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									Internet marketing for a young audience

Do you sell products to teenagers and young adults? The internet is an extremely valuable tool for your
business. Read this article to find out how to convince this audience to buy your products.

Do some research about your audience. Even though they belong to an age group, they might have specific
interests or occupations. Hand out surveys to your existing customers to find out what kind of sites they
spend time on. For instance, college students are likely to visit sites such as or besides social networks. High school teenagers are likely to spend time on the social network or to play online games on a variety of sites. Establish a list of websites popular within your
audience and find out what kind of content your audience is interested in.

Establishing contact with your audience is not easy. Do not befriend your customers or desperately try to
speak like them. Do not identify with your customers: get them to identify with your brand instead. Buy
space on the sites they visit and give out free products. Free samples and discounts is the best way to get
new customers to try your products and to buy more later. You can also establish contact through social
networks and interesting content on your site, two things we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

Young adults use social networking to learn about new products and have access to discounts more than other
age groups. Create profiles on Facebook, Twitter and any other site that is popular among your target
audience. Your different profiles should be consistent and updated regularly. Post updates about discounts and
limited offers, new products and any topic of interest to your audience (sports, internship positions,
new or music releases,...). Make sure you have a good understanding of what your audience is interested in.
Organize contests and giveaways on social networks: encourage people to send you pictures of themselves using
your products for instance or to share your page with their friends.

Is email marketing still relevant for this age group? Social networks have replaced emails, but you can still
create a mailing list, especially if you are selling products your customers do not feel comfortable talking
about with their friends. If you find that people are not identifying with your brand, they might not
willing to connect with you publicly on social networks. Your newsletter will be successful if you send
quality content and discounts on a regular basis.

Stay up to date with new trends. Your target audience is spending a lot of time online and will know about new
popular trends such as new websites, viral videos or pictures. Visit the same sites your audience is spending
time on and look for new ways to use these trends in your marketing campaign. If a new trend appears in
photography, organize a contest asking customers to share their own pictures. Your goal is to integrate these
new trends to your campaign before your competitors do.

The key to selling products to this age group is to get as close to your audience as possible and find
out they do on the internet. By using the same sites and creating the kind of content your audience is
interested in, you are developing a solid online presence. If a young adult sees your post on Facebook and
your banner on another site later, you are doing things right.

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