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									The relationship soulmate June Carter and Johnny Cash is one of the great
love stories. This morning I ended up seeing "Walk the Line" Joaquin
Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon (who should have won the Oscar for this
performance) June Carter and Johnny Cash. I saw this movie when it moved
in 2005 and was first established by the history of these two legends,
whose 35-year marriage is one of the greatest love stories of all time.
But as I just finished this morning, I realized I really had a soul mate
relationship last the test of time. And what a love story, which in its

Middle of 1950 and June met Johnny during a tour of the Opry company. He
immediately fell in love with him, although he was married to his first
wife, Vivian. Finally, the marriage foundered when Vivian left because he
problems with drugs and alcohol. Johnny was arrested in El Paso to try
amphetamines from Mexico across the border, but has never been
"difficult," he wrote in Folsom Prison Blues, and had only a $ 1,000 fine
to pay to be published. He used drugs and alcohol to make their way
through life and deal with issues related to a verbally and emotionally
abusive father to facilitate distant, and some may have internalized
guilt when his brother died 12 years. June helped him on his drug
addiction to be there for him and let him know it's not really anything
to do with it, set the whole time he was drugged and drunk. They were so
much and he hit her many times before it was finally, years later, and
decided to marry him. She married first March 1968 just 12 years after
its first meeting.

Not only its history, the Soulmate relationship is a good example of
unconditional love and patience, the two lessons of life that exist in
their relationship, but the testimony of a man changed. While Johnny
alcohol and drugs in June, according to him, but she would not let him
and refused to order a lot, others have to do as a friendship while on
the road together. What was your starting point crisis soulmate? When his
wife was leaving him to now be in June with Johnny, but it does not work.
I did not want to be near him. It comes close to him and separated from
him, which allows you to understand, even if you wash your medications
down the toilet a few times.

Johnny had to get up and go to the dirt of their alcohol consumption and
resources needed to make the day of his "bad boy" behind him and become a
good person. And he did. But first it has done for the right reasons, it
is, but at the end of June was the price. She was the catalyst to change
it, his life, change shape and become the big man in the world love to
run. The Man in Black is a legend and his music will live forever.
Throughout his life, he wrote his success to the woman who loves him
unconditionally and he was there for him, gently, and asked him to grow,
evolve and become a man. I bet the contract soulmate them it was
something! Even if to give them unconditional love she never received
from his father agreed, and he matured and became the beloved of God
became man so. It fits perfectly with the paradigm of a soul mate
relationship, because they could be together until Johnny Got His act

They were together until his death in June, in May 2003. Johnny was there
with her to the hospital and he took her hand as she died. Harry died a
few short 4 months and 3 days later, where they met with me, wrote to the
preparations for their lives to come and find, to make it, but I stop ...
I'm not convinced I had to go back and have another life together ... I
hope they are able, on the other side of happiness to remain sweet and
loving. His story is an inspiration to us and many others worldwide. Deep
blessings to you in June and Johnny, wherever you are, that really me!
And there is a history of the soul mate relationship, where I lived is
really happy and satisfied.

Johnny wrote the flesh and blood, who was his love of wrestling in June

Ring of Fire was written from June 1963 to investigate the deep bond
between them. And his love, he burned, what is a ring of fire, as they
fell into the ring of fire.

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