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Degree College of Physical Education Amravati

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          Degree College of Physical Education is established in the year 1967 by

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Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal, Amravati. This college is permanently
affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati and recognized by the
Govt. of Maharashtra, National Council for Teacher Education WRC, Bhopal and
UGC under 2(f). The college is also assessed and accredited by NAAC, Bangalore in
‘A’ Grade in Feb. 2005. The College is also conferred the Autonomous status by Sant
Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati on the recommendation of U.G.C. &
Govt. of Maharashtra for five years from the session 2007-08 to 2011-2012 on the
date 26.02.2008.
         The college provides its services to the students, community and profession
for their development with the following goals, aims, objectives, mission and pledge.
There are Thirty eight full time and eight contributory teaching staff members
teaching in the college. Where as Forty Five non-teaching staff members are working
in the college.
         The State Governments such as Tripura, Manipur, Assam, Orissa, Bihar,
West-Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi, Goa, Nagaland, Sikkim, Andaman               and
Nicobar Island etc. have been deputing the in-service teachers for B.P.E., B.P.Ed. &
M.P.Ed. courses. Students from neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan are
deputed by the respective countries for undergoing Degree and Post-Graduate courses
from the college.

        The college strives to nurture the students who could reflect the fusion of
traditional values with rational approach for the stronger young generation having
contemporary professional insight in the field of Physical Education and Sports
Sciences. College seeks to cultivate a sense of National Responsibility through its
efforts to develop Physical Education-a base for the betterment of the future
generation. The inter-dependence of sports and society, sports and healthy
environment have been very well acceptable throughout the world. To fulfill this
mission, Degree College of Physical Education intends to produce excellent physical
education teachers with commitment to profession. Ultimately it should contribute for
the up gradation of society and profession of physical education and sports as a

i)   To produce efficient teachers, organizers, administrators and researchers in the
     field of physical education and sports.
ii) To provide and to promote opportunities for Value Education and Yoga
iii)    To prepare physical education teachers who could provide coaching for
        producing top class sportsmen.
iv)     To provide sports facilities to educational institutions at all levels to participate
        in coaching programme and to organize competitions.
v)      To serve as Sports Extension Service Centre.
vi)     To promote research in physical education and sports sciences.
vii)    To preserve and popularize the traditional Indian physical culture and sports.
viii)   To co-operate with all national, international, voluntary, professional
        organizations and associations concerned with Yoga, Health, Sports, Recreation,
        Physical Education & Sports Sciences.
ix)     To co-operate with the government organizations in their efforts to raise the
        standard of sports and physical fitness of the citizens of our country.
x)      To encourage teachers to publish conducive literature on physical education,
        health, Yoga, sports and nutrition.
xi)     To stimulate interest and awareness among the masses about physical fitness,
        sports and yogic practices.
xii)    To provide library facilities and guidance of teachers at different levels of
xiii)   To provide all types of computer services to the teachers and students.
xiv)    To achieve the status of Deemed University in due course of time.

Aims and Objectives
i)     To train students in physical education to provide teachers and lecturers for
       secondary schools, colleges and universities.
ii) To prepare administrators and supervisors in physical education, who will be
       able to conduct and organize programmes of physical education in all types of
       institutions and organizations.
iii) To prepare research workers and academic leaders in physical education.
vi) To prepare and publish literature in the fields of Physical Education, Games and
       Sports and Sports Sciences.
v) To run in-service training courses, refresher and orientation courses in physical
       education and allied sciences.
vi) To organize professional Seminars, Conferences, Workshop and Clinics for the
       exchange of professional experiences, informations and research outputs.
vii) To provide a platform for professionals for discussions, meetings and
       professional transactions.
viii) To determine and prescribe its own courses of study, syllabi, restructure and
       redesign the courses to suit local and regional needs.
ix) To prescribe rules for admission in consonance with the reservation policy of
       the State Government.
x) To evolve methods of assessment of students’ performance, the conduct of
      examinations and notification of results.
xi) To use modern tools of educational technology to achieve higher standards and
      greater creativity.
xii) To promote healthy practices such as community service, extension activities,
      projects for the benefit of the society at large etc.
xiii) To promote inter-disciplinary research in the field of Physical Education, Yoga,
      Sports Science, Ayurveda & traditional sports.
       We, the students and staff of this college pledge that we shall always
remember the ideals of those who had done supreme sacrifices for our
Independence and the soldiers who are guarding borders of our country. We
shall respect constitution of our nation. We shall always be prepared for
promoting health and fitness of our countrymen, and also dedicate ourselves for
making our younger generation educated and cultured. “Jai-Hind”

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
        Assessment and Accreditation of institutions of higher education including
teacher education institutions has been recognized as a quality ensuring mechanism
all over the world and it has become necessary and relevant to our country being the
largest system of higher education. Because of rapid expansion in higher education,
there is a need and importance to maintain and improve the quality assurance system
of education.

      To ensure continuous improvement in the entire operation of the institution.

The following were the members of the said committee:
Chairman                                      Dr. S.C.Sharma
Adm. Officer from the Management              Dr. S.H. Deshpande
Office Administrator                          Sh. A.K. Karmarkar
Nine Members of the academic                  Smt. R.R. Pande, Sh. S.P. Deshpande,
staff council                                 Sh. J.N. Godse, Dr. S.C. Sharma,
                                              Sh. V.M. Koleshwar, Sh. A.P. Upadhyay,
                                              Dr. K.K. Debnath, Sh. S.D. Patil,
                                              Sh. Tomy Jose,
Nominee of the Management                     Adv. K.H. Deshpande
Local Body / Society Member                   Sh. V.H. Harne
One Teacher Co-ordinator                      Sh. K.S. Pandhwal ( Convener)

        The meeting of IQAC was held on 28th April, 2008 and the perspective plans
for the session 2008-09 were discussed and finalized as follows:

1.       Organization of counseling centers and conduct of Common Entrance
         Test (CET) for admission to various courses of the college.
2.       To organize workshops, Seminars and conferences in physical education and
         sports, yoga and naturopathy and computer science and applications.
3.       To reform the internal evaluation system.
4.       To submit the research projects minor and major to U.G.C. for grant in aid.
5.       To apply for State Government to start the following under graduate and Post
         graduate courses i) B.Sc. Computer ii) M.Sc. Computer iii) Bachelor of
         Business Administration and iv) Master of Yoga Education.
6.       To reform the rules and regulation for conduct of examinations under
7.       To apply for grant in aid to UGC under XIth plan developments.
8.       Development of following facilities, maintenance & construction of
         building.(Subject to receive the grant in aid from U.G.C.)
        Items                                                              Rs.
       i) Library books and journals                                    2,50,000
       ii) Sports Material                                              3,00,000
       iii) Scientific equipments                                       3,00,000
       iv) Gymnasium equipments                                         4,00,000
       iv) Teaching aids, A.V. aids                                     2,00,000
       vi. Road developments                                            2,00,000
       vii. Furniture                                                   3,00,000
                                       Total Rs.                       19,50,000

b)    Construction and maintenance of Building
       Items                                                               Rs.
       i) Hostel for P. G. Department                                   8,00,000
       ii)    Laboratory                                                2,00,000
       iii)   Library                                                   2,00,000
       iv)    Administrative building for BCA                           6,00,000
       v)     Examination department building                           4,00,000
                                          Total Rs.                    41,500,00v)

                                                 Part A
 Plan of Action for Quality Enhancement and Outcome achieved in
                            year 2008-09
1. A) Organization of counseling centers and conduct of Common Entrance
        Test (CET) for admission to various courses of the college.
             The college conducted counseling at the following centers of the
      country from 16th to 28th June 2008:
      Porbander, Patan and Walsad (all Gujrat), Hamirpur (H.P.), New Delhi (N.D.),
      Dehradun and Haldwani (U.K.), Bereilly and Kanpur (U.P.) Ranchi and
      Dhanbad (Jharkhand), Bhagalpur and Patna (Bihar), Kotalpur and Darjeeling
     B) Conduct of Common Entrance Test (CET) for admission to various
           courses of the college.
        This College is exempted and allowed to conduct its own CET for the
        admission to B.P.Ed. and M.P.Ed. Courses by Pravesh Niyantran Samiti
        appointed by Govt. of Maharashtra. The college conducted entrance test for
        admission to M.P.Ed. on 16th and 17th July 2008, and from 23rd to 27th July
        2008 for B.P.Ed. course. The selection committee prepared the final list of
        selected candidates and the list was displayed on the notice board on 18th July
        for M.P.Ed. and 30th July for B.P.Ed. All the selected candidates completed
        their admission process on 20th July and 31st July 2008. The Intake capacity of
        the students for different courses were confirmed. The regular teaching classes
        of different courses had been started since 19th July for the M.P.Ed. Part- I and
        for B.P.Ed. from 31st July of the session and it was continued up to 30th April
        The college conducted entrance test for admission to B.P.E-I, D.Y.Ed.
        P.G.D.Y.T-I and M.A.Yogashastra on 30th and 31st July 2008.

2.      Organization of workshops, Seminars and conferences in physical education
        and sports, yoga and naturopathy and computer science and applications.
     a) Seminar organized by Department of Computer Science and Applications.
     b) UGC sponsored National Conference on “Role of Yoga Therapy and Allied
        Therapies on Prevention, Cure and Rehabilitation on Psycho-somatic
        Disorders” dated 7th and 8th Feb. 2009 was organized by the College’s Yoga
        and Naturopathy Department. It was aimed to have an insight in to the
        Potential of yoga therapy and allied therapies to cure, for remedy and
        restoration of vitality of the body and mind in this ever changing life style.
        Dr. H. R. Nagendra, Vice Chancellor of Swami Vivekananda Yoga
        Anusandhana Sansthana (Deemed University) Bengaluru gave away the
        keynote address. Work shop on Yoga and Naturopathy was also organized on
        9th Feb. 2009.
     c) U.G.C. sponsored “National Seminar Cum Workshop for Physical Education
        Text Book Authors, Sports Journal Editors, Research Scholars and Publishers”
        dated 21st, 22nd and 23rd March 2009 was organised by the College. Major
        General S.N.Mukherjee, Vice Chancellor, Laxmibai National University of
        Physical Education, Gwalior in his speech appreciated the efforts of this
        college in this direction, which is an area untouched till now and emphasized
        the importance of quality literature in the profession.

3.      Formation of the internal evaluation system.
        The college has developed the Internal Evaluation system by constituting
        various committees for the smooth administration and organization of the
        activities of the college. Each committee is constituted in such a manner that
        the responsibilities are given to the chairman of each committee. Each
        committee has Chairman, Convener and members.
      Main Committees:
      1. Board of Management
      2. Academic Board
      3. Board of Study of Physical Education
      4. Board of Study of Yogic Sciences
      5. Board of Study of Career Oriented Programme and Short Term Courses
      6. Board of Study of Computer Science and Application
      7. Finance Board
      8. Examination Committee & Sub- Committee for Examinations
      9. Purchase Committee
      10. Planning and Evaluation Committee
      11. Grievance and Redressal Committee
      12. Library Committee
      13. Admission Committee
      14. Student Welfare Committee
      15. Extra Curricular Activity Committee
      16. Prospectus Committee
       Each committee conduct the meetings when ever required as per UCC
       Guidelines and Draft statute of M.S. Government to improve, change,
       addition, innovations for enhancement and evaluate the programmees which
       comes under its jurisdiction.

4.    Research Project in Progress:
      A minor research project is granted by U.G.C., which is in progress, entitled
      “Relationship of Cardio-Pulmonary Index and Coopers’ 12 Minute Run/walk
      Test and their comparisons among Team Players”
      Principal Investigator :- Dr. K. K. Debnath
      Associate Investigator :- Dr. B. A. Khan

 5.   To College has started the following under graduate and Post graduate
      courses from the academic session 2008-09:
       i) B.Sc. (Computer Science)
      ii) Bachelor of Business Administration and
      iii) Master of Yoga Education.

 6.   To reform the rules and regulation for conduct of examinations under
      The committee was constituted to reform the rules and regulations for the
      conduct the examinations in the month of July 2009. This committee
      suggested some reforms in the rules and regulations to the Academic council.
      The Academic Council accepted and passed the rules as follows:
      i) Percentage for Passing in Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses.
      ii) Rules for ATKT
      iii) Rules for Unfair Means during Examinations.
      iv) Instant Examinations for out going students.

 7.   To apply for a general development grant to UGC under XIth plan

1.      Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the college:
             The Academic Board prepared the Annual Academic calendar for the
      session 2008-09 and also the course wise and class wise calendars were
      prepared which include admission process, start of the college, first unit test,
      first terminal test, third unit test, second terminal test, model test, seminar,
      workshop, conferences, community services, extension services, extra curricular
      activities as picnic tours, leadership camps, NSS camps, Blood donation camps,
      Innovation programme for students and faculty members etc.

1.1 Commencement of First Session:
         The college was started from 16th July1008. The process of admissions
    was completed up to 31st July. The regular classes were started from 31st July.
    Conduct of Regular Classes (Practical and Theory) including
    extra- curricular programme

      Practical                Theory         Conduct of Practice Teaching / Learning
                                              and Teaching classes
      B.P.Ed.                                 20 lessons conducted on different Schools and
      Time 6.30 to 8.30 a.m.   9.30 a.m. to   practicals on different activities of sports and
      4.00 to 6.00 p.m.        12.15 p.m.     games conducted as prescribed in syllabus.
      M.P.Ed.                                 Library work, Group research project,
      Time 6.30 to 8.30a.m..   9.30 a.m. to   dissertation, conducting tests, Library
      4.00 to 6.00 p.m.        12.15 p.m.     orientations, Preparation of Article Publication,
                                              Conducting and organizing Workshop,
                                              Symposium, Clinics and conferences , lessons
                                              and officiating assignments

  Terminal Examination -Theory
  The First Terminal Exam was conducted by college from 13th to 18th October 2008.

1.2 Commencement of Second Session
     The second session of academic year (2008-09) after the Diwali Vacation,
     commenced from 10th November 2008, and it continued till 30th April 2009.
     The Second Terminal Examination was conducted from 19th -24th January
     Model Test Examination for BPE Ist Year and IIIrd Year were conducted from
     3rd to 10th March 2009 and the Model Test for B.P.E. IInd Year, D.Y.Ed.,
     B.P.Ed. & M.P.Ed., D.Y.Ed. and M.A. Yogashashtra Courses held from 2nd to
     7th April 2009.

1.3     Internal Assessment System:
        The Internal Examinations were conducted to evaluate the students.
        The pattern of the Examination conducted was as mentioned below:
        First Unit Test for 20 Marks
        First Terminal Exam for 40 Marks
        Second Unit Test for 20 Marks
        Second Terminal Exam for 60 Marks
        Model Test for 100 Marks. ( M.P.Ed. & B.P.Ed. )
Practical Examination
           The students were tested through practical examination on various
     physical activities as per the prescribed syllabus to assess their performance in
     the concerned activities after completion of learning of the particular activity.
     Appropriate assessments of students were done by the concerned activity
            The students who could not attend the internal examinations due to their
     participation in various Inter-collegiate tournaments and competitions of SGB
     Amravati University and other sports events, they were given another chance to
     appear in the supplementary examinations conducted by the college. The results
     of the students in the examination were quite satisfactory.

1.4    Special Classes for Advanced Learners

        Arrangement of Special Classes for Advanced Learners
            A special provision is made for conducting coaching classes of the
      advanced learners to have facilitate them to obtain higher percentage of marks in
      the Annual Examination of SGB Amravati University, Amravati. It is again
      noteworthy to mention that such programme is run along with the regular
      classes after the Diwali Vacation every year.
            The classes were conducted every Saturday from 5.30 to 6.30 p.m. and on
      Sunday from 8.30 to 9.30 a.m.
            A blend of qualified and senior teachers accomplished the required tasks
      voluntarily and also agreed to discharge the same for years together.
            Micro teaching was a part and parcel of the programme. Special emphasis
      was also made for better understanding pertaining to the examination system
      including evaluation, answering to the questions, subject matter presentation
      besides solving to specific questions.
            In this year twelve students each from the outgoing classes of all courses
      were selected for the said classes.

1.5 Remedial Classes to the Educationally Disadvantaged Students
          The poor students were provided remedial classes by the college, so that
    they could pass the examinations successfully. For testing the effect of these
    efforts, examinations were conducted and the papers were assessed. The
    concerned teachers guided the students regarding the committed mistakes and
    suggested corrective measures. All the adopted measures were found to be
    fruitful and brought about expected results in the examinations.

1.6     Intramural Programme for all the Courses:
           Our college divide the students into different groups named as house for
      the purpose of conducting various activities such as picnics, intramural
      competitions etc.
        The details of Intramural progamme for the session 2008-09 are as follows:
Inaugural function- 8th August 2008
Chief Guest – Dr. A. M. Asnare, Director of Physical Education and Recreation,
Department of S.G.B. Amravati University, Amravati
Guest of honour – Sh. V. H. Harne, Director, D.C.P.E., Amravati
President of the function- Dr. A. N. Khodaskar, Principal, D.C.P.E.
Director of Intramural Programme – Sh. W. Kenedy Singh
Participants – 560 (Boys and Girls)
Programme attended – All members of staff and students
Areas of Activities undertaken during the year -2008-09
Tug of War, Swimming, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Cricket, Football and
Cultural Dance.

The Annual Athletic Meet
        The Intramural Competition came into an end along with the closing
ceremony of Annual Athletic Meet at the hands of Chief Guest Dr. Pradipji Shingore
and Guest of honour Shri Sanjay Agarwal, Corporator, A.M.C., Amravati.
Dr. S. C. Sharma, Principal, DCPE, presided over the function on 24th January 2009 at
3.30 p.m..Vote of thanks was proposed by the student secretary.

General Championship (Men) : B.P.E. III Year, Runners-up B.P.E. IInd year
General Championship (Women) : B.P.Ed., Runners-up B.P.E. IInd Year
Athletics-General Championship (Men) : B.P.E. IIIrd Year Runners-up B.P.E. IInd
Athletics-General Championship (Women) : B.P.Ed. I Year Runners-up B.P.E. IInd

1.7     Sports and General Knowledge Test
            Our college conducts the objective type tests for giving knowledge to the
      students about how to prepare themselves for the competitive examinations.
      This year two tests were conducted on 22nd December 2008 and 2nd February

1.8     Leadership Training Camp for B.P.Ed. Course at Chikhaldara
            The college organizes the Leadership Training camps every year at
      Chikhaldara camp site in the month of January. This year it was organized from
      31st December 2008 to 6th Jan 2009. The camp provided them variety of
      experiences in group in the nature. The whole programme of the camp was
      planned and organized under the active supervision of course incharge along
      with the concerned house counselors. The full strength of B.P.Ed. students were
      grouped and different committees were formed accordingly to facilitate better
      workmanship at the camp.
1.9     Participation in Inter-collegiate and Inter- University Tournaments /
             The university organizes the Inter-collegiate tournaments /competitions in
       38 activities for Men/Women. The students of the college participated in all the
       intercollegiate competitions /tournaments of the said university as a member of
       different teams. This excelled their innate potentialities for better performance in
       University and College skill examinations too. Hundred Men & Women student
       players of the college were also selected for University team for the
       participations in Inter-University Competitions.
             The College participates in all the activities of inter-collegiate tournaments
       of Amravati University. Maximum students get the opportunity to participate in
       the tournament of different activities as a member of college team and also gets
       selection as a member of different activities of university teams. This helps
       student to improve the level of performance of skill and techniques which helps
       the students in giving better performance in university skill examination. Our
       college had participated in all 38 activities. The students strength of the college
       is near about 1460 out of them 35% students participated in inter collegiate
       tournaments. In total 489 students ( 291 Men and 198 Women) represented the
       college team. The college has secured the winner championship in 11 activities
       and Runner up in 6 activities. Thus college also gained general championship in
       Men and Women Sections.
             93 students of the college selected for University team, almost in all the
       activities of the Inter University Competitions. The college feels proud and
       privileged to state that 35% of students have participated in inter-collegiate
       tournaments and about 10% students represented in Inter University

Achievement of our College Teams in Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University
Inter Collegiate Competitions in the year 2008-2009

      1. Basketball                 Women                                    Winner
      2. Basketball                 Men                                      Runner
      3. Cricket                    Women                                    Winner
      4. Football                   Men & Women                              Winners
      5. Kabaddi                    Women                                    Runner
      6. Swimming                   Men                                      Winner
      7. Volleyball                 Women                                    Winner
      8. Wrestling                  Men                                      Winner
      9. Handball                   Women                                    Winner
      10. Athletics                 Men & Women                              Winners
      11. Hockey                    Men                                      Runner
      12. Judo                      Women                                    Runner
      13. Judo                      Women                                    Runner
      14. Badminton                 Men & Women                              Winners
      15. Table Tennis              Men                                      Winner
      16. Power Lifting             Men                                      Winner
      17. Mallakhamb                Men                                      Winner
      18. Korfball                  Men & Women                              Runners
1.10     Incentives to outstanding Sportsmen
             The College provided Rs. 200/- to each member of all the participating
       teams in Inter Collegiate tournaments for kits. Refreshments were also provided
       during the competitions. The conveyance charges also paid by the college for
       participation in inter-collegiate tournaments and Rs. 400 each was given to the
       University Colour holders by the college for claiming their blazers. The students
       got 3 marks as Incentive for participation in Intercollegiate Tournament &
       5 Marks for Inter University Participation. These Incentive Marks are added in
       the final examinations. Apart from this, for outstanding performers at Inter
       University Tournament as well as those who achieve position in the said
       tournament, our college provide concession in tuition / hostel / mess fees
       concessions during studies.

1.11 Students’ Activities:
Independence Day Celebration
           The college every year celebrates different National functions.
     This year Independence day was celebrated at 7.00 a.m. on 15 August 2007. The
     flag was hoisted by Hazi Mofti Md. Sk. Zakir.
     All staffs, students and employees were present on the occasion.

Janmashtami Celebration
         On 23rd August, 2008 Janmashtami was celebrated. The principal, all staff
    members and students were present at the function. It was organized by
    students’ council of the college in Ananta Krida Mandir.

Teachers Day Celebration
          Every year on 5th September the teacher’s day is celebrated to remember
    and to pay tribute to Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the first vice-president of
    India. This function was organized by students’ council on 05-09-2008.

Dadaji Punyatithi (Founder’s day)
         Every year college organizes the founder’s day on 9th September. The
    members of teaching & non-teaching staff attended the programme. On these
    day students from all colleges, schools and Institutions run by Mandal were
    present. The Blood Donation camp was also organized on the day in which
    many students donated their blood.

Gouri Pooja
          This year Gouri Pooja festival was conducted by the Girl students of the
    college from 8th September 2008.

Ganesh Utsav
          In Maharashtra Ganesh Festival is organized on a large scale. The college
    also celebrated it from 3rd September to 13th September 2008. In this festival
    various cultural programmes and sports competitions were organized by the
    students’ council through-out the week.
Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti
           The students of the college celebrate Jayanti and Punyatithi of National
    leaders every year to inspire the students. This year, on 2nd October 2008,
    college celebrated Gandhiji and Shastriji Jayanti. All teaching, non-teaching
    staff and students attended the function.

Vijaya Dashmi
           This year Vijaya Dashmi Festival was celebrated on 9th October 2008 at
     Dassera Maidan, Badnera Road, Amravati. About 1200 Boys and Girls students
     participated in it delightedly and presented colourful demonstrations in various
     physical and cultural activities. Thousands of sports lovers and people of the city
     witnessed the demonstrations.

2.     Courses offered by the College under Autonomy :
       The college offers the following Degree, Diploma and Post Graduate courses
along with the Career Oriented Courses recognized by SGB Amravati University.

Regular Courses
S.No. Name of Courses                        Duration of Course              Intake Capacity
1       Master of Physical Education Two Years                               60 ( Each Year)
2        B.P.Ed.                             One Year                        350
3        D.Y.Ed.                             One Year                        30
4        P.G.D.Y.T.                          Two Years                       30 ( Each Year)
5        B.P.E.                              Three Years                     250 (Each Year)
6        M.C.A.                              Three Years                     60 (Each Year)
7        Career Oriented Courses             Ist Year – Certificate          40 Each Year
                                             II Year - Diploma Cert. for Each Discipline
                                             IIIrd Year – Advance Diploma Cert.
8        B.C.A.                              Three Years                     80 ( Each year)
9.*      B.Sc. (Computer)                    Three Years                     80 ( Each year)
10.* B.B.A.                                  Three Years                     80 ( Each year)
11.* M.A. (Yogashastra)                      Two Years                       20 (Each year)
*Serial Nos. 9, 10 and 11 are started from the session2008-09
Serial no.7- Career Oriented courses are sponsored by UGC, New Delhi.

3.      Innovations in Curricular Design and Transaction:
            All the Subject Boards under Autonomy has renovated the curriculum of
      their faculties along with the evaluation system and put it before the academic
      Council. The Academic Council with necessary required changes passed and
      implemented them.
            The Subject Boards for Social Science( M.A.Yogashastra) and, Commerce
      (B.B.A.) were constituted . The Curriculum for the M.A.Yogashastra (Two
      years) and B.B.A. (Three years) was prepared and after the approval of the
      Academic Council it was implemented.
4.      Career Oriented Course
4.1     Career Orientation Programme (UGC Sponsored)
            The College provides vocational programme for undergraduate students
      under the10th plan scheme of UGC i.e. Career Oriented Programme. It offers
      Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Programme which is run parallel to
      conventional BPE (Three Years). UGC has sanctioned the following courses
      under Career Oriented Programme for B.P.E. Part-I from the academic year
      2004-2005. This is the only college in Maharashtra which is conducting the
      following career orientated courses sponsored by U.G.C. New Delhi, for B.P.E.
      (Three Years) students only.
        1. Health Club Management 2. Self Defense         3. Aerobics
            Students can complete any one of these programmes along with their
      regular study as one of the job oriented programme on payment of prescribed
      education and examination Fee.
            Examinations of these courses are conducted by the College and
      Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma are awarded by the college on
      completion of the programme successfully in Ist year, 2nd year and 3rd year
      respectively along with their regular study.
Benefits of Career Oriented Programme for B.P.E. (Three Years) Students
 1) These courses are most useful for B.P.E. Students to start their own enterprise or
    they can do the service. Career Oriented Course will solve unemployment
    problem of young pupils and will also provide employment to other youths.
 2) After passing B.P.E. (Three Years) course with the additional qualification of
    Advance Diploma in any one of the Career Oriented Programme, the students
    will be given preference in admission to B.P.Ed. (One Year) Training Course or
    in M.P.Ed. (Two Years) Course.
 3) No separate Lodging and Boarding fee is required for Career Oriented Courses.

4.2     Career Oriented Course for B.P.Ed. Students
            After realizing the positive outcomes of the said course the college has
      introduced career oriented course for B.P.Ed. students too on its own. All
      students took advantage of the following career oriented programme in the field
      of their interest viz. Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho,
      Football, Cricket, Hockey, Handball, Badminton, Swimming etc. These courses
      were completed successfully by the last working/teaching day of the session. It
      is mentionable that teachers and students relations were found to be very healthy
      and co-operative for the entire duration of the course.

5.      Initiative towards Faculty development programme
           The Members of the staff are always encouraged and motivated to improve
     their academic excellence. It is, being desired by the staff members too. The
     members of the staff, henceforth are usually provided with seed money and
     study leave for the purpose.
       The following are the names of the staff members undergone in service
education and training were as follows.
5.1 Appeared in Examination of M. Phil. Degree
       i) Smt. Sheela Sanjay Thakre
     ii) Sh. S. D. Chavan
    iii) Sh. S. L. Ingole
    iv) Sh. S. R. Marathe
    vii) Smt. Pratima Bhonde
    viii) Smt. Kiran V. Rahane
    ix) Sh. Ashish Hatekar

5.2 The Teachers who have passed the M. Phil Degree:
    i)    Smt. Madhuri Chendke
    ii) Sh. S. S. Tirthkar
    iii) Sh Yogesh Nirmal
    iv) Sh. Sharad Bakhade
    v) Sh. V. V. Dalal
    vi) Sh. S. M. Madavi
    vii) Sh. R. D. Hambarde
    viii) Sh. R. V. Pande

5.3       List of teachers attended Refresher course at RSTM Nagpur University
       i)    Sh. L. M. Khandagale
       ii) Sh. D.V. Phadnis
       iii) Sh. S. M. Madavi
       iv) Sh. D. B. Sawarkar
       v) Sh. N. D. Nawathe
       vi) Sh. U. N. Manjre

5.4   List of teachers attended Refresher course at S. G. B. Amravati University
      i)    Sh. K. S. Pandhwal
      ii) Sh. U. C. Thakur
      iii) Sh. K. S. Khandwe
      iv) Sh. A. P. Upadhyay
      v) Smt. L. S. Chawla
      vi) Sh. S. G. Sharma
      vii) Sh. R. V. Pande
      viii) Sh. S. L. Ingole
      ix) Smt. Rekha Bakhade
      x) Sh. P. S. Bhalerao

5.5    List of teachers attended Orientation course at S. G. B. Amravati University
      i)     Smt. Madhuri Chendke
      ii)    Sh. S. P. Joshi
      iii)   Sh. V. V. Dalal
5.6 Creative and Innovative Ability Development Programme
          This programme was for teachers orientation and quality improvement.
    The main aim of this programme was to acquaint the teachers pertaining to the
    latest development in games and sports, professional subjects and the subjects
    of allied sciences. This programme for the teachers was conducted by the
    Teachers and for the teachers of the Institute. It helped extensively to the
    teachers who participated in this programme. These programmes were
    conducted on every second and fourth Saturdays during the session.

5.7     Seminar Participation & Paper Presentation
             Almost all the teachers of the college participated in National Seminars
       and Conferences organized by the different Colleges / Institutions in different
       parts of country.
             Prof. K. S. Pandhwal, Dr. K. K. Debnath, Dr. B. A. Khan, Shri Tomy Jose,
       Shri. A. P. Upadhyay, Shri S. R. Marathe, Shri L. M. Khandagale, Shri S. D.
       Patil, Shri U. N. Manjre presented papers in the National Seminars and

      List of Papers Published by the teachers of the college

       Selected Anthropometric Measurements and Motor Fitness Components of
        Soccer Players in Relation to Positional Play- A Relation and comparative
        study- Dr. B. A. Khan, Prof. Tomy Jose
       Values Among Elementary Teacher Trainees of Punjab State in Relation to
        Cardio-respiratory fitness – Dr. S. C. Sharma
       Prescription of Individual Fitness Exercise Programme – An outline
         – Dr. B. A. Khan
       Comparative Effect of Different Duration of Warming up on the Selected
        Physical Fitness Components of Volleyball Players – Dr. B. A. Khan
       “Strokes for Folks the Basics of Massage and its Manipulations”
        –Dr. K. K. Debnath
       “ Aqua Therapy and its Benefits” - Sh. L. M. Khandagale & Sh. Tomy Jose
       “ Yoga for Health and Well being” - Sh. K. S. Pandhwal
       “ Yoga and Nature Cure for Migraine”
        - Sh. A. P. Upadhyay and K. S. Khandwe
       “ Low Back Pain- its Prevention and Rehabilitation”
            -Dr. B. A. Khan and Tomy Jose
       “ Therapeutic Effects of Flower Essences on Reversing Negative Mental
        States and Rebalancing Emotions. - M. S. Chendke
       “ Why Quality Assurance in Higher Education? ” – Dr. B. A. Khan
       “Importance of lesson planning and teaching aids for yoga teacher”
        - Sh. S. D. Patil
       “Effect of Yoga and Nature care on Hypertension.” – Sh. S. D. Patil
       “Shankhaprakashalana” (Master key to health) - Sh. S. D. Patil
       “Internal Assessment as Integral Part of Educational Process”
          – Sh. K. S. Pandhwal
       “Effect of Shadow Step Training on Playing Ability of Badminton Players”
        - Dr. B. A. Khan
       “Health and Fitness through the Way of Yogic Life” – Shri S. R. Marathe

5.8      Membership of Professional Organizations, Associations, Federations and
             Staff of the college is free to form and join any professional organization
       of local, district, state, national or international levels as member or office bearer
       by notifying the principal and the authority of the institution. Staff of the college
       is enjoying this freedom by accepting membership of any professional
       organization, games and sports. Most of the staff, are members of district and
       state Physical Education Teachers Associations, Coaches’ Association, National
       Association of Physical Education, Sports and Allied Sciences viz. Athletics,
       Swimming, Judo, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Archery, Yoga, Basketball, Football,
       Hockey, Cricket, Kabaddi, Mallakhamb and Korfball etc. including Govt.
       nominees on different state bodies.

5.9     Appointment of Members for various committees, boards, examinations of
         the University / College.
             College allows all teachers to accept the appointments offered by Sant
       Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati and other Indian Universities as
       well. Many of teachers of this college are usually appointed as paper setters,
       moderators, valuers, external, internal examiners in practical, practice teaching
       and viva-voce examinations. Teachers of the college act as the
       members/chairman of university team selection committees. They are also
       appointed as coach/manager of team and take the team for participation in inter
       university tournaments.
             There are quite a few teachers of the institution act as
       members/chairperson on local enquiry committees, selection committees for
       lectureship, lecturers’ placement committees, students’ admission committees,
       board of studies, board of physical education and recreation, research
       committees, etc by the university (ies).
                 Many members of the staff were appointed for the above
         mentioned duties /responsibilities during this session.

6.      Students Achievements and Awards (Academic)
            The students of Degree College of Physical Education, who scored highest
       marks in the annual examination of B.P.E., B.P.Ed., D.Y.Ed., M.P.Ed. and
       M.C.A. final year of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, were felicitated
       “Best Student Award” on 23rd March 2009. These students were also honoured
          with Rajguru Puraskar by DCPE except D.Y.Ed. The topper in D.Y.Ed.
          examination of the said university was awarded “Acharaya Trambak Guru Joshi
          Puraskar”. Acharaya Trambak Guru Joshi was one of the founder members of
          Yoga Department of the Mandal.
                The meritorious students were felicitated by Memento, certificate and cash
          prize of Rs. 5000/- each along with additional special cash prize Rs. 100/- in the
          memory of captain Dhanorkar Guruji.
                The said function was specially organized on 23rd March “Hutatma Day”
          in the memory of Matrubhakt Shivram Hari Rajguru. Shivram Hari Rajguru was
          the student of the Mother institute Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal.

6.1      Merit List of Students of S.G.B. Amravati University, Amravati
         in Summer 2008 Examination
         1) Bachelor of Physical Education ( Three Years Degree Course)
Sr.No. Name of Candidates                                               State          Merit Position
1        Deepak Kumar S/o Shivpujan Singh                               Bihar                  1
2        Naveen Kapri S/o Sh. Basant Ballabh Kapri                      Uttarakhand            2
3        Sumit Singh S/o Sh. Darshan Singh Gusain                       Uttarakhand            3
4        Yoginder Singh S/o Sh. Uttamsingh                              H.P.                   4
5        Pramila D/o Devendra Dutt Uniyal                               Uttarakhand            5
6        Arun Kumar S/o Sh. Parshotam Singh                             H.P.                   6
7.       Aditi Mahajan D/o Devender Kumar                               H.P.                   7
8.       Pema Dorjee S/o Sheebu                                         Arunachal Pradesh 8
9.       Debojit Moran S/o Bireswar Moran                               Assam                  9
10.      Rahuldev Patiyal S/o Himmat Singh                              U.P.                   10

2)           Master of Physical Education ( Two Years Post Graduate Course)

1            Dipak Kumar Brahma S/o B.C. Brahma                                                            B.T.C. (Assam)                      1
2            Ankur Chauhan S/o. Amarchand Chauhan                                                          Punjab                              5

6.2          Merit List of Students of Degree College of Physical Education,
             Autonomous College, Amravati in Summer 2008 Examination

1.        Bachelor of Physical Education
        Sr.No. Name of Candidates                                                                                                   Merit No.
        1      Anurag Chandra S/o Sr. Sajjan Prasad                                                                                    1
        2      Khim Singh S/o Shri. Sher Singh                                                                                         2
        3      Anand Singh Negi S/o M. S. Negi                                                                                         3
        4      Chandrakant Gautam S/o Umesh Kumar                                                                                      4
        5      Alakh Niranjan S/o Nandjee Choubey                                                                                      5
        6      Kush Kumar Tripathi S/o Akhileshwar Tripathi                                                                            6
     7          Chitralekha Kumari D/o Akhileshwar Tripathi                    6
     8          Vinay Singh S/o Bhawan Singh                                   8
     9          Gour Chandra Ghosh S/o Anil Chandra Ghosh                      9
     10         Ashish Kumar S/o Shri Vijendra Singh                          10
     11         Roopa Rawat D/o Birbal Singh Rawat                            11

2.        Diploma in Yoga Education

     Sr.No.     Name of Candidates                                        Merit No.
     1          Vikesh Thakur S/o Jagdish Chand                              1
     2          Alka Karanwal                                                2
     3          Gavit Manishaben Kamadbhai                                   3

7.        Seminar, Conference and Workshops Organized:
          1 All India paper presentation contest for Post Graduate students was
             organized from 28th and 30th January 2009. In which 148 participants from
             different university and institutions took part. 35 contestants presented
             their papers.
          2 UGC Sponsored National Conference on “Role of Yoga Therapy and
             Allied Therapies in Prevention, Cure and Rehabilitation of Psycho-somatic
             Disorders” was organized by the college from 7th and 8th February 2009.
             Near about 400 delegates belonged to Physical Education, Yoga,
             Ayurveda and Naturopathy from different parts of India took part in the
          3 “National seminar com work-shop for physical education text book
             authors, sport Journal editors, research scholars and publishers” sponsored
             by UGC was organized by the college on 20,21 and 22nd March 2009. 182
             participants took part in the conference as well as workshop. 15 text book
          4 Publishers from Delhi and Mumbai, Sports journal editors, journalists and
             research scholars attended to make the conference success. Shri S. N.
             Mukharjee, Vice Chancellor of LNUPE, Gwalior inaugurated the

8.     Extension Services rendered by the college
           Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal is working in the field of
     Physical Education and Sports. Degree College of Physical Education is run by
     the Mandal. The Mandal had developed all sports facilities like Stadium,
     Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Badminton Hall and Standard Track and grounds
     with Modern facilities for different games. The Mandal and college provide
     these facilities to the community, Govt., Semi Govt. Departments, University,
     corporation, private clubs and sports lovers of the city. The college extends the
     services of its well qualified and trained staff for organization of different
     competitions and tournaments at various levels. The services provided in the
     year 2008-2009 are as follows:
8.1    Extension Services during the session 2008-2009
1 Police Commissionerate State level Police Meeting                 23 June 2008
    Amravati                  (Darbar)
2 District Sports Office      District level Selection Trials for   9th July 2008
    Amravati                  handicap players
3 Amravati Welfare            4th Maharashtra Wrestling             19-20 July 2008
    Association of Deaf.      Championship of the Deaf.
4 J.C.I. Amravati City        Felicitation of Merit Students        27 July 2008
5 District Sports Office      Youth Batton Relay 2008               23 July 2008
6 District Sports Office      Meeting of Deputy Director            23 July 2008
    Amravati                  Amravati for Baton Relay
7 Blood Donation              Felicitation of District Topper       24 Aug. 2008
    Committee Amravati        Students of S.S.C. & H.S.S.C.
8 District Sports Office      District level Badminton              11-13 Aug.
    Amravati                  Championship                          2008
9 Police Commissionerate      Theory Examination for Police         3 Aug. 2008
    Amravati                  Recruitment
10 District Sports Office     District level Mallakhamb, Gym.       21-27 Aug.2008
    Amravati                  Championship
11 District Sports Office     District level Wrestling              29 Aug. 2008
    Amravati                  Championship
12 Police Commissionerate Police recruitment                        27 Aug. 2008
13 District Sports Office     District level Gymnastics             21-22 Aug.2008
    Amravati                  Championship
14 District Sports Office     District level Rope Mallakhamb        26-27 Aug.
    Amravati                  Championship                          2008
15 Deaf and Dumb welfare      Cultural programme of Deaf &          15 Aug. 2008
    Society Amravati          Dumb
16 Gayatri Parivar Trust      Lecture of Sh.Dr.Pranav Pandya        18 Aug.2008
    Amravati                  Chairman International Gayatri
17 Maher Multipurpose         Cultural programme (Dahi handi)       26 Aug. 2008
    Institution Amravati
18 Superintendent Engineer Theory Examination of Water              31 Aug. 2008
    Office Upper Wardha       Supply
19 Deputy Director Office     Theory Examination                    7 Sept.2008
    Land Record Amravati
20 Life Insurance             Divisional level selection Trials     6 Sept.2008
    Corporation of India
21 Police Commissionerate Expert Coaches for Coaching               21 Sept. 2008
22 District Sports office     Divisional Swimming                   1-2 Sept.2008
    Amravti                   Competition
23 L.I.C. Amravati             Divisional Athletics Selection      21 Sept. 2008
24 Vidya Niketan C.B.S.E.      National Swimming Competition       17-21 Sept.2008
   School                      of C.B.S.E. Students
25 Sanskar Bharti              Meeting of National executive       16-18 Oct.2008

26 District Sports Office      State level Gymnastics              19-21 Oct.2008
   Amravati                    Competition
27 Nehru Yuva Kendra           Coaching in Kabaddi, Volleyball,    21 Oct. 2008
   Amravati                    Kho-Kho to rural youth
28 Rotary Club of Amravati     Seminar on Service Tax and VAT      16 Nov. 2008
   Indrapuri                   tax
29 Shrikrishna Seva Trust      Bhagwat Katha Dnyan Yadnya          15-22 Nov.
   Amravati                                                        2008
30 Bhawarilal Samra            Athletic Meet & Cricket             22-23 Nov.
   English High School         Competition                         2008
31 Mallakhamb Association      28th State level Mallakhamb         29-30 Nov.2008
32 South Central Zone          Traditional, Tribal & folk          6-15 Nov.2008
   Cultural Centre Nagpur      painting Workshop
33 District Hospital           Students Participation in Aid       1st Dec. 2008
   Amravati                    awareness rally
34 District Education and      District level D.Ed. Competition    20-21 Dec. 2008
   Training Centre
35 Police Commissionerate      Request for arranged live Blood     19-20 Dec. 2008
   Amravati                    Donor for Governor of Kerala
36 Sudarshan Vyayam-           9th Vidarbha level Tennis Ball      15 Dec. 2008 to
   Krida Sanskrutik Mandal     Cricket Competition                 10th Jan 2009
   Amravati                    (Ground provided)
37 S.G.B.Amravati              SET Exam. of 1000 Candidates        17-18 Jan. 2009
   University Amravati
38 District Sports Office      Provided for Officials for          5-8 Jan. 2009
   Amravati                    National Swimming Competition
39 Maharashtra State           Annual Sports                       18-20 Jan. 2009
   Transport Corporation
40 Satpuda Shikshan            Provided open stadium for lecture   10-14 Jan. 2009
   Prashikshan Prasarak        of Sh. Shiv Kheda
   Mandal Amravati
41 Commissionerate Tribal      Divisional Sports                   13-14 Jan. 2009
42 Ramdeoji Maharaj            Provided open stadium for           31st Jan. 2009
   Sansthan Amravati           cultural programme
43 Govt. Polytechnic           Inter Engineering Diploma Sports    23-28 Jan. 2009
   Amravati                    Meet
44 Divisional                  State level sports and cultural     13-15 Jan- 2009
    Commissionerate Amravati   Competition.
45 Nutan Deaf and Dumb            District level Competition          15 Jan. 2009
   Vidyalay Amravati
46 Govt. Polytechnic              Provided ground and officials for   22-23 Jan. 2009
   Amravati                       Volleyball Competition
47 Janta Raja Welfare             State level Body Building           23 Jan 2009
   Society Amravati               Competition
48 Bharat Sanchar Nigam           Provided coach and ground for       24 Jan to
   B.S.N.L.                       Hockey and Football coaching        3 Feb. 2009
49 District Collector             Theory Examination centre for       1st Feb. 2009
   Amravati                       Talathi (2500 to 3000 Candidates)
50 Amravati Sangeet               Music, Dance and Drama Festival     9-14 Feb. 2009
   Kalopasak Sabha
51 Nehru Yuva Kendra,             Provided officials for District     22 March 2009
   Amravati                       Tournaments

8.2    Intercollegiate Tournament of S.G.B. Amravati University ( 2008-2009)

            This year ( 2008-09) our college conducted Inter Collegiate competition in
      12 activities ( List enclosed). The college also conducted coaching camp for
      University teams such as Swimming, Hockey, Basketball, Kabaddi, Football,
      Ball Badminton Gymnastics and Mallakhamb. Most of the staff members
      worked as Chairman/Members of Selection Committee for selecting the players
      of the University team, as well as appointed as Coach / Manager of the different
      games & Sports of the University team.

Inter Collegiate Tournaments Organized by Degree College of Physical
Education, Amravati (2008-2009)
Sr.No.   Name of Activities     Men/Women          Date
   1   Badminton                 Women     10.9.2208 to 16.9.2008
  2      Badminton                        Men             17.9.2008 to 20.9.2008
  3      Archery                    Men & Women           22.9.2008 to 24.8.2008
  4      Swimming                   Men & Women           23.9.2008 to 25.9.2008
  5      Gymnastics                 Men & Women           27.9.2008 to 29.9.2008
  6      Mallakhamb                       Men             27.9.2008 to 29.9.2008
  7      Rope Mallakhamb                Women             27.9.2008 to 29.9.2008
  8      Athletics                  Men & Women           28.9.2008 to 30.9.2008
  9      Basketball                       Men             1.10.2008 to 6.10.2008
 10      Volleyball                     Women            12.10.2008 to 16.10.2008
 11      Wrestling                        Men            13.10.2008 to 15.10.2008
 12      Power Lifting, Weight            Men            11.12.2008 to 13.12.2008
         Lifting & BestPhysique
9.         Extracurricular activities for Students:
9.1        Adventure Sports
              Degree College of Physical Education conducted the Adventure activities
        at Melghat Forest with the help of National Adventure Foundation, Amravati
        Chapter, Amravati.
              The head office of the NAF at New Delhi, awarded the status of NAF
        chapter to Shree H.V.P.Mandal, Amravati for conducting the various adventure
        activities. This year the college conducted adventure activities like River
        Crossing, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Tarzan-Zib etc. and lectures on Map-
        Reading, Information of Mountaineering equipments, History of
        Mountaineering, Rope Knots etc. This year the camp was conducted for B.P.E.
        Ist & B.C.A. students in the month of Dec 08 & Jan 2009 and for others during
        the Diwali vacation.

9.2    National Cadet Corps (NCC)
           The college NCC unit is affiliated to 8 MAH. BN NCC Amravati. The
     Head Quarter is located in the centre of the city. There were 54 (SD) + 02 (SW)
     cadets enrolled to the senior division NCC Boys and Girls. Details are as
Sr.No. Camps                              Date                        No. of Cadets
1          A.T.C. (Amravati)               14th to 23rd June 2008            10
2          Disaster Management Relief      20th August to                    05
           Camp ( Nagpur)                  31st August 2008
3          Shivaji trial track             22nd November to                  04
           ( Kolhapur)                     6th December 2008
4          Army Attachment camp            24th November 2008 to             06
           ( Kamptee)                      6th December 2008
Coursewise classification of the student
  Sr.No. Course/ Class                        Cadets (SD)              Cadets(SW)
  1       B.P.E. Ist year                              20                  02
  2       B.P.E. II                                    18                  --
  3       B.P.E. III                                   13                  --
  4       B.C.A. I                                     01                  --
  5       B.E.                                         02                  --
          Total                                        54                  02
Social Activities
  Sr.No. Name of Social Service Activities                            No. of Cadets
    1         Tree Plantation                                              56
    2         Blood Donation                                               10
    3         Pulse Polio Campaign                                         50
“B” & “C” Certificate Examination
  Year                   Appeared                                   Passed
                      B                     C               B                C
  2008-09             24                    33              32               11
9.3     National Service Scheme
            The National Service Scheme was started, by the Govt. of India in 1969,
      on a selective-cum- voluntary basis. The scheme has been designed to help
      students to develop their personality through community service. It seeks to
      involve students /youths to work with and among people to initiate social action
      projects and thus enhance their knowledge, skills and test their validity in
      solving community problems and to prepare themselves for assuming
      democratic leadership, responsibilities in the manifold tasks of National

       The following types of programmes were carried out by N.S.S. unit.
a) Tree Plantation
           On 28th August 2008, N.S.S. students planted 150 trees. The programme
     was inaugurated at the hands of Hon’ble Guest Sh. Sunil Limaye, Director,
     Social Forestry, Amravati under the Presidentship of Dr. A. N. Khodaskar,
     Principal, D.C.P.E., Amravati.

b) Blood Group Checking Camp
          From 4th September to 8th September 2008, Blood group checking camp
     of newly admitted students were organized in the college. Blood group of 300
     students had been checked. The camp was organized under the guidance of Dr.
     Ghanshyam Baheti and his team of experts.

c) Blood Donation Camp : - 300 Bottles
            Blood Donation camp was organized on 9th September 2008 by NSS Unit
      of the college. 300 bottles of blood were donated by the college students.

d) Other Programmes:
           The following programmes were followed Healthy Youth for Healthy
     India, Mental & Physical Health, AIDs Awareness, Environment Education,
     Role of Population, Woman’s Law Awareness and Group Discussion.

e) AIDS Awareness Rally ( 1st December 2008 )
          An Aids awareness rally in Amravati city was organized by the joint effort
     of S.G.B. Amravati University, N.S.S. Unit of D.C.P.E. and District general
     hospital. Dr. Shrikant Patil , Co-ordinator N.S.S. , S.G.B. Amravati University,
     Amravati had given the signal of green flag to start the rally from Government

f) Pulse Polio Camp
           On 6th January 2009 Govt. of India’s Pulse Polio Camp was organized at
      Nagpuri gate of Amravati. 50 students of our college acted as volunteers to
      make this camp successful.
g) Youth Day
          On 12th January 2009 Swami Vivekanand birth Anniversary was
     celebrated as Youth Day. A Youth rally was organized by S.G.B. Amravati
     University and Swami Vivekanand Ashram in Amravati University. 100
     students of N.S.S. Unit of D.C.P.E. took part in this rally.

h) A special camp was organized by the unit from 22nd to 28th December 2008 at
     Village Waigaon tq. Bhatkuli, Dist. – Amravati.
           The Inauguration function was organized on 22nd December 2008 at
     4. p.m. The Chief guest of the function was Shri. Bhanudas Maharaj and
     Dr. S.C. Sharma, Principal, D.C.P.E. presided over the function. The different
     programmes were carried out on those 7 days are follows.

      1.   30 latrine tanks were digged
      2.   Blood group checking camp
      3.   Aids awareness lecture
      4.   Animal disease diagnosis camp
      5.   Women disease diagnosis camp
      6.   Blood donation camp
      7.   Child disease diagnosis camp
      8.   Recreation programme
      9.   Farmer jagruti abhiyan

9.4       Scout & Guide Programme
              In order to develop physical, mental and social abilities and to bring about
        the inner potentialities of the students, the Degree College of Physical Education
        has been organizing an additional programme of scout & guide for students of
        B.P.E. & B.P.Ed. courses since 1990.
              During the session 2008-09 in the month of February 2009, 60 Rangers
        attended the programmes successfully. A sound programme was run by the
        members of the committee.

10.       Financial Aid Provided to the College Students
              The college extends fee concession usually to the students under the
        following circumstances. Victims for natural calamities, accidents, earth quake,
        siblings studying together, injured students, outstanding sportsman.
              The sum of said aid provided by the college to the students in this year was
        Rs. 3,37,148/-
11.     Publication Department
            This College has its own publication Wing. Magazines in the subjects like
      Physical Education, Sports Medicine, Movement Education & Yoga are being
      published. Many books useful for College students are published by the
            To provide experience to the students to work as Editor, Co-editor,
      Assistant Editor, for Students’ Weekly – Flame and college annual “Jyotirmaya”
a)      In Publication of the college annual – “Jyotirmaya” the committee nominates
        Chief Editor and Section Editors for “Jyotirmaya”. Chief Editor will select the
        students representatives with the help of course incharges. He will form the
        students editorial board. Chief editor and section editors will select the matter,
        photographs, reports, articles, poems and other literature, chief editor will look
        after the printing, publication and circulation of the college annual.
b)      The staff members of the college are actively involved in Shree H.V.P.
        Mandal’s publication of quarterly ‘Vyayam-Vidnyan’, ‘Research Bi-annual
        for Movement’ and books related to Sports and Physical Education. The
        Committee also encourages staff members to contribute in these publications.
        At the end of the academic year, Co-ordinator of the Committee prepares the
        annual report and submits it to the principal on or before 31st March.
12.     Research Laboratory and Project Committee
            The Sports Science Research Laboratory of the college is recognized by
      Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, previous Amravati University.
            It has 5 sectional labs which are being looked after by a blend of highly
      qualified faculty members with a good deal of experiences in the field of
      Physical Education and Sports and they are co-ordinated by the head of the

      Research Development
            It is very difficult to have a modern society without a well-developed
      education system. The need for research in the field of education is now a matter
      of great urgency. The process of research in education for peace and
      development can help to strengthen, the whole global society and bring out a
      more reliable and acceptable solution. Hence research has become an integral
      part, not only in academic pursuits, but also in all the areas of human activity.
            The Institution has established a scientific laboratory duly recognized by
      the university for the promotion of research work in the field of Physical
      Education and sports. Research council consists of senior teachers who motivate
      other faculty members to undertake research projects in different disciplines.
      Research works are done at the P.G. and Ph.D. level in different areas like
      laboratory oriented, library oriented projects and fieldwork. The college also
      provides Internet services to the Research scholars for easy access to latest
      information and ready references. Some of the senior lecturers are approved
      guide for the Ph.D. Degree, and at present 30 scholars are working under their
Research Centre- Following Supervisors render their services to uplift the
research work in the centre through supervising Ph. D. Scholars
    Dr. V.A. Vaidya
   Sr.No. Name                           University                  Year of
           Ph.D. In Progress
   1.      Shri L.M. Khandagale          SGB Amravati University     2004
   2.      Shri Tomy Jose                SGB Amravati University     2003
   3.      Shri A.K. Upadhyay            SGB Amravati University     2002

    Dr. R.H. Tiwari
   Sr.     Name                          University                  Year of
   No.                                                               Registration
            Ph.D. In Progress
   1.      Shri S.D. Patil               SGB Amravati University     2004
   2.      Smt. Alka Karanwal            SGB Amravati University     2004
   3.      Smt.S.N. Deshmukh             SGB Amravati University     2003
   4.      Shri.V.M. Koleshwar           SGB Amravati University     2003
   5.      Smt. Jyoti Jungare            SGB Amravati University     1998
   1.      Shri. M. Lakde                SGB Amravati University     2008

    Dr. A.N. Khodaskar
   Sr.No. Name                           University                  Year of
            Ph.D. In Progress
   1.      Shri. H. P. Verma             SGB Amravati University     2003
   2.      Shri U. N. Manjre             SGB Amravati University     2008
   3.      Smt. Kene                     SGB Amravati University     2009
   4.      Shri Vighe                    SGB Amravati University     2009
   1.      Shri. P.G. Joshi              SGB Amravati University     2008

    Dr. K.K. Debnath
   Sr.No. Name                           University                   Year of Regi.
                Ph.D. In Progress
   1.      Sunil Babu Chaudhary          SGB Amravati University      2004
   2.      Shri.Rakesh Amarchand         SGB Amravati University      2004
   3.      Shri.Subhash Choudhary        SGB Amravati University      2004
   4.      Shri.Navalkishore R.Tiwari    SGB Amravati University      2004
   5.      Shri. Amitkumar               SGB Amravati University      2008
   6.      Shri. Chopde                  SGB Amravati University      2009

   1.      Shri.V. V. Vaidya             SGB Amravati University      2008
   2.      Smt. Sharmila R. Dogra        SGB Amravati University      2008
       Dr. B. A. Khan
      Sr.No. Name                         University                    Year of Regi.
              Ph.D. In Progress
      1       Md. Shahid                  SGB Amravati University       2007
      2       Shri. Pran Mahto            SGB Amravati University       2007
      3       Shri. Anand Upadhyay        SGB Amravati University       2007
      4       Shri. Mantu Baro            SGB Amravati University       2008
      5       Shri. Subhash Nandi         SGB Amravati University       2008
      6       Shri. Shailesh Kumar        SGB Amravati University       2009
      7       Khan Muneer Aslam           SGB Amravati University       2009

       Dr. S. C. Sharma
      Sr.No. Name                         University                    Year of Regi.
                  Ph.D. In Progress
      1       Shri Kanhiya Kumar          SGB Amravati University       2008
      2       Shri. Parveen Kumar         SGB Amravati University       2008
      3       Shri. Navneet Aasi          SGB Amravati University       2008
      4       Smt. Kavita Watane          SGB Amravati University       2009
      5       Shri. K. S. Khandwe         RSTM Nagpur University        2008

Minor Projects completed by the M.P.Ed. Previous Students:
         In this session 15 groups of M.P.Ed. previous class were assigned for
    Minor Group Research work. The students under the supervision of P.G. faculty
    members successfully completed their projects.

13.       Students who have passed NET/SET/PET etc during the session 2008-09
          Rajeev Kumar (NET)             2008-09
          Sh Prabhat Kumar (NET)         2008-09

14.       Library Development Committee It consists of the following members:
          1     The Principal                                          Chairman
          2     Co-ordinator of the courses nominated by principal     Members
          3     Two senior teachers nominated by the principal         Members
          4     The Librarian                                          Secretary

              To provide for proper organization and functioning of the library,
               documentation services and updating the stock of books, periodicals,
               journals and magazines.
              To provide for modernization and improvement of library and
               documentation services.
              To recommend to the management, regarding fees and other charges for
               the use of library services by students and others.
              To prepare the annual budget and proposals for development of the
               library for approval of the management.
              To submit the annual report.
14.1  Availability of Periodicals in the Library during the session
      International Periodicals:
    1. American Journal of Sports Medicine
    2. Journal of Sports Rehabilitation
    3. International Journal of Fitness
    4. Motion – Sports in Finland
    5. University Sports Magazine
      National Periodicals:
    1. University News
    2. Yoga and Total Health
    3. Avishakar : Masik Vighyan Patrika
    4. Journal of Sports and Sports Sciences
    5. Shikshan Samiksha
    6. Eastern Panorama
    7. Indian Journal of Physical Education, Sports Medicine and Exercise Science
    8. Anweshika – Indian Journal of Teacher Education
    9. Journal of Exercise Science and Physiotherapy
    10. Pratiyogita Darpan
    11. Vyayam-Vidnyan
    12. Research Bi-annual for Movement
    13. Journal of Sports Traumatology and Allied Sports Sciences
    14. Krida Vishwa
    15. Sports Star
    16. Indian Educational Review
    17. Journal of Indian Education
    18. Bharatiya Adhunik Shiksha
    19. Journal of Value Education
    20. Indian Educational Abstracts
    21. Lokrajya
    22. Yojana
14.2 Table showing the subject wise books purchased during this session
             Subjects                           Number of Books
        1 Physical Education                        19
        2 Sports Science                            30
        3 Health                                    00
        4 Recreation                                00
        5 Education                                 00
        6 Psychology                                00
        7 Yoga                                      24
        8 Games and Sports                          64
        9 Environmental Science                     --
        10 Reference Books                          12
        11 General Books                            03
        12 BBA                                      81
        13 BCA                                      78
        14 B.Sc.                                    131
             Total                                  442
15.    Recruitment of Faculty members during this session:
       Dr S.C. Sharma was appointed as a Principal of the college in the month
       of October 2008 on the retirement of the previous Principal.
       Apart from the Principal the following recruitments of teachers were made in
       the month of July 2008:
       i)      Five Faculty members are appointed for M.P.Ed. course.
       ii)    Five Faculty members are appointed on adhoc basis for B.B.A..
       iii)   Five Faculty members are appointed on adhoc basis for B.Sc.
              Computer Science course.
       iv)    Five Faculty members are appointed on adhoc basis for
              M. A. Yogashastra course.

16.    Conduct of Final Examination and Declaration of Results:
       i)      Semester Pattern:
              For M.C.A. course the pattern of final assessment is in semester system.
               The First Semester Examination for M.C.A. 1st Year was conducted in
           the month of November 2008 and the result was declared in the Last week
           of December.
               The Second Semester Examination for M.C.A. 1st Year was conducted
       in the month of May 2009 and the result was declared on 20th June 2009.

       ii)       Annual Pattern:
                 For all the courses except M.C.A. the system of final assessment is
                 Annual Examination.

                  The annual Examination in Practice Teaching, Skill Examinations,
              Lab. Practicals, Projects Examinations etc. were conducted between
              10th Feb and 20th March 2009.

               The Theory Examinations for all First years of Under Graduate Three
      years Degree Courses were commenced from 24th March up to 14th April 2009
      and for Second years of Under Graduate Three years courses and B.P.Ed. One
      Year and all Post Graduate courses commenced from 15th April up to 2nd May
               The results of the annual examinations were declared in the first week
        of June.

       iii)    Instant Examination:
               Under Autonomy we have made the provisions of conducting an
       “Instant Examination” for the students of final year/outgoing classes, who fails
       or by some reason could not appear in the final examination.
               For this year the Instant Examination will commence from 6th to 11th
       July and the result will be declared before 20th July.

       iv)      Declaration of Merit List:
               The merit list of the Summer 2009 Examination will be declared in the
       first week of August 2009.
                                              Part – C
          Detail plans of action for the session 2009-2010
                 The meeting of IQAC was held on 30th April, 2009 and the perspective
          plans were discussed and finalized as follows.

1.        Organization of counseling centers and conduct of Common Entrance Test
          (CET) for admission to various courses of the college.
2.        To organize national level workshops, Seminars and conferences in physical
          education and sports, yoga and naturopathy and computer science and
3.        To maintained the connectivity of UGC resource centers.
4.        To submit the research projects minor and major to U.G.C. for grant in aid.
5.        To record the Line of Intention for re-accreditation in this academic session.
6.        To Utilize the general grant for development under UGC XIth plan.
          Plans for future Development Year 2009-10
S.No.                                                                       Rupees
1         Library Book and Journal                                         3,00,000
2         Scientific Equipments                                            3,00,000
3         Water Arrangements                                               2,00,000
4         Computer                                                         3,00,000
5         Road Developments                                                2,00,000
Total                                                                    13,00,000
Building Development
1      New Hostel for P.G. Department                                    50,00,000
2         Other                                                            2,00,000
                                    Grand Total                           65,50,000

Signature: _______________________                     Signature ______________________
(Sh. K.S. Pandhwal, Coordinator, IQAC)                 (Dr. S. C.Sharma, Principal and
                                                        Chairman IQAC)
   Annual Quality Assurance Report
                For the session 2008 -2009

                      Prepared By

   Degree College Of Physical Education
                  Autonomous College

                    Submitted to Chairman

National Assessment and Accreditation Council - NAAC
   P.B. 1075, Rajaji Nagar, Banglore – 560 010 (Karnataka)
                   Degree College of Physical Education
                                       Autonomous College
                          Annual Quality Assurance Report
                                    Table of Contents
Sr.No. Contents                                                                           Page No.
Preface                                                                                            1-4
Annual Quality Assurance Report (IQAR)
Part A : Quality Enhancement and Outcomes of Action Plan                                           5-7
Part B : Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the college                             8-31
1.1      Commencement of First Session                                                             8
1.2      Commencement of Second Session                                                            8
1.3      Internal Assessment system                                                                8
1.4      Special classes for advanced learners                                                     9
1.5      Remedial Classes to the Educationally Disadvantaged Students                              9
1.6      Intramural programme                                                                      9
1.7      Sports and General Knowledge Test                                                         10
1.8      Leadership Training Camp                                                                  10
1.9      Participation in Inter-collegiate and Inter- University                                   11
         Tournaments / Competitions
1.10     Incentives to outstanding sportsmen                                                       12
1.11     Students Activities’                                                                      12
2.       Courses offered by the college under autonomy                                             13
3.       Innovations in Curricular Design and Transactions                                         13
4.       Career Oriented courses                                                                   14
5.       Faculty development programme                                                             14
6.       Merit list – Summer 2008 exam                                                             16
7.       Seminar, Conference and Workshops                                                         18
8.       Extension Services                                                                        19
9.       Extra Curricular Activities                                                               22
10.      Financial aid to students                                                                 25
11.      Publications                                                                              26
12.      Research and Projects                                                                     26
13.      NET /SET /PET                                                                             28
14.      Library Development                                                                       28
15.      Recruitment of faculty members                                                            30
16.      Conduct of Final Examination and Declaration of Results                                   30
         1. Part C : Detail plans of action for the session 2009-2010                              32
The Chairman
National Assessment and Accreditation Council
Post Box 1075, Rajaji Nagar
Bangalore – 560 010 (Karnatak)

Subject:       Submission of AQAR for Session 2008-2009

Reference:     Your office letter number NAAC/VS/Dir-See/IQAC-56/2005
               dated 23-3-2005

       With reference to the subject mentioned above please find enclosed
herewith the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) and Compact Disk of
our Institution for the session 2008-2009, for further necessary action.
       Thanking you,
                                                             Yours sincerely,

                                                             (Dr. S. C. Sharma)
1) Copy of notification in respect of 5 courses
2) AQAR and CD

Copy for Information to :

 The Registrar
 S.G.B., Amravati University
 Amravati - 2

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