5 Effective Link Building Techniques by dpradhan


									                5 Effective Link Building Techniques
Link building is a substantial part of SEO. Quality backlinks from high PR websites can help you
stand better in search engines. There are many ways of building backlinks but not all ways are
effective instead some links can lower your search engine ranking, this kind of linking includes
links from adult websites and other junk websites. Google bots are very intelligent and they
know the worth of a link. It’s better to adopt long-term white hat SEO techniques that will help
you in the long run of your blogging career.

On the top of this list is the usage of directories to build links. Not all directories’ links are
worthy. You need to find high PR websites that have good PR to link ratio. PR to link ratio
means how much Google page rank is of the web page and how much dofollow links it has. The
PR is going to be distributed among all the dofollow links. So make sure that directories’ web
pages that display the article have good PR to link ratio. You must also write search engine
optimized articles for article directories. A 500 word article with one keyword in the title, two
keywords in post and one modified keyword in the middle of the post. A SEOized article will also
stand good in the search engine and on free article directories bloggers may copy the content
and publish it hence giving you more links.

Second strategy is to get a link from high ranking web pages on Google. For the keyword you
want to get a link, search it on Google, Bing and Yahoo. You will get a list of web pages. Now
try your best to get a link from these web pages to your web page. This is a very effective way
of deriving quality link juice to your web page.

Third strategy is to search for dofollow websites. This is the traditional and typical way of getting
backlinks. Search on the google that allows you to have dofollow links. First step towards this
strategy is to search among the related niche. Links from unrelated niche doesn’t have as much
worth as related links have.

Guest Posting is an effective way of increasing backlinks. I personally like this strategy because
this makes your blog very popular among your niche. You post guest posts on other bloggers’
blogs and in return you not only get links but also targeted traffic. Target traffic is more better
than links. You strive hard to rank high just for targeted traffic and in guest posting you get the
target traffic directly.

Posting at forums and other communities that allows you to have a dofollow signature allows
you to get a lot of links. This is a fast way building lots of links in a short duration of time. With
your each post on forums you can have at least one link to your web page. Also there are many
forums out there that allows you to have a backlink to your web page. While building links you
need to take care of two things. First is that you are joining the community for the sake of
sharing some valuable information and not just spamming it for links. Second, you should
consider the forum page rank and PR to link ratio.

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