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Thank you for downloading this report. In it you will find gems on how you can get started to
earning money with cpa market. I included an introduction to cpa marketing for those that
are new to the game.

If, however you have some experience with cpa marketing you should also read it because
you will find some little nuggets of information that you probably did not know.

This report that you hold in your hands is worth thousands. It is worth thousands if you take
action and apply what you have read.

If you read it and then do nothing then it will be worth $0 to you.

I have used these same techniques in this report to make $200, $400 even as much as
$600 on a single campaign. Please understand that I did not just put up a campaign and
made that money.

It took some time, tweaking and testing and spending money with adwords to get it running.
But once it was up running, I was able to sit back and with little tweaks I was able to
generate that kind of money.

Also understand that sometimes with cpa campaign, the advertiser will stop the offer and
you will have to look a similar offer, and sometimes that offer does not convert as well as
the offer before.

So you should always be testing new offers so that if an advertiser stopped an offer, you are
not left with a loss of income.

You should be putting up new campaigns everyday so that you can spread your income
across many campaigns.

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That is how these super affiliates in the cpa marketing game are able to make $5000-
$10,000 days because they are constantly putting up new offers and constantly testing.

Testing will and always be vital to this cpa marketing business.

Now that we have gotten all that out of the way, let us learn how we can use cpa marketing
as part of our internet marketing strategy to make even more money.

Without further ado... let’s begin...

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What Is CPA Marketing

The term “CPA” in the internet marketing world is a shortening for cost per action.

What this really means is that as an affiliate when someone does an action you will be paid.

This could be in the form of filling out a survey, putting in their email address, putting in
their zip code or signing up for the trial offer of a product.

If a potential customer lands on your offer whether it is a:

   • Zip code offer
   • Email submit
   • Filling out a survey
   • Signing up for a trial offer for a product
   • Leads
   • Registration
   • Downloads

If that person does take action - you get paid. Sometimes it might just be as simple as filling
out an email address and you get paid $1.50

The difference with cpa marketing is that the person does not have to buy anything for you
as an affiliate to get paid. With regular affiliate marketing the visitor would have to make a
purchase for you to get paid, but with cpa offer the person does not have to make a

You get paid if the person visiting the offer does the action that is being asked.

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CPA marketing is the best of the affiliate marketing world because you don’t have to try to
convince the person to buy something. And there are so many cpa offers that the sky is
really the limit with the amount of products that you can promote.

And as we march into a new year we as affiliate marketers will see more and more CPA
offers. It is where all the big marketers are hanging out because it is where the big money is
and where you can make a lot of money in a relatively short amount of time.

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CPA Networks

A cpa network is basically a company that allows advertiser and web publisher (which is you
an affiliate marketer) to find each other and connect and make money.

You should always make sure that you choose recognized and reputable CPA networks to
sign up with as an affiliate so that you can get paid. Here is a list of really good CPA
Networks that you can sign up with.


There are literally hundreds of cost per action networks, I have just listed 10 to get you
started but there are so many that you don’t need to feel as if you must use the 10 that I

You must understand that what makes cpa marketing so unique and different is that it wants
affiliates that are experience in the art of making money online.

But if you tell them the truth that you are new to the cpa marketing world they will not accept
you in their network.

So how do you get accepted in the cpa network?
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Getting Accepted In CPA Network

The cpa networks will sometimes refer to you as a publisher while others refer to you as an
affiliate-don’t get confused, it means the same thing.

The first thing that you should do before you sign up for any cpa network is to make sure
that you have a website.

They will ask you for your website address. I suggest that you do not put up a free website
such as or

I recommend that you go out and buy a domain name and get a hosting account to host
your website.

Now it does not have to be a website it can be a wordpress blog but make sure that you
own it. The website is yours. This is your business and you will be using your business
name to appear professional to the cpa networks.

If you are using a blog you should spend some time to get it looking professional. You need
to add your contact information such as your email address and your phone number.

Set up a professional message on your phone using your business name. Again you want
to appear professional!

Let the cpa network know who you really are. Sell yourself to them.

Once you have your website up and running then it’s time to apply to cpa networks. I have
just recommended 10 but there are literally hundreds to choose from. Bear this in mind that
if you don’t get accepted with one, you simple just move on the next one on your list.

Apply to at least 5 just to get a feel for what it feels like. Now here are some standard
questions that you’ll be asked:

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Your Experience Level:

If you are new to cpa marketing, do not tell the networks that. As was mentioned before
they want people who have experience.

So you will have to extend the truth to make yourself look as if you are experienced. You
don’t have to do this but you will not be accepted.

How Will You Promote The Offers:

It is best to put down that you will be doing search which is pay per click and search engine
optimization as your method of driving traffic to the network offers.

If you have been doing email marketing for some time and you have a list, you can put
down that you have an email list.

What Is Your Ad Spending Amount:

Again here you will need to extend your numbers. You want to seem as if you know what
you are doing so it is best to put a figure that will give that impression.

Telling them that you spend anywhere from $300-$500 per day will give you some credibility
within the network.

What Other Networks Are You Working With:

You have to again be creative. If you have worked with Clickbank then list that. Others that
you might want to add are Commission Junction and even Amazon.

The more that you list the more it will give the impression that you have been around the
cpa marketing realm for a while and you are very experienced.

Once you have completed your application make sure to check your email. Most times they
will want you to verify your email address.

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Your application process is still not completed.

The best way to ensure that you get accepted into any cpa network is really to pick up the
phone and call them. The networks are actually impressed when you call because it tells
them that you are serious about your business.

When you call, let them know that you have filled out the application online and you are just
calling to check the status of your application because you are anxious to start working with

The representative on the phone will be asking you some questions so be prepared to
answer. But you have no need to be afraid of this process because the questions that will
be asked by the representative are the same questions that were asked on the online
application. Just make sure that you give the same answers as what you put on your online
application. Once you do that you should be fine.

Most networks will accept you immediately over the phone or they will tell you that you will
hear from them shortly. In a couple of minutes you will normally an email from them saying
that you are approved.

Also most of them will require you to fill out a W2 form immediately if you live in the United
States, others will send you one later for you to fill out and either fax or emailed back to
them. Do this promptly so that your payment will not be delayed from the network.

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What Should I Do If I Was Not Accepted To A CPA Network

Remember that if you get denied don’t feel bad and take it personal. You really only need
about 3-5 anyway. And as was mentioned before there are literally hundred to choose from
so you just simply cross of that name and move on to the next.

There are way too many cpa networks out there for you to feel bad if you did not get
accepted to one.

This is a business and you are going to hear NO once in a while, don’t take it personal, just
cross the name off and move to the next one. It’s their loss anyway, you would have been a
great cpa marketer for their network ☺

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You Have Gotten Accepted- Now What

Now that you have gotten accepted------Congratulations!!!!

Now it’s time to make some serious money.

You will have to decide what type of offers that you want to start out with.

Most people start out with email submit because they are the easiest, however they are
usually the cheapest. Most email submit will pay from $0.80 to $2.00

The more information that is required the more money that will be paid by your cpa network.

Let’s take a look at the types of cpa offers that are available:

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Types of CPA Offers

      • Email submit
         These are just as what they say, if the visitor lands on this page and puts in the
         email address, you get paid. The pay out for this type of offer is usually between
         $0.80 to $2.50

      • Zip Submit

         Once the visitor lands on this page, if he or she inputs in their zip code, you get
         paid, it’s that simple. These usually pay the same as the email submit. The
         payment range between $1.00 -$2.50

      • Free Trial
         You get paid if the visitor signs up for the trial product. These products are
         usually in the weight loss, hair, wrinkle/face or teeth whitening products. They
         usually ask the customer to pay for the shipping while the product is free to try.

          Here the customer will have to pull out their credit card. The cost to the customer
         usually range from $0.99 to $9.99.

         The great benefit of the free offer is that you usually get paid anywhere from $23-
         $40 per free trial signup.

      • Download

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           Once the customer lands on the page, they are usually asked to download some
           type of software onto their computer. Once they have downloaded the software
           you get paid.

           This offer is usually great because they are not asking for any information, just a
           download. These can pay about $2.00 -$3.00 just for a download.

            If you send targeted traffic this can really bring you in some serious money. Just
           50 downloads a day could bring you in $100-$150 per day and you really don’t
           have to do much.

            All you do is just set up the campaign and drive the traffic to the offer. I ran an
           offer with IWON and made a killing with it because the traffic was so targeted.

       • Pin Submit
           This is an offer that the visitor has to put in their cell phone number. Then a pin
           is send to them. Once they receive the pin number they have to input it into the
           offer. Then you get paid.

           This offer is usually for cell phone ringtones. This is usually very targeted
           because the people who are searching for unique ring tone will sign up for this
           offer. This is good at gearing it towards teenagers.

Now that you are familiar with some of the types of offer, you will have to decide which offer
you think is best for you.

You can either try all of them and see which one work for you or you can just pick one that
you think you can be successful at and test it.

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Picking An Offer

When picking an offer here are some things that you should look out for:

Pay attention to this because this could make or break you with a CPA offer.

Most affiliates when they start cpa market, they are not sure what to offer so they just log
into their cpa network account and start picking offers. But this is not a good thing.

A good way to get the best offers is to make yourself know to your affiliate manager. Get to
know him or her. You will get their skype id and AIM. Use it.

You want your affiliate manager to know you because he or she will be able to guide you as
to what offers are convert well already so you don’t have to spend your money to find out
the hard way.

Now here are a few real gems that will help you avoid financial disaster and keep you
picking the best converting offers:

       • Offer Must Be Above The Fold:

Once the page opens the offer to sign up must be at the top. You should not have to scroll
down to see it, it should be right there so that the visitor can see where to sign up

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      • Does The Offer Has Testimonials

Testimonials are really good because people want to purchase something that other people
have bought and have said good things about –such things as- it does work. The more

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testimonials are on the page the better visitors to the page feel confident to try the trial offer.
They are assured that others have tried it and it worked for them.

       • As Seen On

This is always a good indication that the offer might convert well. If you see that it’s been
featured on Oprah, CNN, ABC, NBC and all the other TV listing, people will be more willing
to try it because they feel that they can trust the product.

That is why the Acai Berry free trial was just a big hit. The Acai Berry was featured on
Oprah and every company just used that on their offer page.

       • A Count Down Timer

Whenever a timer is placed on the offer page it is a good sign because it gives the visitor a
sense of urgency. A timer says “you must claim your free offer in the next 7 minutes and
then it begins to count down that time.

Once the timer starts the countdown that is even better, a sense of urgency and pressure.
This causes conversions to skyrocket through the roof.

       • Virtual Actor

Having a virtual actor on a page is usually a another good sign that this should be a great
converting page. A virtual actor is the picture of a man or woman or someone in a lab coat
that start talking as soon as you land on the page.

       • Video

If there is a video on the page you can almost guarantee that the page will be a good
converter. Videos sell and that is just the honest truth. If there is a video that was featured

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on 60 minutes or any of the TV networks it gives more creditability to the website thus giving
people the belief that it’s not a scam and it’s okay to send for the free trial.

Don’t just pick an offer and decide to run with it. Study it and ask yourself if you landed on
this page would you want to pull out your credit card and sign up for the free offer.

Look at the things that you like and dislike. Things you might like are the colors and the
layout, if they get your attention, chances are they will get other people’s attention too!

Get a feel for the landing pages-it will take some time in the beginning. But soon you will do
this so many times that you will be able to decide to promote or not promote an offer in

Take A Look At These Examples:

These screen shot shows above the fold with clear call to action, testimonials and video:

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This one is great because it has a couple of things:

      • As seen on TV
      • It has celebrities- the Kardashians sisters
      • A video of one of the Kardashians sisters recommending the product
      • Has a lot of testimonials
      • Picture of a doctor in a lab coat
      • Can be translated into other languages

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         How To Money With CPA Offers

         Now that you know what to look for when promoting a cpa offer, now it’s time to
         make some money. Once you choose your cpa offer that you’re going to
         promote, you want to do your keyword research ( I will not go into keyword
         research here because I am going assume that you know how to do that)
         You are now reading to set up your campaign. The best thing to get this going
         would be to do a landing page, and it does not have to be anything fancy.

         Just a simple landing page telling the customer the benefits of the offer that
         you’re promoting and a “Click here to see if you qualify” link leading up to the
         offer is fine.

         Just putting up one of these teeth whitening campaign can help you to make
         $500 a day with easy. These teeth whitening payout can range from $35-$40 per
         sign up. All you would need is 13 to 14 sign ups per day!

         Everyone is looking for a cheap way to whitening their teeth these days or to get
         rid of yellow teeth.

         And to increase your income even more you would run more than one teeth
         whitening offer with more than one landing page. You want to test your landing
         pages to see which ones convert into more clicks to your offer page.

         You have heard this many times and you’ll hear it again. Test everything. Test
         your landing pages, test more than one offer.

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         Test your campaign headline, test your body of your adwords campaign. Just
         test everything. You will not know what works until you test everything.

         With the information that you have been giving you are armed and should be on
         your way to making your first $512 per day with just one cpa campaign to start.
         But the more campaigns you set up the more you’ll make.

         These techniques might seem simple but they are powerful.

         These secrets have been used by many of the super affiliates of cpa marketing
         that make anywhere from $5000-$100,000 per day just doing cpa marketing. So
         don’t take it lightly.

         Put these secrets into practice and start making money for yourself with cpa

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         Wrapping It Up

         Now that you have all the covert underground ways in understanding the cpa
         marketing world, it’s now time to take action.

         You are armed with information that can make you a very rich person but you
         must take action and put into practice what you have learnt.

         Just start by taking baby steps and before you know it you will become a super
         cpa marketing affiliate.

         I wish you the best of luck in your cpa marketing journey.

         Afoot Newheug

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