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To:    Registered Voters in Lawrence, Methuen and Andover
       Concerned Residents in Lawrence, Methuen and Andover

Date: April 27, 2012

Re:    Kevin M. Cuff, Candidate for State House of Representatives, 17th District

If you have ever been frustrated with the electoral process and the fact that the voter rolls are in
question, now is the time for you to exercise your sacred right to vote and ensure this process is
free from corruption, free from interference and free from illegal registrations of perceived
illegitimate voters.

The illegality of those registering can be from bad or obsolete residential addresses, deceased,
illegal immigrants, loosely recognized or disclosed names or as if often seen, persons who are
cajoled, forced, intimidated or deceived in thinking they are legitimate voters. The latter or the
majority of these infractions to defraud the voting process is done by some to get their names
on a ballot, defeat a recall process or get someone elected by a margin of questionable votes.

Stand up and don't let our American system of election be defrauded, diluted or mocked.

For months, if not years, those legal registered voters in Lawrence, Methuen and Andover have
been victims of corrupt, loose and flagrant elected officials with ulterior motives. Many of these
elected officials are being investigated by federal and state agencies as well as being
investigated and fined by the Office of Campaign & Political Finance (OCPF)

If your relentless letters, Internet posts, newspaper submissions, frustrations, emails, calls and
other ways you've expressed dissatisfaction have fallen on deaf ears, NOW is your time to
make your voice and concerns be heard.


# 1: If you are a legal, registered voter in District # 17, which encompasses precincts Lawrence,
Methuen and Andover and are sick and tired of being ignored and fed up with the corruption,
then reach out to KEVIN M. CUFF who is seeking your support and subsequent vote for the
17th District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. It starts by you, as a registered
voter in this district to sign his qualifying papers so his name can be on the ballot. Then meeting
with him and sharing your views and what you deserve as a voter of the Commonwealth and
district # 17. Kevin M. Cuff will share his views and what his vision is to securing the most
sacred part of our democracy in our great country and that is YOUR VOICE!

# 2: If you are not yet registered to vote or live in District # 17, you can still help. Contact Kevin
M. Cuff to offer your help in the form of walking door to door, making telephone calls, sending
campaign literature, data entry or any other form of assistance that will get Kevin's name out
there for people to get to know him and obviously for them to vote for Kevin M. Cuff.
The time has come and unlike some people who wish to continue dividing this great city of
Lawrence and the adverse effects on the surrounding cities, it is not a Hispanic, Black, Asian,
White or Green issue. Alienating segments of the community is NOT how to achieve prosperity
and unity.

We are Americans and we deserve an elected official who is honest, possesses character, is
willing to ask the tough and uncomfortable questions, who will protect the sanctity of the
election and voter process and who will stand up against corruption and malfeasance by
elected officials and government (local, state and federal) employees.

Don't take my word for it......Contact Kevin M. Cuff and have a sincere conversation of what you
are looking for in an elected official who will be your voice in Boston. Please feel free to
distribute this to friends, family, neighbors and others who feel the same way.

Cell    978-239-5612


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