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Discount Friday February 5 2010 The Step Saver The Observer To

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					Friday, February 5, 2010                                                                          The Step Saver/ The Observer                                               To advertise, call (860) 628-9645                   5

Art studio opens in Plantsville
     By ROB GLIDDEN                said. “It feels like the arts                  rant. Last year, he also pur-
        STAFF WRITER               are on the rise in                             chased the building which
     The new Paris in              Southington, and                               houses Kess Café and now
Plantsville art gallery will       Plantsville needs something                    Paris of Plantsville.
host a grand opening exhi-         a little different. When                            The opening will fea-
bition this weekend.               Paula [Charneco] moved, I                      ture work from about a
     The new gallery is the        had the idea to work with                      dozen artists, including sev-
brainchild of Sean                 this spot.”                                    eral of Michanczyk’s class-
Michanczyk, who studied                  His name is familiar to                  mates from the University
art at the University of           those in Plantsville. The                      of Hartford. His own work
Hartford. The space was            family has been at the fore-                   will also be exhibited.
formerly occupied by               front of the current effort to                      In the future, the space
Paula’s Consignment Store          revitalize the area. His                       will offer art classes and
at 15 West Main Street,            father, Dean Michanczyk,                       other events. “Resident
which has now moved                owns Dean’s Stove and Spa                      artists” will be on site fre-
                                   and is in the process of                       quently and will play a large                                                                                                       TAMMI KNAPIK
across the road.
     “It’s something I always      constructing the                               role in the gallery’s activi-    Sean Michanczyk, second from right, stands with a painting of his and fellow
                                   Hearthstone Pub restau-
wanted to do,” Michanczyk                                                                         See ART, page 15 artists.

                                                                                                     Police Blotter
     Edwin J. Irizarry, 24, of         Kevin D. Matney, 26, of                        Joel Carrasquillo, 28, of                      Steven M. Calandra,          1 court date.                      and second degree breach
238 Bassett Street, New            393 Hobart Street, was                        87 Russell Street, Plainville,                 35, of 34 Rourke Avenue,               Paul A. Mamula, 38, of        of peace. She was held on a
Britain, was charged on Jan.       charged on Jan. 21 with dis-                  was charged on Jan. 22 with                    was charged on Jan. 20 with       201 Old Turnpike Road, was         $5,000 bond for a Feb. 8
20 with second degree fail-        orderly conduct and cruelty                   fifth and sixth degree larce-                  breach of peace. He was           charged on Jan. 23 with            court date.
ure to appear. He was held         to animals. He was held on                    ny. He was held on a                           held on a $1,000 bond for a       DUI, failure to have a                  Joseph A. Guerrera, 38
on a $5,000 bond for a Jan.        a $50,000 bond for a Jan. 22                  $15,000 bond for a Jan. 22                     Feb. 1 court date.                reflective cover and operat-       of 503 Canal Street, was
21 court date.                     court date.                                   court date.                                         Dawn Tagariello-Willi,       ing an unregistered motor          charged on Jan. 25 with first
                                                                                                                                37, of 21 Russ Lane, Bristol,     vehicle. He was held on a          and second degree failure
                                    Fire Calls                                                                                  was charged on Jan. 21 with
                                                                                                                                interfering with an officer,
                                                                                                                                                                  $5,000 bond for a Feb. 1
                                                                                                                                                                  court date.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     to appear. He was held on a
                                                                                                                                                                                                     combined bail of $120,000
     Dec. 7                            714 West St, accident.                          I-84 East, Exit 30, acci-                possession of drug para-               Ryan Oakes, 30, of 868        for a Jan. 26 court date.
     1581 Meriden-                     Dec. 11                                    dent.                                         phernalia, first degree fail-     South Main Street, was                  Yance Seals, 35, of 2
Waterbury Rd, accident.                720 Pleasant St, smoke                          235 Spring St, fire                      ure to appear and posses-         charged on Jan. 23 with            Kane Street, was charged
     765 South End Rd,             odor.                                          alarm.                                        sion of a controlled sub-         thired degree strangulation,       on Jan. 25 with third degree
alarm malfunction.                     27 Oakland Rd, smoke                            1377 Mt. Vernon Rd, oil                  stance. She was held on           second degree breach of            assault and disorderly con-
     909 Queen St, gasoline        odor.                                          in road                                       bonds totaling $30,000 for a      peace, interfering with a          duct. He was held on a
spill.                                 Dec. 12                                         Maxwell Noble Dr, car                    Feb. 8 court date.                911 call, risk of injury and       $10,000 bond for a Jan. 26
     Dec. 8                            244 Jude Ln, smoke                         in pond.                                           David C. Perry, 22, of       third degree assault. He was       court date.
     394 Mill St, gas odor.        scare.                                              30 Darling St, gas odor.                 581 Crown Street, Meriden,        held on a $50,000 bond for              Scott Hurd, 47, of 58
     3000 Meriden-                     1445 West St, assist                            342 Queen St, fire                       was charged on Jan. 22 with       a Feb. 8 court date.               Berlin Avenue, was charged
Waterbury Rd, accident.            AMR.                                           alarm.                                        issuing a bad check, third             Abigail Peck, 29, of 47       on Jan. 25 with violation of
     Dec. 9                            Dec. 13                                         I-691, accident.                         degree forgery and sixth          Homesdale Avenue, was              a protective order. He was
     133 Bristol St, car fire.                                                                                                  degree larceny. He was held       charged on Jan. 24 with            held on a $5,000 bond for a
     503 Main St, accident.                                                                                                     on a $2,500 bond for a Feb.       second degree threatening          Jan. 26 court date.
     70 Burritt St, road haz-
     867 Meriden-
Waterbury Rd, unautho-
                                                                                                                                Man arrested for animal cruelty
                                                                                                                                     Southington Police           abusing his dog.                   Cruelty to an animal.
rized burning.                                                                                                                  have arrested a Hobart                On Thursday, Jan. 21,              He was held on a
     I-84 East, Exit 31, acci-                                                                                       HOURS:     Street man for animal cru-        Kevin Matney was arrest-           $50,000 bond for a Jan. 22
dent.                                           THE ULTIMATE SUPERBOWL PHILLY                                        Tues-Sat
                                                   Steak or Chicken Sandwich                                        11am-7pm    elty, after he was observed       ed and charged with                court date.
                                                                                $                                               at his home repeatedly            Disorderly Conduct and
                                                    18 Inches and over 2 pounds                                       Closed
                                                                                                                    Sun & Mon

                                                    of Meat with Onions and Cheese.......
                                                       4TH DOWN AND 4... you get
                                                    4 Sandwiches Steak or Chicken
                                                                                                                                                            How to contact
                                                     with Onions and Cheese and $ 95
                                                   4 bags Chips and 4 Cans Soda........          29                                                          The Observer
 • Roofing • Siding                                       TOUCHDOWN... you get
                                                    4 Sandwiches Steak or Chicken                                                                    News                           league teams? You can send it to The
 • Decks • Additions                                                                                                                 Do you have news you want to see in            Observer care of the sports writer John
                                                   with Onions and Cheese and    95
                                               4 Orders Cheese Fries and 4 Cans Soda....          34                             The Observer? Send the information to The          Goralski
                                                                                                                                                                          , mail it
 Replacement Windows                          PLEASE order by Friday or Saturday along with time for your pick-up                Observer, care of the editor Ed Harris, at ehar-
                                              ALL OF THESE SPECIALS MUST BE ORDERED IN ADVANCE                         , mail it to The        to The Observer, 213 Spring St., Southington,
     747-8278                                              Additional Toppings...Extra
                                                                                                                                 Observer, 213 Spring St., Southington, CT          CT 06489, or fax it to The Observer at
 Fully INSURED • License #507199                                                                                                 06489, or fax it to The Observer at (860)621-
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                                                                                                                                                                                    engaged? Have you just gotten married? Send
    TILE                                                                                                                             Send us your Southington sports news.
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         Total                                                                                                                                                                      community. Forms are available on-line.
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