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									             Knight of the Dragon Toddler Costume Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to review the Knight of the Dragon
Toddler Costume by Costume Discounters. I chose this costume for my two
year old son despite him being a huge Mickey Mouse fan. I just haven't seen
any Mickey costumes that were a good representation of his beloved cartoon
character but this is an excellent looking knight costume.

This costume includes a silver and black jumpsuit with a dragon chest piece,
shoulder guards, and a helmet.

                               The Jumpsuit

The costume looks so awesome from the front! I love it! The part of the
jumpsuit representing the armor is slightly padded in the chest area with
silver flaps that cover the attached black pants. The chainmail like sleeves
are a stretchy mesh type material that has been painted silver (they are very
soft and seem comfortable). The nicely painted plastic dragon chest piece
velcros to the center of the chest area. The chest piece is attached very
securely. I didn't even realize it was velcroed till I looked since it was
packaged attached. I was surprised!

Sadly, from the back, the costume doesn't look to knightly. All you see is a
black jumpsuit with the "chainmail" sleeves. I wish the silver chest piece
covered the back as well. Not a big deal at all though. This just seems to be
the trend with kid's costumes these days. More than likely it will be chilly
on Halloween anyway and my son will be wearing a jacket hiding the back
of his costume.

                                  The Helmet

I was so glad that this costume actually came with a helmet. With a lot of
costumes a helmet is an extra accessory you have to buy but not with this
one (yay!). The helmet is a good quality plastic. Not the super flimsy stuff
on some costumes. It still won't withstand being sat on or anything like that
so no using them as a stool (my son would so do that). The helmet's visor
goes up and down with ease finishing off the look.

As I mentioned before my son is two years old right now so the helmet was
a little big on him. It kept sliding around on his head causing him not to be
able to see out the slits. This shouldn't be a problem on Halloween though
since he will almost be 3 years old then and this costume is recommended
for 3-4T (it was the closest to his size). If for some reason the helmet still
doesn't fit him on Halloween we will just keep the visor up (if he actually
keeps the helmet on the whole time which isn't likely anyway).

                            The Shoulder Guards

The shoulder guards are made of the same kind of plastic as the helmet.
They attach to the jumpsuit with velcro. This velcro didn't seem as secure as
the chest velcro probably because when my son tried turning his head while
wearing the helmet it hit the shoulder guards. I may put some extra velcro on
the shoulders just to strengthen them up a bit.

Overall, I love this costume! It has a good look and quality to it. I can't wait
to see my little knight run door to door collecting his loot and protecting
mommy from all the "bad guys" (as my older son would say) out there.

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