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Vacuuming and Cleaning Extends the Life of Your Carpet


									Vacuuming and Cleaning Extends the Life of Your Carpet
The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends that homeowners get their carpet
professionally cleaned at least once a year (more often if they have children or pets). However,
like anything else in your home, it’s worthwhile to take a few preventative measures between
cleanings to extend the life of your carpet. It’s a lot easier (and cheaper!) to maintain your
carpet than replace in completely.

Here are five ways vacuuming and cleaning your carpets will help keep them looking new and
dirt free between professional steam cleanings:

1. Vacuum your carpets at least twice per week (more often if you have children or pets) to
prevent dirt from settling in the carpet. Walking on dirt that’s settled into the base of the carpet
fibers causes the appearance of “traffic lanes” and worn areas. Whether you are working in
high traffic or low traffic rooms, change the vacuuming direction occasionally to help stand the
pile upright and reduce matting.

2. An inexpensive vacuum cleaner may remove surface dirt but will not as effectively remove
dirt and particles embedded in the pile. Instead, use a high-quality, upright vacuum cleaner
with a reel-type brush. Be sure to test your vacuum in an inconspicuous location (like under the
couch) to make sure it doesn't produce excessive “fuzzing” or that the carpet threads get
wrapped around the rotating brush, which will shorten the life of both your vacuum and carpet.

3. If your vacuum appears to be losing efficiency, check the belt that drives the brush. A broken
or worn belt can have a major impact on how well your vacuum cleaner works on both carpet
and hard wood floors. Also keep in mind that after the bag is about 1/2 full, vacuum cleaner
efficiency is also greatly reduced, so be sure to empty/change your vacuum bags as needed. If
you recently purchased a new carpet, you might need to change you vacuum bag more
frequently as many fibers that aren’t removed during the manufacturing process are now
getting removed by your vacuum.

4. Place removable mats (easily washed off outside or in the washing machine) at every
entrance to your home to prevent soil, dirt, mud and more from being tracked inside and
ground into your carpets.

5. Most spills can be removed if quickly taken care of. The longer a spill stays on the carpet, the
greater the chance that permanent damage (like a stain) will take place. If you accidentally spill
something on your carpet, be sure to clean it up quickly.
These are just 5 easy ways vacuuming and cleaning can help extend the life of your carpet.
Since carpets are a hefty investment for most homeowners, these preventative measures are
well worth your time.

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