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					Keep your Car Organized and Simplify Your Life on the Go

American driver spend on average about 15 hours in their car each and
every week. With busy hectic schedules, our cars are quickly becoming
our home on wheels, so it should be as no surprise that our cars can
easily become infested with clutter. And just as we have a system in
place at home, so should we in our car. An organized car keeps
distractions at bay and essential items within easy reach.

Visor CD holders and passenger seat organizers are great items to have to
keep your life in the front seat calm, cool and collected at all times.
Each of these organizing tools keeps important items within easy reach,
such as your water bottle, toll money, or map.

If a good portion of your time in the car involves hauling your children
back and forth to daycare, on shopping excursions or to weekly
activities, it's likely that your backseat is a toy box on wheels. There
are simple and affordable mesh nets that can be placed over the back of
the front seats so that books, toys, and allowable snacks can be kept
within easy reach. Encourage your children to place their items in these
organizers when they are getting out of the car, and you'll encourage
them to learn how to pick up after themselves in your home as well.

Trunk organizers are a great storage tool for keeping those needed items
from floating back and forth in the trunk during car rides, and provide a
safe haven for your groceries to travel home in. Cargo nets can also be
installed in the trunk to accomplish the same secure environment.

Lastly, keep your pooch safe and secure in the back by placing a dog
divider in the back of your minivan or SUV. This keeps them safely
contained in one area during the commute, thereby decreasing the
likelihood of him bounding onto your lap and getting in your way during
the drive. It also contains him in an enclosed area if he's dirty from
playing in the mud or water.

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