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									Increase Your Home Value With Simple Projects

You can increase the value of your home by taking part in a few simple projects that will either sell your
home for the asking price or impress your visitors. Many home improvement projects can be costly, but with the
ideas below, you will not only save money, but also become the envy of your neighborhood!

One of the first things that strike people when they see your home for the first time is the paint job
and outside. Chipped paint on the exterior of your home and walls inside that look like an amateur painted
them can in fact decrease the value of your home. Most people looking to purchase will not see the potential,
just the work and friends you invite will cringe. Consider what colors appeal to you, match the look of your
neighborhood and choose accordingly. You do not have to match the colors from the exterior of your home to
your interior. Also, consider purchasing mold killing paint as it will decrease the allergens inside
outside of your home.

Kitchens are truly the heart of a home and if you are looking to sell, it will be one of the first things
potential buyers will look at. Update your appliances to stainless steel to create a contemporary and fresh
design. Using granite counter tops to offset your kitchen cabinets not only gives your kitchen an updated
look, but will appeal to most of your visitors. Granite counter tops are heavy duty and create the perfect
cutting surface. Shy away from using dark colored cabinetry, as it will create a dated look. Go for something
exciting like white or light colored wood for your cabinets and even consider having glass cabinet doors.

People tend to spend a lot of time in their bathrooms and having an updated bathroom is key to really enjoying
your home. Consider what your bathroom currently looks like and make a list of things that can use
improvement. Size is always a key factor and how you choose to renovate will either increase your space or
gradually decrease it. Choose to install a shower instead of a bathtub to gain space. Install cabinets
store shower items and give yourself or potential buyers storage space. The most important thing to keep in
mind is that bathrooms can be a growing place for mold and mildew. Re-tile your bathroom with ceramic tiles
that are easy to clean and add ventilation if it is not currently installed.

Doors and windows cannot only add personality to your home, but can also be energy efficient. Purchasing
energy efficient windows cuts down on your heating and cooling bills as well as weatherproofing your home.
Windows age and usually need repairs that are much more costly than simply choosing to replace them. New doors
can also add value to your home because of appearance and energy efficiency, just like windows.

Many people like having a man cave or an extra room, which means that converting your basement, can add value
and space to your home. Converting your basement should not be taken lightly and you should seek to hire a
professional to get the job done. Make sure that any mold or mildew is eliminated and your basement is
weatherproofed before going ahead and looking to renovate your basement.

Taking part in home improvement projects can add value to your home as well as impress your friends and
family. Investing in any one of these projects mentioned within this article can be a sure way that you
willa 100% return on your money and then some.

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