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CPA networks are gaining in popularity because of their lucrative payouts and
easy to convert offers. For those of you that don’t know how the CPA networks
work, they are essentially a broker between website owners who need new leads
and sales and affiliates who have traffic and want to make more money. There
are a handful of ways to get paid such as getting people to fill out a form, sign up
for a free trial, buy a new product and even download stuff for free. It’s not
entirely like Clickbank or other networks where you have to talk someone into
buying something in order to get paid. There are offers out there that actually pay
you when there is no cost to the consumer. There are also offers that only
require a couple of dollars out of the consumer and you get paid 10x more than
what they spent. That’s why they are becoming so popular.

Here is a list of CPA networks we use:

You need to take into consideration a few things before going and signing up for
CPA networks. They want to see that you are getting traffic and also that your
website is family friendly. If you don’t have a high traffic website that’s ok to, you
will just need to get them on the phone and tell them that you drive traffic in other
ways like pay-per-click, email and banner traffic.

This report is going to give you some ideas as to what you need to do in order to
drive some serious traffic and make some serious money with these networks.
We are going to include some tricks that we use along with some strategies that
we have been given permission to give you in this exclusive report. A close friend
of ours makes $20k every month on CPA networks alone and we are going to
give you the inside look on how to do it yourself. We are also going to expose
some websites that are making $100,000 + every month with the CPA networks.
This report will get your mind so boggled and tied up in a knot that you probably
won’t sleep tonight thinking about the possibilities.
Choosing an Offer to Promote

There are thousands of offers to promote among the many CPA networks, but
that does not mean that they will work or convert for you. You need to analyze
your business model and traffic generation methods and decide how you are
going to promote each individual offer. Some offers may do well via pay-per-click
while others may do better using a banner placed on your site or on an ad
network like Adbrite. There are also limiting factors set in the rules for promoting
each offer. Every offer is different and has different guidelines for promoting it.
For example an offer may only accept U.S. traffic using search or web traffic and
it may only payout if the user completes all 3 steps of the sign-up process. You
need to read everything because if you break the rules, you are either going to
not get paid or they will suspend your account.

Things to look out for on an offer:
   • What type of traffic does it accept? Search/Web/Email
   • What countries? U.S., Canada, UK, International, etc
   • When does it payout? After signup, 10 days, etc
   • Incentivized/Non-Incentivized
   • When does the offer expire?

Also, if you are new to a CPA network or you have an account on one and just
haven’t done anything with it yet just call your account manager. Usually you will
see a name and a phone number of your account manager in your account
interface. These guys are paid to help you make money! Get them on the phone
and ask them what is working and what isn’t.

Making $$,$$$ with CPA Networks

Now that you have a good understanding for the CPA networks and how to
choose a good offer lets talk about making some serious cash. The following
strategies are going to get progressively more technical and at the same time
more profitable.

This first technique involves using our Current Event Domination method. In a
nutshell you will be using everyday events that instantly drive thousands, if not
millions of people to the search engines to find out more info. For example, when
Britney Spears does something stupid (like everyday) thousands of people flock
to the SE’s to read more. When big companies go out of business all the sudden,
people hit the SE’s looking for more info.
Now if you’re fast enough, you can have a simple landing page interlaced with
semi-related CPA offers and get thousands of clicks in a matter of hours with no
competition in site. Last year when Sunrocket (a major voip provider) went out of
business unexpectedly I was able to have a landing page up promoting 9 other
voip companies in less than an hour. Once I had this landing page up I was able
to setup a Google PPC campaign and be 1 of 2 advertisers on the keywords:

Sunrocket out of business
Alternate sunrocket provider

Keep in mind that I was paying .13 a click with one other advertiser that must
have forgot that Sunrocket went out of business. I received thousands of clicks
on the first day I had the campaign running and I made over $2,600 in 24hours!
This is a fine example of Current Event Domination.

With thousands of possible CPA offers you are bound to find something that is
somewhat related to what’s going on. Were talking about massive traffic in a
short amount of time and with a decent landing page and some easy free sign-up
offers you are in business. To get more info on the Current Event Domination
technique please go to

This next technique is simple and relies on a little smoke and mirror technique I
like to call Adwords Abuse. I have used this method of driving cheap PPC traffic
to high payout-low requirement offers time and time again with great success.

The common problem with driving PPC traffic to most CPA offers is that the
landing pages they give you to promote are often very skinny on content and
some of them are just an image embedded with a form. We all know how Google
hates these types of pages and if you try to conventionally direct link to these
landing pages Google is going to hit you with $5-$10 min bids and tell you to go
fly a kite.

I have the answer! The key is to use an existing domain that you have never run
a campaign on, so if you need to buy a new one do it. Make sure the domain
name is somewhat related to what you will be promoting. For example, if you are
going to promote a bunch of free trial offers then get a domain like or

From here I decided a video is going to be the easiest way to show you how to
do this so click on the link below to see what to do:
Here is the cloaking script mentioned in the video, it’s also right below the video
for you to copy:

<html> <head> <title>Loading...</title> <meta http-equiv="Refresh"
</head> <body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000" link="#0000ff" vlink="#800080"
alink="#ff0000" oncontextmenu="return false"> <a href="<?=$affiliateLink?>"
_fcksavedurl="<?=$affiliateLink?>" onmouseover="window.status='Click here';
return true" onmouseout="window.status=''">Loading...</a> </body> </html>

This technique is where the big money comes in and really once you get this
going you will start to see a snowball effect on how much money you are making.
Here’s how this method works:

You will be creating a freebie site where people will come sign up at your site for
a free Xbox 360 for example. Now in order for them to get their free Xbox 360
they have to complete an offer that you give them on your site. This offer will of
course be a CPA offer that they go complete under your affiliate link. Once they
have completed an offer and refer 2 other people to do the same thing they will
get their free gift all the while you made twice the amount of money it will cost
you to drop ship them an Xbox 360. Now I know I have already probably lost you
on this so go check out this freebie site and you will start to see how this works
and of course I will continue explaining more once you return:

Now do you kind of understand what’s going on? There are thousands of
Incentivized CPA offers that allow you to give people an incentive to complete
these offers and what better than instant Paypal cash and a bunch of cool
gadgets. Now remember, the people that sign up for your site will end up making
you twice the amount of money that it will cost you to give them their free gift!

Now your probably wondering how in the hell your going to get people to the site
and how they are get people to the site as well. This is the best part!

There are forums dedicated to people who are trying to get free stuff and they
are paying each other to sign up through each others links. Seriously, go check
out this forum, which is one of many flourishing with people ready to signup to
your freebie site and then in turn pay others to sign up to your freebie site.
Remember this whole time offers with your affiliate link are being completed and
paying you like clockwork! Go look at this forum:
Lets recap…You own a site where people can pick a gift of choice and in order
for them to receive this gift they need to complete one of many offers that you
have on your site. Once they do this they can refer people through a special
referral link and if they sign up and complete 1 offer as well then the original
person get’s their free gift, you make a boatload of cash and now you have 2
more people that have to get 2 more people and so on..Exponential growth!

Now in order to keep people coming in to your site, you go buy a forum thread in
that forum I posted and people will come to you. Then once you get 200-300
people doing offers on your site then it explodes quickly making you thousands of
dollars and as long as you are maintaining the site and are giving people their
free gifts it will continue to thrive.

Here’s what you need to do this:

FSRRevolution Freebie Site Script:

Once you get this script, go to and find a programmer to install
and customize it for you.

You need an account to as many CPA networks as possible. Preferably

It will take you some practice to understand the admin panel and how to make
everything automated but it will get easier as you go.

Then you need to join all the freebie forums and either buy thread or include your
site in your sig file. Also, you can advertise on Adbrite with banners and get
massive amounts of traffic.

I would also recommend joining the forum and go do a couple of deals yourself to
see how the whole process works. It’s actually pretty easy and fun.

This last technique also works very well in conjunction with our SEO Arsenal It’s actually very simple but also very lucrative
especially if you don’t use PPC and you focus on natural traffic. Adsense is pretty
much dead right? I think it’s a waste of time but that’s just me but when you can
plug in CPA offers as opposed to adsense ads then we are talking about much
more money.
Like I was saying earlier, there are a lot of offers that require little to no money
out of the consumer’s wallet that pay very good commissions. The trick is to
make your CPA offers look like adsense ads. You will create themed content
sites around these offers that you have in your site and optimize your site for the
natural SE rankings. You can also run dirt cheap PPC ads on other advertising
networks like ABCSearch and Adbrite. There are thousands of CPA offers out
there, even ones that are related so making a content site with embedded CPA
ads that look exactly like adsense does work very well.

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