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									Internet Marketing: Six Strategies With a Modest Price and Maximum Payoff

Internet marketing has quickly become one of the most valuable and accessible resources for business owners
both online and in the community. While larger companies have no trouble pouring thousands or even millions of
dollars into an online marketing campaign, small and independent businesses often lack such expansive
resources. Fortunately, there are many accessible and affordable options for even those with modest budgets.

While it may seem like an obvious mistake, many businesses neglect to provide high-quality content on the
company website. Every online user has been underwhelmed at some point or another while visiting a flashy,
graphics-heavy website that failed to deliver on substance--an expensive mistake and a gross misuse of
financial resources. Focus on providing detailed descriptions, interesting phrases and error-free text.
Relevant images are acceptable, but avoid too many as this may cause the page to load slowly.

While larger companies may be able to pay search engine optimization (SEO) experts to do their bidding, this
is often not enough to produce substantial improvements in visibility overnight. Like most things in business,
success takes time. If you do not see a spike in site traffic within a few days or even weeks, do not abandon
your efforts.

SEO is effective in the long run, but social media marketing may be your best bet for quickly building and
engaging your online customer base. Creating a presence on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
allows you to share information like upcoming product launches, sales promotions and customer testimonials
with the click of your mouse. The best part, of course, is that taking the social media route costs absolutely

Just as the concept of online marketing was practically non-existent just over a decade ago, new sites and
strategies are constantly evolving. Keeping abreast of new and promising developments enables you to become an
early adopter of what could possibly evolve into the Next Big Thing. Even if you choose not to explore the
latest innovations, you must at least make an effort to learn as much as possible about your current approach.

Because your efforts may not produce substantial results overnight, you must have a system in place to monitor
and quantify changes. Many internet providers offer site analytic features as part of their standard service
packages, while others charge a nominal fee. This is one feature you shouldn't skimp on--it allows you to
determine which of your strategies are effective and which can be discarded.

An email marketing campaign is a relatively affordable and effective tool for reaching large groups
prospective customers. When you are working with a limited budget, it is especially important to get the most
from your communications. Larger companies often rely on email marketing software to do their bidding, but
there are other, cheaper options. For example, you can offer promotional incentives to build your subscriber
list. Crafting an appealing, informative and concise subject line are all effective ways to increase
number of recipients who view your emails.
The Internet has brought a world of products and services to consumers, just as it has expanded companies'
access to target markets all over the globe. With so many new competitors to contend with, the successful
business is the one that is able to make the most of online marketing strategies. Regardless of financial
resources, marketing via the Internet is an absolute must.

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