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Citizens of India very well know that river Ganges originates from the Gangotri glacier.
Gangotri town situated in Uttarkashi region which is one of the 4 major pilgrim spots
(Char Dham) in Uttarakhand state was burnt to naught due to a curse of Maharshi
Vishwamitra. On this very spot Rishi Bhagirath performed terrific austerities in order to
liberate his 60000 ancestors. Thus River Ganges that dwells in heaven was happy to
manifest on earth.

In this present era akin to Rishi Bhagirath another Rishi incarnated in the form of Ved
Murti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya who by rendering the world
renowned sacred pilgrim spot Haridwar his land of activities aided the flow of Ganges of
Divine Wisdom (Jnana Ganga) in the entire world. It is because of this that today the world
over Shantikunj (All World Gayatri Family HQ) founded and established by him is
honored as the Gangotri of Divine Wisdom of the 21st century.

We all are aware how not only our country India but the entire world is combating various
problems. If we delve deep into all the problems of the entire world we will realize truly
that the single underlying cause of all this is human tainted intellect. Maybe thousands of
efforts shall be executed yet as long as a wholesome sacred intellect does not manifest in
world humans till then no permanent solutions for these problems can be unveiled. It is
only those who possess a pious intellect that can have faith in its unlimited potential.
Instead of dying due to various worrisome situations he/she even with very few means shall
lives of joy, peace and satiation and shall become a pillar of strength for others too. In our
Sanatan Culture the supreme prayer for awakening a great sacred intellect is Gayatri
Meditation. Super Mantra Gayatri belonging to the Vedas possesses such a self
manipulating mechanism as a result of which man’s tainted intellect is wiped off and
instead a sacred intellect develops fully. This fact has been well accepted the world over on
the basis of deep research conducted regarding it.

This belief has prevailed since time immemorial but if we study details of 30-40 years
previously not everyone was given the right to chant Gayatri Mantra. It is said that Rishis
Vishwamitra and Vashishtha had ‘locked’ (Keelit) this Mantra. Only one special class of
people was given the right to chant this Mantra. The results are crystal clear. A tainted
intellect kept increasing in world humans and disparity and bad will spread like wild fire
everywhere. A heavenly situation of the past got converted into hellish situations the world
over. The Rishi of this era Ved Murti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya akin
to Rishis Vishwamitra and Vashishtha of yore performed terrific penance so as to end once
and for all every objection related to Gayatri Mantra chanting. He by urging the entire
world to accept that the Varna or caste system in India is not based on birth but that has its
basis in what type of actions we perform further inspired all to undergo Gayatri
Meditation and slowly but surely by developing a great sacred intellect one must attain true
Brahmin-hood. It is only a great pious intellect that can solve any world problem however
complex it is. It is such an intellect that can harbinger heavenly situations on earth. Despite
obstacles existing Ved Murti Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya emphatically
proclaimed to the world that this world certainly is not headed towards destruction but in
fact this world shall reach a zenith of glory. In the year 1986 AD he christened the 21st
century as ‘21st century-A bright future’. The sacred land of the activities of this Rishi who
via the power of his austerities rendered easily accessible the method of activating a sacred
intellect in world humans as shown great Rishis of yore is Shantikunj (All World Gayatri
Family HQ, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India) which today is worshiped the world over as the
Gangotri Glacier of Divine Wisdom of the 21st century.


This year 2011 AD is being celebrated the world over as the birth centennial of Ved Murti
Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya. He was the founder inspirer of a world
thought based revolution. Hence this year is also called the Century of Thought Revolution.
In the entire country book fairs have been set up wherein literature written by Ved Murti
Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya has been exhibited. Not only lay public but
even great thinkers, authors, saints, orators etc on seeing these exhibitions of 3200 books
written by him are spell bound by their contents. It is definitely mind boggling to note that
volumes of literature, of highest stature, that transforms the lives of all in a multifaceted
way have been penned by a single individual. Yet akin to Rishi Bhagirath Yuga Rishi
Shriram Sharma via his power of penance like River Ganges flowing in heaven
transformed the entire world positively by ushering in the Ganges of Divine Wisdom which
is flowing in the entire world.


Recently in Shantikunj an auspicious inauguration of Khadi Gram Udyog Training Center
took place. The chief guest of this auspicious inauguration Mr. Jayshankar Mishra (CEO
of Indian Government’s Khadi Gram Udyog Ayog) said beliefs regarding religion and
spirituality are now changing at a fast pace. Today my son also does the Tilak, goes to the
temple, reads spiritual books and performs worship rites too. Previously 30-40 years back
this faith was precariously dangling on a precipice. Educated young people shied away
from religion and spirituality in those times. No doubt this transformation has taken for
many reasons yet its chief inspirer is the founder of scientific spirituality Ved Murti Pandit
Shriram Sharma Acharya.

Acharyaji while testing religions on the basis of scientific principles helped influence the
world positively with its scientific nature, utility value and amazing effect. He himself lived
a life of great ideals and said that instead of following religion blindly from generation to
generation it must be imbibed only after testing it on the basis of true discrimination or
Viveka. The goal of religion is not to fulfill selfish transient desires but is meant for self
purification, developing soul potential and destroying erroneous traditions and blind faith
of all sorts.


Today in India there are hundreds of temples and pilgrim spots. Shantikunj which is a cut
above all of them has its own unique identity. Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma has not
established this as a temple or hermitage/Ashram. In fact he developed as a mint for
developing our inner personality in a great manner. From here has commenced a gigantic
task of rejuvenating the tradition of mass education via the institute of religion. He used to
say that today the world over the epidemic of a disease called vile intellect has spread far
and wide. Thus we must reach out to millions of such diseased people and ward off this
rampant epidemic of a tainted brain. In order to fulfill this task in 1971 AD he founded
Shantikunj (All World Gayatri Family HQ, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India). Later till
today incessant training programs are being conducted. Over here daily 3000 participants
get trained in various fields. Over here at regular intervals continuous 9 day camps are
conducted called Sanjivani Sadhana Camp, Yugshilpi Camp of 1 month, 3 monthly Music
Training Programs and a 45 days Camp for Rural Management Training. Apart from this,
seminars are held here for teachers, professors, scout-guides, police, government officials
and industrial workers.

Chiefly in all camps and Dev Sanskriti University education is imparted regarding the art
of living a spiritual life. Along with camps held at Shantikunj Gayatri Mantra chanting
programs are compulsory. Over here is the temple of Vedmata Gayatri. It is a part and
parcel of the art of living a theistic life. Sacred monuments of Vedmurti Taponishtha
Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and his divine consort HH Bhagwati Devi Sharma too
dwells here called ‘Prakhar Prajna-Sajal Shraddha’. Faithful devotees experience that
bowing down to these monuments gives same results and blessings that they got by doing so
when the divine couple were alive in their mortal coil. On the Vasant Parva of 1926 AD
Acharyaji had lit a flame torch that day when his Guru from the Himalayas appearing in
the form of subtle divine light (astral body) had given him a taste of Self Realization. This
imperishable flame torch is ceaselessly kept lit even today at Shantikunj. Every day
thousands of visitors who visualize this torch and all those who are imbued with deep faith
attain the divine light of inspiration and potent energy from it. Shantikunj has also opened
the Dev Sanskriti University from 2002 AD which has got approval from the Indian
Government and University Grant’s Commission of India. In this University basic courses,
graduation courses and advanced research based courses are being conducted. This in itself
is a rare University. Exceptional are its courses and syllabus. It lays great emphasis on
rendering its students advanced at the soul level, sanctified as far as the inner personality is
concerned and making them more accountable and responsible towards duties regarding
world welfare. From Shantikunj-the Gangotri of Divine Wisdom of the 21st century many
revolutionary tasks have set rolling. Over here one will find no communal or caste based
disparity. Everyone is inspired here to attain true Brahmin sacred qualities. From here
commenced the slogan ‘21st Century-Women’s Century’ as proclaimed by Acharyaji. From
here all creative tasks are gaining momentum so as to spread out in the entire world.
Shantikunj has set up its own Task Force so as to reach out and serve sorrow stricken
people experiencing agony at every step in their lives.
                                   CHAPTER 1
                   LIKE THAT


It is believed that by the year 2025 AD China, India and Brazil shall become very powerful.
The power of America, European Union, Japan and Russia shall diminish. Despite this
USA will top, followed by china and 3rd spot shall belong to India. This observation has
been given by ‘Institute for Securities Studies’ in the report titled ‘Global Governance-
2025’. This news is very potent and full of hope. Progress in the communication industry, a
large number of people in the Skilled Task Force etc are paving the way for our gigantic
economic progress. Since labor charge is very less over here, labor is very cheap in India.
Multinational companies hence are blooming here. Indians are hard working, self
dependent but yet since poverty, inequality and corruption are rampant will this dream of
super power status get realized? Daily new statistics regarding black money force us to
ponder whether this journey shall reach its desired destination?


An institute called ‘Transparency International’ ceaselessly monitors corruption the world
over. Amongst top 10 corrupt countries of the world India stands at 3rd spot. According to
this institution every 3rd person of India is corrupt. They always bribe to get their work
done. Corruption has entered the very blood of Indian citizens. Corruption is verily a social
taint. Why is it that it has become a status symbol? Today a corrupt person walks
arrogantly with head held high. Previously such people walked with heads down in shame.
Citizens of India who hope to become an economic super power fail to understand that
their nation is becoming brittle and hollow because of blatant corruption. It appears as
though it has been full accepted at the social level as a way of life. According to this
institute even today 20% of Indians who listen to the call of their conscience live lives of
ethics and integrity. 30% are totally immersed in corrupt practice and the remaining stand
on its precipice. ‘The more one is wealthy, the more one is honored-this belief that has
developed in the past 2 decades is in its true sense a shame and taint on our country.


It will not be correct to write again and again statistics regarding this topic as quoted by
Anna Hazare and his related organization ‘India Against Corruption’ and Baba Ramdev’s
‘Bharat Swabhiman Trust’ yet it is important to draw our attention to some important
points. We may keep shouting ‘bring back black money hoarded in alien countries’ yet this
movement shall not get fulfilled till the very thinking process of our governing bodies
transform positively. It is no use if every lay person does not get awakened. When every
citizen thinks about welfare of its country, that very wealthy country too shall work for
people’s well being.


Let us first delve deep into as to why such a situation manifested at all?

   a) After economic reforms were ushered in India in 1991 AD people started eking out
      more income and thus started immersing in sense merriment. It was not as if
      previous to this black money was not hoarded yet it is only in the past about 15
      years that a naked showcasing of sense pleasures and vain pomp has augmented
      manifold. Where did all this money come from? Hard work, fixed monthly income
      from jobs, agriculture cannot reap so much cash. For this end short cuts were taken
      and slowly people started becoming nouveau riche.

   b) By joining the government and thus by moving in cars with red/yellow lights one
      can lead a grand exotic life-this belief has increased in society. Corrupt practices of
      government and their officers are rising swiftly. Not a few millions but billions of
      cash is eked out via corruption. No doubt many cases were filed against them in
      courts but these cases never moved ahead. How can a government’s agency work
      against officials of the government itself? If one’s own paramour is a police officer
      whom shall one get scared of? More than 3000 such corrupt officials are leading
      serene lives. They run their families using ill gotten wealth and arrogantly laughing
      aloud at others. Nothing much happens even if one or two corrupt ministers get
      imprisoned. We must unearth that well which contains water mixed with alcohol of
      corruption and drinking which every addict jumps into the bandwagon of

   c) A majority of people have given up hopes from getting true justice from the judicial
      system in India. Leaving apart the apex court majority of Indians opine that gaining
      justice is full of expenses, woven with corruption and full of delays. Regarding
      judicial reforms a survey was done on about 100,000 citizens of 9 states. 75% of the
      people bluntly said that they have no faith in justice meted out by courts of laws.
      Court cases get prolonged for years simply by bribing court officials and thus
      delaying the whole justice process. Everyone wants judicial reforms. Our Supreme
      Court made a very fiery observation regarding a High Court saying: Doesn’t
      everyone know that majority of the judges in your court are corrupt?

   d) Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise and RTO Departments are believed to be extremely
      corrupt. There is a lot of competition to get enlisted in these departments. These are
       said to be jobs full of ‘creamy butter’. Majority of lawyers have become wealthy in
       the past 2 decades by fighting court cases of officials attached to the above

   e) Revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma opined that shirking work is the biggest crime.
      This exactly is the observation made in a very recent report put forth by ‘Institute
      of Defense Studies and Analysis’. They write that remaining absent in offices and
      shirking work is a silent mode of corruption which is eating up India like termites
      eat up wood. This institute opines that misusing public offices and posts for personal
      gains is definitely a form of corruption.

   f) Many government agencies like Election Commission, CAG, CVC etc are supposed
      to help obstruct corruption yet dirty politics have entered their very foundation.
      75% companies in India due to corporate corruption have to shoulder millions of
      rupees of loss. Our country India has powerful laws, government is elected and
      there is a potent democracy yet corruption breeds like flies here. This is because all
      of above mentioned are involved in it.


We certainly do not know what shall be the result of Shri Anna Hazare and Baba
Ramdev’s hunger strike. It is not so important to know what is happening in New Delhi but
what is noteworthy is that whether every individual realizes his/her responsibility or not.
As long as we refuse to reform ourselves governance will persist as is seen today and that it
shall get worse day after day. Instead of harboring hopes in the political system citizen’s
awakening must be directed towards self reform and spiritual evolution. When we all
measure our self and soul not on the basis of how much material wealth we possess but how
righteous are we in carrying out world welfare duties like cogs in a wheel, then material
wealth shall no longer become the be all and end all of life as is seen today. For this end the
largest democracy of the world in the next 5 years shall have to undergo a fiery test. Merely
by enacting the Jan Lokpal Bill, recalling black wealth stashed away in alien countries and
changing the form of currencies shall not bring about a much required total
transformation. If at all it sets in it will be due to a desired transformation of the psyche
and thinking process. The winds of change shall definitely appear if agitations are carried
out against corrupt people in various arenas of life, expensive weddings/parties full of
pomp etc.

It is only our spiritual advancement that shall help absolve us from the taints of corruption.
Thus not only shall we understand the pain of urban but rural population too. Schemes of
their all round advancement shall harbinger in via village self rule. In order to uproot
corruption we shall have to travel to every district and village instead of visiting air
conditioned offices of our capital New Delhi. We must alert and awaken our people. We
must help them understand their duties towards their country. Every lay citizen can
definitely do this much. We must commence this task ourselves and with our family
members and thus if render this aim mobile in entire society the demon called corruption
shall easily be defeated once and for ever. This is in fact a type of wine that renders us
inebriated. If hence we wish to save ourselves from its dizziness we must become a part of
the Thought Revolution floated by Yug Nirman Mission. Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma
proclaimed: ‘Corruption can only be wiped out by reforming ourselves first’; ‘If we
change, this era shall change’. Thus the onus lies on us to take up this great gigantic
responsibility. Instead of finding out what is happening in New Delhi if 10,000,000 people
keep an eye on 100 people in their vicinity and help advance a system to awaken them then
till 2020 AD India can become a clean, ethical and spiritual country. Hence the million
dollar question is: Are we ready to shoulder this great responsibility?
                                    CHAPTER 2

It is the ill fate of our country India that despite people wanting to enter public arenas yet
their viewpoint is extremely narrow. Politics is looked upon as the be all and end all of life.
One can understand how everyone experiences a magnetic pull towards politics on seeing
the number of candidates standing for elections to get voted as Member of Parliament. In
other countries per seat not more than 2 or 3 candidates stand for election and they too
fight as coalition parties. Further they have some ideology in mind along with a program
designed for it but in our country India just about anyone stands for election like a band of
sheep and by deluding the mind of voters they obstruct good candidates from getting

If we take a closer look at parliament elections so as to survey them in depth it will become
clear there are such candidates facing failure who in order to enter politics had made
intense efforts. In fact they had to shell out millions of rupees for this. Why is there so
much attraction, effort and expenses used for politics? Regarding this we shall not cast
aspersions. This is because it could be that amongst these candidates there are quite a few
who yearn to truly serve their country. It could be that a few fight elections to gain name
and fame. Some must be making such a gamble so that on getting elected they can amass
millions of cash. A few although yearning to stand for election did not do so because
circumstances did not cooperate with them.

Whatever the case maybe, it is clear that in order to enter the public arena many skillful
people may have the aim of becoming leaders, get name and fame or else execute selfless
service to society or it could be an admixture of all this which is magnetically pulling them
towards politics. This dawning fact can be seen amongst those people too who in order to
access high status and positions in leading institutions pull and push others and thus set a
bad example. Taking on the superficial garb of ‘social service’ majority are diseased with
the illnesses mentioned above. As a result the arena of public life loses its piety and those
who push and pull ultimately reap failure only from all standpoints. They gain neither
fame nor glory. How can selfless service be executed by people with tainted psyches? In
actuality those who wish to serve society selflessly we suggest to them to enter social arena
and take up those tasks which are more steadfast and glorious in comparison to politics.
The area of politics truly is unsteady if looked at from the standpoint of honor. As long as
you are an MP or MLA people bow down to you but the moment you lose your status you
get respect only as is given to a lay traveler on the roadside. In order to attain this fleeting
status for a very short length of time, in order to lead in politics certain people carry out
such deluded activities which are known to vilify their soul and in the court of Almighty
Lord they are labeled so called ‘selfless workers’.

In order to lead in politics people are known to pull and push in a mob like fashion. Those
who try to rush in are pushed by those already seated there. In comparison of risking one’s
life by latching on to the door handle of a crowded moving train it is better to sit in a less
crowded vehicle even if it means reaching one’s destination a bit late. India’s social arena is
such which gives us great opportunities to work truly for people’s welfare and thus a lot
can be achieved. In this area without any competition true public welfare tasks can be
executed and while walking on this glorious path one can attain true honor and respect for
a long time span.

The fact is that in order to overcome our country’s backwardness politics cannot succeed
as compared to success tasted by selfless service in the social field. It is indeed a gigantic
task to overcome backwardness in India related to widespread taints in ethics, thinking
process and social norms too since for thousand years it lost a lot by being relegated to
slaves of alien rule. This task cannot be fulfilled by political leaders but only via true
selfless workers executing great tasks of social uplifting.

The chief symbol of backwardness is illiteracy. In government schools very few children
take admission. We cannot afford to render adults and females illiterate for their entire
lifetime. The government is dilly dallying in running even the present schools established
by them. In order to render adults educated government expensive schemes shall slap so
much tax that it seems it is better to remain illiterate. This task can only be fulfilled by the
educated class with a sense of selfless service by going to every village, town etc and setting
up schools for adults. In order that adults take up education in their spare time after
finishing their jobs, business etc everywhere schools opening at dawn and post dusk must
be inaugurated.

The reason why our society is weak from the economic and ethical standpoint is lavish
spending on marriages, parties etc in a vain manner. If for every marriage Rs 20000 is used
and if in every family 4 people get married then the total cost would be Rs 80000. Thus
there are 0.7 million families in our country. Thus the total cost of marriage of this country
would run into billions of rupees. On an average this wealth is earned illegally or that food,
clothes, medicine and education expenses are slashed. Those who take loans for marriage
face more strife. Thousands of girls remain spinsters and either later they are married off
to aged men or they commit suicide. If the vile tradition of lavishly expensive marriages is
given up a lot of money can be saved which in turn can be used in agriculture, various
industries and so on. In this manner our country shall become wealthier than USA too.
Augmenting one’s income is beneficial only if wasteful expenses are given up. Else financial
insecurity shall loom large over our scalps. If today’s lavish spending on marriage and
other parties is not obstructed India shall have to bear a lot of financial strain even if
income of people increases.

Take for example alcohol/drug and other forms of addiction. Merely tobacco expenses per
day add up to 20 million rupees. If we add alcohol, cannabis etc to this the expenses would
be 50 million rupees per day. It means per year 18,000 million rupees go down the drain. If
this cash is saved instead so many problems related to public health, education etc can be
solved and further we can protect ourselves from taints like ill health, lack of proper
income, family quarrels, criminal activities etc.

Due to the tradition of donning a veil or Purdah half the women’s population in world
society has been rendered handicapped. If this vile tradition is warded off a 2 fold labor
power and 2 fold talent power can contribute towards national development. Production of
materials can thus increase and a multifaceted advancement can be achieved.

The taint of un-touchability by obstructing a major portion of lay public from accessing
basic human rights force them to live a life of backwardness. Their discontent and
backwardness are speed breakers on the road of national development. It is hence a must
that we wash off this taint. There is once again a need of congregating various large small
communities and sects scattered like dust particles under one umbrella of unity and
equality. Government laws are enacted so as to obstruct all vile activities yet a lot of
illegal/criminal activities pervade our society. In order to wipe out the disparity created due
to un-touchability and communal partitioning it is just not enough to enact tough laws but
that a lot of effort is required to create an apt atmosphere for this.

Due to a dearth of cottage industries women and senior citizens are rendered production
less. If they are given jobs their financial position shall become stronger and thus children
can be given more nutritious food and sound education. In this direction it is not a necessity
that only government does all the work. In the social service arena a lot can be done.

If we truly wish to protect our cow population introduce the utility value and supremacy of
drinking cow’s milk to one and all and for those who wish to purchase cow’s milk gigantic
cow milk colonies must be set up. Since people will become aware of the great usage of
cow’s milk, financially a lot of cash can be generated and further, cows too shall be

In the field of literature only rubbish is being written, published and sold everywhere. In
order to uproot this tainted trend such literature shall have to be authored for the lay
public which advances a defendant’s viewpoint. It is a must that lewdness overflowing in
pictures and books be hammered to naught so as to preserve ethical values. It is hence
required that in this direction true progress be looked upon as making available creative
things to the lay public. Till now literature for children and women has not been penned
that gives apt light to the new the new generation and women class. In the social arena in a
certain sense there is a dearth of effective magazines that magnify true leadership qualities.
Today there are numerous newspapers that tom-tom about politics despite the fact that
India truly requires thousand fold encouraging of social movements. Today’s times
demand that this requirement gets fulfilled.

Cinema and movies are the biggest form of entertainment. In 7000 movie theaters spanning
across India thousands of people visit them to watch movies. Majority of these films induce
undesirable thinking in the psyche of the viewers and thus ethical and social values run
miles away from them. It is just not enough merely to criticize movies. If in an organized
manner creative wholesome films are produced/directed then via them sentimental creation
shall get a fillip and thus a revolution oriented around ethics, intellect and society shall
come into being in full throttle (Note: At that time TV was not so much in vogue).

There is a great need to open gymnasiums in every village. In order to combat criminal
elements security task forces must be set up and the citizens must know how to parade and
use basic weapons for self defense only. Sports training and competitions can augment
everyone’s health. For national health security there is a requirement of rendering
widespread the movement of exercising.

Keeping in mind scarcity of food and mainly nutritious food it is a must that fresh
vegetable and fruit production be increased in a big way. If the tradition of eating
vegetarian food at least once a week is ushered in not only health will remain balanced but
that food too can be saved. By designing agitations against wasting food in parties,
marriages etc a major portion of food grain can be saved. If kitchen gardens are set up in
homes to grow fruits, vegetables etc then on the one hand creative tasks shall increase and
at the other end houses shall radiate beauty of lush greenery and money used to buy fruits
etc from the bazaar shall be saved. If wholesome usage of urine, feces etc of cows and other
creatures is taught to everyone cleanliness will augment and the fertilizers from these can
increase food production manifold. Such small but very important endeavors can aid
national development in a big way.

Libraries are powerful instruments that augment knowledge in the educated class of
society. It is a fact that not everyone possesses enough finance to buy books that are useful
in daily living. Hence libraries can fulfill this lack in a gigantic way. Libraries that own
books which inspire our thinking positively and mobile libraries can fulfill the need of
imbuing public psyche with greatness.

Living on alms has rendered 5.3 million ascetics in India idle and despite a person capable
of doing jobs gets minor physical ailment takes recourse to begging as a way of living.
These people must somehow be forced to work. Capable people who beg for their food
must be labeled robbery and a crime. We can understand if those who volunteer for selfless
social service or are handicapped in some way look after their basic daily needs from
donations given to them but if capable people causelessly beg for donations or use foul
means to earn their daily bread attacks the very character of one’s country and paves the
way of an overall downfall of human dignity. Of course it is the duty of society to look after
handicapped and weaker section yet begging of alms and food certainly cannot be allowed
to flourish as a ‘profession’.

Such an environment can be readied so as to obstruct wastage of expenditure on useless
ornaments, sense merriment and fashion and instead use this money for tasks of great
utility value. There are many social taints like child marriage, marriage of aged people,
selling of brides and grooms etc that can be warded off at the social level.

In the above lines we have thrown light on only a few requirements for our society. There
are so many other such tasks which if taken up can contribute immensely to the all round
development of human society. In order to take up activities of movements and creative
schemes if organized efforts are executed then doubtlessly true selfless service of the world
can be ushered in.

Taints that have entered the political arena cannot be destroyed as long as the voters do not
learn to differentiate between what is good for them and otherwise and by looking upon
voting rights as the sacred foundation of our country capable and trustworthy people must
be elected to power. For this widespread public education is most required. In a democratic
form of government the key lies in the hands of the voters. Even corrupt political leaders
can be combated in a contemporary manner yet its spirituality based solution rests in the
hands of the voter and thus lay public. Thus the voting class must be awakened towards
this all important righteous duty of theirs.

Only those can carry out the task of awakening the public who by their pious radiant
character and selfless service can carve out a place of deep respect for themselves in the
psyche of all citizens. Those who can valiantly do so the garland of faith of people and glory
too rests around their necks and only these can be called true leaders of the public.

Taking along with them such great creative tasks and all religious sects Yuga Nirman
Mission is working in full throttle. It has got ready a gigantic work arena for true selfless
service and spiritual practice oriented people. It has its basis in Indian Religion and
Culture and since it oozes with the call of this era the lay public not only eulogizes it but
has truly accepted it too. If those people who yearn to attain political supremacy start
working selflessly for social well being how grateful the entire nation will be and those zests
too shall be utilized in a great manner which today is rendered deluded and wayward since
it gets kicked here and there in the political field. If by immersing ourselves in true social
welfare endeavors we gain true respect from lay citizens it will certainly not be difficult to
become a true leader yet if one insists on just jumping about like chimpanzees in order to
become a political head, how can steadiness set in it?
                                    CHAPTER 3

Man has full freedom and independence to carry out any action but as far as the results,
fruits and reactions of these actions he is bound by certain cosmic laws. Other creatures
understanding this fact due to their natural instincts act accordingly but human beings err
a lot since many a times he gets fruits of his action in a delayed manner. He does not imbibe
farsightedness and conveniently forgets that if he insists on ignoring Viveka or true
discrimination he shall have to face dire reactions in future. This is that error as a result of
which man makes more mistakes than he would do so under normal situations. Hence it is
humans who endure more problems and strife. There was a time when man had reached
pinnacles of glory and since he was the prince of the Creator or Almighty God he rendered
his thinking process and activities such which resulted in apt world management so that
none the world over faced obstacles in life.

Today the world possesses such enormous amounts of various means that is all humans
share these with each other in a friendly manner none shall have to undergo lack or danger
of any sort. In ancient world history such a pious intellect ruled the world over. Before
taking any step it was mulled over whether as to what would be its result in future? If we
imbibe aptness and wholesomeness, situations that are conducive shall definitely multiply.
Such times previously were labeled Golden Era or Satyuga. Hastily people give up the path
of greatness jump from huge heights only to land on ground full of thorns. Selfishness
induces friction between people and many dire situations crop up as a result.

By not thinking farsightedly those who think only about immediate benefits they like
sparrows and fish get enmeshed in nets and akin to flies who jump on to sugar syrup die
because their wings get stuck to it. This very cycle of a tainted intellect if with
extraordinary speed becomes intense such complex problems ensue which perforce makes
the world public endure situations full of hardships.

Since many a times a delay in the manifestation of reactions are seen after an action is
executed people harbor doubts and erroneously say that not necessary that our action be it
good or vile shall reap results in accordance. Many times people who execute vile tasks are
seen saved from undergoing dire results of their sins and further those who perform sacred
actions do not see the wholesome results of these actions in their lives. Thus people think
that there is no law in this world that gives us fruits of our actions and thus everyone
wallows in darkness. Under such situations unruly actions based on ones whims and fancies
can be executed. Such unruly people do not wait for the time that takes for the results of
unethical actions to appear and by becoming atheists they act as and how they please. They
conveniently forget that no doubt a seed gets converted into a tree after it is sown, yet it
takes a certain time period for the seed to sprout. It takes a certain length of time for milk
to get transformed into curds. It is a fact that those who behave unethically shall undergo
punishment but we must note that this dire result could manifest after a certain time span.
The health and life span of alcohol and drug addicts keep deteriorating yet all these dire
effects are not perceived immediately.

Lest as soon as one uttered falsehood ulcers were to erupt on the tongue, lest as soon as one
committed robbery ones hands were to get chopped off, lest those indulging in extramarital
sex became eunuchs immediately etc none would dare carry out vile acts but Almighty
Lord in order to gauge humanity’s understanding capacity maybe has given us an
opportunity to awaken an intellect full of discrimination that can decipher what is right
and wrong. Man should aptly use his brains and walk on the path of true greatness. Those
who fail in this test are duly punished but because there is a delay he falls and further by
not imbibing farsightedness he endures a downfall due to erring and getting kicked at
every step of life. Bang opposite to this those who can truly understand things deeply and
manage their activities optimally while keeping in mind future results to be faced they by
using their wealth of life aptly glorify themselves and by giving an opportunity to others to
follow in their holy footsteps a great number of people accrue all round benefits. One
amongst all the specialties and glories given by God to mankind is that they have the
capacity to gauge the reaction of every action executed and thus while staying away from ill
omen can lead lives of joy and peace.

These days since there is very little place for love, affection and friendship man’s behavior
has become so strange wherein oppressing others has become his pastime. On the basis of
mutual cooperation we no doubt can benefit each other but where individualism rules the
roost there one does not understand whether due to imbibing a narrow selfish attitude
others’ rights are infringed upon or not? This situation is such that instead of paying due
heed to others’ hardships and grief we just delve on our benefit. At the root of unethical
actions, atrocities, suppression, kidnapping and harassment is this very selfish thinking. It
is beyond doubt that only those who harbor no sense of affection or goodwill to others
carry out heinous acts without any guilty feeling. For even a miniscule benefit for
themselves they can throw mountains of anguish on other. Seers of human religion have
always opposed such heinous selfish actions and have proclaimed that the sacred attitude of
‘Atmavat sarva bhuteshu’ or that ‘all creatures are a part of my very soul’ must be
imbibed by us all. If we do not like people behaving with us in a certain manner we too
should not behave with them in that manner. The meaning of seeing our souls in all living
beings is to look upon others joy as ours and others sorrow too as ours. The fount of sacred
sensitive emotions of human stature is conjoined to this very belief. If it is imbibed whole
heartedly it is impossible to act and behave despicably. Thus one will yearn to serve all
selflessly and generous feelings of sharing others joy and sorrow will ooze immensely.

It is despicable to render selfish one’s ego and it is greatness if the ego is rendered
widespread encompassing all beings. Great saintly people always think, plan and execute
great tasks of world welfare and know for sure that this is true soul advancement. The
sense of kinship of an advanced person spreads not only in all humans but in all living
beings. Under such circumstances just as we wish to gather means of comforts and joy for
ourselves in the same way we also start realizing that by seeing others experiencing
happiness and peace our minds too feel bliss and that if we see someone in sorrow we will
rush out to help them overcome it. If such human sacred emotions bloom forth none will
even think of acting unwholesomely with others.

The root cause of acting untowardly is lack of farsightedness and true discrimination. In
future which action shall breed which reaction or result? If we fail to attain such
farsightedness we will run after only immediate benefits even if it means acting unethically.
Just as due to vision problems we can only see things nearby and find it difficult to see
objects kept afar in the same way a person lacking farsightedness looking upon immediate
benefits as the be all and end all of life shall do anything to accrue those benefits. What
shall be the result of all this? People lacking farsightedness cannot even imagine regarding
this and their condition is akin to remaining blind despite possessing eyes. People of such
character may not doubt accrue immediate benefits yet they lose their integrity and human
values. They no longer enjoy the trust of others in society, none becomes his true friend and
people do not wish to give them any advice since they are always gazed at suspiciously. Due
to dearth of help, in an atmosphere of suspicion despite living in crowded areas they
experience aching loneliness. Each sensual person knows how dry, terrifying and fearful
loneliness is. Due to lack of discrimination many undesirable qualities enter one’s character
and one takes up drug, alcohol vices. Without inviting them lethargy, indolence,
cunningness, fraud, arrogant ego and desires for fleeting sense pleasures become one’s
allies. Since integrity runs far away our character sheds all brilliant talent and skills it
previously oozed with. The psyche of robbers and criminals always reeks of fear, they are
always suspicious of bad omens attacking them and thus their precious time lapses by in
doubts only. The result of this is that they invite hatred and enmity from others. In the
mirror of the world they see only their wicked ugly form and character.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but it is impossible to fool everyone all the
time. Due to bad behavior of ours other people become mediums to inflict pain on us. Those
who loot others too face looting in the long run by other people. Such incidences are seen
off and on by us all. Those who act without self control shall definitely face punishment in
the long run if not immediately.
In every walk of life we are witnessing bad behavior between man and man. Since distrust
is widespread where is the question of expecting help and cooperation? How can a person
shorn off potent mental power valiantly carry out high level tasks? How will he get the
golden opportunity of rising higher up in life in an all round manner?

Between man and man discontent and vile behavior has cropped up because of fraud,
wiliness distrust, lack of cooperation and agitations of various types. As a result people face
strife like wealthy becoming poor and educated behaving like illiterates. Majority of world
humans akin to corpse and ghosts of the graveyard burn and get burnt, instill fear on
others and themselves become terrorized, get agitated and are rendered discontented. Even
if material comforts increase manifold what can they achieve? It is something different to
see people outside full of wealth and sense pleasures. One maybe materially extremely
wealthy akin to a billionaire yet in his own mind’s eye he will feel very low because
innumerable problems and worries have surrounded him.

Today the lay public is ensnared by such situations the world over. In the name of
development despite a gigantic increase of material comforts since our thinking, character
and behavior reeks with despicable qualities whatever is taking place in our lives is akin to
becoming even worse than that seen in the lives of those whom we call poor, illiterate and
backward. We may insist on calling this progress but know for sure that it is nothing short
of regression.
                                    CHAPTER 4
               DESTRUCTION TOO

The goal of agriculture is to reap a good harvest. It is thus that humans, birds and animals
get food. Even flies, cockroaches etc fill their tummies thus. This action is totally creative
and there is not even an iota of intention to hurt or aim hardship at anyone. Yet the way
this task commences something very different is viewed grossly and it seems that over here
tasks of destruction and battering are being executed.

First the land is ploughed. Ploughed means land whose surface was smooth is dug up and
rendered uneven. On seeing this we can say that a destructive and battering act has been
executed. After this old grass, weeds, pebbles, stones etc are dug out and thrown away.
Even here a gross superficial brain shall conclude hastily that what was dwelling in this
land for a long time span has been exiled and that gathered ‘wealth’ is being thrown away.
Despite all this a seer and farsighted person shall not find it difficult at all that there is no
tainted sentiment behind all this upheaval and digging. In fact the ultimate goal is creation
only. If we imbibe the principle of allowing to remain in existence all that which was
already present before the hard labor of a farmer may have been saved yet he knows that
without digging the soil it land cannot become soft and porous for water to seep right below
and for roots to enter deep below the ground. In a gist we can say that all this so called
hardheartedness is done for ultimate well being of all creatures. There is thus no need to
censure the doer or author of all this.

At this hour of dawn of Era something of this sort is happening. At the commencement of
Era Junction incidences of strife and pain swarm about like flies. Akin to lightning in the
sky, ire of natural calamities shines forth and rises high. Man’s vile intellect is getting
converted to tainted activities and its result is undergoing harassment. Thus people labor
hard to save themselves from it. Despite this effort its atrocities continue merrily. Neither
do mosquitoes die nor do flies get saved from kites. Rising struggle and dangers in every
field of life can be witnessed in this manner.

In this auspicious hour of neo creation on seeing the reactions of these hardships at least
once we gasp in despair saying that there should have been solutions for all the strife faced.
Almighty God should have showered on us all joyous comforts and along with blessings
should have augmented sense pleasures. Yet what actually takes place is bang opposite to
this. How can this be labeled Era Creation wherein hardships rule the roost? In order to
clarify this doubt one shall have to imbibe the art of farsighted inference and realize that
akin to digging and battering land while tilling it the ultimate goal is to reap a rich harvest
of crop. This exactly is what is meant by deep thinking about reactions of today’s actions
that shall be noted in future times.

When we construct a building the aim is to reside there happily and comfortably. Buildings
rise higher up from the ground yet its commencement is so complex that one directly
viewing it thinks that a wrong erroneous method has been used. First a big crater is dug up
and all the mud in it is removed. Yet the requirement was bag opposite to this. Actually a
building is constructed by using bricks and cement on even ground but here in the
beginning the even ground is dug up akin to a crater. Thus a superficial eye shall say it is
nothing but a loss. It is futile to dig the ground and throw away the mud. Now in order to
render the ground uniform and even this crater shall have to be filled with materials that
are very expensive. This indeed is double foolishness. In fact it was better that instead of
wasting effort and money of digging this crater and refilling it in a uniform manner the
land that was previously uniform should have been used to build the walls of the building.
An ordinary intellect will only think thus superficially and shall ‘pity’ those who dig a
crater first. They will experience no qualms or compunction while mocking builders who
give advice and method of digging a crater first.

Despite all this happening wise seers do not find it difficult at all to gauge reality. They
know that in order to build a strong building the foundation must be very firm else the
moment the weight of the building increases it shall be razed to the ground. The result shall
be that whatever hard labor and wealth was used for construction shall get wasted. Walls
shall get shattered and will crash down. Added to this one shall face insults and worries. No
doubt it is true that whatever material and hard work was used to lay a firm foundation
could have been used to make one more big room. Yet it is not wrong to say that the act of
laying down a strong foundation of the building which appears ‘wasteful’ to the gross eye
in actuality is most required. Without taking up this risk a long lasting, strong building
cannot be constructed. Of course it is another matter if we wish to build a hut of wood,
leaves etc that shall rot in a very short time.

Almighty Lord is now constructing a new building and at this hour of Era Junction is
digging a firm foundation and filling it with materials full of strength. God in order to reap
a rich harvest is enacting a well managed program. He is laboring to plough his field.
Although the ‘frenzy’ of rendering an even land into an uneven one and digging out
hoarded ‘wealth’ from it has taken over his psyche, yet say, what can be done? If we do not
remove pebbles, weeds etc how can the new sowed seeds grow into saplings with roots that
goes deep down into the soil? Hence God has to carry out a so called non required and non
endearing act. By itself everyone is happy with creation and abhors destruction. Initially
God too must be feeling thus but for attaining that which is endearing non endearing
means need to be made used of.
A patient writhing agony due to a disease enters a hospital because he harbor hopes that a
compassionate doctor there will aid in destroying his pain. But as soon as the patient gets
admitted what he notes is bang opposite. Arrangements are made for surgery and
operation. His diseased body is cut and opened up. Flesh and skin are cut up from his body.
Blood starts dripping and it appears as though the doctors operating on him are cruel and
hard hearted just as a wicked person attack innocents with ghastly weapons. A person with
a gross vision on seeing this surgery feels it is wrong to believe that hospitals and doctors
attached to it alleviate our pain out of compassion. Forget the poor patient’s woes being
overcome, in fact the activities here are bang opposite. Thus those with such a gross
superficial vision can only doubt the goodwill behind doctors setting up hospitals and
clinics for patients experiencing painful diseases.

This doubt certainly does not arise in the minds of those who go deep down into the root
cause and make efforts to understand the farsightedness and goodwill behind this so called
‘distasteful’ medical therapy. They are well aware that it is the rotting reeking pus in the
pustule that is the main cause of pain and agony. If this pus is not removed it will poison
nearby skin and muscles of the body. No doubt immediately pain can be diminished by
administering anesthesia to the boil/pustule yet it cannot permanently cure the disease.
Cure is not merely silencing the patient superficially. Even if for some moments the patient
calms down yet the pus within shall continue to rot the skin and flesh. Thus risk and
danger keep increasing and in fact one’s life is at stake under such dire situations. Thus a
doctor is forced to take the decision of conducting an operation. In it there is no harshness
or bad will. Even if the doctor’s own child is a patient he shall operate on him. Even in so
called distasteful incidences are hidden far off joyous potentials and good will full of love.

In this dawning hour of Neo Creation majority of destructive sports are being noted the
world over. Problems and hardships already were ruling the roost. Ere these were solved
with apt solutions, the story would be different but over here the situation is akin to
increase in scratching due to a leprosy attack. How can this be called Neo Creation? How
can we say that Almighty God has incarnated as an Avatar? In order to find an answer to
this skepticism we shall have to realize why and what truly is happening by thinking akin
to a doctor operating on a pus filled pustule of a patient.

Due to a long lasting Dark Era a lot of dirt and rubbish has gathered. In every walk of life
the world over, rotten elements have spread out. If this is allowed to remain as it is and
instead material comforts are increased, desired results shall not be got. Gathered dirt shall
not remain silent and shall render widespread its poisonous nature. This program of
destruction shall rise so much that efforts made for creative tasks shall be rendered futile.

At night so much taint gathers which everyone knows as a result of which when we get up
in the morning the first thing we do is to remove dirt. As soon as we get up we rush to the
bathroom to pass urine and stools. We need to brush our teeth. We take a bath, wash our
clothes and sweep all rooms of the house. Bathrooms are cleaned and all this takes place
first thing in the morning. Only then the house becomes clean and happy to live in. the
kitchen is warmed and we start cooking breakfast, lunch yet before this the cooking range,
vessels etc need to be washed and cleaned. Else if we cook in a dirty kitchen the food will
reek with foul stench because of immediate rotting. Those who eat food without passing
urine, stools in the morning, without brushing teeth/gargling forget that the dirt of the
mouth shall enter the stomach.

A gross superficial intellect will say that as soon as we get up in the morning we must eat
food, apply make-up/cosmetics and rush for one’s daily chores. But when we see people
first think of removing dirt and throwing certain things out of the house we wonder
whether these people are attacked by insanity? Activities like evacuating food eaten
previously as stools in the morning, throwing rubbish of the house into dust bins, giving
stale leftover food to dogs and cleaning water pipes by flushing water from pots into it
appear as though early in the morning one is throwing away things. It was previously
thought that as soon as the sun rises joyous situation shall manifest and sacred boons shall
come one’s way yet what is actually taking place is bang opposite. In fact every family
member is immersed in removing dirt and rubbish.

Similarly we must realize that at the hour of Era Junction the process of removing dirt and
rubbish elements the world over commences in full frenzy. On roads at dawn we see
sweepers sweeping roads, cleaning waterways and carrying rubbish to big vans. First thing
in the morning one visits toilets to pass stools and then bathe. Only then can one think of
decorating and adorning one’s body.

Now that hour is drawing near when darkness and gloom spanning many centuries shall
dwindle away to naught. The red light of dawn can clearly be seen. It is not wrong hence to
expect flowers being showered down from the skies and fragrant perfume being sprayed
everywhere. Yet when the actual scene is bang opposite one is amazed. Everywhere is
spread out rubbish like elements. Since thus everyone’s first task is to remove this dirt it
shall not be difficult to infer that Almighty God’s first endeavor shall be to ward off all
taints. He certainly has no wish to spread foul odor in the world but yearns only to
ultimately create a very clean sacred environment. If one yearns to reinstate what one likes
that which is tainted must be removed first. This then can be understood as the 1 st leg of an
alarming rise in fearful situations the world over during the transitional period of Era

The aim of a gardener is to build a garden full of fragrant blooming flowers and luscious
fruits. He thus immerses himself in this task. His only desire is that plants and trees
growing in his garden render it radiantly beautiful. In it lies his deftness and success too.
Yet if a gross superficial mind appraises his daily activities these actions shall appear bang
opposite to the aim he has in mind i.e. beautifying the garden. In this very garden he labels
weeds, grass and tiny wild plants useless and uproots them. Why does a compassionate
gardener execute such harsh acts? Why does one who wishes neo creation take up
destructive acts? If the aim of the gardener is to grow why does he uproot?

Governments are known to take up tasks of utility value like education, health, transport,
production, agriculture etc yet they are also known to set up a police force with
arrangements for prisons for punishment which definitely is an act of destruction. If they
fail to set up the police force vile and criminal people shall cause so much destruction to the
nation that all endeavors for progress and development shall beat a hasty retreat.

The lives of great Rishis and saints are based on a sense of self surrender towards great
goals in day to day living and yet they too for a certain time span enter dark lonely forests
and perform terrific perform penance. They have to light fire there to ward off attack of
ferocious beasts, get protection from shivering cold etc. they were known to use weapons
too for self defense. For protecting theism and aptness it was most required that even great
Rishis/saints use destructive means. Hence there is no reason why the creator/God should
not imbibe those means to uproot undesirable elements in his garden which to a gross
superficial eye appears destructive and harsh. This world is weaved using the threads of
what is good and bad too. It is an admixture of demigods and demons. Under such
situations one class has to be encouraged and the other denounced. On the one hand the
sun is the very life force of earth yet it also kills via its energy worms/germs etc that are
nurtured by rotting rubbish. Ere the sun did not destroy germs/worms’ poison shall reign
and thus the very existence of plants and human beings shall be at stake. Although the sun
encourages life yet it destroys too and sometimes destruction via it exceeds creation. The
sun who gives us light and energy does not fail in its duty to destroy dark gloominess of our

No doubt creation rises high yet a fact conjoined to it is that it is the greatness of divinity of
demigods that is being augmented. In tandem with increasing greatness it is very much
required that what is unwholesome must be destroyed. The aim of God’s Avatars has
always been crystal clear. They play the dual role of uprooting unrighteousness and
replacing it with righteousness. In Lord Rama’s Avatar both the demonic Lanka of demon
Ravan was destroyed and The Golden Era based culture of Ayodhya was nurtured in a big
way. The same happened in Krishna’s Avatar. After the deadly Mahabharat War the
heavy burden on earth was lifted. Lord Krishna was also responsible for creative tasks like
protecting Vrindavan, augmenting the cow population, establishing righteousness in his
kingdom and transforming Sudamapuri. On the one hand the Wheel of Righteousness of
Lord Buddha uprooted malefic influences vile Tantrik acts there he helped render
widespread love and goodwill the world over. On the one hand Mahatma Gandhi warded
off British Rule and their oppression there he imbued free India’s environment with joy.
The great activities of Avatars have been 2 fold. Half their divine energy is used for fighting
undesirable elements in the world and the other portion is used to establish righteousness
and ethics in the world.

The hands of Dronacharya held Vedas but on his shoulders rested bows and arrows. On
the one hand demigods fight battles with demons but great devotees are blessed also by
them. The government gives us benefits but can also mete out punishment. On cogitating
seriously over the world’s management it seems natural and most required that conjoined
to augmenting greatness is uprooting of undesirable unwholesome principles. This is
exactly what is happening today. In this time span of Era Junction fearful situations of
destruction akin to dark clouds are thundering loud in the sky. Along with this rests the
definite promise of joyous potentials in the form of a radiant future in the world.
                                   CHAPTER 5

The scene of death seems very bitter and cruel. It renders near dear ones full of anguish
and sorrow. A body that was mobile just a moment back is now lifeless and a sad
cremation is given to it. Relatives either cremate or bury this dead body which is done akin
to placing a rock on one’s bosom. When the dead one goes away sadness and sorrow takes
over the home and family. Loving memories of the departed soul flit past the mental
screen. Whatever activities were carried out previously by this dead person either gets
stalled or someone else has to do the same. If we view this entire episode it seems that death
is definitely a divine curse. Almighty God should not have designed death. Even a child
who makes a toy with its own hands will not break it but how did it enter the psyche of God
to render his beautiful creation ugly and painful via the terrible act of death?

This discussion has been taken up keeping in mind bitter incidences of strife taking place in
this hour of Era Junction or Yuga Sandhi. Here we are pondering over the fact whether the
present world problems can be troubleshot without destructive upheavals manifesting first.
Cannot Almighty God with his Divine Energy convert what is unwholesome into goodness
without first ushering in bitter harsh situations? Cannot miraculous transformations set

In order to unearth the answer to this question we shall have to understand deeply and
visualize with farsightedness widespread process of transformation attached to cosmic laws
of creation of this world. In the cycle of nature there is a definite plan of birth, growth,
becoming old and dying ultimately. If this were absent its other option would be balance
and steadiness. All materials and creatures eternally would remain in one monotonous
state. If death was stalled birth too would stop. If birth was allowed to continue and death
was stopped then in 1 century itself planet earth would be rendered incapable of sustaining
even only human beings forget innumerable other creatures. In steadiness no doubt there is
ample comfort yet the beauty of that which is new and zest for transformation would
totally end. Everywhere would rein aridness and akin to lifeless corpse creatures would
pass their time in dry monotony. It maybe that Almighty God who loves movements of
divine sports did not find such a corpse like life endearing and hence laid down the cosmic
law of creation, propagation and annihilation or death. Since this law is in place the process
of birth and death too is going on in the entire world.
The physical body too is a machine which as time lapses by becomes old and useless. Since
utility value ends things are not allowed to remain as they are but that they are melted and
molded again anew. The same holds true for a human body. When all parts age the body
cannot function aptly and the creature living in too experiences a lot of discomfort. There is
only one way in which this ugliness and undesirable form be removed/transformed and
that is rebirth.

Old people are generally sad and ugly but a child is beautiful and happy. Almighty Lord
appears hard hearted and angry with aged senior citizens. Yet in actuality it is his goodwill
and farsightedness that is at work. He manifests his deft skills by converting ugliness into
beauty and uselessness into utility value. His very nature is full of creativity. In order to
render it ceaseless the creative process of converting rubbish into fertilizers and with its aid
blooming new plants is at work. No doubt during the phase of upheavals in Era
Transformation there is immediate ‘cruelty’ perceived yet it has certainly not been enacted
by a vile intellect. This is because behind it is at work ushering in of joyous eternal
situations in future.

In such situations utility diminished manifold and what was unwholesome became
widespread. In these times the nature of world individuals and society can be looked upon
as a withered body of an aged person which neither experiences happiness itself nor can
give joy to others. There is no hope of this tattered body ever rejuvenating in future too.
Very old machine parts and vessels used in kitchens demand repairs yet they do not work
optimally. Under such circumstances a wise person prefers melting them and molding them
anew. If an arrangement is made to transform an old wailing and sorrowful person into a
laughing, frolicking and beautiful child we must accept that the one (God) designing this is
full of goodwill. The activity of one who melts and molds appears insane. It may seem that
this task is destructive yet a wise intellect has no problems in accepting that this effort
verily is imbued with neo creation that paves the way for ultimate joy and happiness.

On noting these days wrath of natural calamities and human strife it should appear
distasteful and full of agonizing pain. Yet there is no need to despair and worry. No doubt
it seems strange that gardens are first shorn of weeds etc and agricultural land is first dug
up before seeds are sown yet the one who executes all this with deep faith says that all this
is done keeping in mind manifest of joyous potentials in the ultimate analysis. Maybe on an
immediate basis it is labeled ‘breaking and shattering’ and that its doer is called a

Farsightedness in a very natural manner actions and possibilities by saying that we must
not walk in that direction which in future shall give us anguish and know for sure, that this
is true understanding. Thus it does not face censure or hardship. These then are
gentlemanly actions which are joyous and eulogized too. Bang opposite to this is a set of
people who lack farsightedness. They can be called human beasts. Beasts always think
about immediate benefits only and cannot infer about future reactions. Despite lovingly
teaching them they fail to understand. They only understand the language of punishment.
Thus whenever a cowboy wishes to convey something to his group of animals, he does so
using a stick. A horse is made to understand by the rider using his heels, reins and whip.
Ere the beast could understand the language of respect and could decipher farsightedly the
results of acting aptly or otherwise or what is beneficial and what is not maybe the horse
rider would not require the help of a whip which appears harsh.

Not only does a beastly nature reside in the body but that many a time it oozes in excess.
Thus such a person fails to heed sound advice or requests. Thus in order to rectify him
punishments have to be meted out. Without this, neither can tame animals be made to
work nor can we save ourselves from jungle beasts’ ferocious attacks. It is such class of
people that required chains and weapons so as to tame them. Although the acts of
punishment and censure appear hard hearted yet say, what can one do? Arrangements
definitely have to be made to hang unethical judges and term dictatorial rulers as
shameless. In it where on the one hand there is the yearning to transform a very useless
state into a positive one there another aim is that others learn a lesson from all this. Those
who fail to realize what dire results have to be faced in future on executing unethical
activities they get a chance to realize not to walk on this erroneous path after witnessing
this scheme of punishment being put into action on errant people.

The difference in the designing of the human and animal’s body is clear. Despite this it is
amazing to note that the inner nature of majority of human beings is molded with beastly
tendencies. They think only of fleeting benefits and selfish gains. They carry out actions
only to fulfill transient desires. Ere this unruliness is allowed to continue anarchy shall
spread everywhere and the terror of a punishing stick shall destroy political governance
and culture. Hence it is most required that beastly tendencies get warded off. The nature of
true religion is to augment goodwill and control rules the roost in the principle imbibed by
the governing authorities. There is no other option but to use a fair bit of finances for
police, courts of law, jails and weapons along with meting out punishment to those who err.
In order to educate those human beasts the importance of harboring goodwill to all there is
no other solution but to take recourse to the system of meting out punishment.

There was a tradition existing in ancient times that when someone was hanged on the
guillotine or given other forms of punishment the lay public were invited in big crowds via
sounding drums and conches to witness this ghastly terrorizing scene. Efforts and
arrangements were made so that people would gather in large mobs for seeing all this.
Discussions used to spread like wild fire and laymen would realize how terrible
repercussions have to be undergone of unethical criminal acts are carried out by them. In
the constitution of human beings such an open exhibition is going on yet nature’s
management is continuing as usual. Widespread scenes of destruction forces mankind to
experience heartbreaking burns and they realize that there is no place for their whims and
fancies. There definitely exists rule of an invisible power/authority and that it not only gives
boons but has made necessary arrangements for meting out punishment too. Behind
natural calamities and fearful situations cropping up due to human in fighting a big cause
is that the world public becomes aware ceaselessly of the wrath of Almighty God. In the 20
years of Yuga Sandhi or Era Junction (1980 AD to 2000 AD) great transformations shall
ensue but majority of them shall remain invisible. This is because transformation shall roll
in not in materials but in human faith/aspiration. Aspirations are subtle and not visible to
the gross eye hence upheavals in this arena is impossible to understand and written about
by anyone. Discussions shall always take place regarding visible situations etc. One set of
incidences of that which is visible shall be uprooting of vileness. The second shall be
augmenting and reinstating of that which is great and wholesome. In the first case
destructive acts shall get executed to remove the undesirable and useless and in the second
case a strong foundation shall be laid down for neo creation of sacred sentiments.

Both destruction and neo creation are going on in full swing. It can be compared to child
delivery pain wherein hair raising sight of blood dripping and writhing hardship being
faced is noted. Along with this the mother also zestfully visualizes the beautiful face of her
baby about to be born in her mind’s eye. She makes future plans of nourishing and
nurturing her baby that shall be born. Similar to both anguish and joy being experienced
by a mother during child birth similar are the feelings experienced during 20 years of Era
Junction. The anguishing upheaval of child birth finishes generally in a few hours. Yet the
ushering in of a New Era akin to child birth takes place in about 20 years which if looked at
from the standpoint of weight age, importance and its all pervasiveness it is not a very long
time span.

Over here we are discussing the activity of destruction. It is not necessary that only that
which is undesirable enters the noose of destruction process. Even gentlemanliness has to
face harassment due to pressurizing situations. Along with wheat even chaff gets pounded.
Along with dry even that which is a bit wet gets burnt. In order to destroy microbes
inducing diseases medicine is taken which also attacks healthy cells. These exceptions no
doubt go on yet ordinarily what happens is in a major way only wheat gets powdered, dry
gets burnt and poisonous germs die. At the hour of upheaval in the destructive sports of
nature the underlying sole aim is to destroy only that which is undesirable. It is another
story that a few others get entangled too.

Of course there is a very valid reason why those who appear innocent get entangled when
destructive activities are in full swing. This entire cosmos is bound to the thread of soul
existence. Its direction takes place on the basis of combined responsibility. When all
machine parts work properly the watch too works aptly. Similarly it is the collective
responsibility of all to render the world aptly advanced and render society truly cultured.
Very much akin to personal joy-peace each human being must make effort for world
progress and prosperity. Conjoined to human existence is that God given responsibility
wherein similar to the manner in which man personally takes pain to render his personal
life joyous both now and in future, he should also work for world welfare for rendering the
garden called this world beautiful and peaceful.

A gardener sweeps both his own house and the garden too and he cooks food for himself
and gives water/fertilizer nourishment to plants/trees in his garden too. Very similar to this
man should not limit himself to advancement of his soul but should carry out the righteous
duty of world well being too. Anyone who ignores this duty is in a way a criminal. No doubt
attacking is a crime but know for sure that those who are irresponsible and reckless too
have to undergo punishment even if such people had no intention to attack anyone.

When combined responsibilities are not adhered to man becomes a culprit and criminal
and as a result all those people undergo punishment that harbored indolence in executing
the duty of rendering this world joyous and peaceful. No doubt in courts of law set up by
human beings a person indifference and disregard are not punished as a type of crime yet
in God’s eyes it is labeled as disobeying his divine command. Under such circumstances
those who appear innocent visibly are actually culprits indirectly.

Our righteous duty towards society just does not end if we aver from attacking because if
you do not make efforts to stop others’ attacks it is akin to crossing the boundaries of
human ethics and values. If someone is committing suicide but people nearby just watch
silently, in front of one’s eyes murders, rapes are carried out by someone but we fail to
intervene and that no efforts are made of complaining to the police or stop others when one
gets information of someone scheming to carry out a crime, then this silent ‘innocent’
witness shall be labeled a criminal and shall definitely face censure and due punishment.

Hence from the above standpoint may without any reason those rare exceptions enter the
noose of destructive situations during Era Transformation yet majority are accused of the
fact that when in the world undesirable and tainted situations cropped up people remained
silent witnesses instead of intervening like cogs in the wheel to overcome these taints. Under
such situations if even they have to face the wrath of Almighty God we cannot say that
‘innocents’ were punished.

In the government’s judiciary there is a law that metes out punishment for not executing
collective responsibilities. Collective fines have to be paid amongst denizens of criminal
arena. Majority of these who are penalized who themselves have not committed any fine.
Yet social justice opines that as per citizens’ duties every person must be alert and active
enough to see to it that in their area peace prevails, that they avert crimes and endeavor to
help those in strife and pain. In a certain way those who ignore this duty get labeled as
culprits and are thus forced to pay collective fines as a form of punishment meted out to
them. During times of war people from all over the country are enlisted in the army and
those who refuse are labeled culprits and sent to jail too.
When strife augments the world over it is definitely called an hour of catastrophe and
disaster. At such times one must carry out one’s duties to ward it off to the extent that by
ignoring one’s personal comforts one must participate in obstructing world destructive
situations that appear in its ferocious form. This then is our responsibility during times of
world strife. Akin to self protection collectively protecting world society and its denizens
too is the duty of every citizen of the world. The government certainly cannot take care of
everything. Hence it is expected of each citizen that he/she helps overcome anarchy and
undesirable elements. It is thus that anyone can be forced to become a witness in court
cases if he/she has information and if anyone refuses they can be imprisoned too.

Destruction taking place during the phase of Era Transformation could be looked upon
albeit superficially as divine mismanagement, hard heartedness, revenge etc yet this is not
so in reality. In fact God’s ultimate aim is neo creation and he adores apt world balance.
God appears as an avatar in this world so as to reinstate true righteousness. Thus it is
required that first unrighteousness lording over the world gets uprooted. Right from
cleaning, swabbing to lighting fire, some germs and microbes do die. Yet since the aim is to
clean this ‘killing’ is inevitable. The chief mission of great Avatars is neo creation. A
portion of this encompasses destruction of unrighteousness hence this preamble of
destructive actions is witnessed by us all. Yet all this is executed with the supreme goal of
rendering the world optimally balanced and creating a radiant world future. Hence instead
of getting scared of such disastrous situations there is an imperative need of combating
them by helping like cogs in the wheel in uprooting vile activities the world over.
                                   CHAPTER 6

This world is categorized into 2 halves. One is directly visible and the other is subtly
indirect. Within visible materials an inspiring energy is at work which cannot be seen by
our gross eye. On noting its potential and mobility an inference can be made that in the
deep cave of nature/Prakriti is at work waves of sound, heat and light. This can be called
subtle and indirect. Although the body carries out various functions yet within it works the
subtle Prana Energy of consciousness. The same holds true for planet earth. It is classified
in a 3 fold manner viz. water, land and sky/space. Yet a very minor portion of it is visible.
What movements are taking place in the womb of earth? What exactly is happening in
ocean bed areas? How much matter of sky is moving about in a gaseous state? This
information cannot be unveiled by an ordinary brain or means because in a certain way all
this is subtle and invisible.

What we know about the directly visible is very miniscule. In comparison to the gross the
potential of subtle/invisible is innumerable times more potent. No one gives importance to a
fistful of mud yet fission of one atom can emit mind boggling energy. In the sea ebb and
flow of water waves is seen merely but very few people know that in order to transport
water to every nook and corner of the ocean floor its invisible nature and upheavals play an
important role. The same holds true for the sky. It appears hollow and empty yet wind,
rain, Prana Energy and other very important principles dwell in it in gigantic amounts. Ere
creatures did not accrue their benefits then life’s cart would not budge from its place.

Over here we are discussing the subtle world. For every task generally we take help of the
directly visible world and we believe it to be the be all and end all of life and we nourish
and transform it. Despite this great thinking people never forget that the potential of subtle
world is extraordinary and that we ignore it our condition becomes akin to a child playing
with toys. An under developed aborigine dwelling in the forest looks upon grass and plants
as ultimate wealth yet a scientist lords over entire nature and becomes the master of
limitless energy. This can be called information regarding power of the subtle world and
miracle of attaining it.

Over here we are discussing the subtle invisible world. We all are witnesses of materials on
land, movements of various creatures, various types of wealth and comforts. We also make
due efforts to convert obstacles into conduciveness in this arena but we forget that behind
the visible the subtle cause too plays an important role and that something has to be done
to understand and solve problems there. The result of this error is that despite making
efforts problems are not solved and our labor turns futile. We are thus exposed to
tiredness, despair and irritability. Thus we must make it a habit of diving deep and
understand that apart from divine deep in the ocean to find pearls there is no other option.
Merely by walking up and down the sea shore we can get only sea shells and sand particles.

A disease is directly visible akin to the medicine administered. Both combat each other.
Both are challenging each other since time immemorial but medicines taste defeat and
diseases gain victory. This shall go on until we do not understand the invisible cause from
where poison manifests and waste our energies due to lack of self control. In order to ward
off majority of diseases our taste buds need to be controlled and sanctified a great deal. All
this is applicable also to financial crisis, family quarrels, social agitations and other such
problems. If we change our psyche external world situations too change. As long as we pay
no heed to this bare fact, problems, dangers and strife shall rule us all. They will refuse to
budge from our lives.

In present times in this directly visible world within our individual and world social life an
environment of downfall and defeat has ensnared us all. In the past times within the arena
of economics, intellect and modern science extraordinary progress was noted. On this basis
joyous comforts augmented so much that in this history of our world never has this been
seen previously. Despite this world individuals are becoming lowly in many ways. There is
no area of world society where speed breakers are not found. Everywhere cyclones of
danger are mobile in break neck speed. We are ignoring the process of finding solutions in
a collective cooperative manner. We think of nothing else but befriending people shyly and
then robbing them and else show one’s fist to terrorize others. Our thinking reeks only with
taking aid of crime/in-ethics and running down others in society so as to boss over them.
Thus there is no hope that such vile people will help others in society to lead lives of joy, apt
culture and truly prosperous. There is no dearth of intellectual people. No doubt in every
walk of life resides intellectually talented people yet it is akin to try and sew 2 meters of
cloth but in the process waste 4 meters of it. The result of human authored strife shall any
day henceforth lead to world downfall. War frenzy can anytime forcefully incite world
humans to commit mass suicides. Clouds of total destruction are looming large in the form
of uncontrolled population explosion, pollution, emission of poisonous radiations, crimes,
war frenzy etc.

It is not as though sweet/bitter methods are not being used to solve world problems.
Everyone no doubt is making efforts to get saved from destruction and finding basis for
world uplifting yet instead of solutions coming within their grasp they are running miles
away. Under such situations despair hangs on our heads in such a way that man stares
helplessly at destiny. The importance of human effort sometimes becomes an
Over here naturally our attention is drawn to the subtle and it seems that as though there is
a thorn in a very sensitive area which induces situations of grief. No solution is thus allowed
to reap success. From this viewpoint spiritual seers/Self Realized Gurus have always been
sacredly sentimental yet look upon that which is directly visible as inert and a veil. The
subtle world has been looked upon by them as a conscious inspiration and they opine that
consciousness is the foundation of the world’s environment and mental state is the mother
of external worldly circumstances. Factually this proclamation is 100% percent true. When
faith that affects our thinking, character and behavior gets distorted every arena of life
faces dangerous situations. For compact solutions we shall have to wait till we do not make
great efforts to ward off distortion in our faith and aspiration. Regarding this a small effort
akin to a tiny flame lamp in rank darkness has been made by the Prajna Abhiyan or
movement to sanctify the world human intellect.

Within the periphery of the gross world human faith can be given due importance. Yet it is
not total and complete. Behind the gross visible world dwells the subtle invisible world and
movements/upheavals taking place in it affects the gross world. What we need to know is
whether tainted elements have or have not entered the subtle world and if it has been
distorted is it poisoning the gross world?

Seasonal influences are seen in the form of heat, cold, wetness etc yet these are but results
manifesting due to rotation/revolution movements of earth and sun. Without
understanding this we will be unaware of the mysteries of seasonal changes. So much rains
down from interstellar space on earth that in comparison to combined attainments of land
and water it is manifold. There was a time when so called tangible proof oriented believers
lacked faith in the existence of subtle energies and powers yet the very foundation today of
advancing modern science is oriented around understanding the subtle and attaining it.

It is only when we conjoin spiritual science to modern material science that compact
science of divine wisdom manifests. It is on the basis of this correlation that we understand
that which is worth knowing and we attain that which is worth attaining. Within the realm
of today’s dire problems lest we make efforts to understand and reform distortions of the
subtle world it shall be called farsightedness with true discrimination. If the pustule on the
skin is not getting cured one must be farsighted enough to get the blood of the patient
examined. If we fail to ward off mosquito attacks using ordinary means we must search for
sludge and remove it. In reality a downfall and defeat and delusions and distortions are
reactions of problems prevalent in the subtle world.

Those who are capable of understanding with faith the subtle invisible world must research
into poisonous elements spreading in the invisible world and thus solve complex world
problems. It is this venom that is augmenting unwholesomeness in world human
psyche/thinking and is inflicting on us the wrath of natural calamities. When it rains earth
becomes lush green. Water forests merge into each other. The reason why leaves fall off
from trees in winter and burning heat has to be endured in summer must be searched for
in the subtle arena. When all efforts fail to ward off visible taints in the gross world we
must search the subtle world. One has to look for the reason of cancer by going deeper into
the disease. Does a puppet doll ever dance on its’ own? It is in fact the skill of the puppeteer
holding the strings attached to the puppet doll that induces the latter to frolic about.

These days in order to understand the ire of natural calamities, downfall, defeat and
destruction the state and condition of the subtle world must be deeply understood. Efforts
must be made to reform it and render it well balanced. Today the stature of world
individuals and future of this world is becoming alarmingly worrisome. It can be looked
upon akin to a flow of epidemics resulting from poison emanating from the subtle world. It
is hence best that what is directly visible is not looked upon as the be all and end all of life
and that we delve deep into the subtle world too. In order to ward off taints spreading in
the subtle arena and replacing it with sacred auspiciousness solutions must be unveiled and
thus due efforts must be made too in this direction. In order to solve complex problems
which so far have remained unsolved, our attention should veer towards the invisible subtle
world. Thus if efforts are made to render well balanced the subtle realm we can say we
have taken the right decision.
                                    CHAPTER 7

Mother Nature or Prakriti has given basic knowledge to all living beings so that they can
execute all bodily activities. In their deep recesses there is no dearth of brilliant skills and
glories. From this standpoint they are capable and prosperous. But in the absence of
capability why would anyone waste their talent in misuse? We cannot call nature miserly
and it is farsighted. Nature has always imbibed a social standpoint wherein each one is
given only that much that it can handle/manage. In this test man has always tried to march
ahead and accordingly latching on to the lap of nature he has succeeded in attaining more
and more precious glories.

Super world annihilation or Mahapralaya stares at us menacingly because we have taken
dangerous steps resulting in air pollution, nuclear radiations, water pollution, insane
milking of energy fuel founts, uncontrolled use of sense merriment comforts and frenzied
over production of destructive weapons which induces competition amongst countries to
hoard more and more of them. On the one hand highly intellectual scientists the world over
stare at the problem of how to obstruct this rank misuse and on the other hand how to
overcome dangerous world situations that are resulting due to it? One more question that
needs to be answered is that in order to render mankind more happy/prosperous a new
arena of research needs to be entered into. What methodology should be used for this and
how to tie up its ethical limits? Both questions stand in front of the human intellect and say
that if this is the solution demarcated science after renouncing its nature of nurturing the
world shall turn into terrible Rudra and thus the Tandav Dance of World Super
Annihilation or Mahapralaya shall commence. This definitely shall take place. Man can
only be given limited comforts. Going beyond the limits of aptness cannot be tolerated.
Hence according to intellectual thinkers to give a correct direction to a light string swinging
between destruction and advancement is that task on which rests solution of the present
and demarcation of future.

Today’s biggest problem is how to encourage those who use things aptly and obstruct those
who insist on misusing. In order to find this solution a conclusion can be made only after
we dive deep into the problem akin to diving into the ocean and churning interstellar space.
Thus they shall realize that we imbibe great-ism and under its umbrella take decisions at
all levels. There is only one high stature specialty of human existence viz. faith in sacred
ideals. It is this that has rendered him supremely great in the arena of thinking and given
him great activities like generous hearted cooperation in the social arena. Thus mankind’s
glory has been raised sky high. The more this special quality goes unheeded more
hardships shall have to be endured and further fearful world destructive situations shall
gather momentum. Such great activities in ancient terminology were called ‘spirituality’. If
someone finds this word strange none will object if we rename it ‘farsighted idealism’. This
is that very test based on which errors that crept in utilization of progress that has taken
place till today can be reformed and whatever has been attained must be wholesomely used
for world well being. Along with this by imbibing this very basis apt decisions must be
taken regarding the direction of the sentimental flow of modern science.

In the world of matter modern science has showcased limitless miracles. Henceforth its task
shall be positively influence human thinking, character, personality and world traditions.
They must render naught illusions and undesirable elements in these arenas in such a way
akin to attaining honor/credit while being labeled the foundation of research into reality
while giving us data regarding the true inherent nature of the material world and in this
manner it shouldered a great responsibility successfully. This service of modern science in
comparison to attainments placed before the world in the past many centuries shall prove
to be infinitely more important. Swami Vivekananda had said: If any religion of the world
fails the test of modern scientific laws must be destroyed. The more speedily these useless
blind beliefs and misguiding traditions of religions are uprooted the better. After this, all
that shall remain will be rendered very bright, eternal and truly worth imbibing. In reality
the combination of science and spirituality, wealth and high stature, power/authority and
humility and intellect and imbibing of ethics in this era shall be looked upon as the biggest
miracle. Thinking that has taken over the scientific realm must imbibe this era’s

In the beginning days if the Scientific Era only the existence of matter was accepted and it
was said that consciousness has no independent existence. The belief then was that the
world is matter based. All units termed inert-conscious were in fact matter only. Hence its
destiny too is inert like matter. Yet today the hour has arrived wherein this thinking needs
to be corrected. Research studies conducted in the past 2 centuries has evolved the belief
that consciousness does have its independent existence. It can be viewed as separate units in
creatures yet its’ all encompassing form spans the entire cosmos. Very much akin to nature
the periphery and potency of consciousness is infinite. Not only this but that because
consciousness id senior the attainments of this realm in a comparative manner is much
more manifold. An engine/machine may be very powerful yet a driver imbued with
consciousness is most required to run it efficiently. Even so called automatic machines too
require directions from a human being. In the same way right from directing various
activities to world management, an invisible conscious cosmic energy is at work.

The stream of science called Ecology in full throttle and with total faith has commenced
proving that conjoined to nature is not merely energy and activity but a separate act too
has cast a cover over it which can be said to be imbued with specialties like farsightedness,
rendering apt world balance, imbibing wholesomeness and joyous possibilities. This
specialty is not found in inert matter. Not only is the existence of this process being proved
but also its potent disciplining nature. In this direction even other streams of modern
science like Parapsychology, Metaphysics etc by standing in the front row have started
accepting this proof as authentic. Circumstances are fast changing. The great scientific
thinker Albert Einstein during his final days in this world had accepted he was a semi
theist and had started accepting the existence and supremacy of consciousness. Right from
then till today a lot has happened. That too it is such which opines that potency of
consciousness is infinitely more powerful and of greater utility value than potential
embedded in matter. In ancient parlance cosmic consciousness was called Almighty God
and its individual existence was called the conscious soul. Now it has become well nigh
much more difficult for modern science to challenge the existence of cosmic consciousness
and individual consciousness if compared to how they unanimously challenged the same a
century back.

It is beyond all doubt that in comparison to the world of inert matter unearthed so far the
realm of consciousness oozes much more with energy. In matter there are only various
forces and activities whereas in consciousness such potential of much higher stature exist
that aid in the wholesome usage of matter. Not only this it possesses some other specialties
wherein by helping humans to give up beastliness pervading their thinking, sentiments,
faith and aspirations they are rendered full of high stature sensitivity. Thus such human
beasts get transformed into gentlemen, super men, saints, reformers, Rishis and
messengers of God. It goes without saying that it is such great personalities that are termed
supremely glorious of their times in the entire world. By following their high sacred ideals
many attain the zest, light and credit for becoming truly great. It is crystal clear that if in
one pan of a weighing scale we place all material grandeur like wealth, exotic clothes,
power of education, art etc and in the other pan we place great personalities/character of
saintly glorious people the pan that has gentlemanliness, supremacy of soul etc shall be
heavier and pan of material wealth shall become light as a feather. If from the annals of
world history we delete the names of Jesus Christ, Zoroaster, Magini, Buddha, Gandhi,
Lincoln, Confucius, Aristotle, Vivekananda etc it shall be rendered orphaned and helpless.
The hour has arrived wherein we do not limit ourselves to building powerful technology,
unearthing scientific data and proof only but that we make potent efforts to help people
imbibe brilliant talent skills of high stature. Of course for this help of modern science is
most required.

As times lapses by this fact becomes clearer that in order to augment greatness in this
world science and spirituality must work in tandem at every step. There was a time
previously when spiritual philosophy in a lone manner generated those beliefs, aspirations
and zest which leaned towards greatness. In those times sensitive mediums of literature, art
etc totally accepted and encouraged spirituality. But today since inert matter has become
the be all and end all of life, how can a foundation be laid that imbibes aspirations/faith
which sanctifies man’s thinking process and character? Thus in its absence how can great
leaders manifest in the world? And if these are in miniscule minority how can the world be
managed optimally, how can gentlemanliness manifest and how can world neo creation
take place?

These questions shall have to be answered by science because ancient spirituality due to its
atheism oriented direct proof based principles and related weaknesses has become
withered and old. Hence no miracle can be expected in present world circumstances. Its
usage is limited to removing present day ruins and in its place constructing a new building
with a firm foundation. It is the Lord Hanuman represented by modern science that shall
have to rejuvenate religion which today is on its deathbed. This responsibility shall be
handed over to those people who by using available means create a greatness based
environment that gives due training for it but that such solutions shall be unveiled which
via bodily rejuvenation and rendering brilliant our mental center convert ordinary laymen
into great personalities.
                                   CHAPTER 8

Humans are vaults of infinite energy. Yet only a very miniscule portion of it is used in
bodily activities. The remaining lies dormant and latent. If even sharp instruments are not
used for a long time span, they start rusting. If every part of talent/skill remains unused
man somehow lives life akin to some mad person moving round in circles. Yet whenever his
enthusiasm rises high alertness, zeal, zest, diving deep, yearning to eat and drink etc start
exhibiting miraculous feats. Man reaches great heights and under even ordinary
circumstances executes such miraculous feats which can only be called mind boggling.

The past 3 centuries can be termed the phase of soul awakening even if in the material
arena it was limited. Wherever energy is used it showcases its effects. In the direction of
material advancement its leanings got conjoined, research was conducted and it got ready
the old cast of direct proof by molding it into a new philosophy. When newness springs
forth with new zest its results too are outstanding. In the name of development came forth
in front of the world materialism and direct proof in a big way and it influenced world
humans. Inventions created piles of means of comforts. In the name of intellectualism so
much information was unearthed which could render anyone a bloated egotist and this has
actually been witnessed, the world over. By itself unearthing information is worth lauding
and should be encouraged. Thus credit of generating progress is given to those who
manifested this enthusiasm and effort.
                                  CHAPTER 9
                        APT USAGE VERSUS MISUSE

Something very important needs to be discussed here. And that is choosing between
wholesome usage and misuse. Whenever selfishness and lack of farsightedness combine, we
think of only one thing and that is amass as many things as possible quickly and keep
enjoying it as much as possible. Hasty childish people do exactly this. They are in no
condition to use whatever they have in great tasks with a sense of steadfastness. They act
akin to a person who by hook or by crook try and remove as many golden eggs from a
hen’s tummy by immaturely cutting up its stomach.

If anything is used wholesomely we can benefit ourselves and help others benefit too yet if
these things are misused it is akin to only one tiny lit matchstick that burns to ashes an
entire village. In progressive centuries no doubt we achieved a lot but in the absence of
farsightedness we failed to use it aptly and instead it was misused so awfully that today in
the entire world we stare at cloudy situations of danger.

Lest the welfare of political rulers and wealthy class were not given supreme weight age
today the stature of world lay public would have reached zenith heights. When machines
were designed to help man in various tasks they should have been made in small sizes. Thus
with less hard work, in a short time span man would have got an opportunity to procure
basic means for apt living. Further extra time that remained could have been used for
artistic talent and render everyone more capable in every field of life. The result of this
would have been that everyone would live happy blissful lives. None would remain jobless
and none would get the chance to say that they did not get an opportunity to contribute
towards personal development and multifaceted advancement of world society. Despite this
misuse is but misuse and thus because of it nectar too turns perilously venomous.
                                    CHAPTER 10

Lest intellectualism that today is immersed in setting up big cities everywhere was instead
diverted in making plans of setting up advanced villages we would have witnessed small
self dependent advanced rural areas everywhere. Neither thus would urban areas get over
populated, become dirty and endure all forms of distortions and nor due to talent from
villages running away to urban areas rural areas get rendered withered and depleted.

Whether in self or public regions wars should have been equally declared everywhere as a
big crime. Just like small Village Panchayats (governing councils) International Panchayats
too could have solved disputes. Thus weapons in limited measure would have remained in
the hands of the police force or International Panchayats and nothing like what is seen
today would have been noted ere untold measure of wealth and human resources were not
wasted in designing and amassing destructive weapons. Only if wealth power was utilized
for augmenting literacy, designing factories that operate smoothly, growing new trees etc
then by using energy for creative endeavors that is today misused for waging wars so much
could have been attained which would be astounding and mind boggling.

Ere the goal of education was not merely to render people clerks and officers and was
instead used aptly in designing solutions in the social aspects of public life and social
management everyone the world over would be educated, well cultured and would use their
capabilities in such a way that everywhere a zest for development would have spread its
wings. Only after a literate person educated at least 2 illiterate people so as to get a letter of
recommendation for a very responsible high post today’s problem of widespread illiteracy
would have been solved. If industry training was conjoined to schools and colleges
compulsorily no complaints of joblessness and poverty would have been heard.

Press and film fraternity/industry influences the public psyche in an extraordinary
manner. If for these 2 gifts of science a discipline in the form of printing, filming only that
which wholesomely influences everyone’s thinking then the requirement of multifaceted
education of mankind could have easily been fulfilled. They would have succeeded in
rendering the laymen knowledgeable and highly cultured.
                                  CHAPTER 11
                   THUS TOO

Those possessing the wealth of a brilliant intellect too are scientists in a certain sense.
Various institutions and systems of the government and society work as per their directions
and pressure. Lest social vile traditions and individual unethical activities/behavior were
vehemently opposed then the energy saved from getting wasted could have been deployed
for great wholesome world tasks. Thus we would fail to see crimes and unethical behavior
lording over us. If the laymen were given freedom to live a life of average stature we would
not see poverty raising its hood anywhere. Everyone would thus have lived a life of unity
and equality. Thus no craters of poverty would have been seen nor hills of wealth been
built. Everyone would thus have attained an equal opportunity to rise in life. Everyone
would hence have eulogized the intellectual and scientific progress made in the last few
centuries and with its apt usage every particle of earth would have been glorified.

People take up vile habits of drug addiction, alcohol inebriation etc simply because they are
given freedom to do so. Ere its production was disallowed, those who indulged in them
were duly punished, none would show zest for undergoing a slow paced suicide. Since
people would have saved themselves from this noose from the mental standpoint they
would have become well balanced and would protect themselves from all kinds of censure
and downfall in life. Such type of varied trends are conjoined to the above mentioned
tainted addictions which have become one with man’s daily living. Vile activities that
augment sexual lewdness and lust have become part and parcels of the world of fashion.
Decoration, make-up, beauty aids etc contribute to all this. Untold amount of wealth is
wasted in hoarding ornaments. If rising intellectualism had dared opposed all this wastage,
explain to people its dangers, then lavish marriages that make us poor and unethical would
not have been encouraged as is seen today.

If we wish to rise high it can be done so only with slow speed yet if we undergo a downfall it
does not take even a few seconds. This is exactly what happened in past days. In the name
of shrewdness foolishness was imbibed. The proof of this is that despite seeing pomp and
gaiety everywhere in the external man inwardly is becoming hollow and badly beaten
down. An atmosphere of worry, agitation, suspicion and discontent lords over us all both,
within and without. None are happy. None is contented. Since mental poverty has taken
over us widespread wealth too has become a cause of increase in strife.
                                   CHAPTER 12

We shall discuss here a few contemporary situations. Over here such an analysis has been
made that lest due efforts were made to reform future times it would benefit one and all.
Yet since this has not happened despair overtaking our psyche is natural but know that it is
a dire thing to happen. As a result of it our will power breaks down and zest gets

It is not as though creative endeavors have come to a total grinding halt. No doubt laxness
has entered efforts that try to reform present times and render the future radiant yet it is
not totally absent. If man’s zest is oozing forth then despite the attacks of obstacles so much
can be done which can only be called stupendous. Potent efforts that lead to building of
Egyptian Pyramids, Panama Canal, Suez Canal, Great Wall of China etc have been
executed in an atmosphere of hopeful enterprise. When many people together lift a very
heavy object their collective energy shouts aloud ‘Heya’ which reaps success for them in
their endeavor.

In the 2nd world war when Britain was facing defeat its Prime Minister gave a slogan to the
British citizens called ‘V for Victory’ in order to fire up their mental power. It meant that
we shall definitely win even if the enemy is very mighty. This slogan got broadcasted in
such a widespread manner that it became a symbol of definite faith and victory. This
slogan shouting showcased a miraculous transformation and that Europe which was
staring at defeat now started fighting the enemy with revved up fire in their bellies. A
tattered Japan despite the fearful situation of Hiroshima took up creative tasks. It did not
allow the will power of its citizen to weaken even a wee bit and hence in the world of
finance it is a big leader. This is definite that if people’s faith based on the needs of the
times of this era is given a wholesome direction to their thinking process then there is no
reason why a joyous world future and radiant situations shall not manifest. This flow shall
render straight that which is lopsided with great effort and know that it shall definitely be
made possible.
                                  CHAPTER 13

On imbibing tainted actions not only do obstacles appear in visible plans but it also seems
that since on a regular footing nature’s laws are ignored the subtle aspect of nature too gets
polluted. Harassments like earthquakes, storms, flooding, incessant rain, no rain, fights,
agitations, crime, deadly diseases, epidemics etc are speedily manifesting in such a way that
we fail to understand how they can be controlled and warded off. A harassed person
deluded as to what role he needs to play becomes more and more despairing especially
when in the name of progress and development efforts made in various arenas appear
hollow and superficial. Thus one loses faith in the possibility of important world reforms
setting in.

Very rare are those people who imbued with daring and enterprise in the midst of dark
gloomy storms lights the flame of hope. Despite not getting cooperation from friends while
executing creative tasks they in a lone manner labor intensely for reforms the world over.
They straighten that which is lopsided and in such difficult tasks they remain firmly
steadfast. They do not allow slackness or laxness to enter their hard work hence they are
called great saints and messengers of God. But such great seers appear only rarely in this
world. Their number is so less that the amount of contribution that could have been got
from these prolific personages in order to ward off world despair is not got. Today the
psyche of laymen is rendered akin to quick sand. What should have actually happened is
that in order to replace wrongdoing with aptness valiant efforts should have awakened but
since everyone’s psyche reeks with taints high stature zest for great tasks just does not
spring forth. Today great seers like Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, Lenin etc that were known
straighten that which is upside down too is not manifesting in our midst.

Under such circumstances it is quite natural that the human psyche undergoes
helplessness. Over here we must understand that the disease of despair is not to be taken
lightly because wherever it appears it can turn even a powerful person hollow. Despair is
generally conjoined to a sense of defeat and anger and tiredness takes over. A man under
such terrible burden not only himself breaks down but shatters others too. Thus our energy
dissipates, the life force gets depleted and since tension increases uneasiness overwhelms us.
Thus no creative solution appear in our brain with the help of which the boat of life in
danger can be rowed to safe shores. A man in despair who negates the possibility of victory
loses everything even when victory could have entered his grasp. Despair never allows a
fallen person to rise up and disallows him to make endeavors for advancement.
Hence on realizing that despair should never be ignored in every walk of life efforts must
be made to uproot it. In this rests welfare of all. It is only when zest and valor remain alive
and kicking that we can move the cart of schemes of all round progress. Keeping in mind
the possibility of a bright world future wherever there is the shadow of hopelessness no
stone must be left unturned to destroy it from the very roots. And this is possibly only when
foundations are set up that can imagine the hope of a radiant world future materializing in
the future.

To a great extent it is true that based on contemporary times’ trends undesirable elements
get attached to them yet the solution for this is that during times of facing obstacles
powerful thinking must take over and for making intense efforts the thought process of
world human psyche must be awakened. In order that we pay due attention to the
probability of a bright world future ushering in and to render it potent, a mental
background full of zest must be created. Regarding this in order to imbue faith in world
public psyche a potent and widespread effort must be made the world over.

Time and again under similar circumstances very wise visionaries have actually made such
efforts and they have successfully warded off despair looming large in people’s psyche via
efforts akin to blowing the Panchjanya Conch of Mahabharat War fame. It is the prime
task of great thinkers of every era to convert despair into bright hope, indolence into great
effort and via new foundations inciting creative enterprise everywhere.

Many such examples can be found in the annals of world history. Ferocious demons were
spell bound while facing defeat at the hands of bears, monkeys full of faith and zest who
under the guidance of Lord Hanuman first built the Setubandh Bridge and then entered
demon Ravan’s Lanka. It was only after imbuing faith that they could lift the Govardhan
Mountain in the deep recesses of men that the cowherd boy-incarnate Lord Krishna
executed an otherwise impossible feat. Even today we all are inspired by the story wherein
once Krishna lifted this mountain with his little finger his cowherd friends too raised their
sticks to support the mountain in mid air. It is looked upon as a historic trustworthy

A young lady of France called Joan of Arc lit such a brilliant flame torch of freedom in the
entire country that the public enamored by her radiant personality got up in full throttle
and thus the heavy chains of bondage was broken. Lenin in his own way had imbued the
Russian public psyche with Prana full of inspiration which convinced all that they will
succeed in their endeavor. Other revolutions in world history too tasted success on this very

Within Buddha’s Wheel of Religion’s turning contemporary public was taken to be the
lone substratum of a bright future. Those who clearly realized this became
Bhikshus/mendicants in large numbers so as to even give up their lives for this great
mission if the need arose and not only in India/Asia but in the entire world they changed
the prevalent trend for the better so as to taste success. Gandhi’s Satyagraha movement we
can say happened ‘just yesterday’. In those days a definite environment manifested
wherein slogans like ‘Freedom is our birth right and we shall have it’ were shouted aloud.
On the basis of this faith innumerable patriots faced bullets on their powerful chests,
entered jails and gave up their very lives for this stupendous call of freedom.

Arjun whose mind was dripping with a sense of defeat put forth many arguments so as to
avoid fighting the Mahabharat War. After hearing many such lame arguments Lord
Krishna proclaimed: I have already killed the Kauravas and they are as good as dead.
Hence you must just become my medium/instrument and thus taste assured victory. Arjun
harbored full faith in what Krishna said. Thus he shed all complexes from his psyche and
got ready to fight that deadly war.

Founders of various religious sects attained capability of getting extraordinary help from
their followers only after imbuing faith in their psyche regarding the precepts put forth by
them. Visionaries of the path of spirituality via their sacred character and passing the fiery
test of austerities attained such a state wherein followers in large numbers started
harboring deep faith in their hallowed utterances.

Today in order to transform destruction into neo creation, in order that undesirable
elements accept the control of aptness such a world psyche shall have to be generated that
uproots fear, terror, inauspiciousness and destruction from itself and imbue faith that they
have the power to help harbinger positive transformation. Along with this by giving up
doubts of a bright future ushering in this world they must with deep faith imbibe the fact
that unethical thinking/activities shall definitely be defeated by wholesomeness. The basis
of harboring such faith that such an hour has arrived shall be unearthing sound logic,
arguments in favor of it precepts, proof and a plethora of examples. Together if we conjoin
God’s divine wish, Lord Mahakal’s inspiration and high stature beliefs that showcase this
definite possibility, a good omen akin to fragrance added to 24 carat gold shall manifest.

Regarding this if it becomes a definite possibility that the 21st century shall be more radiant
and joyous its result shall be that in the mind of world humans shall manifest a wish to
uproot undesirable elements that are ruling planet earth and reinstate in their place happy
blissful potentials. Its result definitely shall be that people shall give that which is
unwholesome and shall fully accept that imbibing what is apt verily is true wisdom. Thus
while taking up the role of being given due credit for such high stature sacred thinking they
will themselves become role models for other world humans. Thus not only shall they get
glorified but help innumerable others attain true glory too.
                                  CHAPTER 14

There was a time when in every household there were storms of blind faith and belief. In
every home people discussed ghost, evil souls, sorceresses and so on. Someone or the other
would talk of Mantras and black magic being targeted at them. Fear of doubt and
suspicion were the causes of mutual fights and enmity.

Certain vile hypocrites had converted this mockery into a profession. Small illnesses were
believed to the wrongdoing of evil spirits and wrong allegations were made against others
by saying they had done black magic. Innocent people would believe all this and thus a
mountain was made from a mole hill. Almost every day mutual enmity, quarrels and
doubts/suspicions were noted. Thus those who claimed to ‘shoo’ away the evil spirit via
Mantra ‘energized’ brooms made very good business of it. Where people should have lived
peacefully and where no enmity should have been harbored since no cause existed there
even in big villages/towns suspicion, blind faith and enmity prevailed. When fuel enters fire
it blazes ferociously. Curiosity too for entertainment purposes would convert mole hills of
hearsays into mountains and with this as an excuse many were looted.

From where did this distrust crop up and today where has it disappeared is indeed
amazing. It is lack of true understanding that inflates errors. As soon as true
understanding dawns it destroys all nets of delusions in such a way that never did horns
grow on the head of an ass.

Even today man harbors a few illusions about himself. Day in and day out illnesses attack
our body and in order to cure them newer medicines are administered. Despite this there
always exists a dispute as to which medicine and therapy was beneficial and which was
dangerous. One mode of medical cure can prove to be beneficial for ‘A’ but for ‘B’ it could
prove to be deadly. Thus doctors and medicines keep changing on a daily footing. This has
been going on for ages yet we have not drawn a definite conclusion till date.

After so many years one correct conclusion has been elucidated that the mind controls
every part/organ of the human body. Lest the mind is controlled aptly and encouraged to
walk on the path of true greatness all bodily parts start functioning optimally and the very
roots of diseases can be chopped off. Bang opposite to this if our thinking is
wayward/lopsided, bad thoughts take over our psyche then even if no problem is there in
the body many imaginary mismanaged situations manifest in it and only those medicines
function a bit in which we harbor deep faith. From this it appears that the roots/fount of all
diseases and illnesses is the human mind/psyche. In fact the body merely reflects it dimly.
Ere our thinking process is straightforward, serene and full of goodwill to all then since the
root of diseases lies in the mind, the body shall not manifest the disease since the mind is
functioning wholesomely (psycho somatic). If beforehand people had become fully aware of
this fact everyone could cure their own disease by rendering the mind calm and sacred and
would not have to run from one doctor to another with a sense of hopelessness.

The same holds true for anger and irritation. People opine that the cause of worries,
suspicions and various obstacles are agitating situations but they forget that in those very
situations, using those very means many other people live happily and a contented life. In
fact when we experience obstructions the activities of our psyche plays a major role. In
order to change external situations the mind’s waywardness is reformed instead of running
about here and there, none will find it difficult to render situations conducive. When we fail
to do this we superimpose our mistakes on others. Lest bad habits were absent then while
living a life of straightforwardness and gentlemanliness each person could have reformed
situations faced by them. When we rectify our error all those obstacles that loom large
around us, henceforth disappear in a jiffy.

Misuse of the 5 sense organs becomes the cause of hardships faced by us all. Ere people had
imbibed this gross fact one would not have had to madly run after fulfilling various desires
and in fact via self control majority of problems faced in life could have been solved. Ere
the taste buds were controlled optimally we would not desire to eat unwholesome food and
thus with the stomach functioning healthily no digestive illnesses would have to be faced.
Sexual lust and lewdness is a mental disease. People look upon this as a bodily demand or
requirement which in fact is not true. Ere this gross principle was deeply understood all
unethical activities based on sexual lewdness would come to a grinding halt. Men and
women united would execute those important tasks wherein no dearth of joyous comforts
would be witnessed and those undesirable situations that have to be faced virtually daily
within them none would henceforth harass each other. Before using the 5 sense organs (ear,
nose, taste buds, skin and speech) we differentiate between how aptly or erroneously they
could be used, what needs to be imbibed and what needs to be overlooked, we would not
err by taking wrong directions from the brain that would pose dire for our lives. Thus by
abstaining from such errors people can live lives of blissful peace and well being.

The first sign of man’s high intellect is to use aptly all materials available. Ere the mind
conjoined to our daily living had been accepted as the best means had we kept in mind its
wholesome and unwholesome usage then each one of us would have had the opportunity of
leading happy lives while making others happy too. Thus those obstacles and strife that we
face day in and day out would no longer harass us. In this world there does not exist even
one hardship which cannot be solved using a wise intellect. This world is Almighty God’s
beautiful garden. In it in every direction lie all sorts of facilities and comforts. Wherever
one sees obstacles there it must be understood that somewhere down the line our thinking
is distorted. If only this error is unveiled that cause can easily be understood which renders
a previously happy life full of thorns at present. In future mankind is about to positively
rectify its thinking and along with this it is getting ready to shrug off all those problems
which have resulted in today’s havoc like chaotic world environment.

Akin to other great philosophers Lord Atreya too in Charak Samihita’s ‘Janpado
dhwansaniya viman’ titled chapter has given the root cause of present day
atrocities/worries and ‘royal diseases’ like famine, floods, wars, earthquakes, volcanoes,
explosions and epidemics. He writes that there are 4 main causes of all these viz. air, water,
type of area and type of those times. When these 4 get tainted gigantic upheavals are noted.
Why do these get tainted? While giving an answer to this question Lord Atreya tells his
disciple Agnivesh:

O Agnivesh! The root cause of taints entering wind etc is unrighteousness and the cause of
carrying out unrighteousness is our past misdeeds. The cause of both these is a tainted
intellect and brain. The gist of this is that due to tainted learning when our intellect turns
vile man executes unrighteous acts and this in turn leads to calamities etc. Its special
description is that the lay public imitates actions behavior of leading personalities of
society. Hence those people who are leaders in their country, city, villages etc on
overthrowing righteousness induces the lay public to behave and act in an unrighteous
manner, not only small time workers but all urban, rural, professionals etc take up
unethical living in a big way. At such times unrighteous behavior shoots up so dramatically
that it subdues righteousness totally. When righteousness is rendered void demigods give
up associating with unrighteous people. In this manner where righteousness is as good as
dead, where unrighteousness predominates and when demigods no longer help wicked
people, seasons get tarnished. The result of this is that it does not rain on time winds do not
move about properly, water dries up and medicines on giving up their healing qualities
become distorted. Thus when people associate with each other the entire region due to
taints in food and water become fallen. Not only this but that the reason why countries are
uprooted via weapons (wars, world wars etc) is unrighteous prevailing in society. When
wrath, deluded attachment and arrogance augments in people they by insulting weak
powerless people use weapons to kill just about anyone and everyone after attacking them
viciously. Such innocents are destroyed via demonic type of people. Thus it can doubtlessly
be said that ‘Pragapi chadharmattate nashubhatpattirbhuta’ which means even in ancient
times without unrighteousness prevailing unwholesomeness never appeared.

After this the revered Maharshi gave reasons why the intellect becomes tainted. He gave
various solutions via which bad situations can be reformed because himself being a doctor
it was required that he elucidates a therapy for every kind of disease. It was Maharshi
Charak who gave us methods via which the nation can be gloriously uplifted.
Satyam bhutedaya dana balayo devatarchanam.

Sadvrittarayanuvruttishcha prashamo guptiratmanaha.

Hitam janapadanancha shivanamupasevanam.

Sevanam brahmacharyasya tathaiva brahmacharinam.

Sankatha dharmashastranam maharshinam jitasmanam.

Dharmikaiha sattvikairnityam sahasya vriddhasammataiha.

Ityetad bhashajam proktamayushaha paripalanam.

Yeshamaniyate mritustasmin kale sudarune.

MEANING: Under dire circumstances the following protects our life-

   1) Truth

   2) Compassion towards all beings

   3) Philanthropy

   4) Worshiping demigods and offering gifts to them

   5) Attitude of selfless sacred service to all

   6) Peace

   7) Protecting oneself

   8) Goodwill towards all countrymen

   9) One’s behavior and thinking must be piously great and using only those materials
      attained ethically/legally

   10) Undergoing Brahmacharya and associating with Self Realized Gurus and Saints

   11) Reading legends and religious texts of Maharshis that aid mastering of our psyche

   12) Always continuously associating with pious senior citizens and honorable sacred
       hearted righteous people

If in contemporary times if the above mentioned sacred great thinking becomes a part and
parcel of world human life then most definitely it will be possible to ward off and overcome
all dire world situations faced by mankind today.
                END OF E-BOOK

               AND THUS CREATE


Description: There was a tradition existing in ancient times that when someone was hanged on the guillotine or given other forms of punishment the lay public were invited in big crowds via sounding drums and conches to witness this ghastly terrorizing scene. Efforts and arrangements were made so that people would gather in large mobs for seeing all this. Discussions used to spread like wild fire and laymen would realize how terrible repercussions have to be undergone of unethical criminal acts are carried out by them. In the constitution of human beings such an open exhibition is going on yet nature’s management is continuing as usual. Widespread scenes of destruction forces mankind to experience heartbreaking burns and they realize that there is no place for their whims and fancies. There definitely exists rule of an invisible power/authority and that it not only gives boons but has made necessary arrangements for meting out punishment too. Behind natural calamities and fearful situations cropping up due to human in fighting a big cause is that the world public becomes aware ceaselessly of the wrath of Almighty God. In the 20 years of Yuga Sandhi or Era Junction (1980 AD to 2000 AD) great transformations shall ensue but majority of them shall remain invisible. This is because transformation shall roll in not in materials but in human faith/aspiration. Aspirations are subtle and not visible to the gross eye hence upheavals in this arena is impossible to understand and written about by anyone. Discussions shall always take place regarding visible situations etc. One set of incidences of that which is visible shall be uprooting of vileness. The second shall be augmenting and reinstating of that which is great and wholesome. In the first case destructive acts shall get executed to remove the undesirable and useless and in the second case a strong foundation shall be laid down for neo creation of sacred sentiments. AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri