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					Live Webinar on : What does Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank and Hedging FOREX (derivatives)
in a recessionary economy have in common, they’re all risk and compliance related! Tuesday,
May 29, 2012 duration : 01:00 to 02:15 PM EST


                                        The topic aims to address and compare the
                                        requirements of SOX against the Dodd-Frank legislation
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                                        and contrast how they differ clearly in purpose and
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                                        objectives. The perception is that they are similar and
                                        overlap whereas on the contrary they are distinct,
                                        unique and targets areas, risk management and internal
Who will benefit                        controls that corporate management has for far too long
                                        not adequately addressed considering their fidicuary
                                        responsibilities. Boards frequently target EPS or bottom-
CFO                                     line and short-term objectives as being a priority for
                                        shareholders and owners of such entities. The latter,
Controllers                             unfortunately, trust management and are neither
                                        informed nor educated on risk management issues.
Assistant Controllers                   Foreign Exchange management (derivates/hedging) are
                                        also misunderstood and receive negative/uninformed
Auditors (external and internal)        press coverage quite frequently and yet FX management
                                        has a critical role to play that impacts all areas of an
Treasury staff                          organisation and interestingly embrace both SOX and
Board Members
                                         Areas Covered in the Session:
Risk Compliance Officers
                                        Dodd-Frank Legislation
                                         Foreign Exchange management

                                         Risk Management

                                         Board of Directors
                                         Why should you attend

Live ( Single registration ) : $189.00   The subject of risk compliance and 'are you prepared' is
Group ( Max 10 Attendee): $249.00        being discussed far more frequently (using platforms
On Demand (Recording available):$289     like webinars and white-paper downloads) than a few
Get Training CD : $499                   years ago and especially prior to the mortgage crisis
                                         and the subsequent global economic meltdown.
                                         Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) evolved towards attempting to
                                         create an internal control structure that would
                                         effectively protect the issuance of financial statements
                                         from major miss-statements and economic
                                         misrepresentation. SOX was never really intended to
More Trainings                           cover the operational risk-factors of an entity and
                                         whether sub-units within an organization (making sub-
                                         optimal decisions and/or ignoring the emergence of
                                         negative factors impacting other areas) which, if
                                         unchecked, could ripple across and potentially bring
                                         down the entity and (in the case of financial services)
                                         create global macro-economic repercussions. The
                                         identification of where within an entity risk factors exist
                                         (requiring a need to define) and then creating
                                         benchmarks or indicators that can forewarn that action
                                         is needed becomes critical to damage prevention.
                                         These concepts are imbedded within the Dodd-Frank
                                         approach vis-à-vis, risk committees and appointment of
                                         qualified individuals capable of overseeing all risk
                                         considerations and monitoring corrective action if
                                         needed. Though D-F (extremely detailed and complex)
                                         may naturally be directed towards financial services,
                                         any organization needs to adopt a similar approach if it
                                         is to prevent and mitigate uncontrolled and
                                         unidentified risks creeping into the entity. Many
                                         entities continue to operate in a silo mentally and that
                                         along with politics and a lack of a board-level corporate
                                         overseer is part and parcel of why risk compliance and
                                         risk management are so crucial today as organisations
                                         and the economy attempt to recover. The status quo
                                         clearly demonstrated serious short-falls in risk
                                         management and board-level oversight of operations
                                         and given the severity of the current recession, e.g.,
high unemployment/foreclosures; public sympathy
towards repeats will be severely lacking. Finally, FX or
foreign-exchange (derivate-hedging) and its
management, is the perfect example of how to
implement and apply strong risk management
principles. FX issues cross the entire organization and
FX rates reflect in a single-number the status of global
economies. As FX rates move in any direction, this can
have major repercussions on corporate decisions from
purchases and sales to M&A activities and all boards
must monitor and build plans/strategies under varying
scenarios based on probability concepts and build a
consensus on anticipated directional change

About Speaker

Peter Welch, CEO and founder of Sox International
Inc., is a senior global financial accounting
consultant, a highly experienced
educational/training expert, senior financial
manager/interim CFO, accountant and
entrepreneurial development specialist as well as a
Sox 404 compliance expert. He has worked in
Egypt, Bermuda, India, Puerto Rico, UAE, Georgia
and Bosnia as well as Japan, Sudan, Iraq,
Afghanistan and

South Africa. His 30 years of experience spans
assisting organizations with multibillion dollar
budgets to small startups, implementing changes
to financial systems including PPP, public, private
and NFP organizations. CCFOSox is the premier
U.S. provider for educational services towards the
adoption and implementation of IFRS. CCFOSox
also specializes in CFO Rental services,
Econometric modeling/5-Year Business Plans,
FASB Codification and documentation issues, IFRS
Taxonomy / XBRL technology, financial report
processes, and process reengineering/process flow
mapping. In addition to the University of Southern
New Hampshire and Golden Gate University,
California, Mr. Welch has taught accounting in
Dubai (UAE), Egypt (Cairo) and South Africa. His
teaching focuses on the fundamentals of
                                     accounting and financial theory, the economic-
                                     analysis of businesses, asset/liability matching
                                     (CAPM/NPV) and bank gap analysis/liquidity-
                                     risk, forensic accounting and the criticalness of
                                     financial transparency with respect to capital
                                     sources/derivatives and the investor community.
                                     Mr. Welch is an Platinum
                                     member, an active member of the Financial
                                     Executives International (FEI) and has served on

                                     The Private Company Standards Subcommittee
                                     and Program Subcommittee. Recently he has
                                     launched a LinkedIn group, ‘IFRS
                                     Implementations’ and already has gained 750+
                                     senior financial members.


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