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									Communicating as a Coach

Every member looks to specific signs in order to be sure that they are
being the most effective in their game. One of the major signs that
every player is going to look at is the coach. If you are a coach, you
will want to make sure to use all of the signs that you can in order to
make game time more effective and fun for those that are playing the game
with you.

Communication as a coach is more than just telling the players what to
do. It is also responding to the players at an individual level,
something that needs to be done with and without words. One of the major
ways that a coach can communicate with the players is by sending out non-
verbal messages. For example, if you know that a player has done
something right, but you can't run onto the field and tell them good job,
then you can always let them know with your body language. You can do
this same thing in order to communicate plays, how well individual
members are playing, and to help motivate them when you can't be right by
their side or lecturing them.

While you are communicating with your players, you will want to make sure
that you keep everything in perspective. It is always best to combine
the idea of character to win the game with other aspects of coaching.
Even if you are working towards winning a game, you will want to make
sure that you combine this with affection towards the efforts that the
different members are making while they are playing. Sometimes showing
affection and compassion towards everyone's efforts will be the best
motivation to keep the players in the game.

More than coaching players on the next move that they need to make is
being a coach that is open to the possibilities of knowing what the team
needs. By expressing this through your character, you will have the
ability to make sure that all of the players are able to respond by
playing a better game, knowing that there is confidence and the right
message sent from the coach.

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