My Future Career Path

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					                              My Future Career Path

My career will be based on Urban Studies, the studying and planning of cities in North
America. It is basically making cities highly developed and beautiful, attracting more
and more people to it everyday.

Since I moved to Toronto couples of months ago, I began to fell in love with the city.
I began to realize that I was living in a real city. I started do hours and hours of
research everyday discovering what Toronto has to offer. I discovered some things
that people never even heard of since they were living here 10 years now. Some things
like these are like the PATH underneath Downtown Toronto, the greatness of the
Skyline, the size of the city proper and TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).

Everyone knows about Toronto being the most multicultural city on the planet. My
job analyses cities around the globe and help them plan, usually the city that they live
in they would work towards.

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