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					Launching your online business

Selling products online is easy if you know your audience well and use successful marketing techniques. This
article is here to help you get started with your online business.

Design a simple website you can update yourself. If you are not skilled enough to create a website, you can
create a blog instead. You will save a lot of time if you can quickly post updates or make modifications
to site. Use simple designs: your site should load quickly and be compatible with different browsers and
devices. Hire a professional to design your site if necessary. You should also design the navigation of your
site so that your important pages are easy to find.

Research your target audience as much as possible. Find out what kind of sites your potential customers visit
regularly and what they do online. Ask your potential customers to fill in surveys about their habits
interests. Use these results to focus your efforts on placing ads, banners and back-links where your target
audience will be likely to see them. Create profiles on the social networks your customers use, or create
newsletter if your customers mostly send emails.

Get feedback from your customers and use their suggestions to improve your marketing campaign. Request
feedback from people who purchased a product, organize polls on social networks or give away free samples or
discounts to everyone who answers to your survey. You can also get a good idea of what your customers are
interested in by placing a traffic counter plugin on your site and monitoring which pages are the most
visited. Use your findings to create new content similar to what your audience seems to be the most interested

Stay up to date with what the competition is doing. Keep in mind that the internet makes competition even more
direct since customers can easily shop around and compare prices. Use Google AdWords to find out which
keywords your competitors are using and track their back-links. You can develop different strategies to deal
with your concurrence, depending on how large your audience is. Remember to put the advantages of your company
forward; lower shipping fees and a larger selection of products for instance.

Write quality content and establish yourself as a professional. Have your content featured on other sites
possible, and post updates on social networks to mention your newest articles. Encourage your audience to
share your content and to comment on it. This is a good way to find out which articles are the most popular
among your audience. You can also share your content by posting links on message boards or on news articles,
if the topic is relevant. Get in touch with magazine or newspaper editors to have your articles published
online or in print. Remember that writing quality content is the best way to keep people informed and
interested in what you are doing and in your products.

Apply these tips and do your best to develop a complete marketing campaign that correspond to what your
audience is interested in. Take the time to carefully plan your strategies and do more research about internet

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