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Exhibitor Prospectus Automotive Recyclers Association by jennyyingdi


									Dear Industry Colleague and Prospective Exhibitor:
The Automotive Recyclers Association, the only trade association representing the interests of automotive recycling
on a global level, will be holding its 67th Annual Convention and Exposition, October 20-23, 2010, in
Austin, Texas at the Renaissance Austin Hotel. ARA’s Convention and Exposition is the premier event in
the automotive recycling industry. It is an event where the key recyclers in the industry come together for four days of
meetings, networking, educational programs and three days of exhibit viewing.

Given the cost of a single sales call, tradeshow exhibiting is a very
cost-effective way for you to present your company’s products and
services to a large group of interested buyers in a short amount of
time. ARA does its very best to make your exhibit experience
a memorable one and plans its tradeshow so you have
uninterrupted, non-competitive tradeshow selling hours. ARA
schedules nothing in competition with your selling opportunity.
We also strive to keep your expenses to a minimum, helping
you to maximize your return on investment.
                                                                                 Cost Per 10 x 10 Booth Space
This document is ARA’s Invitation to Exhibit. It contains all the
information you will need to register, reserve exhibit space and/       $4,500
or sponsor an event at the convention and exposition. Please            $4,000
read this brochure in its entirety. It won’t take long and it will      $3,500
save you anxiety, confusion, surprise and misunderstanding.             $3,000
Don’t miss the best opportunity to directly                             $2,000
connect with the key decision-makers in the
automotive recycling industry at the 67th
Annual Convention and Exposition.                                           $-
                                                                                 ARA   NADA     NACE      SEMA      ISRI

        For questions or inquiries regarding exhibiting at the 67th Annual ARA Convention
                                     and Exposition, contact:

                               Kim Glasscock of Award Winning Events
                                 P: (615) 223-6656 | F: (615) 825-7794
        ARA                     67 Years of Experience and Success!
    The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), founded in 1943, is an international trade
 association representing over 4,500 automotive recycling facilities through direct and affiliated
       memberships in the United States and fourteen other countries around the world.

FACT use and need power tools, pneumatic tools, compressors, abrasives,
Automotive recyclers
chemicals, cleansers, sanders, wrenches, sockets, polishers, vehicle lifts, vehicle transporters,
waste storage containers, portable heaters, dollies, uniforms, goggles, helmets, protective
clothing, tow trucks, forklifts, car crushers, shelving, racking, pallets, inventory tags and
insurance, etc. If it’s used in the automotive field, automotive recyclers use it. And if you’ve got
it, automotive recyclers will want to see it.

BUYING POWER progressive organizations in the industry will attend
Professionals from the most innovative and
the 67th ARA Annual Convention and Exposition.
The tradeshow draws automotive recycling facility owners and managers, industry experts,
auction dealers, insurance personnel, rebuilders, body shop personnel, collision repairers, scrap
dealers and the press.
More than 80% of our convention attendees are company owners and/or general
managers with the decision-making and buying power you want! At least 86% plan to
purchase products, services and equipment on-site.
They listen, they learn and history shows that they BUY from those who exhibit at ARA!
Don’t miss this opportunity!
The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) Annual Convention and Exposition is the
international marketplace for automotive recyclers and those involved in the industry to
come together to view new products and the latest updates in the industry. Celebrating
67 years of service, ARA’s Annual Convention and Exposition continues to exceed
exhibitors’ expectations as the world’s premier automotive recycling exposition.

    • Meet face-to-face with the decision-makers in a
      multi-billion dollar industry?
    • Introduce products or services?
    • Increase company exposure?
    • Generate leads and inquiries?
    • Remain a step ahead of your competition?

     Why not join us for this annual selling extravaganza!
                          You’ll be glad you did.
Exhibitor Information
                ARA Ensures Your Tradeshow Success!
We recognize the need for a close and cooperative marketing and promotion effort to make ARA’s 67th Annual
Convention and Exposition a success for everyone. To that end, here is what ARA pledges to do to ensure the
                                    greatest exhibit opportunity for you:
►Uninterrupted Exhibit Hours: No conflicting seminars or presentations during tradeshow hours.
►Exposition Grand Opening Event: Our Past Presidents’ Reception launches the opening of the tradeshow and
 ensures vast participation and attendance.
►Exhibitor Publicity: Attendees will see your listing in the September/October issue of Automotive Recycling, the
 Convention Program Guide and on the ARA website.
►Virtual Pre-Show Booth: Sign up to have your products, information and tradeshow specials promoted via our Virtual
 Pre-Show Expo. This will drive additional traffic to your on-site booth in order that attendees may reap the rewards of
 your expo specials.
►Pre-show Mailer Inserts: ARA provides you with inserts for mailings to your clients and associates promoting the ARA
 Convention & Exposition – potentially driving additional traffic to your booth.
►Lead Retrieval System: Scan barcodes on attendee badges to capture their information instantly and accurately.
 Information may be retrieved following the show or on a daily basis for immediate follow-up.
►Tradeshow Only Rates: Encourages local attendees on Friday and Saturday, increasing show traffic.
►Traffic Builders: Meals served in exhibit hall and promotions to maintain strong attendance during exhibit hours.
►Final Attendee “Roll Call”: You’ll receive one free “Roll Call” list of the full paid program conference attendees to
 follow up on sales leads.

Space Allocation for 2010                                      Non-Members
Booths will be assigned on a 1st come, 1st served basis,       Join ARA Now and $ave! Complete and mail both your
with priority given to larger booth space requests. All Ex-    membership and exhibit applications with payment by Au-
hibit Space Applications should be received no later than      gust 13, 2010, and $ave at least $200 on each booth space.
August 13, 2010, with a 50% deposit of total space cost
to be considered for assignment. After August 13th, all        What’s Included in Booth Space Cost?
Exhibit Space Applications should be accompanied by full       Please note: The exhibit hall is carpeted.
payment. To ensure that your contract and deposit have
                                                               ►Booth Space (10’x10’) for your company display
been received, we suggest using an overnight courier
                                                               ►Show color pipe and drape (8’ high back drape and
service or certified mail. Incomplete contracts will be held
                                                                3’ high side rails)
without space assignment until they are properly executed.
                                                               ►2 Line Company ID sign
FAXED contracts will not be accepted without a VISA,
                                                               ►Three (3) complimentary booth personnel badges
MasterCard or American Express payment. Your booth
                                                                including admission to the Friday night BBQ,
space must be paid in full no later than October 8, 2010.
                                                                Yard Tour & Scholarship Foundation Fundraiser
Note: ARA will make every effort to honor an exhibitor’s        (additional badges available-see Exhibit Space
space preference, but it must be understood that their pre-     Application)
ferred space may not be available when their application is    ►Recognition on Convention section of ARA website
received. ARA will try to assign space to exhibitors based     ►A company listing, including a description of your
upon the nature of their choices. Show management has           product(s) or service(s), in the Convention
the final space allocation authority.                           Program Guide and in the pre-convention issue of
                                                                Automotive Recycling Deadlines for inclusion:
Exhibit Space Rental                                              ■ Automotive Recycling Magazine – July 16, 2010
                                                                  ■ Convention Program Guide – August 13, 2010
                              RENTAL RATE
                                                               ►Thursday Lunch & Briefing, Thursday Night
ARA Member                    $1,400 USD
                                                                Opening Reception, Friday and Saturday Lunches
Non-Member                    $1,600 USD
                                                               ►Exclusive convention mailing list of attendees
      +Corner Surcharge               $200
      +End Cap or Island Surcharge $500
      +Yard Tour Display Space*       $250
                                                               2010 Exposition Color Scheme
                                                               Side Rail Drape Color – Yellow
      *Available ONLY to those exhibitors who
                                                               Backwall Drape Colors – Brown/Green/Yellow
       purchase booth space within the exposition.
                                                               Exhibitors may not deviate from show color drapery.
Exhibitor Booth Packages                                      Exhibitor Giveaways: We welcome and invite you to pro-
Based on feedback from our previous exhibitors, we are        vide giveaways to attendees promoting your company and
again offering a booth package consisting of the follow-      services. However, buttons, stickers or other giveaway items
ing:                                                          MAY NOT be placed over any sponsor logo on name badges
                                                              or convention totes.
  ►1 – 6’ x 24’ x 30’h draped table, topped and skirted
   on three sides                                             Virtual Pre-show Expo: $150
  ► 2 – side chairs                                           ARA will be promoting its exhibitors via an online Virtual
  ►1 wastebasket with liner                                   Trade Show. Attendees will be able to log on to the ARA
Cost per Exhibitor Booth Package = $150                       website and browse the Trade Show Floor preceding the
Be sure to indicate # of packages needed on the               event. For the first time, ARA will allow exhibitors to pur-
Exhibit Space Application.                                    chase a virtual Trade Show Booth, which is a customized
                                                              web page used for the early promotion and advertisement of
All other products required for the success of your exhibit   the exhibitor and their live Trade Show booth.
will be ordered through George Fern Co. via the Exhibitor
Services Kit. Items included in the Exhibitor Booth Pack-     Exhibitors will be able to post:
age are also provided by George Fern, so should you           ► Company logo, slogan and up to three images
have any questions or problems with these items while         ► Booth number
on-site, please go to the George Fern Co. Service Desk        ► Personalized greeting
located in the Exhibit Area. UPS freight shipping will be     ► Company bio (As appears in the Program Guide)
available for inbound and outbound shipping of exhibit        ► Specials, offers & giveaways (Must be available
materials.                                                      only during the ARA Convention & Exposition
                                                                Trade Show)
Exposition Hours                                              ► Link to company website
Thursday, October 21, 2010           5:00pm – 9:00pm
  (Past Presidents’ Reception)                                HOW DOES IT WORK?
Friday, October 22, 2010             11:30am – 3:30pm         Indicate on your exhibitor registration that you would like to
 (Lunch 11:30am – 1:30pm)                                     purchase a Virtual Trade Show Booth and send the above
Saturday, October 23, 2010           10:00am – 2:00pm         mentioned materials to for your Virtual
 (Lunch 11am – 1pm)                                           Trade Show Booth customization. Exhibitors will also receive
                                                              a Virtual Trade Show icon and link to their Trade Show Booth
Exhibitor Services Kit                                        for their own promotional use.
When booth space is assigned, the exhibitor will receive
a confirmation of booth space via e-mail. This e-mail         Exhibitor Registration
will contain a link for log-on to the Exhibitor Section of    Each exhibiting company will receive three (3) complimentary
the Convention Site at Once logged on,         exhibitor registrations per 10 x 10 booth space. These regis-
you will have access to the Exhibitor Services Kit from       trations give access to the exhibit hall and allow participation
George Fern Co., the official service contractor. This kit    in all meals served in the hall as well as entry to the Friday
contains service order forms for requesting electric, tele-   evening Yard Tour, BBQ and Fundraiser. Should you require
phone, Internet, furnishings, carpet, shipping information,   more than 3 badges, please indicate this on the Exhibitor
guidelines, and the necessary forms to begin the plan-        Space Application (cost is $250 each). Additional staff badg-
ning process along with other needed information.             es include admission to the exhibit hall and all meals served
                                                              within and the Friday evening function. All other events are a
                                                              la carte.
                                                              You may change and/or update your list of exhibit staff
Lead Retrieval                                                by contacting Kim Glasscock at (615) 223-6656. Chang-
System                                                        es after Oct. 8th must be made on-site.
Lead Retrieval Systems                                        Be sure to indicate your Exhibitor Description listing in the
will be available this year                                   appropriate space on the Exhibit Space Application. Be sure
through Expo Logic (order forms                               to print legibly and keep your description to 50 words or less.
will be found in the Exhibitor Services Kit). The compact     This information will be included in the Automotive Recycling
scanner may be worn around your neck, allowing you to         magazine (deadline: July 16) and within the Convention
scan attendee badges not only during tradeshow hours,         Program Guide (deadline: August 13).
but at networking events, dinners, social functions, etc.
This allows you to obtain standard attendee information       Lastly, information regarding social activities is included
or you may customize the information you retrieve by          within this prospectus. Be sure to indicate your participation
working with Expo Logic. These scanners do not re-            for any activities in the appropriate area on the Exhibit Space
quire electricity within your booth. You may obtain your      Application. Should you need to make any changes and/
collected information daily or immediately following the      or updates following submission, please contact Kim
show.                                                         Glasscock, (615) 223-6656 or
Exhibit Floor Plan
The 2010 exhibit floor plan has been designed to provide for the maximum number of exhibitors desiring to display their
products and/or services to automotive recyclers and automotive salvage facilities.
Booth height restrictions are as follows:
       Island Booths:          10’ construction height
       Perimeter Wall Booths: 10’ back wall
       All Other Booths:        8’ back wall
End caps, booths at the end of back-to-back rows of booths, allowing access from three sides, have back wall construc-
tion restrictions. End cap back walls can be no longer than one half the width of the booth and MUST be centered on
the back line. For example: if exhibitor A purchased booths 303 & 402, the width of the booth would be 20’. It would be
allowed a 10’ back wall, but it must be centered, thereby not allowing more than 5’ of the back wall to extend down the
side of a neighboring exhibit space (305). End cap booths, by their very nature and design, are subject to the same booth
height restrictions as all in-line booths; booths not determined to be island or perimeter wall booths.

Display Your Large Equipment
The exhibit hall has size limitations as to what may be exhibited on the show floor. Therefore, we offer an opportunity to
exhibit large and heavy equipment during our Friday evening Yard Tour & BBQ. This year’s event will be held at Snyder’s
Recycled Auto and Truck Parts in Holland, TX. You must have an indoor booth to qualify for exhibiting outdoors, at an ad-
ditional cost of $250. Be sure to sign-up on the Exhibit Space Application form. Space is limited so register early!

Move-In Schedule                                                Move-Out Schedule
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 12:00pm – 6:00pm                         Saturday, October 22, 2010    2:00pm – 11:59pm
Thursday, October 21, 2010          7:00am – 3:00pm*                 Must be completed and Exhibit Hall cleared by
Vendor Feedback Meeting                                              Midnight.
Saturday, October 22, 2010          9:00am – 9:30am
*All exhibitors MUST be completely installed by this time. Show management reserves the right to remove or have in-
stalled, at exhibitors expense, any exhibit not fully installed by the deadline.

                                         Trade Show Floor Plan
                                           Automotive Recyclers Association 2010
ARA Exhibitor Schedule                                           (Friday continued)
                                                                 8:00am – 11:15am         Educational Sessions
Important Dates                                                  11:30am – 3:30pm         Exposition Open w/Lunch
                                                                 4:00pm – 5:00pm          Transportation to Evening
Completed Exhibit Space Application and 50% deposit of total                              Event
booth fee due to ARA.                                            5:00pm – 9:00pm          Friday Night Yard Tour, BBQ
                                                                                          & Scholarship Foundation
JULY 16, 2010                                                                             Fundraiser
Deadline for inclusion in the September/October issue of the     9:00pm – 10:00pm         Return to Hotel
Automotive Recycling magazine feature of Exhibitors and
Suppliers. (Published list will be confirmed exhibitors as of    Saturday, October 23rd
this date).                                                      8:00am – 2:00pm       Registration Open
JULY 31, 2010                                                    8:00am – 10:00am      Educational Sessions
Deadline to maximize sponsorship opportunities.                  10:00am – 2:00pm      Exposition Open w/Lunch
AUGUST 13, 2010                                                  2:15pm – 3:15pm       Educational Sessions
►All Exhibit Space Applications received after this date         2:15pm – 5:30pm       Texas Automotive Recyclers
 must be accompanied by full payment.
                                                                                       Association Meeting
►Balance of total booth fees due.
►Early-bird deadline for ordering ExpoLogic Lead Retrieval       3:30pm – 5:00pm       Software User Conferences
 System                                                          3:30pm – 5:00pm       Auto Recyclers of Canada
►Cut-off date to receive 75% refund on booth cancellations.                            Meeting
 NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER THIS DATE!                      6:00pm – 9:30pm       Annual Networking
►Company and product listing information due for inclusion                             Reception & Dinner
 in Convention Program Guide.
►Convention Program Guide Ads due to
                                                                 ARA Scholarship Foundation Fundraiser:
SEPTEMBER 3, 2010                                                BUCKIN’ FOR BRAINS
Booth construction plans and layout arrangements for first-      Saddle up for Texas-sized
time exhibitors, exhibits in peninsula or island booth spaces,
                                                                 prizes! Get ready to ride
or involving other unusual construction features are due.
                                                                 the “Buckin’ Bull” and ben-
SEPTEMBER 26, 2010                                               efit the ARA Scholarship
Hotel reservation cut-off date. All room reservations MUST be    Foundation. Fundraising
made by this date to enjoy the guaranteed $189 single/double     events will take place at
occupancy room rate at the Renaissance Austin Hotel              the ARA Annual BBQ and
                                                                 Yard Tour, at Snyders
OCTOBER 13, 2010                                                 Recycled Auto and Truck
Deadline for pre-ordering of ExpoLogic Lead Retrieval Sys-       Parts, Holland, TX. Visit
tem. Prices increase for on-site orders.                for more
                                                                 information or to sign up

ARA Convention Schedule                                          today!

(Tentative)                                                      REVERSE RAFFLE
Wednesday, October 20th                                          Buy chances to win a
7:00am – 4:00pm     Registration Open                            2010 Mustang Con-
8:30am – 1:00pm     Committee Meetings                           vertible or $25,000!
2:00pm – 7:00pm     Golf Outing - Barton Creek -                 Tickets are $100 each
                    Fazio Foothills                              or 6 for $500. Draw-
8:30pm – 9:30pm     Welcome Dessert Reception                    ing will take place Fri-
                                                                 day evening during the BBQ and Yard Tour.
Thursday, October 21st
                                                                 Winner need not be present to win the car or money, but
7:00am – 6:00pm      ARA Registration Open
                                                                 you must be present to win consolation prizes.
7:30am – 8:50am      Women in Recycling Networking
9:00am – 11:30am     Board of Directors, Annual
                     Membership and
                                                                 Annual Networking Dinner:
                                                                 Cocktails, fine dining, and great people are the hallmark
                     Committee Forum Meeting
                                                                 of ARA’s Annual Networking Dinner. Award recipients
11:30am – 12:45pm    Lunch On Your Own
                                                                 will be honored and ARA’s new officers will be installed.
1:30pm – 4:30pm      Educational Sessions
                                                                 And …don’t forget the lively conversation, wonder-
5:00pm – 9:00pm      Past Presidents Reception &
                                                                 ful camaraderie and fellowship you’ll experience with
                     Exposition Opening with Heavy
                                                                 hundreds of your friends and colleagues in this amaz-
                     Hors d’oeuvres
                                                                 ing industry. This is truly the grand finale to a wonderful
Friday, October 22nd
                                                                 67th Convention & Exposition!
7:30am – 4:00pm      ARA Registration Open
                                         Hotel & Transportation
                               MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS
                                    AND JOIN US!

                                       Hotel Information
                                        This year’s convention will be held at the Renaissance Austin Hotel.
                                        All convention meetings, educational sessions and exhibit activities
                                        will take place within the hotel (with the exception of recreational
                                        activities and Yard Tour – as indicated on the agenda).
                                         ARA has negotiated a room rate of $189 for single/double occupancy
                                         at the Renaissance for all ARA convention delegates. This rate
                                         applies for the duration of the event. You may secure hotel reserva-
                                         tions as follows:

                                          Renaissance Austin Hotel
                                          (800) 468-3571 or (512) 343-2626
                                          9721 Arboretum Blvd., Austin, TX 78759
                                           OR visit and go to the Convention & Expo page for
                                           a direct link to online reservations with the hotel. You must indi-
                                           cate you are with the Automotive Recyclers Association to receive
                                           our group rate.

                                            For the past several years, our hotel room block has sold out well
                                            before the deadline, so be sure to reserve your rooms early. The
                                            deadline to secure our group rate is September 26, 2010.

Recent history indicates that the vast majority of convention delegates either use their own travel agents or
internet ticket-purchasing-programs to make their travel plans. With such heavy use of internet travel plan-
ning and the many deals that are made via that venue and the use of company travel planners or travel
agents, ARA has not selected an official Air Carrier for its 67th Annual Convention and Exposition. Make
plans to fly into Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS).

Ground Transportation
Although the Renaissance doesn’t provide shuttle service from the airport, you may contact Super Shuttle at
(800) 258-3826 for transportation. Fees are $19 (one way) and a reservation is required. The estimated taxi
fare from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is $35 (one way).

For those with rental cars, the Renaissance offers complimentary on-site parking or valet parking for $14 per
 Associate Membership

Non-members, Join ARA Today & SAVE on Your Exhibitor
Registration. ARA members also receive discounted rates on
advertising and MORE!
Associate Membership is any individual firm, partnership, or corporation engaged in the business of selling new motor
vehicle parts, manufacturers of equipment, supplies or services to the recycled automotive parts industry.

 Membership Dues                                  Company Name

 Associate Members                      $625      Primary Contact Name                               Title
                                                  Officers of Firm (may list up to three w/titles)
 Associate Members                      $375
 Canada                                           ____________________________________________________________________
                                                  Mailing Address
 Associate Members                      $250      ____________________________________________________________________
 Outside the U.S. & Canada                        Shipping Address (if applicable)

 All dues payable in U.S. dollars                 ____________________________________________________________________
 Application Valid through October 31, 2010       City/State/Province                Zip/Postal Code           Country

                                                  Phone                                                        Fax
 Fax to (571) 208-0430 or mail to ARA
 9113 Church St., Manassas,VA 20110-              ____________________________________________________________________
 5456.                                            Toll Free Phone
                                                  Email                                                      Website

Please Provide A Product Line Description: ______________________________________________________________

Method of Payment:           □ Check Enclosed        □ Visa/MasterCard      □ American Express
Credit Card Number: ________________________ Expiration Date: ________ 3-digit code: ______ Billing Zip: ________
Signature of Cardholder: _____________________________________________________ Date: __________________
If accepted for membership, we agree to abide by the Automotive Recyclers Association Bylaws and Code of Eth-
ics, and understand that failure to do so may render this membership subject to cancellation.

Date______________________                    Authorized Signature___________________________________________________

Please submit this application, along with your Exhibitor Registration to receive your ARA Member pricing on your Exhibi-
tor Registration.
Advertising Rates for 2010 Convention Program Guide
ARA’s 67th Annual Convention and Exposition is fast approaching. One source of maximum exposure for your company,
guaranteed to be seen by every registrant and attendee to ARA’s Annual Convention and Exposition, is the Annual Convention
Program Guide. This pocket-sized book will be distributed to everyone attending the convention.
All ads will be full-page ads. Please check your ad choice. Ad selections will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis,
after previous year cover and center-spread advertisers have been given the first right of refusal on their space.
2010 Convention Program rates are as follows: (Non-ARA Members add $100 per ad space)
                                                                                                                      l                            65
                                                                                                  ARA’s 66th Annua                                   th
                                                                                                                Exposition                                An
                                                                                              Convention &
  FULL PAGE                      COVER POSITIONS Black & White 4-Color                                                                                      niv

  □ Black and White              □ Inside Front Cover      □ $ 575                □ $ 700
                                                                                                                                  Welcome to
  □ 4-Color              $625    □ Inside Back Cover       □ $ 575                □ $ 700
                                 □ Back Cover              □ $ 575                □ $ 700                        2009        “A Fountai
                                                                                                                                       n of Informa
                                 □ Center Spread           □ $1,150               □ $1,400                        Lexington, KY

The Final Book size is   4” x 9”
Bleed Ads Should be      4.25” x 9.25” (All text must be inside 3.5 x 8.5 area)
Non-Bleed Ads            3.5” x 8.5”                                                                      yclers Associa
                                                                                                  Automotive Rec
                                                                                                   perience the ustryth Convention & Exposition
                                                                                                 Ex ving the Ind Horsepower
                                                                                                                  65                    Association

Materials should be submitted in the following formats:                                                 Dri
                                                                                                              October 7-10
      Black and White Ads   - Hi Resolution 300 DPI JPEG, TIFF or PDF
      Color Ads             - Hi Resolution CMYK 300 DPI JPEG, TIFF or PDF
NOTE: Quality cannot be guaranteed on ad materials submitted in lower resolutions than 300 DPI.
Submit your ad to Jennifer Johnson at
Ads must be submitted as outlined above, no later than August 13, 2010
Event Sponsors receive advertising in the Convention Program as outlined in the various sponsorship packages.
All ads must be received by August 13, 2010 for inclusion in the 2010 Convention Program Guide.

Company Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________

City/State/Province: ______________________ Zip-Postal Code:___ _______________ Country: __________________

Telephone: ______________________ Fax: _____________________ E-mail __________________________________

Ad Order Placed By: ________________________________________________________________________________

Please indicate your method of payment and return completed form to ARA by fax (571) 208-0430 or mail to
ARA, 9113 Church St., Manassas, VA 20110-5456 USA.
□ Check enclosed (U.S. Funds)         □   Visa      □   MasterCard       □ American Express
Credit Card # ___________________________________ Security Code # _________ Expiration Date:______________

Name As It Appears on Card: ______________________________________ Billing Zip-Code:____________________

Signature of Cardholder: __________________________________________ Date:_____________________________

QUESTIONS?? Please contact Jennifer Johnson at (888) 385-1005 or email
                      Receive maximum exposure
               Limited Availability – SPONSOR EARLY!
Participating sponsors are not only recognized with extensive marketing exposure during the convention, but can also take
pride in knowing they support the efforts of ARA as it purposefully serves the rapidly growing recycling industry.

Your sponsorship investment will assure you prime exposure to ARA members before, during and following the convention.
ARA has more than 4,500 members, so your dollars will go far, even reaching those who do not attend the convention.

Levels            Price                     Benefits
Diamond           $15,000                   Previously listed package PLUS: Logo on convention signage and promo-
                                            tional materials ● 1 ad on ARA Homepage with link for 2 months ● Upgrade
Limit 3 only                                to full-page color ad in Automotive Recycling ● Logo on Badge Holders
                                            ●One (1) 10x10 Booth Space ● Exclusive signage at one of the following:
                                            1. Past Presidents’ Reception & Exposition Opening 2. Friday evening BBQ
                                            3. Saturday evening Networking Dinner

                                            Previously listed package PLUS: Upgrade to 1 Banner ad on ARA website
Platinum         $10,000 or above           for 2 months ● Upgrade to 2 Complimentary Full Convention Registrations
Limit 5 only                                ● Logo on Convention Tote ● Upgrade to full-page color ad in Convention
                                            Program Guide ● Upgrade to 1/2-page color ad in Automotive Recycling
                                            Magazine ● Exclusive signage at one of the following: 1. Welcome/Member
                                            Reception 2. Friday Exposition Luncheon 3. Saturday Exposition Luncheon
                                            4. Past Presidents Luncheon 5. Thumb Drive Containing Educational

Gold             $7,500 or above            Previously listed package PLUS: Premier Sponsor Ribbon and Spon-
                                            sor Pin ● Logo on Room Keys ● Full-page B/W ad in Convention Program
Limit 3 only
                                            Guide ● Upgrade to 1/4-page color ad in Automotive Recycling Magazine
                                            ● 1 Ad (2 issues) in Automotive Recycling Weekly ● Acknowledgement at
                                            Saturday Networking Dinner ● Exclusive signage at one of the following:
                                            1. Saturday evening reception 2. Transportation to Yard Tour, BBQ &
                                            Fundraiser 3. Keynote Speaker

Silver           $5,000 or above            Previously listed package PLUS: Upgrade to 1/2-page B/W ad in Automo-
                                            tive Recycling Magazine ● Logo on Travel Wallet ● Complimentary Full
Limit 4 only                                Convention Registration ● Exclusive signage at one of the following:
                                            1. Convention Photography 2. Morning Breaks 3. Afternoon Breaks
                                            4. Audio/Visual

Bronze           $3,500 or above            Previously listed package PLUS: 1/4-page B/W ad in Automotive Recy-
Unlimited                                   cling Magazine ● 1 Banner ad on ARA website for 1 month ● 1 Ad (1 issue)
                                            in Automotive Recycling Weekly ● Co-sponsor signage at any of the follow-
                                            ing: 1. Thursday Hospitality Suite 2. Friday Hospitality Suite
                                            3. Saturday Hospitality Suite

Associate        $2,000 or above            Previously listed package PLUS: Logo with Link on ARA Website ● Place
Unlimited                                   logoed items/collateral in Registration Packets

General          $500 or above              Recognition in Automotive Recycling Weekly, Convention Program Guide,
Unlimited                                   ARA Website, General Convention Signage ● Sponsor Ribbon and Sponsor
Complete and return this form using one of the options below. Where necessary, please indicate your exclusive sponsored event in
order of preference (i.e. 1,2,3). PLEASE NOTE: Some sponsorship opportunity benefits are time-sensitive for printing purposes. To
take full advantage of sponsorship benefits, sponsorships are due before July 31, 2010.

     YES      , we are pleased to sponsor the ARA 67th Annual Convention & Exposition, Oct. 20-23, 2010 in Austin, TX
     with the following:

                                          _____ Diamond Level $15,000 or above                 =$_________
                                                 ___ Past Presidents’ Reception & Exposition Opening
                                                 ___ Friday Evening BBQ
                                                 ___ Saturday Evening Networking Dinner

                                          _____ Platinum Level $10,000 or above                         =$_________
                                                 ___ Welcome/Member Reception
                                                 ___ Friday Exposition Luncheon
                                                 ___ Saturday Exposition Luncheon
                                                 ___ Past Presidents’ Luncheon

                                          _____ Gold Level       $7,500 or above                =$_________
                                                 ___ Saturday Evening Reception
                                                 ___ Transportation to Yard Tour, BBQ & Fundraiser
                                                 ___ Friday Guest Speaker

                                          _____ Silver Level    $5,000 or above                         =$_________
                                                 ___ Convention Photography
                                                 ___ Morning Breaks
                                                 ___ Afternoon Breaks
                                                 ___ Audio/Visual

                                          _____ Bronze Level    $3,500 or above                         =$_________
                                                 ___ Thursday Hospitality Suite
                                                 ___ Friday Hospitality Suite
                                                 ___ Saturday Hospitality Suite

                                          _____ Associate            $2,000 or above                    =$_________

                                          _____ General              $500 or above                      =$_________

                                                                TOTAL SPONSORSHIP DUE                   =$_________

Company Name: ________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________ State/Province: _____________ Zip/Postal Code; __________________

Country: _______________ Phone #: ____________________________ Fax #: ______________________________

Website: www._____________________________________ E-mail: ______________________________________

Contact Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________

An ARA representative will contact you to confirm the details of your sponsorship.
Thank you for your commitment to ARA!        Mail to: Automotive Recyclers Association
                                                      9113 Church Street, Manassas, VA 20110-5456 USA
                                                      Phone: (571) 208-0428 Fax: (571) 208-0430
Exhibit Space Application
Renaissance Austin Hotel ● Austin, TX ● October 20-23, 2010

(Please complete and submit both sides of the Exhibit Space Application)
INSTRUCTIONS: Please type or print your information in all sections of this application. Keep a copy for your records.
Return all other copies with your 50% deposit (if submitted prior to August 13, 2010 – Full payment is required if submitted
on or after August 13, 2010) of total exhibit cost. Make check payable, in US Funds, to the Automotive Recyclers Associa-
MAIL TO: Automotive Recyclers Association, c/o Award Winning Events, 396 Clarkston Drive, Smyrna, TN 37167
All exhibitors in ARA’s 67th Annual Convention and Exposition will receive one FREE listing in Automotive Recycling
magazine’s special feature issue on Exhibitors and Suppliers plus one FREE listing in the 2010 Convention Program
Guide. Please list the following information EXACTLY as you wish it to appear in these publications. Organizations rent-
ing multiple booths will receive one listing. Submissions may be edited for conformity. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY AND

The DEADLINE for inclusion in the Automotive Recycling magazine Exhibitors and Suppliers issue is JULY 16,
2010. The DEADLINE for inclusion in the Convention Program Guide is AUGUST 13, 2010.

Please Check One:        □ ARA Member             □ Non-member             □ Non-Member joining now*
Company Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________ State/Province:_____________ Zip/Postal Code:_____________________
Country:____________________________ Business Phone #: ___________________ Toll-Free #:_________________
Fax #: _________________ Company Website: __________________________ E-mail: _________________________
Contact (to be listed in Magazine and Convention Program): ________________________________________________
Contact’s Title: _________________________________ Contact (for exhibit materials):___________________________
Contact’s E-mail:________________________________            Number of Booth Personnel: __________________________
List Names for Badges:______________________________________________________________________________
Please provide a complete description of your company, services and/or products as you wish it to appear in publications.
(Limit 50 words)
Wherever possible, ARA will make every effort to honor your space preference. Exhibit space is assigned on a 1st come,
1st served basis, pending proper completion of Exhibit Space Application.

1st Choice ______________ 2nd Choice ______________ 3rd Choice _____________ 4th Choice _______________

If possible, we do not wish to be next to or directly across the aisle from the following companies.

1) _________________________________________ 2) ______________________________________________
3) _________________________________________ 4) ______________________________________________
Exhibit Space Application (page 2)

This application MUST be received with 50% deposit (if submitted before August 13, 2010) of total space cost or full pay-
ment (if submitted on or after August 13, 2010) before space is considered.

Please check one, indicate number of booths desired, then multiply by fee.
□ Member                Number of 10’x10’ booths              ___ x $1,400       =$________
□ Non-Member            Number of 10’x10’ booths              ___ x $1,600       =$________
        Corner Booth Surcharge                                       $200        =$________
        End-Cap or Island Surcharge                                  $500        =$________
        Exhibitor Booth Package                               ___ x $150 ea      =$________
        Yard Tour Display Space        □ Yes □ No             ___ x $250         =$________
        Additional Booth Personnel (3 FREE/booth allocation) ___ x $250          =$________
        Virtual Pre-Show Expo                                 ___ x $150         =$________

Thursday Spouse Tour (Garden Tour & Lunch @ The Oasis)             ___ x $40     =$________
  (cost for lunch is not included – order on own) (Thur., Oct. 21)
Friday Evening BBQ & Scholarship Fundraiser (Fri., Oct. 22)        ___ x $50     =$________
Annual Networking Dinner (Sat., Oct. 23)                           ___ x $90     =$________

                                           TOTAL AMOUNT DUE                      =$________
                 (50% DEPOSIT before 8/13/10 – following 8/13/10
                         full payment must accompany application)                =$________

I/We agree to abide by all rules and regulations governing the Exposition as printed within the Exhibitor Prospectus which
are a part of this application. Acceptance of this application by Show Management constitutes a contract.
IMPORTANT: Keep a copy for your records.

Signature _______________________________________________________ Date _______________________

Name (type or print) _____________________________________ Title __________________________________

Method of Payment:

□ Check enclosed (U.S. Funds)         □   Visa     □   MasterCard      □ American Express
Credit Card # ___________________________________ Security Code # _________ Expiration Date:______________

Name As It Appears on Card: ______________________________________ Billing Zip-Code:____________________

Signature of Cardholder: __________________________________________ Date:_____________________________

   Photocopy both sides of the Exhibit Space Application for your records AND return both sides to:

                                          ARA c/o Award Winning Events
                                               Attn: Kim Glasscock
                                      396 Clarkston Drive, Smyrna, TN 37167
RULES &                                                5. Installation and Removal
                                                       Show Management reserves the right to
                                                       schedule the time for the installation of a booth
                                                                                                           9. Operation of Displays
                                                                                                           Show Management reserves the right to restrict
                                                                                                           the operation of, or evict completely, any
                                                                                                                                                                 non-profit or charitable causes only upon written
                                                                                                                                                                 permission of Show Management. If exhibitor fails
                                                                                                                                                                 to comply, Show Management reserves the right

REGULATIONS                                            prior to the Show opening and for its removal
                                                       after the conclusion of the Show. Installation of
                                                       all exhibits must be fully completed before the
                                                                                                           exhibit that, in its sole opinion, detracts from
                                                                                                           the general character of the exposition as a
                                                                                                           whole. This includes, but is not limited to, an
                                                                                                                                                                 to prohibit business, display or advertisement of
                                                                                                                                                                 products at any time during the exposition.

                                                       opening time of the exposition at 5:00 p.m. on      exhibit that, because of noise, flashing lights,      12. Liability and Insurance
                                                       Thursday, October 21, 2010. Any space not           method of operation or display of unsuitable          All property of the exhibitor remains under their
The Automotive Recyclers Association &                 claimed and occupied by 12:00 noon Thursday,        material, is determined by Show Management            custody and control in transit to and from the
Award Winning Events hereinafter referred to           October 21, 2010 may be resold or reassigned        to be objectionable to the successful conduct         exhibit hall and while it is in the confines of the ex-
as “Show Management.”                                  without refund. No exhibitor will be allowed to     of the exposition as a whole. Use of so-called        hibit hall. Neither Show Management, its service
                                                       dismantle or repack any part of his exhibit until   “barkers” or “pitchmen” is strictly prohibited. All   contractors, the management of the exhibit hall
1. Payment and Refunds                                 after the closing of the Show - Saturday, October   demonstrations or other promotional activities        nor any of the officers, staff members or directors
Applications submitted prior to August 13, 2010        23, 2010 at 2:00 p.m.                               must be confined to the limits of the exhibit         of any of the same are responsible for the safety
must be accompanied with at least a 50%                                                                    space. Sufficient space must be provided within       of the property of exhibitors from theft, damage
deposit of total exhibit cost. Applications received   6. Arrangement of Exhibits                          the exhibit space for the comfort and safety of       by fire, accident, vandalism, acts of God, public
without such payment will not be processed nor         Each exhibitor is provided an Official Exhibitors   persons watching demonstrations and other             enemy, riot, civil commotion or other causes. The
will space assignment be made. The balance             Service Manual. The Exhibitors Service Manual       promotional activities. Each exhibitor is respon-     exhibitor expressly waives and releases any claim
of the space rental charge will become due             describes the type and arrangement of exhibit       sible for keeping the aisles near its exhibit space   or demand they may have against any of them by
and payable after August 13, 2010 or applicant         space and the standard equipment provided by        free of congestion caused by demonstrations or        reason of any damage to or loss of any property
forfeits space reserved. Applications submitted        Show Management for booth construction. All         other promotions.                                     of the exhibitor. It is recommended that exhibitors
after August 13, 2010 must be accompanied              booth space must be arranged and constructed                                                              obtain adequate insurance coverage, at their own
by payment in full of the space rental charges.        in accordance with the guidelines, provisions       Direct Sales: No retail sales are permitted           expense, for property loss or damage and liability
Applications received without such payment will        and limitations contained in the Exhibitors         within the exhibit area at any time, but orders       for personal injury.
not be processed nor will space assignments            Prospectus and/or Service Manual. If, in the        may be taken for future delivery.
be made.                                               sole opinion of Show Management, any exhibit                                                            13. Indemnification
                                                       fails to conform to the show guidelines, or the     Contests, Drawings & Lotteries: All unusual         The exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and
No refunds will be made after August 13,               provisions set forth herein, such exhibit will be   promotional activities must be approved in writ-    liability for losses, damages, and claims arising
2010.                                                  prohibited from functioning at any time during      ing by Show Management no later than 60 days        out of exhibitor’s activities on the premises and will
                                                       the exposition.                                     prior to the opening of the exposition – August     indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Hotel, its
It is expressly agreed by the exhibitor that in the                                                        21, 2010.                                           owner, and management company, as well as their
event the firm fails to pay the space rental at the   Exhibitor Plan Review: Booth construction plans                                                          respective agents, servants, and employees from
times specified, or faisl to comply with any other    and layout arrangements for first-time exhibitors, Literature Distribution: All demonstrations or        any and all such losses, damages, and claims.
provisions contained in these rules and regula-       exhibits in peninsula or island booth spaces, or     other activities must be confined to the limits     Exhibitor agrees that it will indemnify and hold and
tions concerning their use of exhibit space, Show involving other unusual construction features,           of the exhibitor’s booth space. Distribution of     save Show Management whole and harmless of,
Management shall have the right to reassign the must be submitted for approval at least forty-five circulars may be made only within the space                 from and against all claims, demands, actions,
booth location shown on the face of the contract      (45) days prior to the opening of the exposition     assigned to the exhibitor distributing such mate- damages, loss, cost, liabilities, expenses and judg-
or to take possession of said space and lease         – September 7, 2010.                                 rials. No advertising circular, catalogs, folders,  ments recovered from or asserted against Show
same, or any part thereof, to such parties and                                                             tent cards or devices (i.e. balloons etc.) shall be Management on account of injury or damage to
upon such terms and conditions as it may deem         7. Exhibits & Public Policy                          distributed by exhibitors in the aisles, meeting    person or property to the extent that any such
proper. In the event of default by the exhibi-        Each exhibitor is charged with knowledge of all      rooms, registration areas, lounges or grounds of damage or injury may be incident to, arise out
tor, as set forth in the previous sentence, the       laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to       the host facility. Trade publishers are prohibited of, or be caused, either proximately or remotely,
exhibitor shall forfeit as liquidated damages, the    health, fire prevention and public safety, while     from soliciting advertising during the Show.        wholly or in part, by an act, omission, negligence
amount paid by them for their space reservation, participating in this exposition. Compliance with Trade publications may be distributed from their or misconduct on the part of Exhibitor or any of
regardless of whether or not Show Management such laws is mandatory for all exhibitors and the booth, but automatic distribution is prohibited.                its agents, servants, employees, contractors,
enters into a further lease for the space involved. sole responsibility is that of the exhibitor. Show     Individual distribution may be made to advertis- patrons, guests, licensees or invitees or of any
In case the exposition shall not be held for any      Management and service contractors shall have ers in a trade publication.                                other person entering the exhibition building with
reason whatsoever, then and thereupon the             no responsibility for the compliance with laws,                                                          the express or implied invitation or permission
rental and lease of space to the exhibitor shall      ordinances and regulations in connection with        Live Animals: Live animals are prohibited.          of Exhibitor, or when any such injury or damage
be terminated. In such case the maximum claim         an individual exhibitor’s space, materials and op- Models: Booth representatives, including              is the result, proximate or remote, of the viola-
for damage and/or compensation by the exhibitor eration. Should an exhibitor have any questions models or demonstrators, must be properly and tion by Exhibitor or any of its agents, servants,
shall be the return to the exhibitor of the amount    as to the application of such laws, ordinances       modestly clothed. Excessively revealing attire      employees, contractors, patrons, guest, licensees
already paid for space at this specific event.        and regulations to their exhibit or display, Show    is prohibited.                                      or invitees of any law, ordinance or government
                                                      Management will endeavor to answer them. All                                                             order of any kind, or when any such injury or
2. Space Rental and Assignment of Location            booth decorations including carpeting must be        Sound: Exhibits which include the operation of damage may in any other way arise from or out
Whenever possible, space assignments will be          flame proofed and all hangings must clear the        musical instruments, radios, sound projection       of the occupancy or use by Exhibitor, its agents,
made by Show Management in keeping with the floor. Electrical wiring must conform to National equipment, public address systems or any                         servants, employees, contractors, patrons, guests,
preferences as to location, and as requested          Electrical Code Safety Rules. If inspection          noisemaking machines must be conducted or           licensees or invitees of exhibitor’s booth. Such
by the exhibitor. Show Management, however,           indicates any exhibitor has neglected to comply      arranged so that the noise resulting from the       indemnification of Show Management by Exhibitor
reserves the right to make the final determination with these regulations, or otherwise incurs             demonstration will not annoy or disturb adjacent shall be effective unless such damage or injury
of all space assignments in the best interests of     a fire hazard, the right is reserved to Show         exhibitors and their patrons, nor cause the         results directly from the sole negligence, gross
the Exposition.                                       Management to cancel all or such part of the         aisles to be blocked. Operators of noisemak-        negligence or willful misconduct of Show Manage-
                                                      firm’s exhibit as may be irregular, and effect the   ing exhibits must secure approval of operating      ment. Exhibitor covenants and agrees that in case
3. Use of Space, Subletting of Space                  removal of same at exhibitor’s expense. Exhibi- methods, from Show Management, before the                Show Management shall be made a party to any
No exhibitor shall assign, sublet, or share the       tors will not be permitted to store behind their     exhibit opens. The cost of licensing fees is the    litigation commenced by or against Exhibitor or
space allotted with another business or firm un-      booth background any excess material such as         responsibility of individual exhibitors for any     relating to this contract or such exhibitor’s booth,
less approval has been obtained in writing from       cardboard cartons, literature, etc. Excess sup-      music used in the exhibit hall.                     then Exhibitor shall and will pay all cost and ex-
Show Management in advance. Exhibitors are            plies must be stored in areas that will be made                                                          penses, including reasonable attorney’s fees and
not permitted to feature names or advertisements available for such purpose. If unusual equipment Food and/or Beverage: Exhibitors must notify                 court costs, incurred by or imposed upon Show
of non-exhibiting manufacturers, distributors         or machinery is to be installed, or if appliances    Show Management no later then sixty (60)            Management by virtue of any such litigation.
or agents in the exhibitor’s display, parent or       that might come under fire codes are to be used, days prior to Show – August 21, 2010 of intent
subsidiary companies excepted. Exhibitors must        the exhibitor should communicate with Show           to serve food or beverage within your booth.        14. Care of Building and Equipment
show only goods manufactured or dealt in by           Management for information concerning facilities Permits may be required by Show Management Exhibitors or their agents shall not injure or deface
them in the regular course of business. Should        or regulations. Exhibitors must comply with City, or city authorities.                                   any part of the exhibit building, the booths, or
an article of a non-exhibiting firm be required for   State, and specific facility fire regulations.                                                           booth contents or show equipment and decor.
operation or demonstration in an exhibitor’s dis-                                                          10. Social Activities                               When such damage appears, the exhibitor is liable
play, identification of such article shall be limited 8. Storage of Crates and Boxes                       Exhibitor agrees to withhold sponsoring hos-        to the owner of the property so damaged.
to the usual and regular nameplate, imprint or        Exhibitors will not be permitted to store packing    pitality suites/rooms or other functions during
trademark under which same is sold in the gen-        crates and boxes in their booths during the          official Association activities, including exhibit  15. Other Regulations
eral course of business. No firm or organization      exhibit period, but these, when properly marked, hours, social functions, educational seminars           Any and all matters not specifically covered by the
not assigned exhibit space will be permitted to       will be stored and returned to the booth by ser-     and any other related activity scheduled by         preceding rules and regulations shall be subject
solicit business within the Exhibit Areas.            vice contractors. It is the exhibitor’s responsibil- Show Management. Requests for social activi- solely to the decision of Show Management. The
                                                      ity to mark and identify their crates. Crates not    ties must be submitted to Show Management           Show Management shall have full power to inter-
4. Exhibitor’s Authorized Representative              properly marked, or identified may be destroyed. for approval and acceptance. No non-exhibiting pret, amend, and enforce these rules and regula-
Each exhibitor must name one person to be his         Show Management assumes no responsibility            entity will be allowed to produce, sponsor, host    tions, provided any amendments, when made,
or her representative in connection with installa-    for the contents of crates or boxes improperly       or offer, in any form or fashion, a social activity are brought to the notice of exhibitors. Each
tion, operation and removal of the firm’s exhibit.    labeled as “empty.” Because of the lack of stor-     in conjunction with Show Management’s event. exhibitor, and their employees, agrees to abide
Such representative shall be authorized to enter      age facilities, it may be necessary to store empty                                                       by the foregoing rules and regulations and by any
into such service contracts as may be necessary, crates and cartons outside the building. Every            11. Outside Activities                              amendments or additions thereto in conformance
and for which the exhibitor shall be responsible.     effort will be made to protect the crates from the Exhibitor agrees not to exhibit, solicit business     with the preceding sentence.
The exhibitor shall assume responsibility for such elements, but neither Show Management nor its or conduct business in any location within
representative being in attendance throughout         service contractors will assume any responsibil- 20 miles of Exposition from two days prior to
all exposition periods; and their representative      ity for damage to them. The removal and return       opening through two days after closing (October
shall be responsible for keeping the exhibit neat, of large crates will be charged for at prevailing       19 – October 25, 2010), without prior written
staffed and orderly at all times. For their own       rates. Crates, boxes or other exhibit materials      approval of Show Management. Non-profit and
safety and protection, children sixteen years of      unclaimed by the exhibitor after the Show will be charitable Exhibitors agree not to solicit funds or
age and under MUST be accompanied by an               removed at the exhibitor’s expense. Exhibitors       to operate fundraising events between October
adult at all times in the exhibit hall and other      will be billed by Show Management for removal        19 – October 25, 2010 (two days prior to open-
Convention functions.                                 time and materials at prevailing rates.              ing and after closing of Show), within 20 miles of
                                                                                                           Exposition location. Funds may be solicited for
                        Automotive Recyclers Association
                        9113 Church St.
                        Manassas, VA 20110-5456


                                             Previous ARA Exposition Exhibitors
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