Problems by ert554898


									   Name Organise/Project Title

• Cambodia Federation Independence of
  Trade unions (CFITU)
• Improvement the implementation on ILS at

               •   Prepare by K. virakol

•   Bad working condition
•   Anti-union discrimination
•   Don’t know how and right at workplace
•   Trade union are weakness and poor
              Target group

• Local leaders of trade union in 10 garment
• Local members of trade union in 10
  garment factories
      Development objectives

• Complete CBAs at garment factories level
• Establishing training Program Committee
  on CBA
• Promoting workers’ rights
        Immediate Objectives

• They will improve skill on CBA
• Local leaders be able to organise training
  program on CBA at workplace
• They will be able to defend their rights
• Create a council for effective
  implementation of basic workers’ rights
     Indicators of Achievement

• Prepare the CBA at workplace by own
• Prepare project proposal to organise training
  program on CBA
• Increase the workers’ right
              Key Output

• Improve the local leaders ‘capacity on CBA
  at workplace
• Improve the report/complaint relating to
  workers’ right
• Knowledge to organise the training program
  on CBA at workplace
• Establish the project team with eight
• Research, study, and identify the problems
  relating to application of ILS
• To find out what need
• To conduct the training on CBA, basic of
  workers’ rights,methodical to organise
  training program and ILS
• Survey their skill/knowledge on ILS

•   Finance
•   Administrative
•   Resource person on ILS
•   Document on ILS
•   Training material
 Monitor,Report,and Evaluation

• Project will be supervision by CFITU
• Every month report will produce by project
  team to submit the committee of CFITU
• At the end of project make evaluate
• Make a proposal for other garment factory
     Preliminary Budget Estimate

•   Expense for project team…700US$
•   Expense for document……300US$
•   Expense for Training…. 2.000US$
•   Total…..                3.000US$

•   Upgrade the working condition
•   Establish the BCA at workplace
•   Have to bargaining
•   Right to bargaining and Organize

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