good fit by StephanieMoore6


									 GOOD FIT
                                                                                                                          Is it a
                                                                                                                         good fit

     What do shoes and books have in                  shoes and asked them to put them on. We tried
common? They each need to have a good fit.             walking around in our “new shoes” and then
Many areas of the curriculum are individualized       came back together to discuss our experience.
for student learning and this is especially true in   The majority of the girls reported that the new
the very developmental realm of reading. Each         pair of shoes were too big or too small. We
girl has specific goals that are tailored to her       noticed that nothing was bad about the shoes,
reading development and her book basket               indeed they were all pretty cool. They just did
reflects her interests and goals.                      not work out on the wrong feet. We each
     Early in the year we focused on the 3 ways       needed shoes that fit us so we could run and
to read a book: Read the Words, Read the              play safely and comfortably and do our best.
Pictures or Retell the Story and the books in              The girls now know that books are like
your daughter’s basket could reflect any of            shoes: you really need it to be a good fit for you!
these ways of reading. Now, we focus mostly           We revisited the idea by re-reading Whose
on reading the words to become stronger               Shoes? later in the week. What would happen if       How to pick a Good Fit Book:
readers, though the other ways of reading are         a ballet dancer wore a snowboarder’s shoes?
                                                                                                           I choose a book
still welcome.                                        What if a mail carrier wore a scuba diver’s          Purpose - why do I want to read it?
     This week I asked the girls to take off their    shoes? What if a construction worker wore a          Interest - Does it interest me?
                                                                                                           Comprehend - Am I understanding?
shoes and toss them to the center of our circle.      lifeguard’s shoes? None of them would be able
                                                                                                           Know - I know most of the words
I quickly and randomly tossed each girl a pair of     to do their best!

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