsor-
                Each session: MNA members, $65; all others, $95                                                ing this program on emergency medical services in response to hazardous
 Contact hours* 3.6 per program. Total for series: 10.8                                                        materials and acts of terrorism. The program is specifically designed for
   Special note Completion of Session 1 is required for attendance at Session 2                                physicians, nurses, EMTs, and hospital support staff to provide educa-
   MNA contact Theresa Yannetty, 781-830-5727 or 800-882-2056, x727                                            tion in the treatment of individuals exposed to chemical and biological
                                                                                                               agents. The program will include identification of hazardous materials,
            Diabetes 2003: What Nurses Need to Know                                                            toxicological and biological effects of chemicals and biological acts of
                                                                                                               terrorism. The chemical profile of common agents, the decontamination
    Description Session 1: This session will discuss the pathophysiology and classifica-                        procedures and personal protective equipment will be discussed. CDC
                tion of Diabetes Type 1 and 2. The nursing implications of blood glucose                       guidelines for surveillance of exposed nurses and other health care work-
                monitoring will be discussed. Non-pharmacological interventions such as                        ers and nursing interventions for patient care will be identified.
                exercise and meal planning will be explained. The program will conclude          Speakers      Anthony Fucaloro, EMT
                with a discussion of oral pharmacological agents.                                              Capt. Lawrence P. Ferazani
                Session 2: This session is designed to provide the nurse with a compre-                        Evie Bain, RN, MEd, COHN-S
                hensive update on insulin therapy. The nursing management of the newly               Dates     Wednesday, Dec. 3
                diagnosed diabetic patient, both complicated and not, will be explored.               Time     9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                Nursing management of the diabetic patient in the pre/post operative,                Place     MNA Headquarters, Canton
                ambulatory care, home care and school setting will be discussed.                       Fee     MNA members, $45; all others, $65
       Speaker Ann Miller, MS, RN, CS, CDE                                                  Contact hours*     6.9
          Dates Session 1: Thursday, Oct. 23                                                 Special notes     Lunch provided. Class limited to 25.
                Session 2: Thursday, Oct. 30                                                  MNA contact      Theresa Yannetty, 781-830-5727 or 800-882-2056, x727
           Time 5:30 – 9:00 p.m.
          Place MNA Headquarters, Canton                                                                       Wound Care—Dressing for Success
            Fee MNA members, $65 all others, $95 (Each session)
 Contact hours* 3.6 per session                                                                Description This program will provide a comprehensive overview of the factors
   MNA contact Theresa Yannetty, 781-830-5727 or 800-882-2056, x727                                        affecting wound care and strategies for managing complex wounds. A
                                                                                                           thorough review of wound products will enable the attendee to select the
                                                                                                           optimal dressing based on clinical findings. New dimensions of wound
               Nursing Management of Central Lines                                                         care, such as growth factors, hyperbaric oxygen, electrical stimulation,
                                                                                                           cultured skin replacements and vacuum-assisted closure devices will
    Description This program describes the multiple venous access devices used in                          also be discussed.
                central line therapy. Indications for tunneled vs. non-tunneled lines and         Speaker Carol Mallia, RN, MSN, CWOCN
                potential complications will be discussed. The nursing management and                 Date Tuesday, Dec. 9
                legal aspects in managing the care of these devices will be described in             Time 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.
                detail.                                                                              Place MNA Headquarters, Canton
      Speakers Mary Walsh, RN, BS, CRNI, Infusion Therapy Specialist                                   Fee MNA members, $45; all others, $65
                Marilyn Bernard, RN, CRNI, Infusion Therapy Specialist                      Contact hours* 4.5
           Date Thursday, Nov. 13                                                             MNA contact Susan Clish, 781-830-5723 or 800-882-2056, x723
          Time 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.
          Place MNA Headquarters, Canton
            Fee MNA members, $65 all others, $95                                                       Important Information
 Contact hours* 3.0
   MNA contact Theresa Yannetty, 781-830-5727 or 800-882-2056, x727                                       for all courses
                                                                                               Registration      Registration will be processed on a space available basis. Enroll-
               Advanced Dysrhythmia Interpretation                                                               ment is limited for all courses.

    Description This course is designed for nurses who have had a basic course in moni-            Payment       Payment may be made with MasterCard or Visa by calling MNA or
                toring patients for cardiac rhythm disturbances and wish to enhance that                         by mailing a check to MNA, 340 Turnpike St., Canton, MA 02021
                knowledge base with more complex monitoring of advance dysrhythmias.
                The course will describe the EKG changes related to ischemia, injury,              Refunds       Refunds are issued up to two weeks before the program date
                and infraction. The EKG abnormalities associated with toxic drug levels                          minus a 25% processing fee. No refunds are made less than 14
                and electrolyte imbalances will also be described. The course will con-                          days before the program's first session or for subsequent ses-
                clude with an overview of pacemakers and common pacemaker rhythm                                 sions of a multi-day program.
       Speaker Carol Mallia, RN, MSN                                                              Program        MNA reserves the right to cancel programs when registration
          Dates Tuesday, November 18                                                           Cancellation      is insufficient.
           Time 5:00- 9:00 p.m.
                                                                                                   *Contact      Continuing Education Contact Hours are provided for all programs
          Place MNA Headquarters, Canton
                                                                                                     Hours       except “Advanced Cardiac Life Support” and “Anatomy of a Legal
            Fee MNA members, $45; all others, $65
                                                                                                                 Nurse Consultant” by the Massachusetts Nurses Association,
 Contact hours* 3.2
                                                                                                                 which is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education
   MNA contact Susan Clish, 781-830-5723 or 800-882-2056, x723
                                                                                                                 by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on
                                                                                                                 Accreditation. Contact hours for “Advanced Cardiac Life Support”
                                                                                                                 and “Anatomy of a Legal Nurse Consultant” are provided by the
              Cardiac and Pulmonary Pharmacology                                                                 Rhode Island State Nurses Association, which is accredited as an
                                                                                                                 approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses
    Description This program will provide nurses, from all clinical practice settings, a
                                                                                                                 Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.
                better understanding of how cardiac and pulmonary medications work.
                The actions, indications, and nursing considerations will be discussed                           To successfully complete a program and receive contact
                for the major categories of cardiac and pulmonary medications.                                   hours, you must: 1) sign in, 2) be present for the entire time
       Speaker Carol Mallia, RN, MSN                                                                             period of the session and 3) complete the evaluation.
          Dates Tuesday, Dec. 2
                                                                                                  Chemical       Scents may trigger responses in those with chemical sensitivity.
           Time 5:00- 9:00 p.m.
                                                                                                 Sensitivity     Please avoid wearing scented personal products and refrain from
          Place MNA Headquarters, Canton
                                                                                                                 smoking when you attend MNA continuing education programs.
            Fee MNA members, $45; all others, $65
 Contact hours* 4.2
   MNA contact Theresa Yannetty, 781-830-5727 or 800-882-2056, x727
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