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									                                                                                                  February 2009
                                                                                                  Volume 3, Issue 1

Earl K. Wood
Orange County Tax
                          Real ID Act
                       The federal Real ID Act of 2005            Your current Florida                 on track to meet the
                                                                   license or ID card will              remaining mandates and
                       sets new standards for the                                                       begin issuing Real ID
                       issuance of driver licenses                 continue to be valid as
                                                                   identification for                   compliant documents by
                       and identification cards.                                                        January 1, 2010.
                                                                   federal purposes until
                       The Department of Homeland                  December 1, 2014 for
                                                                   individuals born after
                                                                                                  For more information on the
                       Security has released its rules                                             Real ID Act and the rules visit
                       to implement the requirements               December 1, 1964 and
                                                                                                   these websites:
                       of the Real ID Act:                         December 1, 2017 for
                                                                   everyone else.
                                                                                                   Homeland Security

                                                                                                   American Association of Motor
                                                                  After the 2014 and              Vehicle Administrators
                                                                   2017 dates, Federal             (AAMVA): Identification Security
                                                                   agencies will no longer         - Real ID Act
                                                                   accept a driver license
                                                                   or ID card unless it is
                                                                   Real ID compliant.
                                                                   This means you will
                                                                   not be allowed to
                       Real ID Good to Know Facts
                                                                   board commercial
                               The Real ID Act                    flights or enter federal
                                became effective                   facilities unless you
                                nationwide on May 11,              have a Real ID
                                2008. Florida has                  compliant document.
                                received a compliance
Highlights:                     extension that pushes
                                the date to January 1,            Florida already meets
                                2010.                              many of the Real ID
 Companies        2                                                requirements. We are

 Legislation      2

 Power of Attorney 2

 Fees for DL/ID   3      Proof of Identification
 Q&A              3     The following is                    unless the proof submitted is         processing at your tag
                        considered acceptable               a FL DL or ID.                        agency. The name of the
 Dealer Info      4                                                                               business should match
                        proof of identification:            Please be aware that just
 Events           4                                                                               exactly to what appears
                                                            as individuals need to                on their credentials and
                        -FL Driver License or ID Card
                        -An out of state driver license     show identification,                  should also include their
                        or identification card with         documentation to prove                FEID number.
                        photo                               the validity of a business
                        -A US passport
                                                            also needs to be                      You may verify a business
                        -A Canadian driver license,
                        identification card or passport     submitted with your work.             online with the
                        -A driver license or                Before a customer is                  Department of State at:
                        identification card from any        created in FRVIS, a copy
                        US Territory (American
                                                            of the business search on             http://www.sunbiz.org/search
                        Samoa, Guam, Marianas,
                        Puerto Rico and US Virgin           sunbiz, a governmentally              .html
                        Islands)                            filed FEID document,
                        -An out of country passport         fictitious name
                                                            documents, etc. should be
                        Note: A copy of the proof of
                        the identification is required to   submitted to you. Then,
                        be submitted with the               attach this document to
                        paperwork to the department         your paperwork for
       Signatures for Companies
       When an individual signs           Signature Requirements          authorized to do so and
.      for a company/corporation          and Identity Affidavits,        be signed by an officer of
       on any motor vehicle or            states that if the signor for   the business who is
       vessel transaction, the            a company/corporation           someone other than the
       department must verify             cannot be verified within       person signing the
       that the individual signing        Sunbiz, a letter on original    application.
       the documents is allowed           business letterhead
       to do so. Departmental             stating that the person
       procedure TL-01,                   signing the application is

                                          2008 Legislation
                                          Temporary License               Financing Fund Trust is
                                          Plates must now be              eliminated
                                          displayed in the license
                                                                          New License Plates
                                          plate bracket on the
                                          exterior the vehicle and        The following three new
                                          may no longer be                license plates were
                                          displayed in the window.        approved during the 2008
                                                                          legislation and are now
                                          A voluntary contribution is
                                                                          available at your local tag
                                          created for the Family
                                          First organization on both
                                          the vehicle registration           Play Tennis
                                          and driver license
                                                                             Visit Our Lights
                                          applications. The
                                          voluntary contribution for         In God We Trust
                                          the Election Campaign

                                          Power of Attorney
                                          When the attorney-in-fact       Question: May the seller      individual appointed must
                                          named in a power of             or buyer use the form         be an independent third
         No person, other than the        attorney executes               HSMV 82053 to appoint a       party who is not
     registered owner of record or        documents, they must            licensed motor vehicle        associated with the
        the authorized, designated        type or print the owner(s)      dealer or his employees       dealership in any capacity.
                                          full name(s) and then sign      as attorney-in-fact for a     A licensed motor vehicle
    company representative, may
                                          their name as P.A.              non-exempt motor vehicle      dealer, including his
     sign any document submitted                                          transaction?                  employees, is considered
      as part of a certificate of title   A “General” or “Limited”        Answer: No. The seller        one legal entity.
    application or certificate of title   power of attorney must          or buyer cannot lawfully
transfer unless they have been
                                          show the name of the            use the form HSMV 82053
                                          appointee and clearly           appoint a licensed motor
appointed as attorney-in-fact in
                                          specify the appointee’s         vehicle dealer or his
              a “power of attorney”.      authority. The forms            employee as attorney-in-
                                          HSMV 82053 and 82995            fact to execute an
                                          are both limited powers of      odometer disclosure in
                                          attorney.                       their behalf. The
            Driver License & ID Cards New Fees
                                  The new fee scheduled is as follows:                             New Expiration
                                                                                                 Periods for FL DL/ID
                                            CDL                          $67
                                            Original Class E             $27                    Effective 10/1/08, drivers
                                            Renewal Class E             $20                     who are 79 years of age
                                            Original MC Only            $27                     and under will be issued
                                                                                                eight year licenses while
                                            Replacement License         $10                     drivers 80 and older will
                                            All ID Cards                $10                     be issued six year
                                            Endorsements                $7                      licenses.
                                  Note: Additional $5.25 tax collector service fee.
                                                                                                Identification cards
                                                                                                issued to persons 5 years
                                                                                                of age to 14 years of age
 Effective 7/1/2008, all customers requesting                                                   will be valid for four
  a motorcycle endorsement are required to                                                      years. All others will be
                                                                                                valid for eight years.
     complete a motorcycle rider course.

Questions and Answers
QUESTION: What process                 the vehicle qualifies as a       trailer to TRANSPORT
do I use when my customer              derelict vehicle, refer to       vehicles. Could you please
(salvage dealer/recycler)              DMV Procedure TL-35. The         clarify for me? Your help
submits an OUT OF                      customer would be allowed        is greatly appreciated.
STATE title to be junked?              to apply for a derelict          Thanks for all you do.            Quote:
What process do I use                  certificate. This procedure is
when my customer (salvage              being updated to clarify this    ANSWER: Question 1
dealer/recycler) wants to              information.                     Dealer license plates are         A person
junk a vehicle (titled in                                               valid for use on any motor
another state) and DOES                QUESTION: Transporter            vehicle owned by the dealer       who asks
NOT have the OUT OF
STATE title?
                                       Plates. Does an auto dealer
                                       use the transporter plate to
                                                                        to whom such plates are
                                                                        issued while the motor
ANSWER: Answer to
                                       place on a vehicle(s)
                                       purchased at auction or do
                                                                        vehicles are in inventory and
                                                                        for sale, or while being
                                                                                                          is a person
Question 1: The customer               they use a dealer plate(s) to    operated in connection with       who
must submit the title back to          get them to their location?      their business. Therefore, a
the titling/issuing state to be        The procedure does not           transporter plate should be       thinks.
junked. They should keep a             state that it goes on a          used to transport the vehicle         William Wilen
photocopy of the reassigned            trailer which will haul the      from the auction to the
title for their records. They          vehicle(s). It indicates that    dealer(s) location. Question
may also want to send it by            the Transporter plate goes       2 Transporter plates are to be
certified mail as proof of             on a motor vehicle. The          placed on the vehicle. Any
compliance and to keep the             Application form 83065           trailer used to transport must
receipt for their records.             states it goes on a motor        get a regular trailer plate, as
Answer to Question 2: The              vehicle. It was my               they are not eligible for a
department does not junk out           understanding that a             transporter plate.
of state titles. However, if           transporter plate goes on a
  Winter Garden Tag Agency
  The Winter Garden Tag
  Agency will be moving in                   Original/Replace-                        Non-US Citizens
  April to a new office space in                ment/Renewal                           Voter Applications
  the same plaza. The new                       FL Driver
  location is a larger area to                  license/ID card
  accommodate the expansion                  Address Changes
  of this office.                            Class E and CDL
                                                written testing
  When the office opens in the               D6/Child
  new location, limited driver                  Support/Lapse
  license services will be                      of Insurance
  available. These services                     Suspensions
  include:                                   Non School


                 Dealer Newsletter
                 “Wood’s Words” was               Our goal is to provide an           publications, please leave
                 created to communicate           informative and useful tool         your dealership name,
                 and assist dealers with          for our dealer customers.           contact person, and email
                 items of interest relating to    Quarterly publication is            address with your local
                 titling and registering          planned.                            tag agency representative.
                 vehicles in the Orange
                 County Tax Collector’s           If you would like to be
                 Office.                          notified via email of the

                                                                         Phone Numbers and
                                                                            Internet Links

        Calendar of Events                                              Orange County Dealer Line

                                                                                   Local DMV
April – Winter Garden Tag Agency                                                      407-445-7400
        scheduled to move to new office
                                                                        Tallahassee DMV Help Desk
        in same plaza.                                                                850-617-2000

April 30th – Independent Dealer Licenses
             and License Plates Expire                                 Orange County Tax Collector
May 25th - Memorial Day (Office Closed)
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