Basic Blogging Tips For Dummies by dpradhan


									                   Basic Blogging Tips For Dummies
When new bloggers jump into the world of blogging they are very curious and they want to see
their blog at the top of the search pages. This ambition is very impressive but everything takes
time to start working according to our wishes. This post is especially written only for those who
have just jumped into the world of blogging and doesn’t know much about it. It will help them
start from zero and know the very basics of blog writing. Once you have launched a blog then
you should follow these essential steps to get a good start from the beginning. With the passage
of time you will learn more tips and tricks but for the time being you should focus on these steps.

Writing a good topic is the first step towards writing a quality article. It is possible that your post
content is so bad that nobody wants to read but at the same time you are getting a lot of visitors.
This is because you have nice skills of writing attractive titles for your posts. Titles count a lot. In
the future when you will see your blog posts ranking in the first page of Google you will notice
that articles with good titles have good click through rate than those who don’t. Titles are like
advertisements. The more appealing and more legit they look, more they are likely to be clicked.
It will be a good idea that you practice writing titles. Read newspaper and try to find out what
makes a title appealing and attractive.

Second thing that matters in blogging is your interest and eagerness to write about a particular
topic. If you have chosen a topic you are not much interested in then you will soon get bored of
it and you will try to find a way out of it. This thing will drastically drop the quality of the article.
Before choosing a topic make sure that you have enough knowledge about it and you are ready
to search on this topic.

Innovation is crucial for writing effective blog posts that really attract visitors. Posting the same
thing again and again on the blog can kill your readership with boredom. Try to figure out other
aspects that are related with the subject and you will be able to write something new and

Finally when you are done with writing the article. Now go and write a good introductory and
conclusive paragraph. An introductory paragraph helps readers get a little insight about what
you are going to say in this post and what is your standard of writing. After title this is the
second important thing because this will decide whether the reader should keep reading the
article or skip it and read another webpage. A good title, informative introductory paragraph and
an attractive image. These three things combined will convince the reader to read the whole
article. Finally in the conclusion you need to convince the reader to comment on your article or
come back again for the problems he/she will face in the future. These few points will help you
in making a good start of your blogging journey. Enjoy blogging.

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