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					                                          UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                L E A S I N G   A   H O M E

                               Information, Advise and
                              Preparations to Guide You
                           Through Your Real Estate Journey

                                    Joa Realty
                                    Email: Susie@JoaRealty.com
                                    Office: 512.480.8384
                                    Cell: 512.695.1481
                                    707 West Ave. Ste. 206
                                    Austin, TX 78701
                                                                                     UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                  JOA REALTY
                                  G E T T I N G                         S TA R T E D
                                                                                                 INSIDE THE GUIDE

                               BEGINNING THE JOURNEY

HOME LEASING           2
                                Whether you are a first time renter or an experi-      search. You can find this information by going
BASICS                          enced tenant, finding the right place takes effort     to the city’s website.
WHY USE A REAL-        4        and time. Joa Realty is here to help.
TOR                                                                                    Have your new landlord go over the lease agree-
                                First, you must identify your needs. Provide your      ment with you in depth, so there are no ques-
LEASING PROC-          8
ESS                             Realtor with some basic information that you’ll        tions later during your tenancy. Find out what to
                                need in order to conduct an effective rental           do when an issue occurs such as a mainte-
TIPS FOR RENT-         11
ERS                             search such as rent amount, location, types of         nance request. Rental agreements are gov-
                                properties (duplex, single family homes, condo-        erned by landlord and tenant law in compliance
VICES                           miniums, or apartments), and lease terms. Find         with the State of Texas. The rental conditions
PROPERTY MANA-         15       out what utilities may be included in the rent, if     that tend to change based on policies are col-
AGEMENT                         pets are allowed, and if the property is afford-       lecting and returning deposits, changing locks,
SCHOOL RATINGS         18       able for your lifestyle. Make sure you have suffi-     permitting landlord entry, renewing and termi-
                                cient rental history and have no surprises on          nating leases, rent increases, withholding rent
RENTERS INSUR-         23       your credit, as both will be verified during the       for repairs, giving notice, handling disputes,
                                application process.                                   such as late rent payments and eviction, and
CLEANING PRO-          24                                                              allowing pets.
CEDURES                         You must evaluate your options and make sure
HELPFUL RE-            25       your rental property will accommodate your              Joa Realty is here to ensure our client’s protec-
SOURCES                         needs! Remember to check the crime rate in             tion, and to make the process as hassle free as
                                the area if safety is a highlight in your rental       possible!

                                    WELCOME TO THE MARKET

                                       Congratulations on begin-        and our ear for any ques-          journey. Joa Realty intends
                                       ning your real estate journey.   tions or issues you might          to have well informed clients
                                       Leasing a home is a big step     have.                              who are comfortable with
 Joa Realty                            that has a large impact on                                          and understand what is go-
                                                                        It is our goal to make sure
 JoaRealty.com                         your future financial and                                           ing on during the leasing
                                                                        that you are able to locate
 Email: Susie@JoaRealty.com            family life.                                                        process.
                                                                        and lease the property that
 Office: 512.480.8384                  Joa Realty is happy to be        best suits you.                    We hope that this will be a
 Cell: 512.480.8384                    able to aid and guide you                                           memorable and exciting
                                                                        We apply our training and
 707 West Ave. Ste. 206                throughout this process. We                                         experience from beginning to
                                                                        past experience to help
                                       are here to lend our advise                                         end.
                                                                        guide renters through the

                                                                           UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                    JOA REALTY
                                    S T EP               BY            S TE P      C HEC K
                                                                                         WHAT TO EXPECT


 1.   Hire a real estate agent to assist you in the leasing process.
      They have access to thousands of homes, and will walk you
      through the application process all the way to the day of
      signing the lease.

 2.   Make sure you qualify to lease a home. Please see New
      Tenant Qualifying Criteria.

 3.   Chose the property that is right for your needs.

 4.   Complete the Texas Association of Realtors 3 page lease
      application. Make sure there are no blanks to ensure a
      speedy application process.

 5.   Provide proper ID when submitting your application.

 6.   Do a thorough inspection with your real estate agent before
      sighing the final lease.

 7.   Complete the Move– In Inventory Form before you begin to
      move your items into the unit. Remember, this is not a re-
      pair request form. This is an inventory of the property.

 8.   Request a copy of the lease agreement along with a receipt
                                                                            Following the path to your new home.
      of your security deposit for your records.

 9.   Contact all of the utility companies to have your utilities
      turned on the day of move in. Please see “Leasing Helpful
      Numbers” in this guide.

 10. Have the moving company/ trucks scheduled for service on                   Joa Realty
     the day of move in.                                                        JoaRealty.com
 11. Last but not least, move in and begin getting settled in your              Email: Susie@JoaRealty.com
     new home!                                                                  Office: 512.480.8384
                                                                                Cell: 512.695.1481
                                                                                707 West Ave. Ste. 206
                                                                                Austin, TX 78701

                                                                                             UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                         JOA REALTY
                                         W H Y             U S E                A       R E A LT O R
                                                                                  PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT


     A realtor is not just a person       and commit to practicing un-          else’s, to protect their clients
     with a real estate license. A        der their strict code of ethics       confidentiality including nego-
     Realtor sets themselves apart        and guidelines.                       tiation and contract informa-
     from licensed agents by com-                                               tion, obey the clients lawful
                                          What this means for you the
     pleting necessary education                                                instructions, convey any infor-           “NAR’s code of
                                          buyer is that will be repre-
     and requirements to be ac-                                                 mation that would be useful to            ethics requires
                                          sented by a thoroughly edu-
     cepted into the National Asso-                                             the client, and account any
                                          cated and ethical individual                                                    agents to put
     ciation of Realtors.                                                       money involved to the client.
                                          in their field. It also means
                                                                                                                          their clients
     This process begins with edu-        that your rights and interests        This kind of professional com-
     cation, examinations, and            will be understood, protected         mitment is very important                 interests before
     experience as required by            and upheld.                           when making a large financial
                                                                                                                          anyone else’s.”
     their state to receive their real                                          purchase such as a home.
                                          NAR’s code of ethics requires
     estate license. They then                                                  You need a person who is on
                                          agents to put the interests of
     apply to join the National As-                                             your side and committed to
                                          their clients before anyone
     sociation of Realtors (NAR)                                                meeting your goals.

                                      MAKING THE BEST CHOICE
                                         When choosing a Realtor, it is         standable manor. Your agent
                                         important to ensure that they          will then be able to keep these
                                         will be focused on your goals          things in mind throughout the
 •   Are you currently li-               not theirs. Treat each presen-         home buying process.
     censed in your state,
                                         tation from agents as an inter-
     and is your NAR mem-                                                       It is also a good idea to tell
     bership current and in                                                     them what you expect of your
     good standing?                      Compile a list of questions and        agent throughout the process.
 •   Do you use the MLS                  concerns you have relating to          Would you like a call every time
     database for your home              your home purchase ahead of            a suitable property comes on
     searches?                           time. If they have not been            the market, are there any time
                                         addressed at the end of their          constraints for you, etc.
 •   Is Realty your full time                                                                                      Find your dream home and take it
                                         presentation, ask for more in-
     career?                                                                    Making sure you and your real-                  with you.
 •   What services will you                                                     tor are on the same page from
     provide to help me with             Your Realtor or agent should be        the beginning is key to a good
     my home purchase?                   able to answer those questions         relationship and a smooth
                                         in a knowledgeable and under-          home purchase.

                                                                                          UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                    JOA REALTY
                                         W H Y              U S E           JOA                R E A LT Y
                                                                               A WINNING TEAM ON YOUR SIDE

                                                                                                      UNIQUE SERVICES JOA
                                                                                                      REALTY PROVIDES:
 Joa Realty provides complete and comprehensive representation to our clients. We do this
 by focusing on each client’s individual needs and goals with the sale of their home. Our             • Buyer meeting to assess your
 team works to ensure that each sale is as fast and stress free as possible.                            goals, financing, and search crite-
 In order to ensure a speedy and hassle free sale, we initiate a unique marketing plan for
 each property to ensure maximum exposure to prospective buyers. We work with buyers                  • CMA for your search area to assess
 agents and individual buyers to negotiate favorable and profitable terms of sale.                      market condition.

 In order to provide the most comprehensive service, Joa Realty serves as a one stop re-              • Searching the MLS database based
 source for all of our client’s real estate needs. We are here to support to our clients with           on your unique needs and prefer-
 information and to assist them with any questions or concerns they have.                               ences.

 Joa Realty also considers client contact to be our number one priority and maintains open            • Compiling suitable properties, and
 and accountable communication as well as convenient appoints scheduled around our                      discussing viable options.
 clients busy schedules.
                                                                                                      • Setting up visits to possible homes
                                                                                                        and guiding clients through their
SUSIE KANG, BROKER, CCIM, CIPS, CRS                                                                     evaluation of the property.

                                                                                                      • Feng Shui consultation to establish
                                 Susie Kang has ten years ex-      ing from the University of Illi-
                                                                                                        balance with your new home.
                                 perience managing properties      nois and a Bachelor of Educa-
                                 in the Austin and Round Rock      tion from Incheon Teachers         • Delivering all offers and counter
                                 area and specializes in income    College in South Korea.              offers to the sellers agent.
                                 producing properties including
                                                                   Susie is a licenses real estate    • Open and accountable communica-
                                 office buildings, retail shop-
                                                                   broker in the State of Texas         tion with clients at all times in all
                                 ping centers, and multi family
                                                                   and holds the designation of         stages of their home’s sale.
                                 and residential properties.
                                                                   CCIM (Certified Commercial
                                                                                                      • Appointments scheduled consider-
                                 Prior to her career in real es-   Investment Member). She
                                                                                                        ately for our clients busy schedule.
                                 tate commercial investment,       also holds the designations of
                                 she has worked for major tech-    CIPS (Certified International      • Preparing client for closing proce-
 Susie Kang, Broker,
  CCIM, CIPS, CRS                nology companies as a design      Property Specialist), and CRS        dure, including costs and docu-
   512.695.1481                  engineer and a product sup-       (Certified Residential Special-      ments required.
Susie@JoaRealty.com              port engineer in Austin and as    ist).
                                                                                                      • Creating custom relocation pack-
                                 an elementary school teacher
                                                                   She spends her spare time as         age for client’s new neighborhood
                                 in South Korea.                                                        and community.
                                                                   a ball room dancer and golfer.
                                 Susie Received a Bachelor of
                                 Science in Electrical Engineer-

                                                                                      UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                     JOA REALTY
                                    M O T I VAT I O N
                                                                                          CHOOSING YOUR PATH

   Goals are one of the most important        Once you know what you are looking
   aspect of purchasing a home. Before        for, and what you need, make sure that
   you get started, sit down and try to       you inform your agent. Your agent will
                                                                                                      Guarding your goals.
   identify what is important to you with     be able to take these needs and goals
   this purchase.                             into consideration when they are com-         JOA REALTY
                                              piling possible properties. This will         COMMON REASONS
   When you are viewing homes, it is
                                              help save time and wasted trips to            PEOPLE BUY A HOME
   much easier to have certain goals in
                                              properties that do not meet your needs
   mind than to just be “looking around.”                                                   •   To stop renting and to gain tax
                                              and goals.
   When you “look around” you run the
   risk of making an impulse buy, and a       Also, if your agent is familiar with your
   very expensive one at that.                goals, they will be able to help keep         •   To expand their home’s size, liv-
                                              you on track. Viewing properties can              ing area and comfort.
   Weather you are looking for your very
                                              be very strenuous, and it is easy to
   first home, or trying to find an invest-                                                 •   Additional Members of the family
                                              stray from your original path.
   ment property, you must identify your                                                        i.e. children.
   motivations for purchasing a home.         Remember that this is an investment
   We have included a questionnaire on        in your future and you are working to         •   To change neighborhoods or
   the following page that can help you       achieve your goals. Choosing a home               move closer to school or work.
   identify your goals.                       that is inline with your goals will make      •   To reduce the home size and
                                              it a much more satisfying place to live.
                                                                                                maintenance often after children
                                                                                                move out.

                                                                                   UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                    JOA REALTY
                                  S H A R E                  YO U R                  T H O U G H T S
                                                            WE ARE HERE TO SERVICE YOUR NEEDS

                                 TELL US YOUR REASONS, MOTIVATIONS, AND CONCERNS

                                   Your needs are Joa Realty’s number one concern. We will keep these in mind throughout the buying
                                   process to ensure that these goals have been achieved. Please share with us any thoughts or concerns
                                   you have with the lease of your home so that we are able to provide you the best service possible.

                                   WHAT ARE YOUR REASONS FOR MOVING AT THIS TIME?

                                   WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR THIS MOVE?

                                   WHO WILL BE LIVING IN AND/OR VISITNG THE HOME?

  Organizing your thoughts
     feelings and ideas.

                                   WHAT EXPECTATIONS DO YOU HAVE OF YOUR REALTOR?

 Joa Realty
 Email: Susie@JoaRealty.com        ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:
 Office: 512.480.8384
 Cell: 512.695.1481
 707 West Ave. Ste. 206
 Austin, TX 78701

                                                                                                UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                     JOA REALTY
                                          L E A S I N G                          P RO C E S S
                                                                                             UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS


                                  Remember, before you begin to look for        Upon this first meeting, the client fills out a 3 page lease applica-
                                  the perfect property. There are a few         tion and the Tenant/Buyer Representation Agreement, both of
                                  steps that a tenant must take:                which are Texas Promulgated forms. Client will also submit copies
                                                                                of driver’s license, social security cards, and pay check stubs, as
                                  1) Give your current landlord a 30 day        these are all necessary when submitting your application for any
                                  move out notice (or what is required by       property.
                                  tenant in current lease agreement).
                                                                                While the client is filling out the necessary forms, a member of the
                         2) Have any possible application fees                  Joa Realty team will search in our database for properties that
                         and deposits ready before looking at any               meet your criteria based on the following:
                         properties. This is to ensure a speedy
application process & acceptance when submitting your applica-                  1.   Price Range
tion. Make sure you have no late charges, unpaid rent, or out-
standing balances with your current landlord.                                   2.   Location/Area

When the necessary steps are complete, the leasing process is                   3.   Availability Date
ready to begin!                                                                 4.   Bed/Bath/SF
After speaking on the phone with clients, we meet in person at the              5.   Special Requirements
office. Here, we will discuss you’re looking for, move- in date, rent
range, and any other special requirements needed.


  After this, a list of properties will be given to the client to drive by. Narrow the list to 2 properties
  and we will view the inside to make the final decision.
  If the property of choice is still available, you will bring the security deposit and application fee,
  both which vary with property, in the form of a money order or cashier’s check to the office. Joa
  Realty will submit and drop off all the paperwork: Application, Information About Brokerage Ser-
  vices, Tenant/Buyer Representation Agreement, Copies of ID, Social Security Cards, Pay Check
  Stubs, Security Deposit, and Application Fee to the listing agent’s office.
  Within a few days, the leasing broker will inform Joa Realty about the acceptance of the applica-
  tion. When accepted, a 14 page lease agreement will be drawn by either Joa Realty or by Prop-
  erty Management. One of the team members of Joa Realty will go over in detail the lease agree-
  ment. At this time, we will submit the signed lease agreement with the first month’s rent with an
  exchange of the keys and necessary documents, if any.
  The client will turn on all utilities needed in the property such as electricity, gas, water, cable (TV
  & internet), and wastewater.

                                                                                        UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                      JOA REALTY
                                     L E A S I N G                       P RO C E S S
                                                                                     UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS


Although the process is very similar to       in mind “time is of the essence”.                             of the application. When
the normal leasing process, there are a       The sooner the tenant chooses                                 accepted, a 14 page lease
                                              a property, the sooner we can                                 agreement will be drawn by
few extra steps in completing a lease for     submit the application & de-                                  either Joa Realty or by
a section 8 client. Refer back to the leas-   posit, and the sooner the in-                                 Property Management.
ing process for preparing to search for a     spection can take place for a                                 One of the team members
                                              quicker move in!                                              of Joa Realty will go over in
new place. Once you have given notice,
                                                                                                            detail the lease agreement.
the search begins!                            If the property of choice is still available,   The Section 8 documents will then be
                                              you will bring the security deposit and         given to the owner to fill out and have an
Client will bring all forms of ID and all     application fee, both which vary with           inspection scheduled.
required Section 8 documents (W-9 form,       property, in the form of a money order or
Section 8 Voucher, Section 8 Estimate         cashier’s check to the office. Joa Realty       The client will turn on all utilities needed
sheet, and Owner Tax ID form as these         will submit and drop off all the paper-         in the property such as electricity, gas,
are all necessary when submitting your        work: Application, Information About            water, cable (TV & internet), and waste-
application for any property. It is very      Brokerage Services, Tenant/Buyer Repre-         water in THEIR name before the inspec-
important that the tenant brings the          sentation Agreement, Copies of ID, Social       tion, which is required by Section 8.
voucher with them at the time of the first    Security Cards, Pay Check Stubs, all Sec-
                                              tion 8 documents, Security Deposit, and         As soon as the inspection has passed,
meeting. This is to ensure qualification
                                              Application Fee to the listing agent’s          the property manager will grant the keys,
of certain properties.
                                              office.                                         and the tenant may move in at this time
The same process will be used in finding
the perfect property for a section 8 client   Within a few days, the leasing broker will
as in the normal leasing process. Keep        inform Joa Realty about the acceptance

                                   HELPFUL MOVING NUMBERS
            Austin                                                                                              Round Rock
Water: City of Austin, 512-494-9400; www.ci.austin.tx.us/water          Water: City of Round Rock, 512-218-5460; www.roundrocktexas.gov
Electricity: Pedernales Electric; 512-331-8888; www.pec.coop            Electricity: TXU Energy, 800-242-9113; www.TXU.com
City of Austin, 512-494-9400; http://www.austinenergy.com               Water/Wastewater: Eco-Recourses, 512-335-7580;
Gas: Texas Gas Service, 800-700-2443; www.oneok.com
                                                                        Gas: Atmos Energy: 800-460-3030; www.atmosenergy.com
Capital Area Energy; 512- 266-4710; capitolareaenergy.com
                                                                        Telephone: AT&T, 800-464-7928; www.ATT-Signup.com
Telephone: AT&T, 800-464-7928; www.ATT-Signup.com
                                                                        Cable/Internet: Time Warner Cable, 512-485-5555;
Cable/Internet: Time Warner Cable, 512-485-5555;                        www.timewarnercable.com

                                                                UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                           JOA REALTY
                                               W H AT   CAN   YO U    A F F O R D ?
                                                                  FINANCIAL WORKSHEET



Type                                        Amount

Savings                                 $

Investment (Stock, etc.)                $

Insurance (cash value)                  $

Gifts                                   $

Other                                   $

Salary                                  $

TOTAL                                   $


Type                                        Amount

Total Mortgage Pay-               $

Auto Payments                     $

Credit Card Payments              $

Loans lasting longer              $
than 6 months
Child Support                     $

Other Monthly Expenses $

TOTAL                             $

                                                                        UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                   JOA REALTY   T I P S    F O R            R E N T E R S
                                                             FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

                                      LOOK OUT!!!

                                          Q: What are the advantages of a written lease?
                                          A: To make sure rent is collected in a specified time, and terms can not be
                                             changed either by landlord or tenant without written consent from both

                                          Q: Does the law regulate the provisions in a lease?
                                          A: Yes, both courts and legislative bodies have restricted provisions in a
                                             lease. However, these laws vary by state and locally.

                                          Q: Do all tenants have the same kind of lease?
                                          A: No, tenants fall into different categories. Whether it be the terms or condi-
                                             tions on a lease, they all vary depending on the situation.

                                          Q: Under what conditions does the landlord owe a refund of the security de-
                                          A: The landlord will owe the tenant a full refund if all rents were paid in full,
                                             no deductions were made from repairs on the property either during or
                                             upon move out, and the property is left in clean and rentable condition.

                                          Q: How long will it take to get my security deposit back?
                                          A: Per your lease agreement, the landlord has 30 days to refund the deposit.

                                          Q: What are the legal grounds for eviction in most cases?
                                          A: Non payment of rent, other tenant violations, and tenants staying past their
                                             lease expiration.

                                          Q: Does the tenant owe the landlord a late fee if rent is not paid on time?
                                          A: Most lease agreements have late penalties for rent that is paid late. If the
                                             late fees are not paid upon move out, that amount can be deducted from
                                             your security deposit.
Joa Realty
Email: Susie@JoaRealty.com
Office: 512.480.8384
Cell: 512.480.8384
707 West Ave. Ste. 206
Austin, TX 78701

                                                                                        UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                       JOA REALTY
                                     F I N D I N G                         T H E          P E R F EC T
                                                                                                  ASK YOUR REALTOR

 When you first begin to look for     home or with this home?
 your new home it can get a little
                                      All of these things will come into
 overwhelming. We have included
                                      play once you begin visiting
 some checklists and tips to make
                                      homes. Refer back to your moti-
 the search much more enjoyable
                                      vation questionnaire so you are
 and productive.
                                      sure to remember all of your
 The main thing to keep in the        goals and needs.
 forefront of your mind is your
                                      Keeping these things in mind will
 goals. What kind of home are
                                      help to increase your satisfaction
 you looking for? What are your
                                      with the home now and in the
 plans for this home? What would
 you like to be able to do in this


 •    Is the home appealing to you as you drive up?

 •    Does the home have your desired garage arrangements?

 •    Does the home have your desired number of bed and

 •    Do all of the doors open and close easily?                      MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE
 •    Is the kitchen usable and satisfactory?                          The MLS database is one of the most useful tools available to locate
                                                                       possible homes. It is essentially a large database that houses almost
 •    Are the bedrooms your desired size?
                                                                       all homes available on the housing market.
 •    Do the bathrooms have any visible leaks or water dam-
                                                                       This database is a tool used by realtors to list and find properties of
      age?                                                             all types. Commercial, residential, and multi-family properties are all
 •    Is there adequate storage? Closets, attic, etc.                  available on the database.

 •    Is the yard adequate size?                                       Your realtor will have experience searching the database, and will be
                                                                       able to compile the most suitable properties on the market. MLS will
 •    Does the landscape fit your desired amount of mainte-
                                                                       also provide the most complete and accurate information regarding a
      nance?                                                           property and will help you avoid wasted trips to “great view, minor
                                                                       repair” properties.

                                                               UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                         JOA REALTY
                                      H O M E       E VA LUAT I O N
                                                                      ON A SCALE OF 1-10

                                                  HOME EVALUATIONS
Use a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest.
Area                                     Home 1     Home 2   Home 3        Home 4       Home 5
First Impression
Garage Size and Condition
Exterior Paint/Masonry
Kitchen Size and Layout
Sink and Countertop Condition
Living Room Size
Master Bedroom
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 4
Master Bathroom
Bathroom 2
Bathroom 3
Home Office/Extra Room
Patio or Deck
Heating and Cooling

                                                                                          UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                      JOA REALTY
                                     L EA SIN G                            SERV ICE S
                                                                                    JOA REALTY WORKS FOR YOU

 Service to prospective tenants:                      Service to owners:

 •    Complimentary leasing services                  •   Marketing and advertising of all of your
 •    Property showings 7 days a week
                                                      •   Licensed agents available to show your
 •    Access to the largest selection of proper-       properties 7 days a week
  ties in Austin and surrounding areas via com-
  puter database, MLS, brokerage networking,          •    Extensive cooperative broker networking
  and general knowledge of the market
                                                      •    Professional, full-time in office staff
 •    Professional leasing agents who listen and
  respond to the tenant’s preferences                 •    Nationwide employment, background, and
                                                       rental history verification of tenants
 •    Market analysis to help determine the
  value of the potential rental property              •   Nationwide relocation network to locate
                                                       qualified tenants
 •   Available 24/7 with any issues such as
  maintenance requests or emergencies.                •    Exceptional maintenance service

                                                      •  Comprehensive monthly accounting state-

Joa Realty’s ultimate goal is to generate the   we manage, we can help you benefit from       and communicate that information to you so
maximum profit potential of your investment     the excellent reputation that Joa Realty has  we can work together in the current market
by utilizing our proven strategies for the      built by assisting other property owners.
marketing of properties. When you commit                                                      to maximize rents and keep vacancy loss to
to putting the resources of Joa Realty to       Our marketing efforts help owners make the a minimum. In addition, we combine our
work for you, you receive our commitment to     most of their properties. We work to estab- efforts with a co-brokering network to give
provide a level of service unsurpassed in the   lish the highest rental rates that the market your property maximum exposure to pro-
Austin area.
                                                will allow. We are very aware of the factors spective tenants citywide.
Because we are selective in the properties      that affect the marketing of your property,

                                                                                              UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                        JOA REALTY
                                         P R O P E R T Y                               M A N AG E M EN T
                                                                                             SERVICE ABOVE THE REST

                                                                               JOA REALTY

                                                                               SERVICES FOR OUR PROPERTY

WHY CUSTOMERS CHOSE JOA REALTY                                                 The Joa Realty team has worked hard to establish a reputa-
                                                                               tion for serving our client’s real estate needs. It is very impor-
Joa Realty offers an excellent       Joa Realty is recognized as an            tant for us to meet and exceed all our clients and tenants
selection of quality rental prop-    industry leader in the markets it         desires. This is why we maintain high occupancy and reten-
                                                                               tion with each and every property.
erties (conventional and afford-     serves. The Joa Realty name is
able) that meet every pricing        associated with a high standard of        As a Joa Realty client, you will appreciate a high standard of
                                                                               professional property management along with the following
need. Ranging from single fam-       excellence that offers:
                                                                               quality services:
ily homes, duplexes, apart-
                                     •   Goal-oriented team members
                                                                               •    12 years of experience in both multi-family and single
ments, and townhomes, Joa
Realty properties are found in       •   Outstanding service                   family homes
prime city locations throughout
                                     •  Long-term assets enhance-              •       Proactive work manner
Austin and the surrounding
area. Each community is ideally                                                •       Detailed monthly accounting statements provided
situated in neighborhoods offer-     •   Development of mutually
                                     beneficial relationships and growth
                                                                               •       Professional contractors ensure all maintenance issues
ing employment, education,
healthcare, shopping, dining         opportunities                             •    Effective communication options to owners and tenants
and entertainment, along with                                                  through our newsletters, e-mails, voicemail, phone calls, and
                                                                               weekly drive-by inspections
easy access to major transpor-
tation routes and public trans-                                                •   Strong advertising and marketing to make our properties
portation.                                                                     stand out from the rest

                                                                               •   Professional staff including our property management
                                                                               team, full time in-office support staff, and licensed Realtors

                                                                               •    Large referral business in national relocation associa-
                                                                               tions, company networking, and other Realtors

                                                                               •    Multiple Listing Service access to all available properties
                                                                               in the Greater Austin Area for an up-to-date market analysis

                                                                               •    Supra keysafe system utilization for accessing your prop-
                                                                               erty safely and easily (also informs us on who’s going in and
                                                                               out of your property daily)

                                                                               •   Professional tenant screening services that provide unbi-
                                                                               ased, comprehensive, and accurate background information,
                                                                               along with an extensive application process on all prospective

                                                                               •    Texas Association of Realtors promulgated forms that
                                                                               are updated regularly with Texas Real Estate Commission

                                                                                        UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                            JOA REALTY
                                         B U Y E R T I P S
                                         SAF E T Y I N YO UR                                             H O M E
           J O A RE AL TY

                                                                                         TIPS FOR A SAFER HOME


Did you know that accidents and trauma are        4. Hire a professional to do jobs you are      any sort of skill, as they all lower your ability
the leading cause of death among children         not capable of doing, especially electrical    to make decisions and react timely. A very
and young adults? For people between the          jobs.                                          high percentage of accidents are a result of
ages of one and thirty-four, it kills more peo-                                                  decreased competence due to drug and
ple than all other causes combined. Most          5. Use the proper tools to do a job. Using     alcohol ingestion.
accidents are the result of either an unsafe      a chair for a stepladder or a knife for a
act or condition that is not corrected. Some      screwdriver may result in an injury.           10. Childproof your home if you have chil-
people go their entire lives without having a                                                    dren, or if children often visit your home.
                                                  6. Keep appliances and electrical items in
serious accident, while others have acci-         good repair. Frayed cords, warn switches,      11. Take steps to reduce the possibility of a
dents frequently. The difference between          and bad connections can increase the           fire in your house. Develop a home escape
the two is how they behave before an acci-        chances of fire and possible electrocution.    plan, and test your smoke detectors fre-
dent occurs.                                                                                     quently.
                                                  7. If you keep firearms in your home, se-
Safety Tips                                       cure them so children cannot get to them.      12. Prepare for accidents. Keep a first aid
1. Practice good housekeeping, and re-            Unload them while you’re at home, and          kit stocked with band-aids, disinfectants,
move or secure items likely to cause a fall.      keep the ammunition in a separate room.        tweezers, and other necessary supplies for
Approximately 10,000 people a year die            Treat every gun as if it is loaded. Take a gun minor injuries.
from falls. The less there is to trip over, the   safety course if you are unsure of safe han-
fewer falls. Bathroom tubs should have a          dling procedures.
nonskid bottom, and a rug should cover the        8.     Have your vision and hearing checked
majority of the floor.                            if you suspect something is wrong. Get a
2. Keep harmful products in original con-         hearing aid or glasses if your doctor recom-
tainers. This includes poisons, insecticides,     mends them. It’s much more difficult to
fertilizers, cleaners, medicines, fuels and       react to a dangerous situation if you don’t
oils, and hygiene products such as after          identify it appropriately.
shave, colognes, and makeup.                      9. If you have been consuming alcohol,
3. Keep hazardous or poisonous items              taking prescription or over the counter
stored separately from foods.                     drugs, you should not do anything requiring

   Joa Realty
   Email: Susie@JoaRealty.com
   Office: 512.480.8384
   Cell: 512.480.8384
   707 West Ave. Ste. 206
   Austin, TX 78701

                                                                      UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

          JOA REALTY
                             J OA          R E A LT Y             T EN A N T S
                                                                          BASICS FOR TENANTS





                            Phone Number                               E-Mail Address


                                               Property Address



                       •     Problem/Issue: _______________________________________




                       •     Details:______________________________________________



                            Please fill out and fax back to us at 512-480-8384.

                                                                         UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                 JOA REALTY   S C H O O L               R AT I N G S
                                                                           EDUCATION EVALUATION

AUSTIN ISD                                              BASTROP ISD
  Website                     www.austinisd.org           Website                 www.bastrop.isd.tenet.edu

  Phone Number                512-414-1700                Phone Number            512-325-2292

  Enrollment                  81,003                      Enrollment              7,960

  Student/Teacher Ratio       14.4: 1                     Student/Teacher Ratio   15.4: 1

  Expenditure/Student         $6,654                      Expenditure/Student     $5,871

  Attendance                  94.3%                       Attendances             94.8%

  Dropout Rate                1.1%                        Dropout Rate            1.3%

  Average SAT Score           1036                        Average SAT Score       979

  % Took SAT                  75.9%                       % Took SAT              56.5%

  % TAAS Mastery              62%                         % TAAS Mastery          65%

DEL VALLE ISD                                           DRIPPING SPRINGS ISD
  Website                     www.del-valle.k12.tx.us     Website                 www.dripping-springs.k12.tx.us
  Phone Number                512-386-3000                Phone Number            512-858-4905
  Enrollment                  8,232                       Enrollment              3,550
  Student/Teacher Ratio       16.1: 1                     Student/Teacher Ratio   15.8: 1
  Expenditure/Student         $6,109                      Expenditure/Student     $6,028
  Attendance                  94.8%                       Attendance              96.4%
  Dropout Rate                .8%                         Dropout Rate            .2%
  Average SAT Score           879                         Average SAT Score       1113
  % Took SAT                  43.6%                       % Took SAT              95.8%
  % TAAS Mastery              56%                         % TAAS Mastery          85%

                                                                             UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                   JOA REALTY
                                 S C H O O L             R AT I N G S
                                                                               EDUCATION EVALUATION

EANES ISD                                                ELGIN ISD
  Website                       www.eanes.k12.tx.us           Website                  www.elginisd.net

  Phone Number                  512-732-9000                  Phone Number             512-281-3434

  Enrollment                    7,141                         Enrollment               3,346

  Student/Teacher Ratio         14.1: 1                       Student/Teacher Ratio    14.9: 1

  Expenditure/Student           $6,412                        Expenditure/Student      $6,052

  Attendance                    96.7%                         Attendance               95.7%

  Dropout Rate                  .2%                           Dropout Rate             .0%

  Average SAT Score             1190                          Average SAT Score        984

  % Took SAT                    N/A                           % Took SAT               56.8%

  % TAAS Mastery                93%                           % TAAS Mastery           53%

FLORENCE ISD                                             GEORGETOWN ISD
  Website                       www.florence.k12.tx.us        Website                  www.georgetownisd.org
  Phone Number                  512-793-2850                  Phone Number             512-943-5000
  Enrollment                    1,031                         Enrollment               9,082
  Student/Teacher Ratio         13.3: 1                       Student/Teacher Ratio    12.7: 1
  Expenditure/Student           $7,099                        Expenditure/Student      $6,774
  Attendance                    96.1%                         Attendance               95.9%
  Dropout Rate                  .2%                           Dropout Rate             .8%
  Average SAT Score             974                           Average SAT Score        1057
  % Took SAT                    60.9%                         % Took SAT               76.3%
  % TAAS Mastery                75%                           % TAAS Mastery           81%

                                                                             UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                   JOA REALTY
                                     S C H O O L          R AT I N GS
                                                                               EDUCATION EVALUATION

HAYS ISD                                                 JARRELL ISD
  Website                       www.hayscisd.net              Website                 www.esc13.net/jarrell

  Phone Number                  512-268-2141                  Phone Number            512-746-2724

  Enrollment                    8,614                         Enrollment              689

  Student/Teacher Ratio         15                            Student/Teacher Ratio   11

  Expenditure/Student           $7,198                        Expenditure/Student     $7494

  Attendance                    96%                           Attendance              96.1%

  Dropout Rate                  .3%                           Dropout Rate            1.9%

  Average SAT Score             1,032                         Average SAT Score       940

  % Took SAT                    67.3%                         % Took SAT              50%

  % TAAS Mastery                67.5%                         % TAAS Mastery          67.4%

LAGO VISTA ISD                                           LAKE TRAVIS ISD
  Website                       www.lagovista.txed.net        Website                 www.laketravis.txed.net
  Phone Number                  512-267-8300                  Phone Number            512-533-6000
  Enrollment                    1,194                         Enrollment              5,294
  Student/Teacher Ratio         13.6: 1                       Student/Teacher Ratio   15.3: 1
  Expenditure/Student           $6,586                        Expenditure/Student     $6,087
  Attendance                    95.9%                         Attendance              96.3%
  Dropout Rate                  .0%                           Dropout Rate            .3%
  Average SAT Score             1097                          Average SAT Score       1143
  % Took SAT                    73.3%                         % Took SAT              88.8%
  % TAAS Mastery                83%                           % TAAS Mastery          87%

                                                                          UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                   JOA REALTY
                                     S C H O O L       R AT I N GS
                                                                            EDUCATION EVALUATION

LEANDER ISD                                           LIBERTY HILL ISD
  Website                       www.leanderisd.org         Website                 www.libertyhill.txed.net

  Phone Number                  512-434-5000               Phone Number            512-515-6088

  Enrollment                    21,985                     Enrollment              2,049

  Student/Teacher Ratio         14.4: 1                    Student/Teacher Ratio   13.3: 1

  Expenditure/Student           $6,180                     Expenditure/Student     $6,307

  Attendance                    95.9%                      Attendance              96.4%

  Dropout Rate                  .7%                        Dropout Rate            .2%

  Average SAT Score             1055                       Average SAT Score       1012

  % Took SAT                    75.5%                      % Took SAT              72.8%

  % TAAS Mastery                79%                        % TAAS Mastery          86%

LOCKHART ISD                                          MANOR ISD
  Website                       www.lockhartisd.org        Website                 www.manorisd.net
  Phone Number                  512-398-0000               Phone Number            512-278-4000
  Enrollment                    4,455                      Enrollment              4,548
  Student/Teacher Ratio         15                         Student/Teacher Ratio   16.8: 1
  Expenditure/Student           $7,870                     Expenditure/Student     $6,139
  Attendance                    95.2%                      Attendance              95.2%
  Dropout Rate                  .2%                        Dropout Rate            1.9%
  Average SAT Score             961                        Average SAT Score       897
  % Took SAT                    58.2                       % Took SAT              53%
  % TAAS Mastery                68.7%                      % TAAS Mastery          51%%

                                                                       UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                 JOA REALTY
                              S C H O O L             R AT I N GS
                                                                         EDUCATION EVALUATION

MARBLE FALLS ISD                                      PFLUGERVILLE                   ISD
  Website                     www.mfisd.txed.net          Website                      www.pflugervilleisd.net

  Phone Number                830-693-4357                Phone Number                 512-251-4159

  Enrollment                  2,490                       Enrollment                   18,730

  Student/Teacher Ratio       14.1                        Student/Teacher Ratio        15.9: 1

  Expenditure/Student         $4,775                      Expenditure/Student          $5,693

  Attendance                  95.7%                       Attendance                   95.8%

  Dropout Rate                1.3%                        Dropout Rate                 .5%

  Average SAT Score           963                         Average SAT Score            1015

  % Took SAT                  55.7%                       % Took SAT                   74.7%

  % TAAS Mastery              81.5%                       % TAAS Mastery               70%

ROUND ROCK ISD                                        WIMBERLY ISD
  Website                     www.roundrockisd.org        Website                      www.wimberly.txed.net
  Phone Number                512-464-5000                Phone Number                 512-874-2414
  Enrollment                  37,767                      Enrollment                   1,950
  Student/Teacher Ratio       1.9: 1                      Student/Teacher Ratio        13.3: 1
  Expenditure/Student         $6,243                      Expenditure/Student          $6,794
  Attendance                  96%                         Attendance                   96.1%
  Dropout Rate                .4%                         Dropout Rate                 .0%
  Average SAT Score           1080                        Average SAT Score            1070
  % Took SAT                  82.4%                       % Took SAT                   81.8%
  % TAAS Mastery              82%                         % TAAS Mastery               84%

                                                                                  Courtesy of the Texas Real Estate Commission
                                                                                   UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                   JOA REALTY
                                 R EN T E R S                         I N S U R A NC E
                                                                                                            THE SCOOP


Things to Consider with Renters Insurance:                        Your Coverage's:

Your Property:                                                    •    What additional coverage's are available?

•   What would it cost to replace the contents in my home?
                                                                  •    I’m getting married, can I get additional protections to cover
                                                                       wedding presents and other personal property?
•   Do I have an inventory and photographs of my personal
    possessions?                                                  Your Money:

•   Should I purchase flood insurance?                            •    Can I save money if I have my auto insurance combined?

You and Your Guests:                                              •    How can I make my home safer and possibly save money?

•   What kind of protection do I have against liability?          You may want to consider the idea of insurance, as it can possi-
                                                                  bly save you tons of money in the long run. There are many in-
•   Will my guests medical expenses be covered if they acci-      surance companies to chose from!
    dentally get injured in my home?

                                MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT RENTERS INSURANCE

                                  In most cases, a landlord's insurance covers only structural damage to the building itself—and many
                                  landlord policies don't even go that far if the damage is caused by a tenant. If you leave the tub
                                  running and it turns your floor into cardboard and dribbles downstairs, damaging your neighbor's
                                  couch, you may be liable for the whole drippy mess. If your building went up in flames, your land-
                                  lord's coverage would include repairs, but only to the building, not to the possessions of tenants.

                                  As with any insurance policy, coverage varies by state, company, and type, but here are some basic
                                  examples of personal property to include in your inventory. Items not listed here may still be insur-
Joa Realty                        able; ask agents about customizing your policy with more options.
Email: Susie@JoaRealty.com
Office: 512.480.8384
Cell: 512.480.8384
707 West Ave. Ste. 206
Austin, TX 78701

                                                                                          UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                        JOA REALTY
                                       C L E A N I N G                              P R O C E D U R E
                                                                                            KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN
                                                                                                    YOU MOVE OUT


The following are some of the items that will be inspected upon             Bedrooms and Living Areas:
your move-out. Please remember to refer to your Lease Agreement
regarding Move- Out Procedures and Security Deposit deductions.          _____ Wipe down all                                    shelves,
                                                                        including closet shelves and rods.
                                                                            _____   Use glass cleaner on any mirrors and clean windows.
                                                                         _____ Clean light fixtures. Clear fixtures/bulbs should be free of
_____      Oven: Clean inside oven and broiler, oven racks, wipe        streaks and watermarks.
           down inside and out, remove cleaner                                          _____ Wipe down ceiling fans to remove dust
           residue.                                                                     buildup, especially on fan blades.
_____      Stove: Clean top thoroughly. Don’t                                            _____    Dust corners for cobwebs.
           forget drip pans and underside of cook
           top. Clean vent hood.                                                         _____ Clean all switch plates and outlet plates. Be
_____      Refrigerator and Freezer: Remove all
           food. Remove food bins and clean                                              _____ Wipe down mini-blinds and vertical blinds to
           racks, bins, and door shelves. Clean                                         remove dust and dirt.
           top, front, bottom, and visible sides of
_____      Dishwasher: Clean all debris from in-
           side and wipe down exterior. Run dish-                                    _____ Tub/Shower: Clean tile with a non-abrasive
           washer on a full cycle with a little bleach                              cleaner. Scour tub. Wipe down outside of
           to sterilize and remove minor stains.                                    tub/shower. Clean sliding tracks for shower (if appli-
                                                                        cable). Remove mildew. Polish fixtures.
_____      Cabinets and Drawers: Remove all food. If shelf paper is
           peeling up, remove it. Wipe out insides of cabinets to        _____ Toilet: Clean and disinfect toilet bowl. Wipe down base,
           remove dust and crumbs. Wipe down fronts of cabinets         seat, top and sides.
           and drawers.
                                                                        _____ Cabinets and Drawers: Remove any peeling shelf paper.
_____      Counters: Wipe down thoroughly to remove all grease          Clean out and dust debris from cabinets and drawers. Wipe down
           spots and stains. Do not use steel wool on countertops,      exteriors of cabinets and drawers.
           as this may damage the materials.
                                                                         _____ Counters: Wipe down thoroughly. Use non-abrasive
_____      Sinks: Scour sinks and polish fixtures.                      cleaners.
_____      Lights: Clean light fixtures and switches. Clear fixtures        _____   Sink: Scour sink and polish fixtures.
           should be free of cleaner streaks and water spots. Clean
           outlets with a dry cloth.                                     _____ Walls: Clean any debris from walls and doors. Dust for
_____      Walls: Wipe any food particles or grease off walls. Wipe
           down any cobwebs.                                            _____ Floors: Sweep and mop floor thoroughly. (Don’t forget
                                                                        behind the toilet.)
_____ Floors: Sweep under and between appliances and cabi-
nets. Mop floors thoroughly. Wipe down baseboards to remove dirt _____ Towel bars/rings, toilet paper holders, and other chrome
and residual grease.                                             fixtures: Polish to a shine.

                                                                           UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                           JOA REALTY
                                        HEL P FU L               RESO URCES
                                                                                      NAMES AND NUMBERS

Name                                                            Web Address                      Phone Number
ABIA International Airport                     www.ci.austin.tx.us/austinairport/default.htm     512-530-2242
Arts Division                                  www.ci.austin.tx.us/redevelopment/cad.htm         512-974-9315
Austin Chamber of Commerce                              www.austin-chamber.com                   512-478-9383
Austin City Connection                                  http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/              512-974-2000
Austin Energy                                             www.austinenergy.com                   512-494-9400
Austin History Center                                www.ci.austin.tx.us/library/ahc/            512-974-7480
Austin Police Non-Emergency                       www.ci.austin.tx.us/police/default.htm             311
Austin on About.com                                      http://austin.about.com/
Austin Police Department                          www.ci.austin.tx.us/police/default.htm         512-974-5000
Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer               www.ci.austin.tx.us/watershed/groundwater.htm       512-974-2550
Bat's Hotline                                      http://www.io.com/house/bats1.html            512-416-5700
Bulk Trash Pickup                                                   N/A                          512-494-9400
Capitol Metro                                                www.capmetro.org                    512-474-1200
Carver Museum                                       http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/carver/           512-974-4926
Central Texas Clean Cities                        http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/cleancities/        512-974-3550
City Search Austin                                      www.austin.citysearch.com
Connect Utilities Online                            www.connectutilities.com/index.pl
Crime Stoppers                                        www.austincrimestoppers.org                512-452-5223
Employment Service                            http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/jobapp/cityjobs.cfm     512-974-3210
Fire Department                                       http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/fire/           512-974-0130
Flood Safe                                                   www.floodsmart.gov
Interesting Facts                                 http://www.io.com/~xeke/funfacts.htm
Joa Realty                                                   www.JoaRealty.com                   512-695-1481
Nature and Science Center                      http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/ansc/default.htm       512-327-8181
Parks and Recreation Department                   www.ci.austin.tx.us/parks/default.htm          512-974-6700
Relocation Services                                   www.relocationessentials.com
Seton Network of Hospitals                                     www.seton.net                     512-324-7000
Sex Offender Registry                       www.records.txdps.state.tx.us/soSearch/default.cfm   512-424-2000
St. David's Hospitals                                   http://www.stdavids.com/                 512-901-1000
Temporary Traffic Control                                           N/A                          512-974-7255

                                                                        UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2007

                       JOA REALTY
                                    S C H O O L                   C ON TAC T           I N F O
                                                                                       WHO TO CALL

School District                        Website                              Phone Number

Austin ISD                             www.austinisd.org                    512-414-1700

Bastrop ISD                            www.bastrop.isd.tenet.edu            512-325-2292

Del Valle ISD                          www.del-valle.k12.tx.us              512-386-3000

Dripping Springs ISD                   www.dripping-springs.k12.tx.us       512-858-4905

Eanes ISD                              www.eanes.k12.tx.us                  512-732-9000

Elgin ISD                              www.elginisd.net                     512-281-3434

Florence ISD                           www.florence.k12.tx.us               512-793-2850

Georgetown ISD                         www.georgetownisd.org                512-943-5000

Hays ISD                               www.hayscisd.net                     512-268-2141

Jarrell ISD                            www.esc13.net/jarrell                512-746-2724

Lago Vista ISD                         www.lagovista.txed.net               512-267-8300

Lake Travis ISD                        www.laketravis.txed.net              512-533-6000

Leander ISD                            www.leanderisd.org                   512-434-5000

Liberty Hill ISD                       www.libertyhill.txed.net             512-515-6088

Lockhart ISD                           www.lockhartisd.org                  512-398-0000

Manor ISD                              www.manorisd.net                     512-278-4000

Marble Falls ISD                       www.mfisd.txed.net                   830-693-4357

Pflugerville ISD                       www.pflugervilleisd.net              512-251-4159

Round Rock ISD                         www.roundrockisd.org                 512-464-5000

San Marcos ISD                         www.smcisd.net                       512-393-6700

Taylor ISD                             www.taylorducks.org                  830-352-6361

Wimberly ISD                           www.wimberly.txed.net                512-874-2414

Texas Education Agency                 http://www.tea.state.tx.us/          512-463-9734


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