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                                  Hosted Email
                                                                                                                  +44 (0)1752 358400

                                                                                       Hosted Exchange & Archiving

Enterprise Hosted Exchange & Archiving gives your organisation total control of its messaging infrastructure
without the pressure or financial costs associated with internally delivering the system. Maintenance, storage
and support of email services are delivered in the cloud by dedicated experts. Forget the costs associated with
running servers, the fear of email downtime, and the stress of an e-Discovery request.

     MESSAGING                               SECURITY                                ACCESS                                ARCHIVE
     Exchange 2010 Platform                Email moved offsite and               Microsoft Outlook                      UNLIMITED email
                                           stored securely in the                                                       archive storage
     25GB mailbox size                                                           Outlook Web App 2010
                                                                                                                        Compliance archiving
     Shared calendars,                                                           Mobile access via
                                           Premium Anti-Spam and                                                        (Internal & External
     contacts and folders                                                        iPhone, BlackBerry,
                                           Anti-Virus (100% Virus                                                       Email)
                                                                                 Windows Mobile and
     Multiple domains and                  Protection Guarantee)
                                                                                 Android                                Rapid searching across
     mailbox aliases
                                           POP3/IMAP and SMTP                                                           multiple mailboxes and
                                                                                 Full offline working with
     Access to Global                      access using 1024-bit                                                        the entire archive
                                                                                 offline address book and
     Address List (GAL)                    TLS/SSL
                                                                                 calendar                               Advanced eDiscovery
     Management via a                      Multi-Datacentre Replica
                                                                                                                        Apply legal holds
     web-based control panel               Copies
                                                                                                                        Anywhere, anytime
                                                                                                                        archive access (Web,
                                                                                                                        Outlook, iPhone and

 EPA Silver                                   3 Managed Remote Monitoring and
                                                                                                      3   Consultancy and Guidance on
                                                                                                          Configuration with Internal Systems
 Technical Support:                           3 Email & Telephone Technical Support                   3 Remote Administrator Training

Why Enterprise Hosted Exchange?
    Infrastructure Resilience
A platform that contains no single point of failure ensures robust, reliable and consistent service performance. Avoid the risk of email downtime,
disgruntled employees complaining to the IT department, and working through the night trying to solve the issue.

    Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Streamline email management to save time, money and resource. There is no need to invest in servers, racks, back-ups and storage or employ
dedicated technical staff.

    Compliance Archiving
Rapid search and retrieval in seconds, not hours! Comply with industry regulations and data retention policies by securely and automatically
capturing messages. Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook simplifies mailbox management and provides end-users with direct access to
their entire archive. Benefit from unlimited email archive storage at a fraction of the cost of an on-premise system.

    Freedom - Anytime, Anywhere Access
Access to email, calendars, contacts, folders and the entire archive on the move or in the office. End-users can work anywhere in the world via
Outlook, a web-browser, iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile; with on-demand access to corporate knowledge stored in email.
                                                                                         Professional                          Enterprise

 Access Type                                                                             Outlook, Webmail            Outlook, Webmail, Hosted Archive

 Mailbox Size                                                                                   25GB                                25GB

 Hosted Platform                                                                           Exchange 2010                      Exchange 2010

 Outlook Web App 2010                                                                             3                                    3

 Shared Calendars, Contacts and Folders                                                           3                                    3

 Multiple Domains and Mailbox Aliases                                                             3                                    3

 Access to Global Address List (GAL)                                                              3                                    3

 Full Offline Working with Offline Address Book                                                   3                                    3

 Mobile Access via ActiveSync/Direct Push                                                         3                                    3

 Premium Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam                                                                 3                                    3

 POP3, IMAP and SMTP access using 1024-bit TLS/SSL                                                3                                    3

 Multi-Datacentre Replica Copies                                                                  3                                    3

 Email Archiving Storage                                                                                                        UNLIMITED

 Compliance Archiving (Internal and External Email)                                                                                    3

 Rapid Searching Across Multiple Mailboxes & Entire Archive                                                                            3

 Advanced e-Discovery and Apply Legal Holds                                                                                            3

 Anywhere Archive Access (Web, Outlook, iPhone & BlackBerry)                                                                           3

Additional Service Features
To enhance your organisation’s messaging and collaboration environment, these optional extras are also available:

               Active Directory Integration
               ADI offers seamless user provisioning and authentication. IT departments can concentrate on managing the Hosted Exchange
               Environment while removing the hassle from end-users who no longer have to remember separate passwords for their Hosted Exchange

               BlackBerry Enterprise Server
               Based on RIM’s BES 5.X, users will benefit from complete, two-way wireless synchronisation of email, calendar, address book, tasks
               and more. Remote control of email settings allows wireless configuration, including out-of-office replies and auto-signatures, direct from
               BlackBerry devices. Wireless device configuration and IT policies give users total control of email direct from the palm of their hand.

             Microsoft Outlook 2010 License for PC
             Complete use of Microsoft Outlook 2010 including email, calendars, address books and more.

             Microsoft Outlook 2011 License for Mac
             Mac now supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 via the OS X operating system. Gain full use of all Exchange services including email,
             contacts and calendars.

 Highly Resilient Cloud Architecture:                                                                               Money back guarantee on service

    Platform based on Microsoft’s Exchange 2010 Hosting Edition                                         SLA         availability

                                                                                                                    Includes a 100% NO virus guarantee
    Clustered Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 & Microsoft Exchange Server
    2010 software

    Hosted on HP ProLiant & Cisco UCS servers accessing data from a resilient
    EMC/HP Storage System                                                                                                                     EPA Cloud:
                                                                                                      Tamar Science Park, 1 Davy Road, Plymouth, PL6 8BX
    Tier 3+ ISO27001 accredited Data Centres                                                            (T): +44 (0)1752 358400, (E):
    Delivered from 2 UK Data Centres (London & Slough)

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