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									Landmark Education programs provide personal and professional
effectiveness. This means that they can be applied to business
organizations. It has two subsidiaries; Vanto Group and Business
Breakthrough Technology (BBT), Landmark Education implements its
strategies to corporations through these global consulting firms.

Vanto Group, led by CEO Steve Zaffron, has worked with International
organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Reebok, Heinz
Northern Europe and Apple, among others. Business Breakthrough
Technology, based in Asia and under the directorship of Ramesh
Ramachandra, has worked with clients around in Asia like Mekong Capital,
International Consumer Products, Sharp and Nippo.

One of the companies that are avid consumers of The Landmark Forum
program is Panda Express, a fast-food Asian restaurant chain.

Panda Express has utilized The Landmark Forum amongst its employees to
sharpen themselves. The "Pandas", as they call themselves since they are
employed by the Panda Restaurant Group (PRG), speak with no-nonsense
honesty about their personal and professional failings during their
coaching sessions.

After speaking out, they make a commitment to challenge their
shortcomings and sharpen themselves, and hence maintain their personal
and business performance. Co-Chief Executive Officer of Panda Express,
Andrew Cherng, has been an avid believer of The Landmark Forum for a
decade and he has seen the program's benefits towards current and former

All the 71 Panda Express managers have participated in The Landmark Forum
program, and many have proceeded to, and completed, the Landmark
Education graduate programs like The Advanced Course and The
Communication Curriculum. The attendance of Landmark Education programs
has given the Panda Express Co-CEO insight to conduct meetings in a
casual environment rather that a corporate conference. Just like
Landmark, the congregated regional managers share openly their joys and
sorrows that will help them achieve greatness. Panda Express believes
that growing as a person will grow your business. For this, managers of
Panda Express chains have to make a personal commitment towards
continuous, positive learning.

Graduate Landmark programs are quite beneficial to corporations. The
Self-Expression and Leadership Program will assist participants to
develop their leadership abilities, expand their ability of self-
expression and capacity for leadership, and empower them to empower
others. The Advanced Course takes The Landmark Forum to an advanced
level, allowing participants to delve into what may have limited them in
the past and tackle those obstacles. The dialogue will assist
participants to experience life with a difference to their everyday life.

More so, The Landmark Seminar Program comprises of a range of topics that
address a specific area. These seminars, such as that of relationships,
excellence, money and creativity, provide education to those who want to
make changes to relevant areas in their life. Participants can take as
many seminars as they want and those they deem appropriate for those life
changes they seek.

Both Vanto Group and Business Breakthrough Technology, like Landmark
Education, have solid reputation and are members of the Academy of
Management, American Management Association, American Society for
Training and Development, International Society for Performance
Improvement, and International Association for Continuing Education and

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