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					The Worcester Bosch Heating
Without the sensible balance between heat and cold, humans
  will cease to thrive. Because of this, heating systems were
  created to keep homes warm, especially in places where the
  weather is typically cold. Home heating systems are generally

This means that heat coming from a sole source moves to
  multiple parts of the house in order to control the

The most commonly used method in centralized heating is via a
  furnace or boiler. To ensure that home heating systems work
  with high efficiency, it has to be manufactured by an
  experienced company with reputable background. This is
  where the Worcester Bosch Group comes in.
• Since its debut in 1962, the British company Worcester Bosch
  had been one of the leading names in gas and oil boilers and
  at the forefront in domestic heating systems. As a
  manufacturer of heating and hot water appliances, Worcester
  Bosch had always been a household name when it comes to
  heating system needs.

• Worcester Bosch bears a roster of heat generating products
  that address every specific commercial or domestic heating
  need. The list showcases the following traditional and
  innovative heating technologies:
   –   Gas, LPG and oil boilers
   –   Air pumps
   –   Geothermal heat pumps
   –   Solar water heating
   –   Under floor heating
Worcester Bosch’s gas, LPG and oil product ranges comprise
 highly-efficient regular boilers, combination boilers and
 system boilers. These boilers can be placed either by wall-
 hanging, floor-mounting or as an external part of the house.
 The solar heating technology was introduced in 2005. The
 geothermal (ground) source and air source technologies were
 introduced in 2007 and 2008, respectively.

Worcester Bosch is not only dedicated to providing advanced
  heating technologies and high quality products. Its corporate
  vision of continuous improvement extends to the outside
• With a number of policies governing environmental benefits,
  the company’s social duty ensures that it minimizes any
  harmful effects that may be hazardous to the environment.
• Worcester Bosch is actively involved in local community
  activities. Being one of the biggest private employers in
  Worcester and Clay Ross, Derbishire, the company organizes
  events for the benefit of the community. Renewable energy
  technologies such as solar heating and air source technologies
  are introduced and explained to the young by organizing
  school visits. The company also engages in sponsorships of
  other socio-economic activities which are held annually.
• Worcester Bosch believes in investing in its workers. The
  company’s corporate policies mostly revolve around how to
  empower its employees. It assesses employees’ needs by
  benchmarking a few criteria: employee development and
  recognition, quality training, job satisfaction, good working
  environment, career and skill development and good
  employee communication. Aside from this, the company
  encompasses fair benefit packages for its employees.
• Worcester Bosch is involved in many charitable and governmental
  activities. The Worcester Company is under the umbrella of Robert Bosch
  GmbH. A charitable trust, Bosch Foundation, holds most of its stocks.
  Under the foundation, Worcester is able to contribute funding to different
  charitable activities. The company is also involved in awareness programs
  to assist the government in addressing environmental issues related to the
  heating industry. The company also holds charity forums regularly to
  discuss fund raising requests. Annually, it chooses a different charity to
  focus on.
• The Worcester Group is a pioneering company that doesn’t only define the
  norms of the heating industry but also recognizes its social
  responsibilities. With the Worcester Group, real dedication to heating
  comfort is given a definitive meaning.


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