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 of Consumer
 and Business
 Insurance Division                                                                                   Winter 2012

Message from Acting Administrator                                                           Contents
                                                                                 Producer licensing............... 3
                         As you know, Teresa Miller left her position
                         as Insurance Division administrator to work in          Property and casualty
                         Washington, D.C., as senior adviser for the Center      insurance............................. 4
                         for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight.         Nonstandard personal
                         Teresa provided outstanding leadership to the           automobile policy ................ 5
                         Insurance Division, and she will be greatly missed.
                         That being said, it is important that our industry      Other programs ................... 6
                         and consumer stakeholders know that the good            Retainer medical practices
                         work of the Insurance Division will continue during     must register with DCBS ..... 6
                         this transition.
                                                                                 Enforcement actions ........... 7
   Louis Savage           There will be a nationwide recruitment for the
                          permanent insurance administrator. Realistically,      Administrative rules
it is unlikely that the permanent position will be filled before April. In the   and bulletins ........................ 8
meantime, the Insurance Division will not miss a beat in meeting its             Recent rate activity.............. 9
regulatory obligations and protecting Oregon consumers.
                                                                                 Key contacts.......................10
I will continue the transparent approach to our work, including
communicating frequently to our stakeholders about the issues we are
facing. With that in mind, here are a number of issues that may be of
interest to you.

2012 Legislation
Although the Insurance Division has been able to lower some health
insurance rate requests, significant rate relief cannot be achieved without
addressing health insurance’s primary cost driver: medical costs.
One area of potential cost savings is the reimbursement of preventable
medical errors. Also called preventable adverse events or “never events,”
these are medical errors that should never occur, such as amputation of
the wrong limb or bedsores acquired in a hospital.
The division has been asked by several members of the 2012 Legislature
to assist with legislation that would prohibit insurers from seeking rate
increases unless their agreements with health care providers disallow
reimbursement for certain preventable medical errors. Although many
hospitals and providers already agree not to bill for such events, this
legislation would ensure it does not happen – potentially saving costs for
the insurer and reducing upward pressure on health insurance premiums.

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                                                                                     Insurance Division
Message from Acting Administrator, continued
Long-term care                                               increase to consumers. In cases where we approve a
                                                             lesser amount than requested, we want the company
As you know, the division has devoted a significant          to tell consumers whether it believes the amount to
amount of time and resources to address the health           be insufficient and it will likely return for future rate
insurance rate review process. Another rate challenge        increases.
we face is long-term care. Often, these policies were
purchased years ago by consumers who planned for
that time in their lives when they could no longer care
for themselves. Now, medical inflation and other costs       As a result of legislation proposed by the Insurance
are overtaking the premiums that are being paid. A           Division and passed by the 2011 Legislature, Oregon
number of long-term care rate requests await decisions       is now a member of the Interstate Insurance Compact,
as we struggle with two key issues:                          which reviews life insurance, annuities, disability
                                                             income, and long-term-care insurance products before
1. Since these are national products, how much               they can be sold. Compact policies must meet uniform
   of an increase are other states’ approving? We            standards, including strong consumer protections.
   believe it would be unfair to subject Oregonians          Insurance companies can choose whether to file
   to an increase that would subsidize rates paid by         products with the compact representing multiple states
   consumers in other states.                                or with individual states.
2. If we approve less than an insurer requests — or          We believe that by participating in the compact, we
   even the full amount — will the company be back           can streamline the approval process so that Oregon
   in a few years asking for more? One thing we have         consumers have new insurance products more quickly
   heard from an advisory group and consumers is             available to them. In all cases, whether the compact or
   that they want to know up front about the likelihood      the Insurance Division approves an insurance product
   of future increases so they don’t keep paying on a        for sale, consumers with questions or complaints can
   policy they ultimately cannot afford.                     contact the division’s consumer advocates at 888-877-
In December, we approved nine rate increases for             4894.
various companies in amounts ranging from 10                 As I mentioned above, I will communicate with you
percent to 50 percent over a two-year period. In             regularly and look forward to meeting at least some of
these cases, we feel our rate approvals are in line          you in the near future. It is a privilege for me to fill the
with those of other states. Additionally, we will require    role as acting administrator. ●
that companies disclose all years of any phased rate

                    Health Insurance Recent Rate Activity
                    You can look up recently approved health insurance rates in the small
                    employer/individual markets at
                    Or, rate increases approved in 2011 are listed in this chart, which is updated
                    quarterly, ●

 Oregon Insurance Regulator                                                                      Winter 2012           2
Producer licensing
By Jim Thompson, producer licensing manager
                       By mid-2012, insurance               and submitting an address change to viewing a CE
                       agencies operating in Oregon         transcript. License administrators can produce reports
                       will be able to complete             on all licensees – singly or in groups.
                       licensing applications and
                                                            For example, you can track continuing education
                       renewals online. That is just
                                                            credits online with OLS. All continuing education
                       one of the benefits the producer
                                                            providers will be required to upload information
                       community will see as the
                                                            on agents as they complete courses. When this
                       Insurance Division transitions
                                                            information is uploaded, the course information will
                       to the State Based Systems
                                                            automatically load into producer records.
                       (SBS) operating system. The
                       division will have its new           Once you complete all necessary CE, the system
  Jim Thompson         operating system by early May,       will recognize that the licensee has met the CE
                       and various features will come       requirements. However, you should continue to retain
                       online after that.                   copies of your certificates of completion.
This electronic system, owned by the National               Continuing education providers will complete online
Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), is           applications to become an approved CE provider and
used in partnership with state insurance departments        to receive course approval. Additionally, providers will
to simplify insurance regulation. Once SBS is in place      be able to post information on course dates, times, and
in Oregon, agencies will seek and renew licenses and        locations.
change addresses electronically.                            SBS will charge CE course providers $1 per credit hour
Individual agents already have the ability to complete      that is uploaded. For instance, SBS will charge $30 for
their licensing applications and renewals online through    a three-hour course with 10 attendees. The producer’s
the National Insurance Producers Registry (NIPR).           individual NPN (National Producer Number) will be
However, with the new operating system, we expect to        required to upload this information.
process all producer license transactions online. We
are also exploring options to bring nonresident adjuster    Other producer licensing news
licensing online.
                                                            Annuity suitability requirement
                                                            Don’t forget that producers must complete a one-time,
Your NPN                                                    four-hour (or four-credit) annuities course to meet
With this transition, all individual license numbers will   new Oregon requirements involving the suitability of
be converted to National Producer Number (NPN).             annuity sales. No person may sell, solicit, or negotiate
The NPN is a unique number of up to 10 digits that          any annuity transaction without first going through
identifies you in the Producer Database (PDB). The          the training. Agents who were authorized to sell life
NAIC created it to avoid privacy issues surrounding the     insurance when the rules took effect had until Jan. 1,
use of the Social Security number.                          2012, to take the course.
This number will take the place of your existing
license number and will allow you to complete online        Portable electronics devices
transactions through the NIPR or the SBS Online             As of Jan. 1, 2012, vendors who sell or lease portable
Licensee Services (OLS). If you have more than one          electronics devices, such as cell phones or electronic
license type, all licenses will have the same license/      tablets, must obtain a limited insurance producer
NPN. The license number for business entities will also     license from the Department of Consumer and
change to an SBS-assigned number.                           Business Services before issuing, selling, or offering
                                                            portable electronics insurance coverage to customers.
If you are not already using NIPR, here is a link so        The licensing structure will allow for the licensed
that you can find your unique number: https://pdb.          entity (such as large retailers) to maintain the license.
Licensees who sign up for OLS will see many benefits.                                        Continued on next page
The OLS annual $5.95 subscription fee allows you to
perform a variety of functions, from printing a license

 Oregon Insurance Regulator                                                                   Winter 2012          3
Producer licensing, continued
Individual sales staff will not be required to obtain       inbox. For network security reasons, our system does
individual licenses as long as certain conditions           not allow us to click links like these.
are met.
                                                            No e-mail sent from our office is spam. Please make
                                                            sure that your spam filters are set to receive e-mails
Don’t block our e-mails                                     from In the very near
We frequently receive reply e-mails from people who         future, we will be communicating only through e-mail,
have their spam filters set up to reject e-mails from       so it is very important that you are able to receive
unknown senders. Some of these e-mails ask us to            correspondence from our office. ●
click on a link to fill out a request form to get in your

Property and casualty insurance
By Cece Newell, property and casualty technician

Personal vehicle sharing programs                           Home service agreements
now a go                                                    The Insurance Division received a flurry of calls in
The 2011 Legislature passed House Bill 3149 making          late 2011 from consumers who received literature
Oregon the second state (after California) to allow         that promoted protection against the cost of repairing
personal vehicle sharing programs. These programs           broken residential sewer/water lines. Callers wanted to
now allow vehicle owners to rent their vehicle to others.   know if this was insurance, and if it was legal.

While the vehicle is part of a personal vehicle sharing     Generally, if these agreements meet the requirements
program, the program assumes all liability for the          for home service agreements, they are legal and
vehicle owner. In fact, the owner’s liability insurer may   exempt from the Insurance Code. (House Bill 3145
exclude all coverage under the owner’s policy. But,         passed in the 2003 Legislature clarified that home
the liability insurer cannot cancel, terminate or non-      protection insurance does not include “home service
renew the owner’s policy solely because the owner           agreements.”)
participates in a personal vehicle sharing program.         Home service agreements are defined in ORS
The program insurance policy must include the               731.164(1)(b)(B) and range from traditional agreements
following coverages:                                        covering a variety of mechanical or appliance systems
                                                            in the residential structure to agreements covering
»   Bodily injury and property damage                       items located on the residential property such as
»   Personal injury protection                              broken sewer/water lines.
»   Uninsured motorist coverage                             Questions? Contact Cece Newell: 503-947-7203. ●
»   Comprehensive damage for the vehicle in the
»   Collision damage for the vehicle in the program
For more information on the amounts of coverage
and other details, here’s a link to the bill: http://www.
Questions? Contact Cece Newell at 503-947-7203.

 Oregon Insurance Regulator                                                                  Winter 2012         4
Nonstandard personal automobile policy
by Jan Vitus, rates and forms analyst

To assure protection of Oregon automobile consumers,       3. Days to report vehicles (new or replacement) —
Insurance Division staff spent much of 2011 reviewing         the Special Personal Auto forms give a 14-day
new Insurance Services Office Inc. (ISO) personal             window to report a new vehicle acquisition for
automobile policy forms to be used for customers              liability coverage, and four days to report for
who do not fit an insurance company’s standard or             physical damage.
preferred underwriting criteria.
                                                              Some independently developed and filed
A “nonstandard” operator might have too many motor            automobile insurance forms allow up to 30 days
vehicle convictions or accidents, not enough years            to report. This is often an area of confusion for
of driving experience, drive a sports car, or exhibit a       consumers, insurance producers, auto dealers,
combination of high-risk factors. After much internal         and lenders. Agents should review with their clients
discussion, collaboration, and work negotiating               coverage, limitation, and exclusion clauses in
changes with ISO, an acceptable product was                   each auto policy contract form to confirm reporting
approved for use in Oregon.                                   requirements.
In an unusual move, ISO will not be filing the new         4. Coverage limitations of the Special Personal Auto
Special Personal Auto Policy, or the Oregon Advisory          Policy — liability coverage is reduced to Oregon’s
Notice to Policyholders form, on behalf of its members        minimum financial responsibility limits for nonfamily
or subscribers. Instead, each insurance company               residents of the household and nonresident/
that wishes to use the forms will need to make an             nonfamily permissive users.
independent filing.
                                                              Circumstances when the insured or a family
The new ISO Special Personal Auto Policy forms will           member would receive minimum financial
differ in some significant ways from coverage found in        responsibility limits include: driving without a valid
the current ISO Personal Auto Policy contracts:               driver license or permit; convicted of driving under
                                                              the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs; undisclosed
1. Newly acquired vehicles — reporting requirements
                                                              business use of a vehicle; or while committing a
   mirror what is in the ISO Personal Auto Policy
                                                              felony of which the person is convicted.
                                                           The division will closely monitor these new personal
    If a newly acquired vehicle is not reported within
                                                           auto forms so we can work with Market Surveillance
    the timelines provided, then coverage will not
                                                           and Consumer Advocacy if any complaints arise. ●
    begin until the date the vehicle is reported to the
    insurance company.                                     If you have any questions regarding this subject,
                                                           please contact:
2. Undisclosed operators — the Special Personal
                                                           Jan Vitus, CIC, MHP, HIA, CRM, CCP
   Auto forms treat resident family members
   differently than resident nonfamily members of the
    For liability coverage, the Special Auto Policy
    requires disclosure of any new residents in
    the household who are not family members. A
    nonfamily operator who joins the household, or
    who becomes newly licensed, must be reported to
    the insurance company within four days.
    Physical damage coverage (comprehensive and
    collision) is excluded for loss to any vehicle while
    operated by any family member, or any other
    person who is a resident of the household, but
    who has not been disclosed as an operator within
    four days.

 Oregon Insurance Regulator                                                                 Winter 2012           5
Other programs
High-risk pool: 2012 changes                                 The “birthday rule” would allow people to switch
                                                             Medicare supplement plans once a year for a period
The Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP) plans               surrounding the person’s birthday. It would allow the
for 2012 no longer include a $500 deductible plan.           Medicare beneficiary to select a different supplement
However, OMIP members who were enrolled in the               plan – as long as the new policy has the same or
$500 deductible plan in 2011 may remain in that plan.        lesser benefits – without the possibility of being turned
The 2012 premium rates are posted on the OMIP                down or charged more based on health. The public
website: The premium rates             comment period has closed and the rule is being
across OMIP’s four medical plans, including the $500         finalized. As drafted, it would be effective April 1, 2012,
deductible plan, increased an average of 2.75 percent        and apply to policies issued on or after Jan. 1, 1990.
in 2012.
                                                             SHIBA — Medicare information assistance
Federal Medical Insurance Pool rates will increase an
average of 5.6 percent for Plan 500 and 5.9 percent          Questions about Medicare? Call the Senior Health
for Plan 750. The Oregon Health Authority operates           Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA) staff of the
the state’s federally funded high-risk insurance pool,       Insurance Division: 800-722-4134.
allowing people with pre-existing health conditions to       Medicare supplement commissions
purchase medical insurance, which provides another           Paying a reduced commission rate on guaranteed-
health insurance option for Oregonians with existing         issue business versus business that is underwritten
medical conditions who have been denied coverage.            has become a common practice for some Medicare
                                                             supplement insurers across the country. However, this
Medicare                                                     practice of providing greater incentives to sell policies
Medicare supplement ‘birthday rule’                          to healthy people over those with a guaranteed right
                                                             to coverage who may have medical conditions is
The Insurance Division has drafted rules that would
                                                             not allowed in Oregon. In other words, commission
create additional enrollment opportunities for people
                                                             rates cannot be lower for guaranteed-issue business
who want to change Medicare supplement policies.
                                                             than for the same-age person who enrolls outside
The rules were developed in response to complaints
                                                             a guaranteed-issue period and is underwritten.
the division received from people who moved into a
                                                             Companies who have been contacted about this have
Medicare supplement policy, then were subjected to
                                                             corrected their commission schedules. ●
significant rate increases and were unable to change
policies without underwriting.

        Retainer medical practices must register with DCBS
        As of Jan. 1, 2012, retainer medical practices must register with DCBS. These primary care
        physicians who offer specific services to patients for a set fee that is paid regularly (usually annual
        or semiannual) are exempt from insurance regulation but must now be certified with us.
        We have a consumer tip sheet explaining these practices here: http://insurance.oregon.
        gov/consumer/consumer-tips/4845-26_retainer-medical-practices.pdf. Our webpage for
        physician groups and others is here:
        medical-practices/retainer-medical-practices.html. ●

 Oregon Insurance Regulator                                                                     Winter 2012          6
Enforcement actions
This Regulator lists key orders that were posted on   Claiborne, Mark E.
the Insurance Division website from October through   Walla Walla, Wash.
December 2011. More orders are posted at http://      Violation: Made unsuitable recommendation in     three annuity transactions; made false or fraudulent
                                                      statement relative to application for insurance; failed
Insurance companies                                   to promptly or truthfully respond to inquiries from the
Marketplace orders                                    DCBS director.
UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company                    Penalty: Oregon expired nonresident individual
Hartford, Conn.                                       insurance producer license revoked.
Violation: Failed to notify members that company      Date of Order: 11/7/2011
needed additional information to process claims.      Horst, J. Timothy
Penalty: $20,000                                      Portland
Date of Order: 10/25/2011                             Violation: Forged client signatures on insurance
Williamsburg National Insurance Company               applications; made a false statement about an
Southfield, Mich.                                     insurance application; failed to notify the DCBS director
Violation: Recouped more from policyholders than      about an address change; failed to notify the DCBS
its assessment by the Oregon Insurance Guaranty       director of a change in residence.
Association.                                          Penalty: $3,400
Penalty: $5,000                                       Date of Order: 10/4/2011
Date of Order: 11/21/2011                             Robinson, Daniel R.
                                                      Rancho Cordova, Calif.
Financial orders                                      Violation: Convicted in California of misdemeanor
Suspended                                             crime of resisting an executive officer; provided
                                                      false information on 2008 Oregon producer license
Majestic Insurance Company
                                                      application; insurance regulators in California and
San Francisco
                                                      Virginia took administrative action against agent for
Date of Order: 10/21/2011
                                                      failing to disclose conviction on producer license
PMI Mortgage Insurance Company                        application; Robinson failed to disclose administrative
Phoenix, Ariz.                                        actions by other states to Oregon insurance regulators;
Date of Order: 11/21/2011                             Robinson failed to respond to an Oregon DCBS
                                                      director’s inquiry.
Producers                                             Penalty: Oregon resident individual insurance
Bader Company                                         producer license revoked
Indianapolis                                          Date of Order: 10/28/2011 ●
Violation: Accepted insurance business from
unlicensed storage companies.
Penalty: $33,000
Date of Order: 11/16/2011

 Oregon Insurance Regulator                                                             Winter 2012         7
Administrative rules and bulletins
Visit our website to find links to these recently adopted   Amends rules to allow use of 2001 CSO preferred
rules and all rules:           mortality tables (ID 17-2011): Amends rules
rules/recent_admin_rules.html.                              specifying which mortality table is recognized for use
Adopts, amends, and repeals rules involving state           in determining minimum reserve liabilities; allows
and federal health insurance reforms (ID 23-2011):          a company to substitute the 2001 CSO Preferred
These rules ensure that the Oregon Insurance Code is        Mortality Tables in place of the 2001 CSO Smoker or
consistent with the federal Affordable Care Act.            Nonsmoker Mortality Tables for policies issued before
Effective: Dec. 14, 2011                                    Jan. 1, 2007.
Questions?                    Effective: Oct. 24, 2011
Adopts rules requiring vendors to obtain a limited
license to sell portable electronics insurance (ID          Adopts Oregon Companion Guide for Health Care
22-2011): Vendors who sell or lease cell phones,            Claims: Professional, Dental, and Institutional
electronic tablets, and other electronics devices must      (ID 16-2011): This rule adopts uniform standards
obtain a limited insurance producer license from DCBS       for administrative simplification of health care claims
before selling portable electronics insurance coverage      transactions, as developed and recommended by the
to customers.                                               Oregon Health Authority.
Effective: Jan. 1, 2012                                     Effective: Oct. 31, 2011
Questions?                     Questions?

Adopts and amends rules aligning Oregon surplus             Amends rules to clarify limit on premium rate
lines laws with the Federal Nonadmitted and                 increases for Medicare supplement policies (ID
Reinsurance Reform Act of 2010. (ID 21-2011):               15-2011): Clarifies that a provision limiting premium
These rules align Oregon surplus lines laws with            increases for Medicare supplement policies to once in
federal laws that are part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street    a 12-month period does not apply to changes in policy
Reform and Consumer Protection Act.                         or payment terms initiated by the insured. Specifies
Effective: Jan. 1, 2012                                     that the limit on premium increase applies to all existing
Questions?                     1990 plans and all 2010 policies renewed on or after
                                                            Jan. 1, 2012.
Amends and appeals rules to reflect Oregon                  Effective: Oct. 31, 2011
membership in the Interstate Insurance Product              Questions:
Regulation Commission (ID 20-2011): Oregon
became a member of the compact on Jan. 1, 2012, and         Adopts rules requiring risk-based capital trend test
the rules reflect this membership.                          by property and casualty insurers (ID 14-2011):
Effective: Jan. 1, 2012                                     This rule provides the Insurance Division with an
Questions?              additional tool to determine whether a property and
                                                            casualty insurer falls within a risk-based capital
Adopts rules relating to retainer medical practices         company action level.
certification and disclosure requirements (ID 19-           Effective: Oct. 31, 2011
2011): These rules implement Senate Bill 86, which          Questions:
exempts retainer medical practices from the Insurance
                                                            Amends rules involving self-insured reporting
Code but requires certification through DCBS and
                                                            rules to define qualified actuary for health
requires certain patient disclosures.
                                                            insurance (ID 13-2011): This rule corrects an
Effective: Jan. 1, 2012
                                                            oversight in a rule amended on Feb. 4, 2011, to define
                                                            a qualified actuary for self-insured groups that must
Adopts rules relating to registration of contracting        meet certain financial requirements related to reserve
entities that lease health care providers (ID 18-           adequacy provisions.
2011): These rules establish an annual registration         Effective: Sept. 21, 2011
process for noninsurance entities that contract directly    Questions?
with a provider for health care services or that lease a
provider network to a third party.                          2011 Bulletins
Effective: Jan. 1, 2012
                                                            Bulletins can be found at http://insurance.oregon.
                                                            gov/bulletins.html. ●

 Oregon Insurance Regulator                                                                   Winter 2012         8
Recent rate activity
       Name of Company                           Domicile Direct Premium                   Market       Most Recent               New       Renewing
                                                              Written                      Share        Rate Change              Policies    Policies
                                                                                                                                   Effective Dates
 1     State Farm Fire & Cas Co                      IL           $164,452,422             25.98%            0.0%                  n.a. (1)      n.a. (1)
  2    Farmers Ins Co Of OR                          OR            $58,551,382              9.25%            5.3%                 03/16/11      03/16/11
  3    Safeco Ins Co of OR                           OR            $44,334,575              7.00%            1.8%               5/14/11 (3)   7/12/11 (3)
  4    Farmers Ins Exch                              CA             $29,641,113             4.68%            1.4%                 03/16/11      03/16/11
  5    Country Mut Ins Co                            IL            $27,526,539              4.35%            9.3%                 12/01/11      12/01/11
  6    Allstate Ins Co                               IL            $22,403,747              3.54%            1.8%                  n.a. (2)     11/03/11
  7    American Family Mut Ins Co                    WI            $21,968,379              3.47%            6.0%                 10/01/11      10/01/11
  8    Allstate Prop & Cas Ins Co                    IL            $19,669,225              3.11%            5.0%                 09/19/11      11/03/11
  9    Foremost Signature Ins Co                     MI            $19,246,650              3.04%            0.0%                  n.a. (1)      n.a. (1)
 10    Allstate Ind Co                               IL            $16,496,029              2.61%            2.0%                  n.a. (2)     11/03/11
       TOP 10                                                     $424,290,061              67.0%            2.3%
       TOTAL 118 COMPANIES                                        $632,923,511
  Premiums includes renters, condos, manufactured homes, and coverages such as boats, golf carts, and jewelry.
  Rate activity applies to homeowners’ coverages only unless noted.
  † Insurer rankings based on 2010 direct premium written.
        (1) Company has not filed an overall rate change in the past 12 months.
        (2) As of April 1, 2006, new business is written only in Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company and
            Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company
        (3) Company’s previous change was a 5.2 percent average overall increase effective Feb. 12, 2011.

       Name of Company                           Domicile Direct Premium                    Market       Most Recent               New       Renewing
                                                              Written                       Share        Rate Change             Policies     Policies
                                                                                                                                    Effective Dates
  1    State Farm Mut Auto Ins Co                    IL             $377,957,341 18.75%                          3.8%            10/24/11      11/24/11
  2    Farmers Ins Co of OR                          OR             $254,010,221 12.60%                          3.5%            05/30/11      06/30/11
  3    Safeco Ins Co of OR                           OR             $136,576,903  6.77%                          0.0%             n.a. (1)      n.a. (1)
  4    Progressive Universal Ins Co                  WI             $105,198,781 5.22%                           1.0%            06/17/11      07/17/11
  5    Progressive Classic Ins Co                    WI              $99,246,563 4.92%                           1.4%            06/17/11      07/17/11
  6    American Family Mut Ins Co                    WI              $68,861,927  3.42%                          4.0%            04/14/11      04/14/11
  7    Allstate Ins Co                               IL              $56,249,564  2.79%                          0.0%             n.a. (2)      n.a. (1)
  8    Geico Gen Ins Co                              MD              $54,921,583  2.72%                          0.0%              n.a. (1)     n.a. (1)
  9    Allstate Fire & Cas Ins Co                    IL               $52,175,795 2.59%                          3.0%            04/18/11      05/23/11
 10    Country Pref Ins Co                           IL              $39,749,755  1.97%                          4.3%            09/19/11      09/19/11
       TOP 10                                                     $1,244,948,433  61.7%                          2.5%
       TOTAL 176 COMPANIES                                         $2,016,232,340
Premium includes motorcycle, light trucks, recreational vehicles, and motor home coverage.
Rate activity is for personal automobile insurance.
† Insurer rankings based on 2010 direct premium written.
       (1) Company has not filed an overall rate change in the past 12 months.
       (2) As of April 1, 2006, new business is written only in Allstate Property and Casualty and Allstate Fire and Casualty
           Insurance Company

  Oregon Insurance Regulator                                                                                                    Winter 2012         9
    Key contacts
                                                                Other agencies
    Oregon Insurance Division
                                                                Oregon Health Plan
    Administration                                               800-359-9517
      Information ...........................503-947-7980
      Fax ...................................... 503-378-4351   State Portability Option
      E-mail         Oregon Medical Insurance Pool
        Acting Administrator .......... Louis Savage             (Administered by Regence BlueCross BlueShield)
        Deputy Administrator ............Berri Leslie            800-848-7280
        Operations Manager ......... Gayle Woods

    Market Regulation                                           COBRA/ERISA/HIPAA questions
                                                                 U.S. Department of Labor
      Information ...........................503-947-7980
      • Administrative Services .....503-947-7222
          Manager .................... Margarita Nuñez          Senior Health Insurance Benefits
      • Consumer Advocacy .........503-947-7984                 Assistance (SHIBA)
          Manager .................... Ron Fredrickson           800-722-4134
      • Consumer Services ...........503-947-7205                503-947-7979
          Manager ............................. Brian Light
      • Producer Licensing ............503-947-7981    
          Manager ....................... Jim Thompson
      • Market Surveillance ...........503-947-7242             Workers’ Compensation Division
          Manager ...........................Miles Ueoka
                                                                 General information
      • Rates & Forms                                            503-947-7810
          Manager ........Rhonda Saunders-Ricks                 Department of Consumer and Business
    Financial Regulation                                        Services website
      Information ...........................503-947-7982
        Manager .........................Russell Latham
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